16 traits of a girl guys regret losing (complete list)

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Women come in all shapes and sizes, from curvy and thick to petite and skinny. 

They range in personality from feisty to submissive, but one thing that women share is that men want them. It is for this reason that those elusive 16 traits are so desirable (especially when combined with the other traits of a girl guys love). 

Keep reading! 16 traits of a girl guys regret losing

1) The ability to be a good listener

The truth is:

Women tend to be better listeners than men and they generally do not interrupt men when they are speaking. In a way, it seems that women are programmed with this ability.

When a woman listens to a man, he feels like she respects him and values his opinion. This can be very comforting to men since most guys want to feel accepted and valued by their lovers. Not only that, but men also know how rare it is for women to be good listeners. 

That’s why a girl that has this quality is such a keeper!

2) Not being clingy

You might think that a little clinginess goes a long way, but a guy will think otherwise.

If a woman is overly attached and overly dependent on her man, it will turn him off. It is for this reason that guys want women who are able to be independent and strong. 

Even if she values her boyfriend’s opinion, a strong woman should still be able to make her own choice whether right or wrong. This trait is something that a lot of men want but very few women have.

While a clingy girl can be endearing to some men, most guys want girls they do not have to hold on to all the time. It’s not just about independence and empowerment; it’s also about how she makes the man feel. And with an independent girl, he will feel like she is making him the top priority.

3) Having a sense of humor

According to men, having a sense of humor is a sign of intelligence and maturity. It also shows how well she can think on her feet, which will make her a good partner. 

When a woman has a sense of humor, it shows that she has an ability to think things through when they happen. In the eyes of most men, this is something that sets them apart from other women. It is for this reason that guys want girls with a sense of humor because it raises their status in the relationship.

But wait, there’s more!

Her sense of humor also gives her the means to cope with conflict and disagreements. And men like that a girl can handle conflict! 

Guys want their girls to be strong and independent, but they do not want them to be too strong or too independent. There’s a happy medium between the two.

4) Being independent but also understanding the importance of taking care of herself

This is not a hard concept to understand!

A guy wants a girlfriend who knows how to take care of herself. That way, she does not need him for everything, which will give him a sense of security in the relationship. 

It won’t be long before men feel like they are nothing but bank accounts and doormats to their girlfriends. This is why it’s important for her to put in the effort and make him feel smart for making such an investment.

Also remember that a girl that puts in the effort to take care of herself will have better self-esteem and self-worth, which will make her appear more attractive!

5) Helping others even if they don’t ask for it

Trust me, a guy will appreciate a girl who helps others even if she does not ask for anything in return. This is a woman who can be trusted with his heart. 

For example, she might not have money to buy food for a homeless person, but she still reaches into her pocket to give him some spare change. This is a sign that she has a big heart and does not mind giving of herself to help others.

Or perhaps she would take her time to help a stranger with directions even if she is in a rush. This is someone who cares about others and wants to help them out.

So don’t let this trait just slip away!

6) Being able to express how she feels in words

It’s a fact that men are simple creatures who like things to be direct. They do not want girls who play “mind games” with them. 

Sometimes it is hard to understand what girls are thinking and feeling, but when a guy gets such information from her, it can give him peace of mind and make him feel good.

Men appreciate direct communication from their girlfriends as they are looking for someone to share their thoughts with. It also gives them another chance to express themselves in the right way which is often lost during arguments.

For example, a guy might have a problem with his girlfriend, so he talks to her. But he does not know how to express himself in words and winds up frustrated. This is when communication issues arise, which will only make him feel more stressed out.

A girl who is capable of communicating her feelings through words can be your best friend and confidant. When she shares her problems, it will give you the chance to rise above them and help her solve them.

7) Not being a drama queen 

Another trait of a girl guys love is that she does not have issues with drama. She does not take part in it and will not create it. This is something that most men want to see in their girlfriends.

You see, drama causes unnecessary stress and anxiety, which can ruin a relationship or marriage. It gets worse when a girl does not know how to stay calm when the situation gets a little crazy.

It is for this reason that most guys want partners who can handle things on their own. 

But it’s not all about “keeping a level head.”

It’s about a girl being able to voice out her emotions and thoughts when necessary. It is also about a girl being able to balance her emotions and take action based on those feelings. And when a girl is able to do that, it shows that she has a lot of respect for herself, which is something men want in their girlfriends.

8) Speaking up for herself when necessary

Guys want girls who are able to stand up for themselves when it’s necessary. 

For example, guys do not want girls who have a “no means yes” mentality. They also will not tolerate women who think that silence is consent. This is why it’s important for her to speak up for herself when she feels like she’s being disrespected or taken advantage of in a relationship.

Consider what this could mean for you:

This is a higher level of respect that you should expect from your girlfriend. It is not a bad thing to have these qualities in your girl. She wants to be treated the way that she treats others, and this can give you a lot of peace of mind!

9) Not being too much of a people pleaser

Sometimes girls feel the need to please their boyfriends. And when they do, they neglect themselves and do things like lose weight and stuff in order to look good for themselves. This can really get on a guy’s nerves!

When a girl puts too much effort into pleasing her man, it can cause him to lose respect for her and make him feel like he’s not being treated “right.” 


Because girls like that are too fake and come off as desperate, which is not a good look. It will only make her appear less attractive in his eyes.

Instead, a girl who knows how to set healthy boundaries will keep him interested because she values herself and respects herself. And this is exactly what he needs to see in her!

So don’t be a people pleaser or desperate for your man’s approval! Instead, respect yourself enough to have boundaries and stand up for yourself when you need to!

10) Being confident enough in themselves to take control of the conversation at times  

Sometimes a guy is looking for a girl who leads the conversation when appropriate, and other times he wants to be in charge.

It’s because it’s important for him to show her that he still has some control of the situation. Having a girl who is confident enough to take charge can be helpful in this respect. 

When she does, it shows that she trusts him enough and feels comfortable in her relationship. This is also a way to show that she values herself and respects him as well. He will see this as a sign of her maturity, which will make him respect her even more.

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but if there is a healthy balance of power between you and your partner, it can make the relationship better.

11) Having a sense of their own self worth

There is a fine line between being confident and being conceited. A girl who has a good sense of self-worth is someone who knows where to draw the line. 

For example, she knows that it’s important to value herself but also does not put too much emphasis on her appearance. Rather, she is more focused on her personality and the way she treats others. She would rather be respected for those traits than just how she looks like.

On the other hand, a girl who is too confident is someone who focuses too much on her appearance and tries to act like she’s better than others. This is the kind of girl that guys dislike!

So how can you tell if she has a good sense of self-worth?

Most importantly, she knows that it’s important to love herself before she can love anyone else. She also values her relationship with her family, friends, and other people around her. She is not narcissistic and does not use people for her own benefit. 

12) Understanding how to be respectful and caring without being submissive 

Sometimes you can find a girl who is too soft to be respected by her man. And in this case, the relationship will not last long because he will lose interest.

On the other hand, you can also find a girl who has more dominance than necessary. This could lead her to become bossy and controlling, which is something that guys hate.

So it’s important that you find a girl who is respectful and caring but also has her own opinions. She should be strong enough to stand up for herself but also knows when to back down.

She will know how far she can go without being too much of a dominating presence in your relationship. This can help you feel more secure about your relationship because you don’t have to worry about her pushing you around!

13) Having goals for the future and working towards them

Most relationships don’t last too long because they are based on a lack of goals and strong ambitions. In most cases, people are not prepared for the future, so this can cause problems.

For example, when you don’t have any plans for the future, you might sometimes think that everything is fine and that you have time to do whatever you want. The problem is that this will cause you to grow lazy because there is nothing keeping you motivated. 

Some girls are not prepared for the future either.

So guys tend to love girls who have goals set for them and are prepared for the future. When they have ambitions, they are more likely to take life seriously and do things that will make them happy. They will also make plans that seem more realistic instead of staying on the same path forever!

This is why guys regret losing a girl who has goals for the future. The truth is that these girls will be more likely to keep their relationships healthy and happy!

14) Having depth, not just surface-level chatter

Sometimes you can find a girl who is shallow and only talks about superficial topics. This can make her seem boring to guys.

But deep conversations between you and your girl will be more interesting than anything else! You could talk about your life, experiences, interests, or anything else that interests you both. And this will make your conversations with her more meaningful.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper:

Having depth means that there is an honest depth to her conversation. Instead of only seeking superficial information, she will be aware of important things you have to say and really listen to what you have to say.

For example, your girl will know when you are having a bad day and will be willing to listen to what you have to say without flirting with other guys. And she will be able to support you through your tough times without having to try to fix them herself.

15) Being loyal

This is a big deal for guys. They love girls who are loyal and honest to him. This can make him feel secure, especially if he has been with a girl before.

He will feel more confident about his relationship because he knows that she is there for him, won’t linger on other guys, and will never cheat on him.

But keep in mind:

It’s also important for your girl to find a balance between being loyal and being independent. This is because you don’t want her to be too loyal that she won’t do anything without you or won’t talk to other men even if it’s for a business meeting.

16) Being willing to compromise

Sometimes you can find a girl who is so confident that she won’t compromise when it comes to important issues.

Her decision will be entirely based on her own opinion, and this can be irritating because it might not match what you want. She might also be too stubborn to compromise and change her mind to your liking. And this can cause problems for your relationship because you will not be able to talk about important things together.

That’s why this trait is important and should be looked for in a girl. She will know how to compromise and talk about important issues with you. When she does this, it will show you that she is committed to the relationship and can see things from both of your views.

Final thoughts

We’ve covered 16 important traits that guys love about their girls. If you’re having a hard time finding the perfect girl, you might want to consider looking for these traits in her!

When you do this, you will be more aware of the kind of girl that you want in the future. This will make it easier to find your ideal girl because she has many compatible traits with the kind of person that you are!

The important thing is to be yourself and look for similar interests in her. This will make you both happier and more confident about the relationship!