21 subconscious signs a man likes you at work (complete list)

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Are you wondering if a co-worker likes you? You think they might be showing some signs, but you’re not totally sure?

The good news is that most men will show subtle clues that they’re interested in a woman without even realizing it, so we compiled some of the most common signs for your convenience! 

Here are 21 subconscious signs a man likes you at work.

1) He often finds excuses to approach you

If he’s making excuses to approach you, that’s actually a pretty big sign that he likes you.

He may want to know more about what you do, how your weekend was, or if you’ve tried that new restaurant down the street.

It’s totally innocent and normal for someone at work to sometimes go out of their way to approach you, but if he’s doing it constantly it may mean he wants to get to know you better.

But also be careful – if you have a boss or co-worker who is always finding reasons to approach you, you may be in for some sexual harassment. Ask yourself how many times he’s asked you to do something and then carefully weigh whether or not his intentions are innocent.

2) He pays more attention to what you’re saying than anyone else

You might be wondering: 

If a guy likes you, why won’t he ask you out?

With men, the answer is simple – they don’t want to appear too eager or desperate! So instead they try to get your attention subtly before making a move.

When a man likes you at work, he will pay close attention to what you’re saying and doing. He will enjoy the sound of your voice and be more engaged in your conversations than anyone else’s.

Of course, it’s always good to be friendly with everyone at work, but if you start noticing that he listens carefully to every word you say and always asks for your input, you might have a secret admirer on your hands.

3) He gives additional information when talking about a project you’ve worked on together

When two people work on a project together, it’s common for them to debrief each other on their progress.

But if a guy likes you, he may give you more information than necessary – he wants to keep the conversation going and show off his knowledge.

For example, if you worked together on an ad campaign, he might tell you how the new changes panned out, or tell you about a particular part of the campaign that is more interesting to him.

This is a particularly common sign in office settings, where men will try to impress the women they like by offering extra details about their work or projects.

4) He asks for your advice on work-related topics

Trust me, it’s not easy for men to ask for help – especially from women.

When a man likes you, he will try to find a way to get you involved in his work, even if it’s just offering advice or telling him about your experiences.

Men tend to be more comfortable asking people they like for advice, so this might be one of the most obvious signs that a guy is interested in you at work.

So how to respond? It’s always a good idea to accept the offer, try to help, and ask for more specific details about the work he’s doing. You’ll be surprised by how much he will appreciate your input.

5) His voice tone changes when he talks with you 

According to psychologists, men are much more likely to have deeper voices when they like a woman.

So if you notice that his voice sounds deeper and more masculine when he talks with you, there’s a good chance he’s interested in you!

Now, this doesn’t mean that every man with a masculine voice is trying to get your attention (most people have deep voices anyway) but if he’s flirting with you, it’s a safe bet that his voice will be extra low and sexy.

Try to notice the way his voice changes when he talks with you and with other people at work. If you notice a significant difference, there’s a good chance he likes you!

6) He uses positive words like “I love it!” or “I agree!” when talking about something with you 

Another subconscious sign that a man likes you is the way he treats you, so pay attention to words that show his approval.

If he uses words of approval like “I love it!” or “I agree!” when talking to you, there’s a pretty good chance that he’s interested in you.

Men are generally more comfortable around people they like, so if he feels happy and satisfied with your conversations, he may use words to show his approval.

Of course, you should never base your entire relationship on one conversation or a few words of praise, but this is a good start when trying to figure out if a guy likes you.

7) He always greets you enthusiastically

Have you ever wondered why that guy always greets you enthusiastically when you enter the office?

He might be super excited to see you and want to get to know you better. Because when two people like each other, they want to always be close together so that they can talk.

It’s not uncommon for guys to greet you enthusiastically when entering or leaving the office. But if he goes above and beyond, sometimes even meeting up with you in the parking lot – it’s a good sign that he likes you!

Of course, it’s not always a good idea to pursue too hard, but pay attention to this as often as possible.

8) He compliments you about details other people don’t

Has anyone ever told you that you look beautiful when you wear something different? But then you’ve noticed that the rest of your colleagues are wearing the same outfit.

It’s a pretty safe bet that he likes you – and not just as a friend!

When complimenting someone on details like clothing or shoes, men usually use compliments to increase attraction. They know they will get points with any woman who doesn’t like to dress down and loves to look nice.

Or he might compliment your work – something that you’ve worked hard to achieve. Praising you for your work will make you feel good and encourage you to keep working hard.

So next time, pay attention to compliments that don’t seem like a standard formality or something everyone else has heard a million times before. Maybe he really is telling the truth!

9) His eyes light up when he sees you coming around the corner 

A smile and a small wave are usually enough for him to show that he likes you, but sometimes his emotions can get the best of him and the full extent of his interest will shine through.

If he’s interested, it will show on his face. When he sees you coming around the corner, his eyes may light up – that’s how happy he is!

This eye contact is an indicator, but don’t forget that plenty of people will look at you directly when they greet each other. It’s a good idea to pay attention to the way his eyes light up – if he keeps doing it, he might be interested in you.

10) He often has a joke ready for when the conversation is uncomfortable 

You might be surprised by how many guys have a joke that fits in perfectly with awkward situations.

For example, if you’re discussing a topic that makes him uncomfortable, he might say something funny to make light of the situation. Or he might even think of a new joke while someone else is talking!

A good sign that he likes you and is thinking about you when the conversation gets awkward is a quick comeback or joke. It’s also pretty clear when he doesn’t have anything to say – the silence will be filled by other people in the conversation.

One of the best things about a good sense of humor is that it makes you feel good. When he tells you a joke, you’ll probably find yourself laughing and feel more comfortable.

11) He tries to begin or end work shifts at the same times as you do

You probably already know that there are plenty of ways to tell when someone likes you.

And one of those is when the guy tries to coordinate his work schedule with yours so that he can spend time with you. If he’s working in the same department as you, he might make an effort to schedule his workdays around yours or end early to meet up with you.

He might also use a similar strategy when leaving the office – at least for a few weeks or months.

So take the next step: 

Head to the office at the same time as he does, or try to end your shifts at the same time. This will be a great way to make him feel closer to you and show that you’re interested in spending quality time together.

Of course, it’s not always possible for people to meet up during their work hours, but this will usually increase the likelihood that you’ll run into each other outside of work.

12) He blushes when asked about his relationship status

It’s a little awkward when you try to figure out if a guy likes you, maybe you even ask him and he just blushes.

But he definitely likes you!

You might have known this from the beginning because you’ve seen the flirtatious texts he sent you or the fact that he always wants to meet up with you. But sometimes it’s easy to miss small signs like a quick blush.

So, as awkward as it might be, ask him about his relationship status and then watch his reaction. He might just blush or look flustered – that’s a sign that he likes you!

13) His body language is open and relaxed when he’s talking to you

You might have been able to tell from the conversation that he likes you, but if you need more assurance, pay attention to his body language. It will let you know whether he feels comfortable talking about relationships.

Here are some body language signs that most people miss:

  • He’s leaning forward when attentive
  • He’s smiling during the conversation
  • He’s looking up and not at his phone
  • His arms are relaxed across his body or down by his sides
  • His head is tilted toward you
  • He’s nodding or sometimes even shaking his head

All of these body language cues point to someone who feels more comfortable talking to you and wants to make the interaction as pleasant as possible – and that means he’s interested.

14) He’s somewhat protective of your work

It’s pretty common for people to ask about what’s going on in your career. But men will usually take it a step further when they have a crush on you – they’ll make much more effort to learn about your job.

Eventually, he’ll start giving tips or recommending places where you can find work. Of course, this can also be due to his own work experience – he might just be trying to help you out professionally.

Or he can be interested in your job, but he’s just a little protective of you. This means that he wants to make sure that you’re doing well and don’t have any problems on the job.

When a guy is interested in your career and gives you advice, he’s showing that he cares about you more than he just wants to know about your work status. It means that he really likes you!

15) He shares personal stories with you, to get a sense of common ground

Speaking of work, sharing work stories is a great way to find common ground with someone.

When talking about work, we’re not just sharing what we do but also where we’ve been and what we’ve done. A good conversation will lead to sharing some personal stories that the other person can relate to or at least enjoy hearing about.

Talking about your past experiences is also a great way to show that you’re interested in getting to know each other better and want him to feel more comfortable when he’s with you.

If a guy likes you and he’s thinking about you when he talks about his work, it’s pretty obvious that he wants to get to know you better!

16) He often chats with you outside of work

This might sound a bit of a giveaway because most people would rather avoid talking about work when they have time for something else.

But there’s nothing wrong with talking about work or our jobs when we have a break from work. It gives us the opportunity to relax and hang out with friends outside of the office if we don’t feel like going back.

That also means that people are more likely to talk about their jobs (and for men, it also means that they have a bit more free time).

So if a guy is often talking about his job or his career outside of work, he might just be trying to make conversation. But he also might want to show you that he is interested in getting to know you better and that keeps him thinking about you!

17) He seems sad when he sees that other people are starting to become friends with you and not him 

One of the most interesting cues that someone might like is when he sees that others are starting to get friendly with you.

He’s probably seen how much effort you’ve put into being friendly with other people before him and he’s pretty jealous about it. 

So if he sees that other people are talking to you, he’ll likely want to put in more effort so that he doesn’t lose out on what’s happening between you two.

Of course, being jealous is not a personal flaw, it’s just his way of showing that he likes you. But that might have been the case already – and now he knows that something is happening between you two.

18) He unconsciously mimics your body language

Body language is more than just how we stand and how we use our hands. It can also be about the way someone holds their head or the way they move their mouth – these are all cues that people give when they’re communicating with each other.

For instance, he might unconsciously take on your mannerisms as a way of showing that he likes you. When he talks to you, he’ll start mimicking your body language and try to react in a similar way that you have been doing before.

Or he might even stand up when talking to you, in a very similar way as you do – he’s unconsciously trying to receive your body language cues.

Of course, this could just be a subconscious way for him to communicate that he likes you. But it might also be that he has seen how you react and he’s been trying to imitate you ever since.

Try it out if his behavior seems weird or unusual around you. If it happens often and seems like a pattern, then it is definitely him liking you.

19) You can feel the sexual tension when he walks by your desk

Of course, we can’t just rely on our gut feeling when it comes to knowing if someone likes us. That’s not always the most reliable way of figuring out whether or not he’s interested in you.

But if you start to notice that there is an increased amount of sexual tension in the office, it could be because a guy likes you. When someone feels attracted to another person at work, they’re more aware of the person’s presence and will find any excuse to be around them.

We can feel when a guy is interested in us because we’d feel attracted to him as well. This can lead to sexual attraction and we instinctually know when someone else feels the same way.

If you start to notice that everyone seems more interested in staying at their desk, you might be right about an increased amount of sexual tension around the office. And if you’re one of the people who has been getting more attention from others, it’s likely that a guy likes you!

20) He’s a lot friendlier with you than he was before 

One of the ways that people can show interest in us is by becoming significantly nicer than they usually are.

It could be because they’re trying to show their affection for you, so it’s more of a demonstration of interest in you rather than just being friendly. Or maybe some people are just trying to fit in with other people at work and they’ll do what they can to make a good impression on the boss.

Either way, if a guy has suddenly become friendlier with you than he was before, it might mean that he’s interested in you.

Of course, someone who is just trying to make a good impression at work will likely be a lot friendlier with everyone else. If you notice that he’s being significantly nicer to you than the people who are higher up in the hierarchy, then it’s probably because he has feelings for you.

21) He looks for any excuse to make physical contact

This is a pretty good indicator of someone liking you because physical contact is usually reserved for people who are interested in us.

It could be that he pats your shoulder when you ask him a question or he’ll give your back a quick rub when you walk past each other. He might also hold his arm out for you to go through before entering the elevator with him, just to be closer to you.

But remember that this could just be an unconscious way of showing you that he likes you. If someone does something like this without knowing that it’s on purpose, then it can just be a sign of affection and not necessarily a sign of infatuation.

And if you’re already in a relationship, remember that there’s a big difference between flirting and being affectionate. If he touches you in an inappropriate way or if it seems inappropriate to him, it could be that he’s just being cheeky and wants to get a reaction out of you.

So if you’re not sure whether or not to trust him, remember that it’s a good idea to be skeptical and protective of yourself.

Final thoughts

So there you have it. The ultimate list of subconscious signs a man likes you at work.

Hopefully, these signs are all things that you notice and they make sense to you. But if they don’t, then there are still a few other ways that you can tell whether someone likes you or not.

The more clues you gather, the more likely that you’ll be able to tell whether he likes you or not. But remember that you can’t just rely on how he acts around you. You need something else to go on.

You should also consider how he feels about you. If he’s talking to you in a flirtatious way and seems keen on getting to know you, then it’s a good sign that someone likes you.

But if you have a bad feeling about him and get the sense that he’s not that interested in you, then it’s definitely time to pay attention to your instincts.