12 things happen when he realizes you blocked him

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Have you ever been in a relationship and blocked your significant other on social media? Have you ever felt that saying something in a text message would be so much easier than having to call them? 

But maybe they didn’t take the hint, or maybe they do not know how to read those cues, and now they are mad. 

This is where 12 things happen when he realizes you blocked him comes in.

1) He will still try and get in touch with you

Trust me, the moment he realizes you are no longer accessible, he will literally stay on your phone until he finds some way to get in touch with you

This depends on how much he likes you, and if he is desperate for a relationship. So whether he is trying to send you a text message or searching for your number on Facebook or Instagram, he will be doing everything in his power to get in touch with you.

And how to deal with these messages in a dignified manner and still hold your ground?

Try not to respond, if it is a text message, then just put your phone on silent and let him figure out how to get in touch with you. Nothing angers a man more than feeling ignored and not being able to control the situation.

2) You may start getting messages from other people who are trying to help him

This usually happens in cases where the man is desperate for the relationship and knows that he cannot get it on his own merit. 

He will start reaching out to others in an attempt to gather information about you or to see if there is someone else who can help him with the relationship.

Examples of this could be incessant text messages from mutual friends, people from his family, or even a not so mutual female friend of his. 

Usually, in cases like this, they will ask you to talk to him directly or forward the messages they are sending you to him.

Pro tip:

Do not get involved in this, it is better to ignore these types of messages. Do not respond to any of them. Tell whoever sent you the message to tell him to resolve the issue directly with you.

3) He may start talking about you in his social media posts

I know what you are thinking, why in the world would he do this?

Well, it is pretty simple really- if he is a decent guy and has mutual respect for the fact that you blocked him, then there is no reason why he should be talking about you (or even mention your name). 

However, if his intention was to get under your skin and get you to respond to him, then this is an effective way of doing so.

For example, he may change his cover picture to an image of you together or he may start posting pictures of your new profile pictures with a caption that is supposed to get you to respond.

Or, if he is a bit bolder, he may even be talking about you on his social media posts. This is something you should definitely keep an eye on.

4) You might end up getting into an argument or fight that could result in a breakup later down the line 

Let’s face it, when we block people on social media, they get really pissed (but this time they will have no way to get in touch with us).

If the person you are blocking has a lot of friends or even other family members and he has been dating them before you got together, he will start telling them that you suddenly blocked him.

He may even tell them to start confronting you about this, which could result in a fight or argument that could lead to the breakdown of the relationship.

It gets worse if he has mutual friends with you, or even if he has mutual friends with your family members. 

These people usually tend to take sides and will try to stir things up for their own personal enjoyment. And eventually, you may end up in a breakup because of these things, but it is not all bad news.

If the breakup happens before marriage, you are better off since there are no major commitments between you two and a breakup will come with substantially less baggage than if you were married and then decided to get separated or divorced.

5) His self-esteem will decrease

Think about this for a moment:

Would you have the same amount of self-confidence if your significant other blocked you and then deleted their social media accounts?

Probably not, and your boyfriend will feel exactly the same way. 

This is because he probably has a lot of pride in the fact that he has a girlfriend who is not afraid to show him off to her friends/family/co-workers.

But now that he realizes you are ashamed of him, he will feel very insecure about it and have this feeling of being unwanted in his life. 

This will eventually result in him seeing himself as a failure as a man, and this affects his self-esteem. And it is especially true if your relationship lasts for a long time. So if you have this problem with him, it is best to solve it quickly before it leads to something bigger.

6) He may show up at your house out of the blue

This is a common tactic for men who are either running away from something else or who really want to get in touch with their significant other.

He may decide to just show up at your house out of the blue and try to talk you into letting him back in. 

He will usually have a gift in tow (for example, flowers, chocolate, or even jewelry, whichever you prefer) to show you how much he cares. So this would be an effective way of gaining your trust and making things work on a more intimate level.

But remember that you are the one in charge of your emotional state, so make sure you know what your mental limits are. If you receive a gift or talk with this person and feel that it is too much, then it is best to just end things right there.

7) He will start to believe that he’s not good enough for you

Now put yourself in his shoes:

Would you still be confident in your relationship if you already started to feel that you are not good enough for your significant other?

Probably not, and this is what happens when a man realizes that he has been blocked and the girl of his dreams has deleted her social media accounts. He will start believing that he is undeserving of her love and affection.

And if the man already has low self-esteem or if there are other factors affecting his psyche, it will be a big problem. He will start thinking about it every single day and you can bet that he will do his best to try to resolve the situation.

8) He will want to make you jealous

If he knows that you have mutual friends, this is something he will definitely exploit. 

He will start telling all kinds of lies, which may be really embarrassing for you and could lead to a lot of awkward situations with others (especially if they are conservative-minded).

Or even if not directly, he may just show up somewhere you and your friends/family go to regularly. This is because it will force you to make a choice between him and your social circle.

Prepare yourself for a shock:

He may try to make you jealous by bringing another girl into the picture, figuring that you will get jealous, and come crawling back to him.

This will somewhat tick you off, but it is not a good enough reason to take him back. And if he keeps doing this, your relationship will never get anywhere.

9) He may even start to hate himself

If you are in a long-term relationship, then this is something that will definitely happen.

He may eventually start to get resentful of having someone who does not appreciate him and only sees him as a piece of property instead of a real human being. He will feel this way if you block him and especially if you decide to delete your social media accounts.

When he feels like he is not good enough for you, it will lead to feelings of shame and anger. And this is something that you are unlikely to be able to solve overnight.

10) He will feel helpless and stop trying to contact you

Have you ever thought about how a blocked person feels when he is trying to contact his significant other?

He will feel helpless and not be able to do anything about it. And if you have blocked him, then even the chance of getting in touch with you disappears.

This means that he will have no way of reclaiming his position in your life. He will not be able to show you that he truly loves and cares for you, even though everyone (including you) will see how much he is trying.

We have seen that it is best to avoid this if at all possible, so make sure you know how to solve this problem before it becomes a serious problem. 

But on the other hand, whatever you do, do not forget that you are actually in charge of your emotions here. So if you want to solve this problem for good, then only trust yourself and act right away.

11) He will always have a twinge of regret

A blocked person will always be riddled with regret

He may wonder if he could have done something differently to make things work, but he will never know. 

And this is a feeling that he will keep getting over and over until it becomes a permanent part of his subconscious mind. 

It can also lead to depression and even worse, this is why so many people who go through divorces start getting depressed. And all of this can happen just because your significant other blocked you on social media.

I know it sounds pretty serious, but it is a real-life issue that both men and women have to deal with all the time.

So keep this in mind when making important decisions that could affect your future.

12) The confidence in your relationship will have a huge drop

This is the “worst-case scenario” and the last thing that we want to see happen. 

Your significant other will not have his confidence in your relationship anymore. So he will start to constantly doubt himself and even feel that you do not really love him.

And if this feeling dominates his mind, this could result in him losing all confidence in himself and your relationship as well, with devastating consequences.

Just a word of advice:

It is never too late to fix things because you can always go back and give your relationship another chance. But if the damage has already been done, then this is something that will not change overnight.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this article has helped you by giving you a clear understanding of what blocking your partner will eventually lead to.

And this information can help you to better protect yourself and make the right decisions in your life. 

But remember that all relationships are different, so what we have seen in this blog post does not represent absolute truth. However, if you take away the principles and apply them to real life, then you will be able to make better decisions for yourself.

So the next time your significant other starts going out of his way to contact you, just think about what can happen in the long run. And if you have any questions or concerns, just leave a comment below and we will gladly answer them as soon as possible.

Good luck!