15 spiritual signs your ex wants you back

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| Last Updated: September 20, 2022

It’s not easy to forget your ex. They were once your partner in dreams and ambitions.

The relationship may have ended, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to move on and leave them behind. Relationships are fluid, sometimes they come back stronger in the future.

You might be able to feel it, so here are 15 spiritual signs that your ex wants you back.

1) Synchronicity takes place

Do you know that feeling when someone is sending you a signal but your mind can’t decode what they want? You just feel something’s off or weird, but can’t put your finger on it. This happens all the time in relationships, and often it’s because of synchronicity.

Synchronized means the same thing; occurring at the same time, in the same place. It’s a very spiritual thing to know someone is trying to get in touch with you.

If you and your ex find each other unexpectedly in places, or randomly running into them at a party or even at the grocery, it could be a divine sign that your ex wants you back. They’ve been thinking about you a lot that they could sense where you are or they’ve been drawn to you.

You have been in your ex’s mind since the day the relationship ended. And your ex feels attached to you or wants to reconnect in subtle ways.

2) You can sense it

There are times when the heart wants what the heart wants, even if it’s not in your best interest.

This is one of them. Your ex is trying to tell you something, and it’s not about a new relationship with anyone else.

A broken relationship is open for an opportunity for you to reconnect and rediscover your feelings. Sometimes, we don’t understand our feelings until we allow ourselves to go with the flow and see where it takes us.

One day after the breakup, your senses will be overwhelmed by your ex. Your ex knows you will eventually want to be with them, even if it isn’t right now.

You may feel out of control when you have pulled both ways, but that’s a sign that your ex is still looking for a way back into your life. You just need to keep your eye on the prize and allow the process to unfold as it should.

Let your mind wander, your heart ache and let your body react to these natural feelings.

3) Your eye twitches

There are medical conditions that trigger eye twitches and go with other symptoms such as slurred speech and inability to focus.

But if you’re free from any health issues related to it, there is a spiritual reason why your eye twitches.

Your eye twitches may not look like a major medical condition, but they can be indicative that your ex wants to reconnect.

When you are in the presence of an ex, your eye may twitch uncontrollably.

Sometimes this is because they miss you so much; sometimes it’s a chance for them to let you know that they want you back. Your eye twitches may be from all the thoughts going through your mind at the same time.

Your ex is probably trying to reach out to you since they are still in love with you. They knew all along that the relationship ended and they can’t accept it, so they want their another chance.

4) You can’t stop thinking about your ex

You might look like you’re doing something else, but at that moment, your thoughts are consumed by this person. One of the reasons is because they were once so present in your life.

But the main reason? They can’t get you off their mind, too! You’ve been in their mind that it feels like they’re sending you telepathic messages to think of them.

The mind is a powerful thing and when we’re in love, there’s no denying that our thoughts are all over the place. Your ex might feel like they’re losing it, yet they’re not fighting it.

They may be trying to tell you that they want to work things out, as they are thinking about you all the time.

It’s just when we feel connected to someone, it’s very hard to forget them and move on to other people.

If you have mixed feelings about getting back together, then this is an opportunity for you to see what’s going on in their mind.

5) You can feel their energy

Your ex has been sending you messages through synchronicity, but they’re also sending you their energies.

This is a very spiritual experience that you don’t get every day. And when it comes to your ex, it happens when you’re least expecting it. You’ll be going about your day and then all of a sudden something will come over you and make you feel like someone is in the room with you.

This can be a very subtle experience but it will get stronger as you allow more feelings to be real.

Another amazing thing about this phenomenon is that your ex’s energy is different from anyone else. It’s like their own signature or signature perfume that only they have.

6) They are finding opportunities to talk with you

You don’t have to initiate the conversation if you don’t want to. Whether it’s on social media or face-to-face, your ex has reached out.  Your ex might be reaching out because they still want to know what you’re thinking about them.

They don’t want to let go of the relationship, and they are hoping that after a while, you will feel the same way. This is an indication that your ex wants more from the relationship than just being friends.

If your ex is seeking information about you, this could be an attempt to reconnect or just see if you’re still single or in a relationship.

When your ex is on social media, or even when they just see a picture of you and send a “like,” it could be an indication that they still want to be close to you.

They’ve thought about you for a couple of months and can’t get you off their mind. It doesn’t mean that they want to be in a relationship, but it’s their way of reaching out.

They may have felt deep feelings for you that were there at the beginning of the relationship and they want to be close because they still love you.

Sometimes, we feel the need to communicate with our ex, even when we aren’t ready for another relationship.

Once your ex has reached out, it’s up to you what happens next.

7) You sneeze a couple of times a day

In some cultures, sneezing without the common triggers is always related to a spiritual cause. That’s why many people will say “Bless you!” when they hear someone’s sneeze.

You might be thinking that sneezing is a common occurrence that happens when the surrounding air is filled with dust and other particles.

But if it’s not the case, your ex is sending you a message to say that they are thinking about you. They might want to reconnect or just make sure you’re ok.

If you’re free from any health problems and you’re not allergic to any particular substance, your sneezes may be coming from an ex.

A common person can’t sense someone else’s energy, so it’s very possible that your ex is sending you these messages without even knowing it.

8) You keep on seeing things related to your ex

It could be a book that your ex had read, a favorite food, or even a song. This is not a coincidence, but it’s another way for them to reach out to you.

When you see that object, it will remind you of how much fun you had with them in the past and eventually trigger positive feelings.

Songs are another way for your ex to send you a message. They may not be sending a song that you two shared, but it could be one that reminds them of their feelings for you. You may get messages even if you’ve moved on.

The point is that your ex is trying to connect with you in every way possible. It’s like they want you to know they’re there, despite their current life circumstances.

This is a sign that there is still something going on between your ex and yourself.

9) Your ex wants to be friends again

Friends, not lovers, yet they want to hang out. They don’t want a relationship and they don’t have any romantic feelings for you, yet.

Since you are ex-lovers, they might be thinking to take things slow and see if you’re ok.

They want to be in your life since they enjoyed being around you, but they don’t want to get back into the relationship right away. It’s a sign that there is still an attraction between you two and the connection is not gone yet.

It’s like your ex is saying that “We can do this!” without mentioning “Let’s get back together.”

They’ve realized after the breakup how important you are in their life – they miss having someone who is always there for them, who is there when everything goes wrong and will always be there to listen.

They don’t even care if you’re in a relationship or not, so being friends with you is something that they feel they can do.

10) You have talked to them a couple of times in person and it didn’t end badly

It’s really a normal scenario if a couple who broke up becomes bitter with each other – it might’ve ended pretty bad that they just want to forget about them immediately or just hope that they’ll never see each other again.

But it’s different with your ex – you’ve talked to them a few times, and it went really well. Even if it was only a quick hello or catch-up, the conversation was natural and it made you feel good.

Your ex wants to stick around in your life if they are still digging you and they want to keep in touch with you.

They will continue sending out subtle messages until one of these days, they will approach you with a more direct message.

They are hoping for that day when the two of you will be able to give each other your side of the story and say everything the both of you needed to say. This is your ex putting their foot down.

They might be trying hard not to talk about the past, but they know that they still care about you.

11) You finally understand the reason of the breakup

You finally know why your ex broke up with you (or vice versa) and what was the reason behind it.

It’s not easy breaking up with someone, especially when the person is still in your life.

It’s difficult even for them to accept their decision, so they might keep thinking about it for a while or try to talk about it until every possible reason has been discussed and every possible idea has been put forth.

These realizations will make you become more prepared for your future relationships – if you’re in it for the long run.

Learning the lessons and reasons behind a breakup will also help you understand why you feel like your ex is ready to get back together.

12) They appear in your dreams

We aren’t all aware of our dreams, but there are times when we have the same dream over and over again. This is a way for your subconscious to tell you something important, letting you know that you need to pay attention.

If you keep dreaming about your ex, it’s a sign that they are on your mind. You might not want to talk about it rationally with anyone yet, but deep down inside, it’s something else… it’s something just short of romantic love.

It feels like they are manifesting you back in their life that you have recurring dreams about them.

Dreams can be about many things; it could be about future events, something that happened in the past, or even something that was said previously. It’s a message from your ex to your subconscious and once you recognize it, you’ll know what to do next.

13) You feel a sudden urge to go see them

If you feel like you want to see your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend immediately, don’t think it’s weird. It happens to everyone who looks at their ex with a strange urge spark in them – the possibility for a future relationship remains.

We know that once a relationship ends, you should probably not hang around them, but we can’t help it; we have this weird urge to do so.

We might be so emotionally attached to them that one look at them and we are already talking about all the good times we had together.

This urge is what your ex is feeling too, they want you to see again so bad that it leads to this strange feeling for them too.

It’s a way for your ex to tell you how they feel, how they still care, and that they know that you’re in their life too. It’s a sign that there is still something going on between you two, whether it’s romantic feelings or friendship.

14) You can see your ex changing for the better

Your ex is preparing themself for a second chance with you, that’s why they are trying their best to be the person they want to be and the one who deserves you.

They probably aren’t trying just to impress you; they are simply doing this because they want to show you that they are getting better and not the (weak or immature) person you think they are.

You know that it’s difficult for an ex to move on, so they might be doing things like these just because they don’t want to lose the person of their dreams again.

If this is the case, you may want to trust them and give them a second chance.

They are trying to make more changes in their life, but they still have some issues that prevent them from achieving the things that they want.

They just need a little bit more time and with time, you will see their improvement.

15) Your friends seem to favor them

It’s natural for friends to have opinions about your relationship or the people you went out with, and among the exes you’ve had, this particular ex is who your friends liked the most for you.

Among your conversations, their name is often brought up or the relationship you’ve had with them. It’s like they won’t be able to forget your ex and they really want you to get back together with them.

Sometimes, your friends might even tell you if you should get back with your ex and it’s okay for you to listen for once.

Your friends can offer you a different perspective about your relationship and make you think about the possibilities of getting back together.

Final words

There are many signs that you can spot to see if your ex is trying to get back with you.

But it’s important that you’re careful and that you don’t jump to conclusions too quickly. It will only end up making things worse for the both of you, so just keep a steady head and observe your ex carefully for a while or two.

If there are still some feelings left between the two of you, it would be great, but if not, then don’t force anything.

But one thing’s for sure, your ex is trying their best to get back in your life.

They might teach you a lot of lessons in life and, maybe fate knows? That it’s better for them to not break up with you; it’s better for the both of you.