20 telepathy signs she is thinking of you

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Have you ever wondered if the other person is thinking about you? 

Telepathy is a fascinating and very misunderstood phenomenon. In fact, the scientific community has been trying to understand it for decades, without success. 

These are 20 signs that she might be thinking about you — read this blog post to learn more!

1) Synchronicities happen

It is a known fact that events that seem to happen at random are in fact connected with each other. 

The same occurs with telepathic experiences. 

A coincidence is when two or more unrelated events occur at the same time. What if we say there are “coincidences” between our thoughts and what happens in reality?

For example, let’s say you are planning to go on a vacation. You are thinking about your new house, and you start imagining the place you will live in. 

A few minutes later, your friend texts you to ask if you have time to go out with her. 

The coincidence is that she just happened to text you at that exact moment when you were thinking about your new house! 

This phenomenon is called synchronicity, and it has been observed throughout history by various cultures and religions. 

2) You feel like she’s near you without seeing her

Have you ever wondered why you feel like there’s someone else in the room when you’re alone?  

Our minds can play tricks on us. For instance, it may create a “feeling of presence” even though we aren’t actually seeing anyone. 

Psychologists have also documented that people who are lonely or sad tend to “sense” other people around them. 

Somebody who is thinking about you, for example, might be feeling lonely and sad; you will experience these feelings because your thoughts are connected with hers. 

Don’t be too surprised if you feel the presence of someone else — she might actually be near you! 

So, always keep an eye out for goosebumps!

3) You feel her emotions as if they are your own

Just as you feel the presence of someone near you, you may actually be experiencing her emotions.  

People often describe vaguely the feeling they get when they’re around “love.” It feels as if they are being loved, or hugged by their lover. 

This is telepathy at work! 

Sometimes, people say that partners “hear” each other’s thoughts; it is known as the ghost in the machine effect. You may experience this too!

Whatever your experience may be, be open to this phenomenon. It can help you realize that your partner thinks about you! 

4) You suddenly think of her

Another telepathy sign that she might think of you is the “flash of thought” phenomenon.   

This happens when you have a sudden thought about her.    

You might suddenly remember a funny story you had heard about her or a particular gift you bought for her.

Some people say that their minds act as if the other is “here” when they are in the midst of an important project. It feels as if they are being watched. 

Also, don’t be afraid that you’re having a mini-breakdown or that you’re losing your mind! These are signs that she is thinking about you. 

5) You dream of her constantly

You don’t need to be a psychologist or a hypnotist to experience this one.  

If you are constantly dreaming of her, it’s an indicator that she is thinking about you and might even be feeling lonely or sad.  

Even if you have been feeling sad around her recently, you will probably still dream about her! Telepathy truly has a way of bringing us together.

But wait, there’s more!

There are some reasons why you keep dreaming about someone, such as:

  • You are infatuated with her or want to maintain a connection with her, such as when she crosses your mind while you are on the phone
  • You feel that you have been left alone and forgotten since you’ve started dating her.  
  • You need to be reminded that she is still there
  • You have obsessive thoughts about her because you have a crush on her

So, it can be hard to tell whether she is thinking about you or not. But, it is normal to dream of your significant one.   

The dream tends to remind us that we are still loved and cherished. In short, dreams are a helpful indicator for keeping our lovers in our hearts!

6) You notice a random itch or twitch in your eye

It sounds weird, but it’s true.   

If you are constantly having random eye twitches, it’s an indicator that she might be thinking of you.  

Some people say that they have constant itching in their bodies and can’t stop scratching their skin. 

It’s not just the eye twitch, though! Similar to the “flash of thought” phenomenon above, your mind will act as if your partner is really there in front of you when this happens.

The “itch” phenomenon is one of these ways that we can feel a real presence within us without being conscious of it. 

Like many times throughout our life, we don’t realize what is happening until someone tells us about it or explains it to us!  

This phenomenon often happens when our subconscious is trying to let us know that something important or urgent is going on with our partner or another person close to them!

7) Sudden bouts of sneezing

Besides catching a cold or getting a head cold, this sudden bout of sneezing is a huge indicator that she is thinking of you.  

This is also something that people experience when they’re around their partners, even if they’re not thinking of them at the time.  

Sometimes, our subconscious is so overwhelmed with all the things going on in our lives that it simply can’t deal with all the stress.   

We may feel a sudden urge to sneeze or have some other kind of “physical” reminder that something is bothering us. 

In cases like these, we might literally feel like we are being “pushed” to cough or sneeze by our subconscious mind!

There are other physical cues you can also look for:

  • A heart rate increase 
  • Breathing pattern change 
  • Facial tics 
  • Random twitches in your body

8) You get hiccups out of the blue

Getting hiccups is a common thing among people, but it’s also a big indicator that she is thinking about you.  

Sudden bouts of hiccups are caused by an overactive parasympathetic nervous system, which is the body’s calming mechanism.  

When you get them out of the blue, it’s an indication that something serious is bothering your partner and they are trying to cope with it on one level or another.  

It can even be a sign that your partner’s subconscious mind wants to bring up their past or present worries. 

On top of this, severe bouts of hiccups can sometimes be related to anxiety disorders and other things going on in the body that we can’t see at all!

9) You feel uncomfortable while eating

Maybe you’re eating a meal with friends when all of a sudden you feel extremely uncomfortable.  

This is another one of those weird reminders that your significant one might be thinking about you!

A crazy thing to do at times is to ask yourself, “What would she do if she were here?” or “What would she think if she saw me now?”  

By doing this, your subconscious mind will literally try to urge you to act in the way that your significant other would. 

The part of your brain that is dedicated to predicting future behavior can cause you to feel uncomfortable because it’s afraid that you’re about to do something wrong!  

This weird sensation will often trigger a lot of anxiety until you can tune in and respond appropriately to this strange feeling. 

Also, looking for another reason why you might feel uncomfortable while eating can be a good way to shake off this feeling. 

10) Mood swings

We’re all familiar with these mood swings, right?  

Sometimes we feel great and then suddenly start feeling down or unwell. 

These mood swings are completely normal and they happen to most people in their lifetime. 

However, they often indicate that someone is thinking of us, especially when they’re unexpected!

You might feel the sudden urge or pressure to act in a certain way or to perform a task that you might not otherwise have wanted to do. 

Or, you might start feeling sad, anxious, irritated, or angry for no apparent reason. 

These sudden mood swings are often caused by something in your subconscious mind – like your partner’s emotions – that you can’t see at all! 

So, the next time you feel a sudden mood swing coming on, ask yourself: Is she trying to tell me something? Or is she just letting me know how she’s feeling?

11) You feel a burning sensation in your ears or cheeks

Unfortunately, this is another one of those weird reminders that your significant other might be thinking about you!  

This feeling is often caused by the sympathetic nervous system kicking in, which is the “fight-or-flight” system. 

It’s also related to your brain preparing you for something, but we don’t know what that something is.  

In many cases, this “preparation” feeling gets activated when we’re about to do or experience something new. 

Take note of the sensations around you and figure out whether there’s a reason why your body is feeling uncomfortable or tense at the moment. 

If it is, then you should try to figure out what you’re going to experience or do next. 

This can help your mind to figure things out for itself and prepare for what’s about to happen!

12) Angel numbers keep popping up

Angel numbers are divine messages that can be interpreted as being pivotal to your life or a sign you’re on the right track.  

These numbers are often seen as a confirmation of something you’re about to do or an indicator that you have recently done something. 

Surprisingly enough, angel numbers can be a sign that you’re being thought of by your partner. You can look for these signals in a number of ways.

  • They might pop up just after you’ve had a dream about your partner!  
  • Angel numbers might be found in your daily horoscope or on the back of a magazine.  
  • Your partner might send you an angel number in the form of a text message, email, letter, or even in person.
  • Or you simply keep seeing these numbers.

For example, the number 222 can be interpreted as a sign that your significant other is thinking about you.

There are many other angel numbers you can look for that might mean something, but if you keep seeing one number in particular, take note of it!  

Find out what the meaning of this number is and what it’s telling you.  

It could be an indication that your partner is thinking about you, or maybe they recently did something important in relation to this number.

13) You get goosebumps for no explicable reason

It’s so weird how goosebumps can be triggered out of the blue! 

These sudden, intense moments of goosebumps sometimes tell the story of what your subconscious mind is thinking. 

We’re not exactly sure how this works and how your body knows to demonstrate these feelings, but it happens sometimes all the same! 

And one of the reasons why this occurs is she’s sending you a message.

It’s usually a pretty strong indication that there is some kind of emotional disturbance coming from your partner’s subconscious mind.

You can test this simple tip out by seeing if you notice the same thing happening to her!

14) You spot a white feather

White feathers have long been used as a symbol of purity and bliss. They are often associated with godliness and used to help people get closer to the divine. 

White feathers can show up whenever we need help from higher powers or when we’re about to receive messages from someone close.

White feathers are usually associated with angels and other spiritual beings; however, they can also indicate that your partner is thinking about you. 

You may even notice a white feather within a few days of your partner thinking about you. 

If this happens, take note of the white feather and see if it appears in the same place again!

15) You hear her voice

Just like feeling her presence, hearing her voice can be just as unique to experience. 

You might never have noticed it before, but hearing her voice is a pretty common phenomenon that many people experience on occasion.

This sensation is often a sign that she’s thinking about you or that she’s attempting to communicate with you.

For example, you might hear her voice in your mind when you’re about to do something important like write a letter or perform an interview. 

Or you might hear her voice in your head when you’re about to go somewhere or when you’re about to be somewhere even if she’s not there.

This happens because you both share a strong telepathic connection that allows you to feel one another’s presence even when you’re not together.

This is also a sign that something important is about to occur, that you have some kind of message from her, or that she’s thinking about you.

16) You spot a beautiful butterfly

According to legend, butterflies are messengers of love. 

They can be a symbol of joy, freedom, and the unknown. 

A butterfly landing on you is often a sign that you’re loved and cherished by someone special or by the universe.

Butterflies are also one of the most common animals to be seen in your dreams. 

When you see them in your dreams, it’s considered a good sign because it shows that you’re moving ahead with your goals and desires. 

Because butterflies have become closely associated with love and happiness, seeing one can be a sign that she is thinking about you. 

Butterflies are also used to symbolize soulmates, so this might be a sign that you two are meant for each other

If you see a butterfly in your dreams or even in real life, pay attention to how it makes you feel because these emotions might be projected onto your partner!

17) You feel a magnetic pull

If your partner has a strong effect on you, it’s quite possible that she’s also having an effect on you. 

You might have the feeling that things are constantly happening around you or the feeling of reaching out to her at all times. 

This is a pretty common feeling of attraction, but it can also be a sign that she’s thinking about you. 

You might also feel a strong pull towards her at all times, which could just be her doing the same thing to you.

You may hear her voice in your head or see her in your dreams. You may even see the way she makes you think before sharing something or remembering what’s happening around you. 

All in all, this is a clear sign that she’s thinking about you. 

But this isn’t the only way her thought projection can impact you! 

18) You often blurt out her name by accident

You can be in the middle of a conversation with someone or even alone when all of a sudden, you randomly say her name.

This is a pretty common phenomenon that many people experience. 

It’s basically your subconscious mind communicating with your conscious mind. 

When this happens, you’re not yet aware that what you’re saying is her name and so it comes out as a complete surprise to you! 

This is one of the most interesting ways she can send you messages.

You can tell she’s thinking about you by the way she unconsciously sends you messages like this. 

It’s a little spooky, but it’s also very special and mysterious! 

19) You have an urge to call her

Sometimes, you just feel like calling her or texting her out of the blue!

You can’t explain why exactly, but you feel like contacting her. This could be because you’re feeling something or because you want to feel something. 

For example, you might have the urge to check in with her or catch up with her. 

Another reason could be that you want to reconnect with her after a period of time apart. You might also want to hear her voice or start a conversation with her. 

No matter why you want to contact her, this is a sign that she’s thinking about you. 

If she has the urge to contact you as well, then this is definitely a sign that you guys are connected! 

20) You feel an energetic rush

Have you ever felt an energy rush that’s so strong, that you can’t explain it?

You might not even know where it comes from. It just hits you out of the blue. 

These sudden rushes of energy can be a sign that she’s thinking about you. She might also feel something similar at the same time.

But these rushes can also be signs of other things, too. For example, they could be related to your spiritual awakening or to your energetic self. 

If you feel a rush of energy in an uncomfortable way or if the feeling is really intense, it might just mean that there’s something happening in your life. 

The universe wants to guide you in a certain direction, but you’re not sure what’s going on. 

It’s up to you to figure out what’s going on and what you need to do. 

Final thoughts

The telepathy signs above are just the beginning of a list of many more signs that she’s thinking about you. 

Some of them will be obvious and immediate while others may take time to show themselves. 

It takes time for some signs to appear so don’t be discouraged if you’re not seeing them right away. 

Instead, pay attention to your feelings and focus on communication. 

She will communicate with you when she wants to, so be open and try not to give her any negative vibes! 

If you know that she’s thinking about you, support her telepathy by sending your own thoughts to her. 

This way, she’ll feel connected to you and strengthened by the energy of your thoughts.