What makes a man want to kiss a woman? (8 obvious facts)

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Have you ever thought about how women attract men?

So why did it happen?

How did you leave an impression on him after he kissed you?

Many people think that men are only attracted to a woman because they look sexy, but this is not true.

Men are attracted to the way a woman interacts with them.

It’s important to note that the first step to attracting a man is to be confident and comfortable about who you are.

Continue reading the tips I listed below so you know what makes a man kiss a woman and how to leave an impression on him after the kiss.

1) The beauty of a woman makes a man kiss her

The biggest factor when men are attracted to a woman is her appearance. 

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. One study showed that when viewing photographs of attractive women, men tend to look longer, which increases the likelihood of kissing.

However, we can’t ignore the other aspects of a woman’s appearance (e.g. her personality).

The personality traits that make a man want to kiss a woman are confidence (self-assurance) and having an open posture.

Therefore, in addition to the external beauty that you possess, building your inner personality is extremely important for him to notice you.

2) Confidence

One of the first things that makes a man want to kiss a woman is her level of comfort and confidence. 

You may be certainly aware of how powerful a smile is. You can be smiling, but when you are not genuinely happy, it is not as attractive.

The best way to seduce a man is by being relaxed and confident in who you are. 

Standing tall (no slouching) and having a wide-open posture will also make your body language more attractive, which will help you get noticed more easily.

3) Romantic smells make a guy want to kiss a woman

The smell of a woman is an important factor in making a man want to kiss her. 

To have a better smell, you can use various perfumes that have a pleasant aroma. 

Although many other factors can be why men are attracted to you, the smell is one of the main factors. 

Although it seems like a bit of an annoying tip, don’t forget to use deodorant and take regular showers because it keeps your body fresh and clean. 

Trust me, no guy wants to be around you if your body isn’t clean or you even have body odor. Love yourself first before you want someone to love you.

4) A good amount of eye contact

Having a man’s attention for a long period is essential for him to notice you. 

As mentioned in the tip above, keeping your body posture open and standing tall will help you to be noticed. 

Making eye contact with a man is not scary and it will help you get his attention. 

When talking to him, make sure that you look at his eyes so that he can feel connected and attracted to your face. 

So, get used to looking at a man’s eyes by observing others. 

5) Being approachable, but only to him

If you want to know how to attract a man, you must be approachable, but only to him. 

If you are nice and sweet to everyone, then unfortunately he will assume that every guy can get your attention and that he doesn’t have any special privileges.

Subtly let him know that you are only giving this favor to him.

If he realizes that and he also likes and wants to get to know you or even kiss you, then you have succeeded.

6) Love and affection

The best way to attract a man is by showing that you love and care for him. 

If you can show your high level of affection, then he will be attracted to it and easily want to kiss you. Affection can be shown in many ways. 

Try to spend quality time with him so that he can feel connected to you

Also, always take into consideration his feelings and needs. 

For example, when you are talking to him, if he feels uncomfortable or bored from the conversation then tell him that you will leave and stop talking. 

It’s always important to listen and follow your man’s feelings because he will appreciate this and have a good impression of you.

7) Great conversation

Sure, a man will want to kiss a woman based on how she looks, but equally important is what she says. Do not be shy, talk about what you think he will find interesting. 

Men like to feel that they are not stuck with a list of topics that they know nothing about and that they don’t care too much, but are interested in the same topics. 

Be a good listener and make sure you ask him questions that he can answer as well. Not only will you have a good conversation and know it, but he will be interested in you

8) Gaze at his lips

So far, I have listed many tips on how to make a man want to kiss you. 

One of the easiest ways to make him want to kiss you is by looking at his lips and then back at his eyes. 

A lot of times the man will see that you are looking at him, waiting for his reaction. 

If he also wants to kiss you, then he will approach you and grab your hand so that he can slowly pull you towards him and start kissing you. 

How to leave an impression on a guy when kissing?

Don’t forget about your breath

When you kiss a guy, you have to make sure that your breath smells good and that it gives him a good impression of you. 

If you only have a bad and stale breath, then you are unlikely to have a good impression of him. 

So make sure that you take a good shower beforehand and put on your best perfume so he can easily be attracted to you. 

Make sure that you brush your teeth first and brush your tongue after. 

Compliment him

In general, people like it when someone gives them compliments about themselves and it is no different for men. 

So if he kissed you and you liked the kiss or even better – loved it, then leave him a compliment! It will help you leave an impression on him and make him want to kiss again. 

Make sure you choose the best outfit

You can’t always plan where and when to kiss a guy, but you can try to prepare for it. If you dress well and comfortably, you will find your steps light and airy. 

That means that you will be more confident. More confidence means he’s more likely to come back and kiss you again. 

Think about your outfit before you go out and choose from different combinations of clothes. Make sure that you look sexy and feel like a princess. 

Find a suitable place to kiss

Public places are often not suitable for first kisses, because you can be stared at and even disturbed by others. 

Try to find somewhere that’s public but still private enough for the two of you to share your first kiss. Try to choose a place where there is no one else and where it’s quiet and relaxing. 

You don’t want to interrupt his important work with your phone ringing and calling. 

Make sure you’re both comfortable

If you’re ready for the kiss, then he will be too! 

Make sure that you are ready but also make sure that he is comfortable and doesn’t feel awkward or like he doesn’t know what to do next. 

Before he can kiss you, make sure that you look him in the eyes and see if he is ready. He will probably look at your lips so that he can try to guess what you’re going to do next. 

If you’re ready, just tilt your head slightly towards him and then turn it back a little bit so that your noses touch each other. 

The next step is to gently close your eyes and wait for him to kiss you. If he doesn’t want to then just wait until the moment is right.

Don’t be too shy about asking for another kiss

If the first kiss did not feel right, then don’t be embarrassed or shy about asking for another one. 

Let him know that you enjoyed it and why he is doing this because he is a great guy and deserves a lot of kisses from women. 

If you still can’t figure out what to do next, then just wait for a few seconds and see if he is still waiting for you to kiss him. 

You can also try asking him something so you can have time to prepare yourself before you kiss him. 

While kissing, put your hands on his back and lean towards him

Try to kiss him genuinely, without thinking about how to do it. 

That means that you should let your feelings appear and make sure that you enjoy the moment. Don’t just act, because if you do it in your way then he will like you more and even want to kiss you again at some point. 

What should I do if a guy is kissing me, but I don’t like it?

Girls often ask themselves this question. 

If a guy is kissing you and you are not sure what kind of kiss it is, then try to find out by feeling his movements.

Look him in the eyes

When you look him in the eyes, he will feel as if he’s an important person to you and he will feel appreciated. 

He is going to feel closer to you and this will also help him get a long-lasting impression of you. 

When you leave the kiss, open your eyes

This is the time to look at the guy you just shared a kiss with. If you do a good job, he’ll blush, close his eyes, and smile. 

This will show him that you enjoyed kissing and that you’re willing to kiss him again. If his reaction was positive, then there’s a good chance that he wants to see you again. 

Don’t be too shy about asking for another kiss

If the first kiss did not feel right, then don’t be embarrassed or shy about asking for another one. Let him know that you enjoyed it and why he is doing this because he is a great guy and deserves a lot of kisses from women. 

Old kissing habits don’t work

Don’t try to make your first kiss with a guy more exciting by using different kissing styles or by moving your lips more quickly or slowly. 

It will only make you look like you didn’t prepare yourself and that you’re inexperienced and not confident. 

A lot of girls find themselves doing this because they are too nervous to kiss the guy.


If you don’t have a boyfriend and you want to kiss someone, but you’re not sure how or what to do, then just follow the instructions above. 

Of course, you can always make your list of instructions, but they will help you leave an impression on him and also get a second chance at kissing if the first attempt didn’t go well. 

I hope that it will help – I wish you good luck and confidence in yourself.

And if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask them in the comments below, or you can contact me directly through my email address with anything.

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