20 alarming signs your boyfriend is flirting with another girl (complete list)

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If you have noticed some recent changes in his behavior, it’s time to start asking the hard questions. 

What are those intriguing texts that he’s receiving? 

Who is he talking to when your back is turned? 

The following list includes 20 signs that may indicate that your boyfriend might be flirting with another girl.

1) He starts stalking her online

One of the signs that your boyfriend might be flirting with another girl is the fact that he starts stalking her online. 

We can’t blame him for this because online dating is the easiest way to find someone and meet them in real life. 

Some guys just don’t have the guts to ask directly, so they go online to see if she’s single, what she likes, and if she looks as pretty in person as on her profile photo.

If you find a lot of his private things on their profile, he’s probably flirting.

2) He laughs at all of her jokes

You might be wondering:

Why is he laughing at all of her jokes even if they were obviously not that funny?

Well, the answer to that is simple: 

He’s flirting with her and trying to make a good impression.

If you notice that he’s trying too hard to make sure that his laughter is noticed by her friends, it’s a sign that something is going on.

But there are other reasons why he might be laughing at her jokes:

  • He might be pretending to like her because he’s actually trying to make you jealous
  • He’s just a social person and that’s his way of interacting with people
  • He’s not very good at making jokes and just laughing at others’ jokes is his way of “paying her back”

So, if you are noticing that he is laughing at her jokes and giggling too much, think about whether or not he’s being genuine.

3) He keeps staring at her

Like attracts like, so if your boyfriend is staring at another girl, there’s a big chance that he likes her. 

Here’s a test to find out for sure:

Ask him for a moment of his attention and try to catch him off guard.

For example, you can ask him how his day was or what he thinks about the food in the restaurant.

Just make sure that you don’t say something that could spark a full-blown argument, such as:

  • Did you flirt with some girls today? (something like this will definitely make him react defensively)
  • Did you cheat on me again? (this might bring back memories of your previous arguments)

Instead, just say something casually and then look at his eyes. If he’s still staring at the girl, he needs to be taught a lesson.

4) His conversations about her are strangely familiar and affectionate 

You go to the store with your boyfriend, and he starts talking about how much he loves her shoes or her hair. 

He says that you would look really cute if you dressed like her or had a haircut like hers. 

It’s very normal for your boyfriend to give you compliments, but it’s suspicious if it happens too often after he talked to another girl.

When you confirm that he’s talking about her, ask him to explain. 

He might be embarrassed and even say that he was just kidding, but he’s definitely flirting

Also, if his conversations are too familiar or affectionate then it can be a sign that something is not right in his head.

5) He ignores you in favor of her

This is definitely one of the most obvious signs that your boyfriend might be flirting with another girl.

But wait, there’s more!

It’s not just a sign that he’s flirting with her. It can also be a sign of his narcissistic personality. When you don’t feel like being with him, he might start finding someone who is more interesting to talk to. 

And when you ask him why he’s not giving you his attention, he might make excuses. 

This could also be a sign that he’s just being a jerk and that he doesn’t care about you at all. 

6) He starts agreeing with her even if she’s wrong

Have you wondered why he suddenly starts agreeing with her even if she’s wrong? 

For example, you’re talking about your day and telling him that you had a rough morning. 

Then she starts chiming in and disagrees with you, saying that you were being overly dramatic. 

He starts agreeing with her even though he hasn’t heard the full story. He just wants to be on her good side. Or maybe he’s just trying to make her like him even more.

Whatever the reason, this is definitely a sign that he has a crush on her and wants to impress her.

Take this sign as a warning and be careful if you decide to confront him about it. If he doesn’t get defensive, you should probably just ignore it.

7) He tries to make small talk with her

Small talk is a great way to start a conversation with someone, but when your boyfriend is flirting with another girl, he might go overboard.

His small talk might seem like an innocent conversation, but if you look deeper then you will see that he’s definitely flirting with her.

He might also try to make small talk with her in front of you. 

If he starts talking to her while you are present, it’s not just a sign that he is flirting with her, it’s also a sign that he doesn’t respect your presence.

8) They make too much eye contact when they talk to each other

It’s normal to make eye contact when you talk to someone. 

But if you notice that they are making too much eye contact, it could be a sign that they like each other. 

This is especially true for women because we tend to give more attention to the guys that we find attractive.

If she’s not paying attention to anything else but him, then she’s definitely interested in him.

But it’s not just women that make eye contact more often while talking. Men do it too! 

If he finds her interesting, he will make sure to look at her face even if she’s saying something boring. 

Take this sign as a warning because he might be flirting with her.

9) His voice becomes deeper when he talks to her 

Here’s an interesting fact:

Guys tend to lower their voices when they flirt with girls.

It’s a subconscious process because lowering your voice can make you sound more masculine. It’s an evolutionary thing that has been happening since the cavemen era.

The fact that he lowers his voice could just be a coincidence, but it also might have to do with what they are talking about. 

If they are talking about something that’s really important and sincere, like politics, then he may lower his voice to make sure that he doesn’t forget anything. 

But if they are talking about something mundane, like clothes or shoes, then you should be worried.

10) He suddenly becomes more critical of your appearance

There’s a possibility that this has nothing to do with his crush on another girl. 

For example, you are wearing an outfit that is perfect for your body type, but he suddenly starts giving you negative feedback about it. 

His feedback could be a lot of things like: “it’s too short” “you should wear leggings instead of jeans” or “you should wear tights to keep warm at night.”

Or you’re wearing an outfit that was really expensive and you want to show it off, but he suddenly starts telling you how unflattering the color is or how it makes you look fat.

As much as his comments might hurt your feelings, don’t take them too personally. 

This isn’t just about your outfit. It could be a sign that he’s interested in another girl and wants her attention by being negative about your appearance.

11) He gets defensive about her every time you mention her name

Trust me, this is not just a coincidence. He is definitely flirting with her, even though he might be denying it.

If every time you mention his crush’s name, he gets defensive, then there’s something that you need to know. 

He doesn’t like you talking about her because he wants to keep her a secret. 

If he was just being friendly with her, he wouldn’t have a problem with you talking about it. But since he’s using this to hide his feelings for her, you need to take action.


Guys will keep everything under control until they are ready to reveal their feelings. By that time, it might be too late. 

So how to deal with this situation?

First, you need to get your boyfriend to acknowledge that he likes her. 

Once he admits it, you should confront him about it. Guys never admit that they have crushes on other girls. They have to be forced into it.

If you decide to take action, then you might want to consider following a no-contact rule.

A no-contact rule is when you don’t talk to each other for a certain length of time. If you follow this rule, then his crush will become a thing of the past and he won’t be able to flirt with her anymore.

Also, if he doesn’t want to deny that he likes her anymore, then don’t be afraid to break up with him. 

If it was true love, then he would never have had an interest in another girl.

12) All his conversations with his male friends start to revolve around this girl 

This is a big red flag. 

The reason why this is a big red flag is that guys will always talk about the girl that they like.

For example, you and your boyfriend are hanging out with his male friends but he starts talking to one of them about what he did the previous weekend.

And instead of saying: “we went to the club and danced” or “we met our friends for dinner,” he says something about her like: “she was there, but she ended up not coming.”

You can also observe his body language for clues. 

If he starts backing off as soon as you get near his friends, then you should be worried.

13) He makes comments about how great she looks

Another sign of your boyfriend flirting with the girl that he wants to be with is when he makes comments about how beautiful she looks.

Girls always get attention from the boys

It’s part of puberty and it happens to every girl. But if you start noticing that he is complimenting her looks every time she’s around, then there’s a high chance that he likes her.

However, there’s a possibility that he is just trying to be nice. 

If you want to tell the difference between when he’s being nice and when he’s being flirty, then you need to look at his body language.

For example, if his compliments are longer than a few seconds, then it’s a sign that they are flirty. 

If he just says something nice like: “you look pretty” and leaves it at that, then there’s nothing to worry about.

14) He does favors for her without telling you first

One of the ways that guys flirt is by doing favors for the girl that they are interested in.

Favor could be anything from bringing her home after a night out to driving her to school in the morning. 

This could also mean volunteering to help her with her homework all the time.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule that might make it just a coincidence. 

For example, if he’s a good friend to her and he knows that she needs help with something, then he will help her without you complaining.

But if he suddenly starts doing things with her that he wouldn’t do before, then this could be a sign of him being flirtatious. 

If you feel something is fishy, then you should ask him about it and tell him that you don’t feel comfortable with it. 

15) He suddenly has lots to say on every topic but hers

This is another sign of your boyfriend flirting with the girl that he likes.

The reason why he does this is that she has captured his attention.

Normally, a person that your boyfriend talks about for long periods of time will be more interesting to him than you. 

This is also why you might find yourself getting jealous every time he talks about her.

But if by any chance you two are having an argument because of her, then you should focus less on her and more on the situation.

Focus on how you can resolve this conflict. Don’t be distracted by how hot she is because he has his eyes set on her.

Of course, it could just be a coincidence that he suddenly finds her interesting because of all the things that he used to talk to you about.

16) He’s more attentive to his appearance around her than he is around you

If your boyfriend suddenly starts paying attention to how he looks around a girl that he wants to impress, then it’s a sign of him flirting.

He might: 

  • Start washing his hair more often
  • Start wearing a new shirt and pants every day
  • Be more clean-shaven than normal 
  • Start using new cologne

If he’s doing anything of the above, then it’s very unlikely that this is just a coincidence.

This might be a permanent change in his behavior because of his crush on her. 

And if you see him spending more time at the gym than at your house, then it could be because he has feelings for her.

17) He covers his phone screens whenever you walk by

When a guy is flirting with someone, he will tend to do whatever it takes to hide his intentions.

In other words, he might cover his screens at the wrong time. 

This could be when you are about to walk by him near his phone. 

Or it could be when you are in front of him and he unbuckles his pants to look at the phone that’s on his belt without telling you first.

This could be an indication that he’s going to take private messages from the girl he’s interested in. Maybe he might even reply to them right away without you first knowing.

But this could also be a coincidence because your boyfriend might have had a lot of important things to do on his phone.

You should try to stay calm and not jump to conclusions right away.

18) He backs away from physical contact

When you are hugging your boyfriend, he might suddenly back away.


Well, in this situation, he’s trying to keep his hands on you while also leaving room open for a relationship with the girl he likes.

This is how you know that he has feelings for her. 

You should always stay calm and not get mad at him. And if you do get angry, then trust me when I say that it will be hard to make up with him later on. 

So don’t let his behavior in this situation turn you into an emotional wreck about this girl. Instead, try to find out why he’s backing away besides flirting with her.

Maybe he has a cold and doesn’t want you to get it. Or maybe he’s just not in the mood when you hug him. 

19) He stops being open about his feelings for you

When you two were dating for a few months, he would tell you what was on his mind.

But now as soon as someone else is around, he stops telling you about his feelings. 

This could be because he’s afraid that you might react badly to it. Or maybe it could be because he feels guilty about liking her so much. 

Either way, this could be a sign of him flirting with someone else instead of you.

If you think that he’s hiding something from you, then it’s best to talk to him about it. And consider the possibility that he might like someone else.

However, if you constantly ask him about how he feels and he avoids answering you, then don’t be mad at him. 

He might just be afraid of hurting your feelings by telling you that he feels differently than he used to. 

You need to show him that it’s okay for him to tell you what’s on his mind. And give him a sign that you care about the way that he feels inside.

20) He doesn’t want to hang out with you as much anymore

Okay, so this is the kind of situation that makes it hard to tell if your boyfriend is flirting.

Are you two just busy with your own lives? Or are you giving each other enough time? 

If you two are busy with your own lives, then this could be just a coincidence. 

You just might not feel as close to each other as you used to anymore because you both have different interests.

But if he suddenly has fewer plans to spend time with you, then it’s more likely that he’s doing this because he has feelings for the other girl. 

He might be feeling guilty that a lot of his time goes on when he doesn’t see her. Or maybe he’s afraid that you would get jealous.

Whatever the reason might be, he probably has feelings for this other girl.

And you should be willing to accept this. Don’t let your anger and jealousy guide you into an unnecessary fight.

Final thoughts

We have covered 20 signs that your boyfriend is flirting with someone else. I hope that now you can better recognize when this might be the case.

But you also need to understand that these are only signs and not 100% proof. 

Maybe he’s just distracted or stressed out. Or maybe he just likes to be friends with the other girl.

In this situation, you need to either think before acting out or stay calm. Either way, you should talk to him about what’s going on in his head.

But if you think that all of these signs are true and he is flirting with a girl, then it’s best to move on from this relationship.

Just remember that there’s nothing wrong with you and nothing wrong with him. 

There are just some things that won’t work out even in the best relationships.