16 spiritual ways to know if your husband is cheating

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Ever wondered if your husband is cheating on you? 

You might be experiencing the first signs of infidelity- that sinking feeling in your stomach, a suspicious text message, or even a tense conversation with your partner. 

There are many ways to know if he is cheating on you – here are 16 spiritual ways to find out.

1) Your connection turns cold

Have you ever wondered why you feel like you are drifting apart? 

Why, when you spend time together, your connection feels like it’s freezing? 

There’s a good chance your husband is cheating on you. When people stay connected, there’s a chance that they can feel each other’s emotions. 

But if one person stops feeling the same way about their mate, it causes an imbalance in the relationship that can result in cheating. 

But there are also several reasons why a connection can well and truly disappear between two people. 

He might be angry with you or frustrated with your success, and he just doesn’t want to feel that same passion toward you anymore. Other reasons are to do with personality traits or where you live. 

So while the loss of your connection isn’t a definite sign of infidelity, it could be. Look at the other signs to decide.

2) His natural smell changes

We connect with our senses first before anything else. And your partner’s natural smell can tell you a lot about his thoughts and feelings. 

If you notice a sudden change in the way he smells, there’s a good chance that he is cheating on you. 

Maybe he’s been hanging around someone who wears strong perfume or has changed his deodorant brand – both of these could affect the way he naturally smells to you. 

But if his scent suddenly changes for no apparent reason, it could be a sign that he’s been hanging out with a woman who wears strong perfume or who’s been using scented products on her body. 

Whatever the reason, make sure you take note.

3) A tarot reader or psychic has warned you

Trust me, you don’t want to ignore any tip from a psychic or tarot reader, even if it seems insignificant.

Because they have valuable insight into the future that you don’t. And they might just know something telling that you don’t. 

If a psychic has warned you about your husband’s cheating ways, it’s worth taking heed to their words. 

But in this case, do remember that tarot cards are usually read with intuition and energy. So your reading might be based on a gut feeling.

Here are some tarot cards that can indicate cheating:

  • Ten of Swords
  • Seven of Swords 
  • Three of Cups reversed 
  • Moon reversed
  • Devil
  • High Priestess reversed
  • Judgement reversed

4) His sleeping patterns change

Is your partner coming to bed later than usual? Is he reaching for distractions on his phone or laptop when you’re in bed together? 

It can be an innocent thing, but both of these habits could indicate that he’s not telling you something. 

And it could be that he is cheating on you. 

He could be on a late-night web browsing session, researching something that could benefit him financially or professionally. Or he could be communicating with someone that he’s seeing on the side. 

Whatever the reason, if you notice these unusual changes in your partner’s behavior, it’s worth discussing this with him. 

5) Dreams of infidelity keep cropping up in your dreams

So, here’s the deal:

If you keep dreaming about your partner cheating on you, and it’s a recurring theme in your dreams, it’s probably not just a coincidence.

You can take these dreams seriously, but there are several scenarios to consider before doing so. 

Dreams are often a sign of something that’s occurring in your subconscious – that’s why psychologists say it’s important to be ‘open-minded’ when interpreting your dreams.

But if your dreams keep coming back to an unfaithful partner, it could be that there’s a reason for that. 

And it might remind you to look into his behavior.

6) He starts becoming overly concerned with appearances

According to some spiritual experts, the early signs of infidelity are often visible in a man’s behavior – especially in his manner of dress. 

He might start dressing sexier and putting on more cologne than usual. Or, at first, you might notice nothing – then suddenly, he starts getting things ironed. 

Of course, any dramatic changes in his appearance could be a sign of insecurity, but it could also mean that he wants something in return – may be an affair. 

However, try to look for other reasons for the changes – he could just want to look his best because he wants to impress you. 

Or he might have a job interview and he wants to look good.

7) He’s always working late or has an unusual excuse for missing a family event 

If it’s a long period of time before you see him again and there’s always been a reason for his absence, it could be that he’s cheating. 

Keeping this in mind, try to assess if his excuses have anything to do with his work and the way he behaves at work. 

For example, if you visit him at work and he seems distracted or is acting strangely – perhaps he’s trying to hide something from you. But that’s only one side. 

On another side, he might be cheating on you because he’s having an affair at work. And this could be the real reason for his absence. 

So, you’ll have to be more inquisitive when assessing his reasons for being away.

8) He constantly tries to make you feel guilty

Guilt is a powerful emotion that can really mess with your mind. And some people use it as a weapon to manipulate others.

An unfaithful husband can also use it to warn you about whatever he’s doing behind your back. 

He can constantly make you feel guilty to the point that you’ll keep quiet about whatever you’ve noticed. Or maybe he will even threaten to leave if you do bring it up. 

This is a very common tactic used by unfaithful partners because it works – especially on their wives who are in love with them. They find it difficult to believe that their husbands would cheat on them and so they stay silent.

So how to deal with it? 

Remember, he’s just trying to get a reaction out of you. Don’t give him the satisfaction of making you feel bad about yourself. 

Instead, be strong and stand up for yourself and your relationship.

9) He has a sudden change in his social circle

Once in a while, some men find it hard to maintain the same set of friends for a long period of time.

And this could be the reason why your man starts making different friends – which might not be good for your relationship. 

If you notice that he’s suddenly changed his social circle, it’s worth considering that he could be having an affair


Because people who are having affairs tend to seek out new relationships and it might involve breaking off from old ones. 

Of course, there’s a possibility that he has moved on professionally and the new job requires him to socialize with co-workers. 

So, you have to take his reasons for parting ways with his old friends with a grain of salt. But if you think that he might be cheating on you, try to watch him carefully. And also watch his new friends, too.

10) You get a gut feeling something is off

Think about this for a moment:

Have you ever had situations when your gut feeling told you that something wasn’t right even when there was no apparent reason for worrying? 

If so, it could have been a situation where your gut feeling was trying to tell you something. Maybe it was trying to warn you about something bad or about an impending change in the relationship that could adversely affect it. 

Once in a while, there are moments where we start having a feeling that can’t be explained logically.

This could be your gut feeling trying to tell you something. Or it could be just a reaction to a change that’s taken place – and you don’t even notice it. 

If you feel something is wrong with your relationship, it’s far better to face the issue head-on and get things sorted out right away before they get worse. 

But going by your instincts isn’t always the best way to solve problems. It’s better to get the facts first and then decide on what needs to be done.

11) Your husband starts playing the victim

This one is very subtle but very dangerous.

As I mentioned above, guilt is a powerful emotion and you can use it as a weapon to manipulate others. 

And it’s especially effective when the person you’re trying to guilt feels helpless and can’t fight back. 

Here’s an example:

If your husband starts playing the victim – just before he goes on with some important thing – and he says “Oh, I can’t” or “I don’t like this” or any other similar phrase then it could mean that he’s having an affair. 

This is because he’s using his position as a supposed victim to justify leaving you. And this is a very common tactic used by cheating couples.

However, this tactic might work if you’re very insecure in your relationship and so he tries it again and again until the feeling of guilt settles in your mind. So watch out for it.

12) He suddenly has a lot of money problems

If he starts having money problems – before he had any significant changes in his financial situation – then it could be a wake-up call. 

This is because many men get into money problems when they engage in illicit and illegal activities to pay for their extra-marital affairs. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that every time your husband is experiencing financial difficulties he’s cheating on you.

Yes, there might be a few other reasons for his financial problems like he’s on an unstable job, the business is going down, or something similar. 

It’s just that it can be one of the clues that something is off with your relationship. 

So make sure to look at the whole situation and make an informed decision.

13) He’s no longer the one who initiates conversations, sex, romance etc…

This is one of the clearest signs that he might be cheating. 

He’s not the one who initiates sex, conversations, or romance – he’s just following your lead. 

He doesn’t want to go on dates with you – or even when you want to go on a date. 

But it could be just him following the “rules” of an affair which dictates that only one partner is the main instigator and initiator in a relationship. 

As we’ve discussed before, you have to look for patterns, because there are other reasons why he might be withdrawing from your relationship, such as:

  • He’s insecure due to his job and wants to keep a low profile.
  • He’s worried about the stability of your relationship and doesn’t want to be on the losing side.
  • He doesn’t want to get hurt again and is playing it safe
  • He’s trying to protect you from his risky behaviors. 
  • He feels too stressed out and wants to take a break from the relationship.

So, even if he doesn’t want to be in touch with you or doesn’t want to go on dates, it doesn’t mean that he’s cheating on you.

14) You no longer feel safe in your relationship

This is a big deal. If you’re no longer feeling safe in your relationship then it’s a serious warning sign.

But this isn’t about feeling unsafe because your husband has been violent with you.

This is about feeling unsafe because you have a sneaking suspicion that your husband is cheating on you. 

And this kind of insecurity can eat you up inside, slowly but surely. So even if there’s no concrete evidence that he’s cheating on you, it’s still a serious warning sign that something is wrong. 

It could be one of the straws in the wind. 

If he does something that makes you feel unsafe, confront him straight away and have the conversation in private. 

Don’t do this if it makes him insecure and makes him feel like he has to prove how much of a man he is by cheating on you – or the other way around.

15) His friends are covering for him

This is an obvious sign that something might be up with your husband. 

But I want you to think about the connection of this sign. 

Your husband may or may not be having extra-marital affairs. But one thing’s for sure: 

If his friends are covering for him and lying to you, he has something to hide. If you’re unsure about his intentions, consider asking his friends who are really on top of things. 

You should also consider getting your husband’s friends’ contact details and finding out if they’re covering for him. 

But you could face a lot of trouble doing all this, so don’t do it unless you feel like your life or your relationship is in danger. 

16) You don’t recognize him anymore

When the bond between you and your husband gets broken, you might be feeling like you don’t recognize your own husband anymore. 

So if he’s turning into someone else – whether it’s his personality or his habits – then it could be a warning sign that something is wrong in your relationship. 

Again, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to divorce or break up with him. 

It only means that there’s something wrong going on in your relationship and only you can solve it. 

So, to really find out what’s going on, you need to look at the whole situation and see what’s happening.

Be prepared for the worst scenario like he’s cheating on you. 

And you need to devise a plan – or a set of actions – to fight back and be strong if your husband is indeed cheating on you.

Final thoughts

I hope that this article has helped you understand what spiritual signs of cheating husbands to watch out for. 

They are the outward signs that your husband might be cheating on you. 

But use your common sense as well. If you don’t feel safe in your relationship then something’s wrong. If you no longer feel like he’s the man you want to spend the rest of your life with, then something’s not right. 

So follow your gut instinct and if you suspect that your husband might be cheating on you, then it’s time to have a serious conversation with him – or even plan for a divorce. Don’t ever hesitate. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. 

Always love yourself first, before you worry about anyone else.