15 spiritual signs that he’s not the one

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Have you been wondering if the guy you’re dating is actually “the one”?

You may have come across a hunch or two, but are you just forcing these thoughts since you don’t want to end up alone?

It’s normal to have concerns, but we can help you with that. Read this list of 15 spiritual signs that he’s not the one and see what you think.

1) Your relationship never progresses beyond physical contact

I want you to be in your thoughts and think about this question: How sure are you that things between the two of you are progressing to something meaningful?

In fact, if you’ve been a couple for a while, have you noticed there’s no emotional connection in the relationship?

I’m not saying that there should be a dramatic change in your relationship.

It may be temporary or it may be a process, but it’s safe to say that there are some types of people who would like to take things further. If you feel like he’s not the one, you will see that he’s only staying because of sexual attraction.

You might want to take a step back and evaluate the situation. Are you having fun? How much are you known in common? Is there a mutual understanding of your views on life, spirituality and religion?

If the answer is no, it’s best to bring up this issue with him because if he’s not the one, the relationship is all physical.

2) You can’t communicate with him…that much

One of the most important things in any relationship is communication. Without it, you can’t have a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Communication involves speaking about your feelings, good or bad.

When we talk about communication, there’s more than texting, calling, and meeting up with friends.

It’s also about spiritual communication and how two people communicate on an emotional level. For example, you should be able to express your thoughts and feelings even if you don’t agree with them. Or you should be able to understand that he has a different view on life than you do.

Communication is about being able to listen and understand that someone is on a different wavelength.

If you struggle with communicating, you are going to have problems in your relationship.

Unless you are able to communicate with your partner, it’s not possible for him to get closer to you than he already is. If he’s not the one, you’ll be aware of that fact sooner or later.

If you feel like there’s little to no spiritual connection between the two of you, chances are that’s because there is no connection at all.

3) You can seek a professional psychic’s advice

In today’s world, there are people who have a gift to see or feel future events.

Through these individuals, we can uncover the truth about our life and the people who are in it. If you are not sure whether a person is your true other half, you can ask for a spiritual reading from one of these gifted advisors.

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I asked the advisor if I was in the right relationship and the things that I should do, and not do – to fix it. The advisor gave me clear answers, with lots of details about the man I’m dating.

It made me realize that he’s not the one because I can’t see him in my future.

The advice was legit and I followed it because I wanted to get over him as soon as possible. Well, it wasn’t easy at first, but once I accepted the fact that he wasn’t for me and that we were not meant to be together, everything went smoothly and eventually, we broke up.

Sure enough, they will be able to tell you about your future and also if this person is really the one for you. These advisors guarantee their word when it comes to adhering to a relationship and not betraying you.

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4) You don’t share the same interests or values

One report from the Journal of Happiness Studies says that when your partner is your best friend, the relationship will tend to be happier and more satisfactory. The report goes on to discuss the characteristics of best friends and how you can tell you’re in a healthy relationship.

If there are different interests between you and your partner, the chances are you won’t be able to cope with him in the long run.

Sharing the same interests means that when you get together, you won’t be bored even if you will have the same activities and conversations over and over again.

On the other hand, if you’re both interested in different things, your relationship will be more interesting than it would otherwise be. But not sharing the same values is a whole different story – you won’t be able to continue the relationship since you don’t agree on most things.

You don’t want to be a person who does not behave as a team player. If he’s not the one, you will have a hard time trying to have fun or compromise with each other.

5) He’s immature

If your partner is still immature, he can never be the one.

The reason is he’s going to make you feel more like a mother than a wife or girlfriend. This is not what women want at all, especially when they want a future with the man they’re seeing.

But how will you know if he is still immature? Here are the key signs:

  • He prefers to let others take care of him instead of doing it himself.
  • He has a very short attention span.
  • He loses interest in what you’re doing after a short time.
  • He doesn’t have any adult responsibilities.
  • He is only concerned with what happens on a daily basis (such as how he will spend his free time or how he’ll spend his money)
  • You feel like your age or experience differences are becoming larger instead of equalizing.

This means you can’t expect him to stay committed to you since he won’t have any other priorities.

If you’re seeing a guy who’s immature, the worst thing you can do is keep him around.

6) He doesn’t care

He’s showing he doesn’t care if he does not act accordingly.

Are you seeing a guy who doesn’t care about what happens to you and the relationship? Well, this is not the man who should be in your life. He might seem like a good fit, but his actions will show you that he’s totally not.

Even with this example: he might have a problem with basic hygiene, such as washing regularly, trimming his nails properly, or brushing his teeth. If he cares enough, at least he’ll want to look and smell good when he’s with you.

This is more than him not showing he cares for you, he also doesn’t care about your dreams and goals in life. And to make it worse, it’s like he doesn’t have to be there when you’re upset or feeling down.

The truth is, if he doesn’t care about what happens to you, it’s obvious that your future isn’t taken seriously.

And if he’s not the one, you can’t expect him to change his behaviors just because of your feelings toward him.

7) He doesn’t listen to you

This is probably a red flag if your partner isn’t trying to understand what you’re saying or if he thinks that his opinion is right no matter what yours is. If he’s not the one, he’ll never be able to see things from your perspective.

That’s why you shouldn’t be with a guy who doesn’t listen to what you have to say.

Always remember that no matter how many times he listens to you, if he doesn’t take it upon himself to understand what you’re saying, you can’t expect him to do anything about it.

If your man is not the one, at least now you know that there’s nothing that will make him change his mind.

He doesn’t listen to you, you don’t feel like anyone is here for you. This can be a bad sign since it’s more than just that your partner doesn’t care about what you have to say.

You’ll only stay with someone who values your opinions and listens to them.

Clear as a day that he’s not the one if he’ll continue having the same habits and actions as usual and that will limit the possibility of him being committed to you.

8) You’re having fights about issues that are not necessary

It’s normal for couples to fight, especially when they’re just starting out. But if you’re having fights about several issues and you’re unable to solve them by using common sense, it’s obvious that there’s a serious problem in your relationship.

Couples who keep arguing about the same things or about shallow matters are most likely not compatible. They are going to be fighting over nothing and not working on solving bigger issues, which will keep them from having a future together.

The reason for this is there’s no mutual understanding between the two of you. It’s like he doesn’t have any intentions of making changes since it seems like he’s not bothered by your feelings. You see, it’s obvious he will never understand what you want.

You might want to open up to him and tell him the problems that are bugging you. If he’s not the one, it’ll be useless because he’ll probably think your problems are insignificant.

9) He doesn’t get along with your family and friends

It’s given, your family and dearest friends are the people that you love and care about.

If you’re dating someone who doesn’t get along with your family and friends, it will be hard for him to be there for you. This is because he’s not comfortable with them and he would have a hard time being around them.

This is more than just not being compatible with each other, it’ll show you that your future won’t be stable since he’s not willing to fit in your life.

You see, if he’s the one, he’ll see things from your point of view and will try to get along with your family and friends. He might not always be a perfect person but he will have the intention or try to get along with them.

Your family and closest friends will definitely know too if he’s a good man to be with, but if their opinions about him are more on the negative side, that’s something to think about.

Being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t get along or is uncomfortable with your family and friends is not good for you at all.

10) Your future with him doesn’t seem bright

Here it goes: if you’re seeing someone and you don’t see a future together, it’s a total signal that he isn’t the one.

You will know this when he doesn’t even talk about his plans with you, or when he has no plans at all.

The truth is, if a guy isn’t talking about having plans and seeing if you’re willing to join him in them, he doesn’t really see you as a priority. That’s because he’s not taking your future seriously – so, there’s no point in being with him.

You should never be with someone who doesn’t care about your future since he will never be committed to you.

Realize that if your man is not right for you, there must be someone better out there who is more suitable for you.

The future can sometimes be a scary thing, but you can have the guidance that you may need with Psychic Source. As I have mentioned, I was able to handle things, in the present and future, with the person I was seeing after hearing the advice of these experts.

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11) He doesn’t make you feel special

You should feel like one of the most important women in his life. At least he’ll be able to choose you over his other friends and family members.

But if he’s not the one, he won’t care about you enough – and that’s all it takes to know the truth. Your man should always make you feel special, even when there are a lot of people around him.

I mean, he doesn’t need to take you out in a date every night, or buy you expensive things all the time, but at least he will make you feel special in his little ways like:

  • sending you a short but sweet text from time to time
  • making you laugh and smile on a daily basis
  • paying attention when you get sick
  • or buying you something thoughtful
  • listening to what you want to do and making it happen

Realize that everyone has the right to be happy and celebrate the little things in life. And you deserve the little and the best things in life.

12) He doesn’t value your opinion

Everyone has certain opinions which are important for them, and if he doesn’t value yours, it’s a bad sign. If he won’t listen to what you have to say at least once, there might be something wrong with the relationship.

That’s why it’s so important to talk – even if you don’t agree – about everything that happens in your life and about things that are impacting you.

Like if you want to get married one day, he can’t just mess up your plans because he doesn’t agree with them. Since you have your own opinions, he should respect that and work with you.

Notice how he makes it a habit to just ignore your opinions – and doesn’t even bother to let you talk. That’s a clear sign of him not being the one.

13) He lies to you more than once

There are studies that say people lie two to three times while in a 10-minute conversation in trying to appear likable and competent.

Now if the man you’re dating constantly lies to you, it means you can’t trust him and make the relationship work.

This is because he doesn’t have a good intention in being around you, he’s just wrong for you – for many reasons!

You don’t want someone who lies to you all the time, and is only interested in fooling around with you. So, be careful of what he’s up to. People who lie are not worthy of your time.

He isn’t trustworthy because if things were real, there wouldn’t be a need to lie about so many things. It’s only because he doesn’t have the same feelings for you that he lies about his feelings for you.

14) He’s aggressive

Maybe he’s not direct enough with how he feels, but that doesn’t mean that the bad habits he has are okay. A lot of people are aggressive and they might not realize it themselves.

Aggression in a relationship doesn’t just mean physical aggression, it could also mean situations where he gets angry more often than before.

There are other types of aggression too, like he might always corner you and continue talking at the same time. Or if he’s not happy with your choice of something, he’ll try to get it for you.

If any of these situations match what you’re in a relationship with him for, that’s a clear sign that he’s not the one for you.

If your boyfriend is a bit aggressive with you, it might be because of his personality and not because of how you make him feel. It might have been difficult for him to decide whether you’re someone he wants to be in a relationship with or not.

But if you feel like he’s too aggressive, you might want to evaluate if you want to continue this relationship with him.

15) He doesn’t respect you

It’s always nice to feel like you matter to the person you are in a relationship with, but that’s something that has to be earned. If he doesn’t respect you, it’s obvious you’re not someone important enough for him.

You have different opinions and it’s natural that no two people are going to agree all the time.

That’s why we have friends and family to help us find common ground and be in a healthy relationship with the person we need. If he’s disrespectful, it means that he doesn’t want to work out your issues and wants to be in a relationship where you’re not important.

For a relationship to work, the two of you will have to respect each other.

You can’t be in a relationship if you don’t respect each other because if you weren’t being respected by the one you love, it would hurt.

And that’s why no one should ever disrespect someone they were with. Always treat your partner like how they should treat you – with respect.

If you think your partner doesn’t deserve your respect since he doesn’t give it to you too, a strong force will tell you that he’s not the one for you.

Final words

If these signs appear, then it is best to end the relationship as soon as possible because doing otherwise will only hurt your self-esteem and make it harder to move on when the time comes.

If he’s not the one for you, an unexplainable intervention will open your eyes and make you see the truth.

Just keep in mind that even great relationships have their ups and downs. No one is perfect, but your partner should be willing to work things out with you when there’s a problem.