15 spiritual signs someone is thinking about you sexually

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Having a connection with someone is often felt as a spiritual connection. This can be especially true if you two share a sexual attraction to each other.

If you’re attracted to someone in a sexual way, you can’t help but think about them all the time.

So it’s only natural to wonder if they’re thinking about you, too.

Here are 15 spiritual signs that indicate someone is sexually attracted to you:

1) They can’t take their eyes off you.

Eye contact can be a strong indicator of attraction. If they can’t stop looking into your eyes, it could mean there is more to it than casual interest.

Why is that? When we’re attracted to someone, we feel a strong connection and want to keep looking into their eyes.

How does this show a person has sexual thoughts?

Here’s the thing: when someone desires you, they might feel compelled to keep looking into your eyes, even if they don’t want to admit it.

In fact, prolonged eye contact can release a hormone called oxytocin, which is responsible for creating that bonding and calming feeling. Its overall effect can be pleasurable and intimate.

This could be a sign that they’re trying to make a connection with you on a deeper level.

2) They seem energized around you.

If someone is sexually attracted to you, they may appear more energetic when they’re around you.

You see, energy among people who connect on a spiritual level can be transferred from one person to another.

If you feel your spiritual energy being drawn to someone else, it could be a sign that they’re attracted to you sexually.

Also, if their eyes light up when they see you, it might mean that they’re feeling something special for you.

Sexual energy is a powerful spiritual force that can be felt between two people when they’re drawn to each other. The love possibilities can be endless when spiritual energy is shared.

3) You have a twin flame connection

Having a twin flame connection with someone can be a spiritual sign of sexual attraction.

This kind of deep, spiritual connection can create strong feelings that may be unexplainable.

Here’s the kicker: every twin flame relationship brings about a better understanding of your true purpose in your life journey.  Nevertheless, it is accompanied by a sense of intense sexual desire between two people.

It’s like they become one person and create a powerful spiritual bond.

With that said, if you notice signs characterized by intense feelings of love, passion, and devotion, you may be experiencing spiritual attraction through this twin soul connection.

Now, this may seem quite new to you. And that’s okay.

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4) They lean in when they talk to you.

Let’s face it: when someone is sexually attracted to you, they want to get close.

Leaning in is one way of doing this.

When someone leans in while talking, it could be a spiritual sign that they are drawn to you on a deeper level.

It’s an indication of them wanting to be closer to you and can be interpreted as a spiritual sign of sexual attraction.

You see, desiring someone on a spiritual level and being attracted to them sexually can go hand in hand. That’s because this kind of attraction is rooted in spiritual connection and understanding.

But there’s more to just wanting to lean in and be close; spiritual attraction also involves wanting to be physically connected, even if it’s just for a moment.

5) Your magnetism makes them find excuses to touch you.

Touch is a powerful spiritual sign of sexual attraction.

If someone finds any excuse to touch you, it could be a good sign that they’re sexually attracted to you.

This can be anything from a light brush of their hand on your arm or even running their fingers through your hair. Moreover, it could also be as small as a gentle hand on the shoulder or back, or even just brushing up against you when walking by.

Just think about it: if you had the object of your desire right in front of you, wouldn’t you want to touch them in any way possible?

The wonderful energy that comes from physical sensations can be spiritual in itself.

So if you feel like someone’s drawn to you and can’t help but touch you, be open to the spiritual signs that suggest they’re sexually attracted to you.

You might just be surprised at how much this spiritual connection will deepen your bond with them.

6) They mirror your body language.

Consider this fact: when you’re interested in someone, you tend to mimic their body language. This kind of behavior stems from cultural and spiritual beliefs that humans are connected in spirit.

So if someone mirrors your body language, it could be a spiritual sign of sexual attraction.

It’s like they’re trying to let you know they understand and feel the spiritual connection between the two of you.

While this is true for couples who have been together for a long time, it can also be used as a spiritual sign of sexual attraction between two people who haven’t even had the chance to bond deeply as a couple.

It could be as small as them crossing their legs when you do or nodding their head when you ask a question.

So if someone is constantly copying your body language, it could be an indication that they’re sexually attracted to you.

Not only does this show that they’re open to this spiritual connection, but they’re also paying attention to every little thing you do.

7) They always laugh at your jokes, even if they’re not funny.

It may feel a little bit awkward if someone always laughs at your jokes, but this can give you a good idea of spiritual attraction.

Just think about it: humor can create this energetic level that, if shared by both parties, can be sexually arousing. That’s because there’s some arousal of the mind that’s happening, which could be spiritual in nature.

Also, if they can laugh at your jokes regardless of how corny or ridiculous they may be, it’s a sign that they’re comfortable enough to let their guard down. This is a sign that they just enjoy the moment with you.

Not only is this a spiritual sign of sexual attraction, but it can also be interpreted as a spiritual sign of trust.

When this type of spiritual attraction is present, it can create a stronger bond between two people—one that leads to a spiritual connection and understanding of each other.

8) They crave honesty and ask you personal questions.

While flirting is an obvious signal for someone who’s sexually attracted to you, it can sometimes be misleading. That’s because flirting with another person may stem from different intentions.

On the other hand, spiritual signs of sexual attraction can be more subtle.

For instance, if someone looks for honesty in your conversations and always tries to ask you personal questions, it could be a spiritual sign that they’re sexually attracted to you.

Let me clarify: spiritual attraction involves being open and vulnerable with each other. And clearly, there’s something special about being able to trust someone enough to open up and talk about your innermost thoughts and feelings.

It’s like a spiritual connection has been created, one that can only be felt when two people are comfortable enough to share their deepest secrets.

So if you feel this spiritual attraction to someone, it could be a sign of sexual attraction as well.

It doesn’t have to be heavy topics—even small talks about everyday matters can be spiritual signs of sexual attraction.

9) They have a nervous vibe around you.

Being miles away from each other can’t stop spiritual attraction.

And when you get to be around each other, your sexual energy might be so strong that it makes the other feel nervous.

There’s the heart rate racing, sweaty palms, and an inability to have a normal conversation.

As if that’s not enough, they may even start blushing when you look at them.

This kind of energy can be very powerful and it can overtake even the most guarded of people.

So if you find yourself experiencing this around someone, it could be one of the sure-fire physical signs and indications that they’re sexually attracted to you.

Besides, sexual tension is very spiritual in nature and it can be felt even from afar. The moment you get a few steps closer, you’ll know that spiritual attraction is present.

10) They show signs of jealousy.

Mood swings can get you into a tough patch with someone.

However, if they start to become jealous when you talk to other people or show signs of being possessive of your time and attention, it could be a spiritual sign that they’re sexually attracted to you.

This kind of spiritual connection can happen unexpectedly, but it’s a clear indication that the two of you share an intimate bond.

First of all, emotions play a significant role in spiritual attraction, and jealousy is one of them.

This spiritual sign can be tricky because it needs to be balanced with other spiritual signs of sexual attraction, such as flirting and excitement around each other.

So when you observe a jealous reaction in someone, take it as an indication that they could be sexually attracted to you.

11) They admit they have erotic dreams about you.

Think about this for a minute: dreams are manifestations of what our subconscious is experiencing.

So when someone has erotic dreams about you, it’s a sign that they’re sexually thinking about you.

This spiritual sign can be powerful and is usually accompanied by intense feelings of spiritual connection with the other person.

When this happens, it’s like a spiritual bridge has been formed between two people—one that could indicate a spiritual attraction.

So if someone admits they have erotic dreams about you, it could be a spiritual sign that they’re sexually attracted to you.

It’s worth noting, however, that this sign isn’t necessarily indicative of a romantic relationship—it’s more likely an indication of sexual desire for physical contact.

Either way, it’s one spiritual sign that you shouldn’t ignore.

12) They talk about sex a lot when they’re around you.

Sometimes, sexual feelings are so strong that the other person can’t help but talk about it.

It doesn’t have to be shockingly open conversations, but if someone is talking about sex around you a lot, it could be spiritual signs of sexual attraction.

It usually comes with excitement and flirting that are nearly impossible to miss. But even if you were to talk about sex in an overtly sexual way, commenting on sexual topics or making suggestive jokes, it could still be spiritual signs of sexual attraction.

Why is that?

Talking about sexuality stimulates the brain.

And if there are obvious signs that there’s sexual chemistry during these conversations, then there’s a big chance that spiritual attraction is present.

The thing is, spiritual intimacy can be a tricky thing. You may need more clarity especially when it comes to relating it to a physical connection.

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13) They seek your opinion on sexual intimacy.

If someone often seeks your opinion before making decisions or asking questions about different topics—especially those related to physical intimacy—then this could suggest an underlying feeling of romantic or sexual attraction brewing beneath the surface.

You see, people don’t usually take much interest in the opinions of others unless they find themselves drawn toward them on some level. More often than not, life-changing decisions such as those that touch upon physical intimacy are only possible when a spiritual connection is present.

But if you can give some unique insight into their situation, it could help them to feel even more connected to you on a spiritual level.

So if someone wants your input on matters related to a sexual relationship, it could be because they’re also sexually attracted to you.

After all, people are often attracted to someone who they can relate to and feel comfortable discussing sensitive subjects with.

14) They pay you compliments

One best way to see if someone’s thinking about you sexually is when they keep on paying you compliments. This could be verbal, written, or even through gestures of appreciation.

Now get this: when someone’s attracted to you, they’ll want you to know it in one way or the other. And compliments are a very effective way to do this without coming off too forward.

They can range from the physical by saying, “You look amazing today!” to the intellectual by telling you , “I really admire the way you think.”

Either way, there’s a reasonable chance that they’re attracted to you not just on a spiritual level, but also physically as well.

Needless to say, if someone does this regularly, it could be a sign that they’re interested in you romantically.

15) Your intuition tells you that they’re interested.

Everyone’s intuition is different, and spiritual signs come in many forms. But when it comes to physical attraction, your body can often tell you what’s going on before your mind can process the information. This is why your intuition may be telling you that the person you’re interested in is also attracted to you.

If this sounds like something that’s been happening to you, it could mean that their attraction to you has surpassed any physical desires they might have.

In fact, this is good news.

That’s because spiritual attraction is deeper than physical desire. It’s more spiritual in nature and suggests a connection that is beyond the ordinary.

So if your intuition is signaling spiritual signs of attraction, it could mean that someone really likes you—not just physically, but spiritually, too.

And if that’s the case, there’s nothing stopping them from expressing their feelings toward you in a way that’ll make both of your hearts flutter.

Be a spiritual magnet

These spiritual signs of attraction should give you a better insight into the spiritual connection between two people.

If someone is showing these signs, it’s likely that they’re thinking about you in more ways than just physically.

So whether you’re receiving signs of spiritual attraction or not, it’s wise to take as much time as you need to nurture that connection and stay open-minded.

It could very well be the key to a lasting relationship that’s built on spiritual connection.

At the end of the day, that’s what matters most.