Will he come back a second time? 14 signs he’ll return again

Are you wondering if he will come back a second time?

If so, you are not alone!

Even though it feels like there should be only one “end” to the relationship, that doesn’t stop this guy from coming back for a second (or even third) time. 

Yes, it is hard to get over someone completely after a breakup, especially when that person has been such an important part of your life.

So, if you are interested in reuniting and you want to know whether he feels the same, pay attention to the upcoming 14 signs he will probably return:

1) He isn’t returning your things

When two people are certain that their relationship has ended, the first thing that springs to mind is getting rid of everything they accumulated throughout their time together.

If this is not the case with your ex-boyfriend, there are 2 possibilities:

  • He is too bonded to every single thing and present he has gotten from you, and he feels like it is impossible to return it to you.
  • Or he is certain that you two will be reunited soon, so there is no need to return any of your belongings just yet.

Both are indications that your ex will ultimately return to you!

Also, it is likely that your ex maintains your belongings as an ace in the hole.

On the one hand, if he realizes that you are no longer interested in resuming the relationship, he will return your belongings.

In fact:

If you catch the bait and start chatting to them more frequently again, it is a sure sign that you want to get back together as well.

2) He frequently check you on social media

This is one of the most telling signs that your ex wants you back and will ultimately return to you. 

Let’s check if his behaviors are the same with any of these signs:

  • Comments on every of your post.
  • Likes all your posts or statuses without missing any of them.
  • Still follows your every move on social media and is always one of those first people to check your posts.

Does this sound familiar?

If yes, then you can be certain that he is still madly in love with you.

He pursues you on social media because he clearly misses you a lot.

He can’t help but keep checking your every move online and eagerly await your next post. 

If this is the case with your ex, you can be sure that you will be back together shortly (if that is your wish too, of course).

3) He texts you frequently

You receive text messages in the morning when you wake up, during the day, and before you go to sleep. Most of them are sweet and caring.

Your ex-boyfriend still texts you so frequently that you may even sometimes get overwhelmed with the volume of notifications.

Trust me, that happens surely because he still misses and cares about you a lot. Yes, he wants you back and resumes the relationship a second time. 

You have a gut feeling that you are, in fact, still in a relationship with him, and nothing has changed. 

Well, maybe you are right!

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4) He is not moving on his own life without you

Moving on doesn’t always have to be symbolic, but it can also be seen physically.

If he is trying to move away from a place you live, work, or disconnect from any of your mutual friends, this is a clear sign that he isn’t trying to move on with his own life without you.

Moving away from you is a clear indication that he doesn’t want you in your life.

However, he is still keeping things the way they were, so there might be a chance of him coming back to you.

He is still there, waiting for you, hoping you will do him another favor and let him back into your life to make things right.

5) He treat you really well

You can’t find a single flaw when it comes to their treatment of you, which also makes you think twice about why the two of you broke up in the first place.

When you two are hanging out together, he is really careful of his words and actions in order to make sure that he is doing all the right things.

He tries hard to make you feel special, which is also his way of letting you know that he still wants you badly.

Especially, if you two used to have problems regarding lack of attention in your past relationship, now he is putting in efforts to make it up to you and prove that he is still the right choice for you.

OK, I know what you are thinking.

You feel like he is trying his best to fix the relationship, don’t you?

If yes, then your thoughts might be correct!

Sometimes, you feel like the two of you are at the beginning again. 

He is clearly doing their best to win you over as if you are just getting to know one another.

6) He openly tells you that he misses you

If your ex continues bringing up the past but refuses to discuss the future, he may still miss you. 

Men who are over their ex usually don’t miss them at all, even if they used to be really close to them. 

He won’t consider what it would be like to be with that person again or wish he could change their awful past. 

Men who are still devoted to their ex-partners, on the other hand, frequently miss them greatly. 

He isn’t ready to let go of the relationship to move on, and he may be waiting for another opportunity. 

If your ex misses you, it might be an indication that he wants to rekindle the relationship.

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7) He always makes excuses to see you

Is your ex continually seeking reasons to see you?

Or do you feel like he is constantly at the same spot as you, even though you didn’t inform them you would be there?

When someone is desperate to see you, they would fabricate the most convoluted conditions and falsehoods (e.g., urgent coffee next week) in order to feel your presence and ultimately see you.

Sounds silly? It’s not.

If you feel your ex is doing this, know that he is making every effort to stay in your life and will not stop finding excuses until the two of you are reunited.

In this case, you must ask yourself:

Why don’t they just call and ask me out if they want to see me so badly?

That would imply that they want you back, wouldn’t it?

He lacks the guts to do so because the dread of rejection paralyzes them.

8) He answer your call immediately

Another convincing indicator that your ex misses you and wants you back is that they instantly answer your call.

When you call him, it seems like you never have to wait hours for him to answer the phone.

Instead, he answers your phone the moment you dial it.

If he does not answer the phone right away, he will contact you back as soon as possible and apologize for not being available at the time you phoned.

It is because most of the time, he is practically waiting next to their phone for you to contact them.

He just doesn’t want to lose out on any chance to speak with you.

So when you call him, he can’t help but pick up the phone as quickly as possible to hear your voice and feel relaxed.

9) He is still in touch with close ones

He doesn’t only text or call you; he also contacts your shared pals.

You may say he is attempting to maintain contact with your closest friends or family, but you are unsure why.

But allow me to tell you something.

He only cares about staying in touch with your friends and family because they serve as his go-betweens when he wants to talk to you or learn more about you (which they can’t ask you directly).

He is also doing it to make a good impression on your friends in order to boost their chances of reuniting with you.

10) He said he is unhappy after the breakup

Not many exes will admit that he is not happy after a breakup, so if he does, you can be sure that it is true.

Some men (especially those who are taught to act like nothing happened after breaking up) will do anything to prove how utterly happy and content they are with their love life, only to fool themselves.

If your ex tells your friends how unhappy and miserable he feels after breaking up with you, he is subconsciously hoping that your friends will tell you this to you.

He is sending you an indirect message that he really wants you back in his life and doesn’t care what others think of it.

It is more than obvious that you are the only one who can make them happy all along.

Ever since you are gone, it is like there is a piece of the puzzle missing, and you are the only one who can fix their miserable and empty life.

11) He keeps sending mixed signals

If your ex keeps sending you confusing signals, he is obviously still not over you.

People who are completely over their ex-partners frequently make it plain that they do not wish to rekindle their relationship.

They won’t leave you hanging on a thread or a cliffhanger.

They are determined in their resolve to end their relationship with you.

However, he is still unsure about his feelings for you, so he leaves things open-ended.

He could remark that he is not sure whether or not he wants to split up, but he won’t explain what he intends to do about it.

If you are getting confusing messages from your ex, it might be a sign that he is still not over you and may desire to return.

12) He doesn’t date anyone new

This sign is so clear that it does not require a relationship specialist to explain.

So, if your ex isn’t ready to date again after the split, it suggests that he is still unable to move on.

He just can’t meet up with anyone else right now, no matter how badly he wants to make you jealous. 

He may possibly be too depressed to go out and just not in the mood to meet any new girl since he still hopes that you two will get back together.

So, maybe while you are thinking about how to get your ex back, he is probably thinking about the same thing as well.

Of course, no one says he has to rush into a committed relationship. In that instance, you have reason to suspect that he is in a flirting relationship.

So I am not going to get into it.

I am referring to the fact that he isn’t even in the dating scene and isn’t doing anything to improve their single status.

If you could see inside your ex’s head, you would notice that he is living his life as if you two were still together.

He is not just thinking about you; he is also wishing you to return.

13) He constantly mentions the future

When your ex frequently asks you how things are going, it shows that he cares about you and your life.

If your ex enjoys talking about the future with you, he probably believes you two will be together.

He loves discussing with you his future plans and asking yours as well.

He may ask for your advice on his plans and also give you some if needed

Maybe he is trying to make sure that your two directions will remain compatible.

He may be hopeful that your two future plans and goals are still aligned.

So, it is definitely a good indicator if your ex talks favorably about the future.

It demonstrates his want to be with you again, but maybe he just lacks the confidence to express it.

14) He showed up out of the blue

If he showed up out of the blue, it is a sure sign that he is still in love with you and wants to resume the relationship.

If he suddenly called or texted you and asked for a chance to talk with you again after the split without any specific reasons, he still may be in love with you.

However, keep in mind that:

If he just showed up out of the blue but never mentions the old relationship again, his feelings have probably changed. Maybe he solely wants to be friends with you.

If that is not the case, consider what you want and see if it is worth embracing the possibility of a future with him again.

It is great to have him back, but before you run off in a rush to rebuild the life you once had together, try and take some time for some self-reflection.

Ask yourself if you are truly ready to start over with your ex again. If so, do not be afraid of making mistakes and work towards rebuilding what was once intimate and loving between the two of you.

If not, it is important to remember that he is only showing up at this time because he still hopes for a reconciliation.

In conclusion

If you are still wondering if he will come back a second time, remember that there might be some serious hurdles between you two. 

If you broke up because of trust issues, unresolved feelings, or a committed relationship with someone else, he might have a hard time coming back.

This doesn’t mean he isn’t interested, though. It simply means that something is keeping him from making a commitment to you. 

If you have finished reading through all 14 signs above and get most of them ticked, there is a high possibility that he will come back a second time.

This article gives you a lot of insight into signs that he will come back a second time. But understanding an issue can be just the beginning.

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