What makes a man want to protect a woman?

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Men have always played a chivalrous role in society, coming to the rescue of distressed damsels in distress. —this archetype is as old as time.

Men protecting women is a theme that runs through history, fairy tales, movies and literature. How much do you think that has changed? Not much probably.

It’s also a common dynamic in real life. We see it everywhere: Men stepping forward to defend women from harassment on public transport, shielding girlfriends or wives from physical danger and giving up their lives for sisters, daughters and partners.

So what hidden triggers make a man want to protect their female counterparts?

In this article, we will go over the psychology behind male protection of women, discussing top 5 reasons as to why men protect women.

1) Men need to feel masculine and strong

Men have traditionally been physically stronger than women, which means that they would be more capable of physically defending a female partner. This is not just a stereotype; it’s a fact.

Women need protection because of their innate vulnerabilities. There are many aspects of the female anatomy that are weaker than those of the male anatomy. Women have reduced muscle mass than men, which leaves them less capable to defend themselves physically against an attacker.

This physical disparity between the sexes is something that has been observed throughout history and across many different cultures.

Men are biologically wired to protect women, as in their eyes, a woman is physically weaker than them, and it makes them feel masculine and strong.

2) Men want to be able to demonstrate their bravery and manliness

Feeling brave and manly are traits that all men identify with, and most men are naturally inclined to feel the need to take care of, defend, and provide for their partner.

In fact, it’s such an ingrained instinct that men who lack these protective instincts are often deemed as having a “lack of manliness”.

Women, as a traditionally weaker sex, can rely on the protection offered by their male counterparts.

Men want to feel like they are providing value to society. They want to feel like they are contributing to the betterment of the human race.

As such, providing protection to the women in their lives gives them the opportunity to feel like they are making a difference.

Men also have a desire to be appreciated by the women in their lives. It makes them feel of value and importance and demonstrate their bravery, worthiness and manliness.

3) Women are inherently attracted to men with protective traits

Women are inherently attracted to men who have strong traits that make them desirable.

Women see this behavior as a sign of trust and dependence on them. Women are wired to be attracted to the guy’s masculine characteristics as a rescuer.

Men want to feel admired by women for his chivalrous behavior and protection of them.

Men know that if they possess chivalrous characteristics, women will find them more attractive and make her want him more. It’s very hard to get a woman’s attention if she doesn’t find a man strong and attractive.

They see this type of behavior as a sign that the man is someone with potential and potential as her lover or partner.

4) Men are biologically wired to protect women

Men have an evolutionary imperative and are biologically wired to protect women who are significant to them.

Millions of years ago, there were some early tasks that created a division of labor between the sexes, and this division of labor is part of the reason why men want to protect women.

Hunting and gathering are traditionally male jobs because they are physically grueling and dangerous tasks, while women’s traditional roles in the society are the primary caregivers as seen in child bearing and rearing, nurturing their men and children and their home.

The division of labor is seen as a natural order, with men being the protectors, and women being the protected. Men provided protection because it was an opportunity for them to portray strength and valor.

Their protective roles functioned as rites of passage for men to gain their manhood and were passed down from fathers or older men to young boys. Men feel obliged to look after their own kin because it gives them a higher chance of survival.

Men have an ingrained desire to keep women safe because it’s one of the ways they can ensure the continuation of their genetic lineage.

This imperative is hardwired into the male brain, and it remains active to this day.

5) It triggers his hero instinct

The “hero instinct” is a man’s biological drive to protect a woman he desires. The term was first coined by relationship coach James Bauer in his book “His Secret Obsession.” Bauer claims that all men have a biological drive to earn your love in order to feel in love with you.

A man wants to protect a woman because it triggers his hero instinct; it makes him feel like the strong, brave guy saving the damsel in distress. When a man sees a woman in distress, it triggers his hero instinct. It makes him feel like it’s his job to step in and be her savior.

A woman wants to be protected by a man because it triggers her sense of vulnerability and safety. When a man feels like he has the strength and power to protect you, he feels great about himself, which then makes him feel connected to you and want you more.

Men want to feel like they can take care of you; it’s a primal need for them. When a man doesn’t feel needed by you, he will not develop an emotional bond with you and will less likely to fall in love or commit to a relationship with you.

Men want to feel that you appreciate and need them. If you make sure that he feels that from you, it’ll boost his confidence, increase his connection with you, and ultimately, make him more excited to commit to your relationship.

After all, it’s not about how beautiful you look, but more about how he feels about himself when he is around you.

Now that you know the reasons why a man wants to protect a woman, you might want to know how to trigger this hero instinct in a man and make him fall in love truly, madely, and deeply with you. Read on for the 5 tips on how to trigger the hero instinct in men.

1) Ask for his help

One way to trigger his hero instinct is to ask him for help. If you want to make your man feel like a hero, give him a chance to help you achieve your goals. Let him know that you need his assistance and ask for his help from time to time.

Ask him to help you with things that he is good at. If he is a computer geek and you are not very tech savvy, ask him to fix your computer or teach you how to operate a particular software.

Ask him for such favor that appeals to his masculine energy as fixing your car’s broken engines, or changing your lightbulb, or teaching you a new sport that he is good at.

Asking for his help triggers him to want to be there for you and that makes his hero instinct kick in. This will make your man feel needed and special.

Let him know that he is important in your life and that he will be the first one to be there for you when you need help. This will make him feel appreciated and important.

2) Ask for his advice

Another way to trigger his hero instinct is to ask for his advice. If you are struggling with something, ask him if he has any advice for you. He will feel like he is helping the woman he loves, and this will trigger his hero instinct.

Men enjoy giving advice because it makes them feel good about themselves.

For example, if you are confused and need some advice with your career, or encounter a difficult problem, let him help you solve your issues and guide your decision-making process.

If you feel a bit lost and need some sense of direction, ask for his life advice. When you ask him for advice, this will make him feel valued and appreciated for his wisdom, intelligence and knowledge. He will feel a sense of pride when he is able to help you out with your most complex life issues.

After all, we all need an advisor, a mentor or someone who guides us along the way. What’s more wonderful than when you can find a partner who can offer you just that and contribute to your life in a meaningful way.

A man wants to feel of help to you and be the first person you will turn to for advice. Let him feel like he is a powerful force in your life that changes your life for the better. This will trigger his hero instinct and make him bond with you in ways you might not expect.

3) Open up to him and show him your vulnerable side

The third tip to trigger the hero instinct in a man is to open up and let your guard down, and be vulnerable with him.

You can foster a deep connection with him by sharing with him your deepest fears and concerns, or talking about the struggles and problems you are facing in life. This way, he realizes that he has the power to help you out of this situation and make you feel better.

Life is tough sometimes, and we have all been there. Let him know that he can be your shoulder to cry on and let him be your emotional support and cheer you up on a bad day.

If a man feels that he can be your rock, he will feel his importance in your life. That’s when his hero instinct kicks in and he never wants to leave your side.

4) Show him you appreciate and value him

You can trigger his hero instinct and bring it more out of him by recognizing his efforts and showing him your gratitude for what he has done for you.

The moment he accomplishes something, let him know how much you appreciated his efforts and how happy it made you feel.

For example, if he does something nice for you, like mowing the lawn, fixing your washing machine, or bringing you a bouquet of flowers, try thanking him and saying you appreciate what he did.

Show him that you value and appreciate him for his efforts. For example, you might tell him that all the effort he put into their relationship is not unnoticed; it is appreciated and you are grateful for that.

Just by telling him he did a good job, made all the right choices or did something right will make him feel like a hero.

This feeling of pride and accomplishment will trigger his hero instinct and make him feel special and want to go out of his way to do more for you to make you happy.

5) Make him feel manly

You can trigger his hero instinct by letting your man connect with his masculine energy and feel manly.

This is actually simpler than it might sound. It can be as simple as helping you carry your heavy grocery, or helping you carry your heavy suitcase up the stairs, or opening the door for you. These simple acts of chivalry can make him feel special and that he is a man who knows how to treat his woman right.

Often, a man feels manly when you let him be your hero and rescue you from a particular situation. For example, if you are running late for work, and you ask him to drive you to work, then he can be your knight-in-shining-armor.

The point here is that all the chivalrous acts will make him feel like a man and that he is appreciated for doing the little things for you. These little things, in return, can trigger his hero instinct by making him feel needed and special.


Overall, men are biologically wired and have an evolutionary drive to protect and provide for women.

Men want to feel needed and valued, just as much as women do. When a man falls for a woman, he is likely to want to show her how much he cares in the best way he can.

And sometimes, the best way for a man to show his love is to fall back on his primal instincts and be the hero that she needs him to be.