17 things that happen when a player falls in love with a good girl

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Ever hear the saying “The good girls are always hard to find”? 

Well, it’s true. 

If a player wants a good girl, they definitely have to work for it. Here are 17 things that happen when a player falls in love with a good girl.

1) He quickly stops pursuing other girls

Here’s an interesting fact: 

On average, a player will pursue three women at once. And he’ll flirt with all of them to prove that he’s the man.

But when a player falls in love with a good girl, he immediately quits chasing other girls. He doesn’t want to give her the impression that he’s unfaithful.

He does all he can to give her the impression that she’s the only one for him. He doesn’t want to lose her.

That’s why he quickly stops pursuing other girls and ignores them completely. He doesn’t want his good girl to feel insecure about his relationship with other girls. 

2) He doesn’t let her go out with other guys

This is just another way that a player expresses his deep love for a good girl. 

When a player falls in love with a good girl, he develops this intense need to be with her every single day. He doesn’t want to lose her, so he wants to spend as much time with her as possible. 

And because of this, he doesn’t let her go out with other guys. He wants to show that he’s the only guy that she needs in her life and that she can give herself up to. 

And the best way to do this is to keep her by his side. If he’s not with her, then other guys are going to have access to her.

So he doesn’t let other guys get too close. 

3) He realizes he’s actually not that interested in partying as much as he used to be

If you’re a player, then you know what goes down at the club. There are booze, music, and girls.

Heck, there’s even the occasional guy that gets into a fight when he’s drunk and starting trouble.

So when a player falls in love with one good girl, he wakes up to the fact that he’s not actually interested in partying as much as he used to be. 

He doesn’t want to go out anymore because he knows that his good girl is waiting for him at home.

He doesn’t want to get into any trouble and disrespect her. He wants to be there for her and be the man of her dreams. 

So partying just isn’t fun anymore.

4) He desperately avoids doing anything that might make the girl mad

Think about this for a moment: 

Players usually don’t care about a girl’s emotions. They use her to get what they want. If she doesn’t want to be used, then they simply ignore her.

But when he realizes his feelings for a good girl, he suddenly becomes protective of her. 

They’re no longer interested in getting what they want from her. They’re only interested in making sure she’s OK. And by doing so, he demonstrates his love for her even more.

She knows that she can depend on him to protect her and make sure she’s happy. And because of that, everything seems like it has changed between them. 

5) He starts ignoring all of his friends

As you know, players usually have a lot of friends. They hang out with their friends, talk about girls with their friends, and make decisions on who to pursue next with their friends. 

Here’s the kicker: 

When he falls in love with a good girl, he realizes that most of his friendships are meaningless.

That’s because he can’t be friends with someone who isn’t interested in having a meaningful relationship with him. 

So one day, he suddenly starts ignoring all of his friends. He doesn’t want to hang out with them anymore because they’re not helping him grow as a person. 

Instead, he wants to be alone with his good girl. He wants to share his feelings with her and tell her how much he loves her. 

6) He becomes reckless as if he wants to make up for the time he spent being bad

Now that he’s realized his feelings for a good girl, he realizes what he needs to do to protect her. 

Acknowledging this, he becomes reckless as if it’s literally the only chance he has.

He knows that if she finds out the truth about him, then his relationship with her will probably fall apart. And because of that, he wants to make up for all of the bad things he’s done in the past.

So he does reckless things to prove that he’s a good guy. He does stupid things to show her that he loves her and that his heart is truly in the right place.

For example, he cleans up his act and studies hard for school. He makes more money to take care of her. He stops partying so much and actually spends more time with her.

7) He completely stops caring about what people think about him

Fun fact: 

Players usually care deeply about how they’re perceived by other people. That’s because they want other people to think highly of them. 

And when others look up to them, they know that they’re attractive and attractive guys get more girls. 

However, a player’s relationship with a good girl makes him change how he views himself. 

Hold on to your seats because this is about to get deep:

He realizes that what other people think of him doesn’t matter anymore. 

Why? Because he knows that he’s in love with a good girl, no matter what anyone thinks of him, it doesn’t make a difference. 

What matters is that she loves and cares for him. The rest of the world can go on thinking whatever they want. It won’t change his feelings for her and his desire to be together with her.

8) He stops seeking attention from women

As we’ve discussed before, players are always seeking attention from women. They go out, try to pick up girls, and ask them out on a date to prove that they’re attractive. 

And when they get rejected, it hurts their pride. However, they don’t let it get to them because they simply try again and find another girl to use as a way of getting what they want.

That is until they fall in love with a good girl. 

Once he’s in love with a good girl, he no longer cares whether or not other women like him. What’s more important to him is that his one true love accepts him for who he is. 

And because of that, he stops trying to impress other women. He doesn’t care what they think of him because his true love loves him for who he is. And that’s all he needs to know.

9) He starts to become obsessive about being a good guy who is worthy of the girl’s love

Good girls tend to be pretty picky when it comes to choosing their partners. They want guys who aren’t bad people, who know how to treat them right, and who they can depend on.

Once a player realizes that he’s in love with a good girl, he knows that he has to change. 

He doesn’t want her to be disappointed in him for being the type of guy she wants. He can’t be a jerk anymore because that’s not honorable or honest with her.

So he decides to become a good guy. He decides to be worthy of her love and affection.

And this means becoming obsessed with being a good guy that she can depend on no matter what happens.

So here are some things that he might do to be more worthy of her love: 

  • He starts to improve his physical appearance like he never has before
  • He starts to work really hard at his job and becomes a valued employee of the company
  • He makes more money so he can take her on nice dates and buy her expensive things
  • He becomes a good friend to her friends and shows that he cares about what she cares about

10) He becomes great friends with the girl’s friends

Trust me, I know this might sound a little weird. But as soon as a player realizes that he has feelings for a good girl, he immediately starts to respect her friends.

He becomes aware that her friends are around all the time and they probably know more about her than he does. 

So in order to win them over, he starts to treat them nicely and shows them that he’s genuine. 

After that, he starts to become friends with them so that he can be close to her. 

And if you think about it, that’s actually a really great thing because good girls like nice guys and they want their friends to be happy too. 

So by making friends with the girl’s friends, a player makes his relationship with her stronger.

11) He tries to physically protect the girl from any harm coming her way

As I’ve mentioned before, good girls tend to trust their own gut feelings when it comes to picking a guy. 

They know that they can’t rely on anyone else to protect them so they end up doing their own thing. 

However, she might want to change that and she might want someone to protect her from any harm coming her way. 

That’s where the player comes in.

Because of his newfound obsession with being a good guy and because he wants her to be safe, he tries his best to protect her from any harm that she might come across. 

He tries to become the type of guy she can be proud of and that she can rely on no matter what happens. And making sure nothing bad happens to her is a big part of that.

12) He gets ashamed of himself for how he treated other girls in the past

If a player truly loves a good girl, he might feel bad about how he treated other girls in the past. And if he does, that’s a good sign because it means that he knows what type of guy she deserves. 

He knows that he can’t treat other girls the way that he did in the past anymore.

So instead of doing it again, he decides to fix himself and become the type of guy that she can be proud to bring home to her parents. 

And because of this, his relationship with her has become stronger than ever before. 

She understands what’s important and she trusts him more than ever now.

13) He begins to admire her for who she is

As soon as a player realizes that he’s in love with a good girl, he starts to admire her for who she is. 

He likes that she doesn’t need him to show off in front of others and that she doesn’t care what others think of him. He likes how she’s independent and that she has her own goals and dreams.

Her personality is so strong that he feels like he’s a better person just by being around her.

He feels an emotional connection with her and because of this, he tends to think about her more than anyone else.

He admires her and that leads him to respect her. And once he respects her, he will end up going to great lengths just to make sure that she’s happy.

14) He begins to make decisions based on how they will affect the girl

A player doesn’t usually make decisions based on how the girls will be impacted by it. 

Instead, he makes them based on what his friends will think, what his family will think, and what everyone that he knows will think.

But this doesn’t happen with a good girl. Instead, he makes decisions based on how she likes them.

He thinks about how she’ll feel when he does this or what she’ll think if he does that. He starts to consider her opinion when making decisions because his thoughts are always on her now.

And because of this, the relationship becomes stronger and stronger every day that passes.

15) He feels more alive than ever before

A player’s life might feel sort of flat and boring. 

He might make decisions that are robotic and he might do things that don’t make him happy in the long run. 

But a good girl’s life makes him feel more alive than ever before. And that’s because he gets to experience new things and feel brand new emotions.

He feels alive when he’s with her and that makes him more susceptible to falling in love with her than ever before.

16) He becomes less interested in his hobbies and starts gravitating towards things she enjoys

Now, it’s not like a player stops doing all of the stuff that he loves to do. 

But it’s just that he starts to gravitate towards things that she also enjoys. 

For example, he might start to think about ways how to do something that she enjoys. Or he might start to look up fun events that they can both go to.

He might start to read more books or watch more movies that she would like.

As a result of all of these different things, the player becomes less interested in hobbies that he used to love and he starts to focus more on things that make her happy. 

And this causes him to become closer to her than ever before because he wants her happiness first.

17) He starts to let go of a lot of things that he thought made him look bad

We all know players are not the type of guys to let their guard down or be honest about how they feel about someone. 

They don’t want to show any weakness, so they keep their feelings bottled up until one day when they can’t bottle them anymore.

But with a good girl, it’s different because he knows that she won’t judge him for anything. 

He knows that she will accept him for who he is, no matter what and that she won’t care if he isn’t the stereotypical guy.

So he starts to let go of a lot of things that he thought made him look bad. 

He’s more open with her and he doesn’t hide little things like his interest in certain hobbies and activities. 

He shares more of himself with her because she makes it feel safe for him to do so.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this article has given you a better idea of what happens when a player falls in love with a good girl. 

Love is a powerful thing and there’s no telling what it can make a person do. 

The most important thing to remember is that a player can change. 

And if he truly loves a girl and he wants to be good to her, then he will change no matter how difficult it might be. 

He just has to put in the effort, apply himself, and work on changing a lot of different things. 

And once he does that, his relationship with her will get stronger every day.