15 signs the universe wants you to be with your ex

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| Last Updated: September 20, 2022

It may be the most difficult breakup ever.

And now, you see your ex everywhere you go. They’re in your neighborhood, they’re on your social media — they’re even in your dreams.

You’re not the only one who thinks of them either: what’s up with all these people crossing paths with an ex out of nowhere?

Seems like the universe doesn’t want us to forget about our pasts so easily. So here are 15 signs the universe wants you and your ex together again.

1) You notice or do things that remind you of your ex

This is a common phenomenon, in which one person acts on a past relationship and experiences the same emotions that were felt during the time they were together.

This can range from feelings of nostalgia (like falling in love with an old crush or reliving old memories), to feelings of regret and depression. Or, you may find the activities that you did together to be maddeningly repetitive or just boring.

It’s not just the actions: some people may see objects or people that are similar to their ex.

For example, you may see a person who reminds you of your ex — with the same smile, the same hair color, the same kind of clothes.

You will be surprised at how much it will remind you of your ex when you’re in the moment. It might leave a bittersweet feeling in your heart, but it’s a sign from the universe for a second chance with your ex.

2) You start to miss them (and feel terrible about breaking up)

Psychologytoday.com suggests that recovery strategies after a painful breakup include “staying busy, and intentionally interacting with family, friends, and a faith-based support system instead of staying home listening to sad music. One of the greatest healers from a holistic perspective, however, is time.”

While it’s understandable to feel this way, it’s also important to remember that you can’t go back to the old version of your relationship.

On the other hand, one of the signs that the universe wants you and your ex back is feeling sad about breaking up.

It has been known to happen: when you look back on a relationship, you may realize that you did something not so great for your ex, or that being apart from them may be a bad decision.

And that’s when you start to miss your ex – you miss how they made you feel and the good times you had, you miss their companionship, and you miss all the things you know you’ll never get again.

Those are the times when the universe may be trying to tell you that your ex is meant for you, so listen up.

3) You and your ex go to the same place at the same time

Serendipity – this is rarely common: and it can be a little spooky sometimes.

How can you explain all these coincidences? You may think your ex is playing a trick on you… or maybe the universe is telling you that there’s still love there.

It’s not just in your head playing tricks on you, according to Dr. Marion Solomon, a senior faculty at UCLA “[This feeling] is based on a phenomenon in which we tend to sense people from our past more than others.”

Rather than being coincidental, you may think that it’s just your ex trying to show you that they’re still around, and that they’ve been thinking about you as well.

Running into an ex isn’t always a bad thing. It’s amazing how the universe can orchestrate a little meeting between the two of you, and it could be a sign that you’re destined to be together.

4) You feel the same energy with your ex as you did when you first met them

When you first get into a relationship, everything feels amazing. It’s like you’re on top of the world, and you can do no wrong.

You feel incredibly nervous and excited (but in a good way) around your new love interest. You enjoy doing things that you never thought you would, and you get butterflies in your stomach every time they text you back.

Then, after a while, it starts to fade.. but when it came back, it’s almost like it never left.

You can’t stop thinking about your ex; and if you meet in a strange place, it feels like it’s fate.  It all just feels so natural and beautiful. You can almost feel like the two of you are one… and they’re “the one”.

The universe is telling you that your ex is the person for you if you feel the same energy with them as you did when you first met them. It’s like when you’re so in love that everything else seems to melt into the background.

When this happens, it might be a sign to give your ex a call.

5) Dreams about your ex are vivid

They may be about your past relationship, or a future one that’s meant to come true.

Your dreams can tell you a lot about what your subconscious is thinking, and another great way to know that the universe has a plan for you and your ex is if you see them in your dreams.

It may be visions of the two of you, or it could be a dream about things that happened or conversations that you had; it all depends on the relationship and how far apart you were when you got into it.

If you’re close enough in distance and time, then seeing your ex in your dreams is a sign that the universe wants you to give them another chance. We all have our past relationship regrets — but if they still mean so much to you, they’re probably worth another shot.

6) Your ex occupies your thoughts

It’s not unusual to think about your ex every once in a while, and one of the things that they’ll probably tell you during the time that they are apart is that they don’t want to be forgotten.

But if you start thinking too much about your ex, that could be an indication that there’s still something there, potentially, they still mean something to you.

You may think that your ex was just a part of your life, but when you take a step back and look at the big picture, it may be time to get back together.

7) You hear your ex’s name a lot

Now, this is something about your ex that may never be forgotten, ever – their name.

And lately, it’s either you see their name in the current book you’re reading, or you hear it from a stranger’s conversation, or even on the TV.

It could be that the universe is calling you to remember, acknowledge, and most of all, honor all the amazing reasons why the two of you need to get back together.

Maybe it’s old friends sharing inside jokes or making fun of you together. Or maybe it’s your ex: calling you up out of nowhere, or just posting on social media and subtly showing you that they’re missing you.

Either way, the universe wants you to have that special someone in your life again.

8) You kept on hearing your song

When you’re in love, music can be an incredible way of expressing yourself.

Maybe you and your ex had a playlist that you’d listen to together a lot, or maybe it’s all the songs about lost love that remind you of the breakup that really got to you.

The thing is, it’ll be surprising how often you’ll start hearing this song right after your ex separates.

Perhaps, it’s just an indication that you’ll be thinking about that time you were together – but if it happens more often than usual, some part of the universe considers you as a real couple in the making.

Whatever the song the two of you used to sing together or even dedicated to each other, it’s sure to stick with you.

You may think that the universe has a sense of humor, or a song stuck in your head because it’s trying to remind you of something: but sometimes it really means that the universe wants to get back together.

Don’t let time and heartbreak get in the way of your future: give them a call if this happens more often than usual. The universe is trying to tell you something… and so are all those songs.

9) You will see a pink feather

Spiritually speaking, a pink feather symbolizes love, honor, and a true connection between two people.

If you see one, the universe is telling you that this is a sign that it’s time to make up with an ex. You must have some sort of a connection with them in order for this to happen, because the universe will only send you this if it’s just not some regular coincidence; it has a plan for you and your ex.

Sometimes, the unexplainable force will show you a pink feather as a sign that you’re going in the right direction: that something is about to change, or maybe even someone is waiting for you on the horizon.

You may think that this feather is nothing special; but if you find it more than once, there could be a deeper meaning behind it.

10) Your friends tell you that they knew it was going to work

Friends are one of the best parts of the universe’s plan when it comes to you and your ex.

They can see what your ex sees in you, and they can also see that you’ll be better off with them. They might even tell you that you were happier during your relationship with this particular ex, compared to the other exes in your life.

Maybe your friends could sense some good timing, or that they know you’ll be with your ex again soon… but whatever it is, it’s working out for both of you. The universe wants you to get back together with your ex and make some awesome memories that will last a lifetime.

If it’s the right time, and they want to start fresh, you may not know it yet. The universe wants to make all the best choices for you and your ex, so take notice if they seem to be making a move.

11) You will notice a particular set of numbers

These are called angel numbers – they are believed to be frequently associated with the angels and wisdom from the divine.

Take notice of the numbers that kept appearing in your daily life, you may see them on a receipt, a clock, on your phone, or even in a song. Whenever you see them, try to let it play out, and go with the universe’s plan.

The specific angel numbers that are related to your ex are:

  • 11
  • 22
  • 444
  • 1111

They could be a sign that the universe is pushing you back together with your ex. Your dreams, visions, or even your friends could tell you the same thing – if it’s powerful enough.

12) You feel the universe’s pull

Whatever your thoughts and feelings are, they’re probably telling you that you and your ex will be together again in the near future.

It may seem like this is a coincidence – but it’s not, the universe is working hard to make it happen, whether you see it as a sign or a coincidence. The universe may include lots of small signs all around your life before you realize that there was actually something special going on.

Regardless of how long it took for you to realize that your ex was the one, and how long it took before you finally got back together, the universe might have been planning this from the very beginning.

If you’re feeling all these signs at the same time, you might be on to something special: because the universe is trying to make it happen for both of you.

Whether or not you choose to go back with your ex, is a decision that only you can make.

13) They contact you right after thinking of them

If you’ve been thinking about your ex and they contact you right after, there’s a huge chance that the universe is trying to get you back together.

Sometimes, you’re just being reminded of how much fun the two of you had together: or maybe it’s just a reminder of how much things have changed.

No matter what the reasoning, it’s definitely not a coincidence when they reach out to you at just the right time. It’s like they felt the signals that they’re in your mind and decided to reach out.

That doesn’t mean they’re coming back to you – but it means they feel the same pull that you do, and they’re trying to figure out if it’s going one way or another. When this happens, the universe is at work: you should follow your gut and respond to that call.

14) You get over them, only to look back in the future

You finally feel at peace with yourself and with the situation. You’ve decided that it’s important to move on and you’re doing so. You don’t think about the ex anymore – or at least you make it seem like it doesn’t matter anyway.

For a while, you do make progress – but then, out of nowhere, a song comes your way or you watch a film where something happens that reminds you of your ex.

It’s a sign: the universe knows that you’re just trying to get over them, but it really wants you to talk to your ex and make things right.

It might be hard to feel like you’re doing the right thing when you know that they’re going through a breakup of their own… but the universe wants to remind you of how great life is when you’re with them.

15) Your ex will send you a sign

At some point during your breakup, your ex might have told you that they didn’t want to come between you and the person that you’re with (if there’s one).

They said that if it wasn’t meant to be, then the universe would have another plan for you – and it’s time for them to take action. If the universe has a plan for both of you, it can take care of itself: so don’t feel like you have to do everything.

It’s not only the universe that wants you back with your ex – even your own ex wants you back!

They may show it by calling you out of nowhere, or by showing up at places that you go. Or ultimately, reaching out to you and asking if you could have a talk.

Either way, the universe always sends signs to let us know what it wants. So if your ex starts sending you signs that they’re interested in getting back together, it’s really on your hands whether to accept the universe’s plans or to refuse.

Final words

You can’t help it, the universe has spoken – you and your ex get a second chance at love. They probably thought that you were going to get over them, but the universe has other plans for you.

Maybe the universe wants both of you to experience an in-between period before it makes the final decision that it wants you back together.

At one point, your ex might be thinking that they’re better off without you- but things aren’t always what they seem, right?

Sometimes life can be just a little confusing at times: but it’s okay because the universe has a plan.