What is a womanizer’s weakness? (13 surprising cons of being one) 

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You may have heard of a promiscuous person or have you ever dated a promiscuous one? 

A womanizer can be a man who loves women or likes sex with different women. To measure his success in love, he may have a lot of female friends and lovers or even have a chain of lovers. 

But have you ever wondered what are the weak points of womanizers and what do you do when you encounter them?

If you want to know, keep reading, you’ll find 13 of the most unexpected flaws when it comes to promiscuity.

1) Big ego.

A promiscuous guy is a person who has high self-esteem and self-worth. He thinks he should be loved by everyone and that he deserves to enjoy the feeling of life and love.

However, this need for pleasure can make him narcissistic, manipulative, insensitive, and impulsive. A womanizer has almost no inhibitions or boundaries in dating his women. He never asks himself if there are women who can cause more damage than the one he’s dating because, in his mind, they are easily replaceable.

2) Anxiety and stress.

One of the key weaknesses is that a womanizer is always worried about being caught. 

These fears can be a result of the insecurity that man has in his life. That means he anxiously looks for traps, deceives himself, and is always afraid of being caught by others. 

In addition to this, for a womanizer being caught is an extremely painful experience that can cause great psychological stress in him. 

Besides these things, he may also have to face strong criticism from his family and friends who are unable to understand what his problem is. 

3) Fear of intimacy.

Another weakness of the womanizer is that he is afraid of getting into a serious relationship. 

They sometimes fear even making friends. Moreover, they can be unable to start a new relationship without being confused and anxious, and with the fear of experiencing strong negative emotions such as shame, guilt, and disappointment. 

4) Emotional trauma.

One of the other vital weaknesses is that a womanizer can have many emotional issues, and they just want to fill some void in their lives with sex, females, and female attention. These males often feel empty inside and try to cover up this vulnerability with sex. 

This will always leave a womanizer feeling empty because he will not be able to experience the true intimacy of a relationship and the real meaning of what love means

5) Loss of self-respect.

Promiscuous people lose respect for themselves and end up focusing only on how others see them. 

They are trapped in their own lives, unable to accept themselves as they are. They are not solely responsible for their actions or behaviors, they blame it on others or the world around them. 

They are unable to “just walk away” because they don’t believe in themselves and feel that they are worthless. 

6) Inability to be a good parent.

 A womanizing personality cannot provide the right kind of parenting that a child should receive. They lose their self-respect and are not able to respect their children. 

They can be irresponsible with their children and don’t want to spend any time with them. They don’t know how to discipline the child properly. 

They may use the child as a tool for satisfying their own needs. Also, an adult child of a womanizer will experience emotional trauma whenever he sees his father being dishonest in front of her. 

7) No sense of responsibility.

A promiscuous person lacks the necessary self-control and restraint that are crucial for living a healthy life. 

He cannot think ahead. He does not know when it is time to stop, and he often loses control over this impulsiveness. 

He cannot understand how his actions affect others and himself. He lacks empathy, sympathy, or compassion. 

8) Trust doesn’t come easily.

A womanizer doesn’t know how to keep secrets easily because he is a person who cannot control his own needs and desires. 

That’s why they can’t trust someone easily. They always think that their partner is cheating on them, so they are always suspicious of what is happening around them. 

They tend to manipulate others by accusing them of doing things that they do.

9) Boredom.

A womanizer is bored very quickly because he is unable to focus on anything for a longer period. 

He doesn’t even have the patience to finish a conversation with a woman before starting another one, or going out and contacting another female. 

Sometimes, he may be trapped in boredom as he will fail to achieve his goal after his first attempt. In addition to this, sometimes he feels jealous of someone who has achieved his goals.

10) A lack of emotional intelligence. 

When you observe a womanizer, it is always easy to see his emotional immaturity. 

Because he is only focused on his emotions and not on things that he should be paying attention to. This can result in a lack of emotional intelligence, which is a lack of understanding of the feelings of others. 

For example, if he fails to understand the feelings of his partner at the time when she wants to have sex but he keeps on trying, it may make her feel unimportant. 

This will cause a womanizer to experience inner pain, which is not an easy thing for a person experiencing negative emotions.

11) Inability to love and commitment.

Women ask for more than what they give, so the womanizer can’t risk committing to her emotionally and emotionally. 

He isn’t ready to accept the fact of being responsible for someone else, because then he would have to work on his shortcomings which he is currently not ready for at all. 

12) Loss of respect from other members.

His family, friends, and other acquaintances eventually lose their respect for him. Their behavior becomes unacceptable in their social life. 

People may not decide to speak to them anymore because of the behavior that he shows towards women. 

13) Inability to make wise decisions.

A man who has lost his patience, respect, and self-control is usually unable to make wise decisions that are good for him. 

He cannot focus on one thing at a time because of confusion, which he thinks is what women want from him. 

He demonstrates the inability to live a healthy life because he is always distracted by things that aren’t important in comparison to his own needs/desires.

How do you know you are with a womanizer?

  • You are in a relationship with someone who does not seem to consider you as his partner, but only as another toy he can play around with. You always feel that you have not been valued. 
  • He cannot remember the last time he has brought you flowers, asked you to do something special together, or if he has ever brought anything beautiful for you. 
  • The only thing that matters to him is himself and his needs. He is incapable of loving another person fully and truly if he is unable to be honest with her/himself or with his actions/behaviors.  
  • Besides, you’ll notice that he always has other things to do. The reason is that he can’t focus on one thing at a time and finish one thing quickly so he can move on to the next.

How to deal with a womanizer?

1) Have no expectations.

The most important lesson you need to learn about dealing with a womanizer is that you shouldn’t expect anything from him at all. He never stops, and if he does, only briefly if he gets bored with someone or something else he likes.

2) Be conscious of your feelings.

Your feelings will be hurt in one way or another since you are being lied to and cheated on in such a relationship. 

You have to be aware of your feelings so that you can stop making any excuses for his behavior, such as “He is a good person”, or “He has problems at work”.

3) Do not tolerate bad behavior from your partner.

Ladies, we should know what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior from our partners. That way we can easily control our reactions and emotions when we deal with them. We need to avoid two extremes:

The first is complaining to others about him. 

The second is accepting such behavior and not doing anything about it. If we do that, we will also fall into the category of a womanizer and take over his role as a womanizer in the relationship. 

4) Be consistent in your communication.

If you want to let him know that your relationship is over, consistently do this without any fluctuations. Constant communication doesn’t have to mean talking often. It could be as simple as telling him that you’ll stop talking with him because you are sick of his nonsense. 

It is best to use one method where you don’t change your communication style based on how he reacts to it. If you give him one piece of information and then ignore it, he will most likely take over your role as the womanizer next time.

5) Be clear in your actions/behavior.

Dealing with a womanizer means being clear about your expectations from him and being confident in your values. He may be looking for someone who is not too demanding, or underdeveloped in her views, but most importantly is not truly independent. 

6) Never forgive him for what he does to you.

You must always remember that being loyal to someone like that is never enough.

Even if he apologizes and promises it will never happen again, it doesn’t make a difference because his behavior has been accepted before and this time, he has the intention of repeating it. 

7) Stop giving him chances or opportunities to make it up to you.

If he has been repeating the same mistakes over and over, then you are giving him room for a chance to do it again. You are just feeding his ego, and he will take advantage of that opportunity to continue what he has been doing in the past. 

8) Don’t let him take advantage of you.

He will continue to do whatever he wants and you will always feel in the backseat of your life.

We must be aware that this is his way of “fixing” things and making them right again. We have to keep in mind that he will never change. If we allow him to have his way, he will think it is because that’s what we need. 

It takes time and energy to develop a long-term, loving relationship with someone who has a lot of love for himself, but not much for others. 

You will avoid some of the pain and heartache that comes from trying to maintain your boundaries and values when dealing with this kind of person.

9) Have no contact with him.

The next step would be to have no contact with him whatsoever. You can send a letter or email saying that you are going to end the relationship, but you will not answer any of his calls or emails.

He may try to make things right again by calling, messaging, or sending flowers, and maybe even threatening you into getting back together with him, but it doesn’t work that way and it is unlikely that he will ever change.

10) Seek professional help.

If you cannot deal with him all by yourself, then the best way to go about this is by seeking professional help. It is always great to know that you are not the only person going through this kind of struggle.  

There are counselors, therapists, and psychologists that can help you learn how to deal with the kind of person who refuses to change and is not loyal to you first. They can also give you tips on how to end the relationship and sever ties with someone like him. 

If you feel there is no other choice other than staying in a relationship with him, then at least trust yourself and your instincts.

11) Give the womanizer the silent treatment.

Keeping your distance from him does not mean refusing to talk to him at all. 

It simply means defining the kind of relationship you want with him and not taking his behavior seriously. Don’t let him convince you to talk to him or fix the relationship by giving him another chance.

The best way is to give him the silent treatment. You won’t talk to him, explain why you chose that option, and don’t give in when he tries to make things right again. 

It is just another way of showing your boundaries and sticking with them, no matter what.

12) Be careful of who you choose to talk to about how badly he’s treating you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, family member, or anyone else – they will always give their point of view on the situation and that could make things worse than they are.

Some people will be understanding and supportive about your problems, but others do not have the same mindset and cannot comprehend such behavior. 

Final thoughts

This article provides 13 important cons of promiscuous people. 

Hope this article helps you to be aware of these bad things to avoid becoming a promiscuous person.

Besides, this article also provides you with ways to deal with promiscuous people.

And use this information the next time someone else is toying with your feelings and trying to take advantage of you.