15 signs she thinks you’re too good for her (complete list)

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How can I tell if a girl thinks I’m too good for her?

This is a question many guys ask me. Guys also want to know how to feel confident when approaching girls who think they’re too good for them.

Were there signs that should have tipped you off that she had this opinion of herself?

Well, I have good news for you. You don’t have to feel helpless anymore.

I’ve developed a list of 15 signs she thinks you’re too good for her so you can approach the situation with confidence and clarity.

Read through this list and see how many items apply to your situation.

1) She tells all her friends how great you are

If she thinks you’re too good for her, then she talks about all your positive qualities with all her friends.

She will try to secure their opinions so that they don’t see her as inferior.

Girls who have a high sense of self-esteem will generally have no problem telling their friends about how great their boyfriends are.

And if it’s the other way around,  you’re the one telling your guy friends how great she is, then that’s great! That is also the reason why she feels that you’re too good for her.

2) She has a habit of saying “I’m not like other girls”

This is a warning sign. If she thinks you’re too good for her, there must be some truth to her claim.

For example, when you ask her out, she tells you that she’s not the type of girl who would go out that soon.

She will say things like, “I’m not like other girls, I’m not dressing up as nice as other girls.” or “I wouldn’t say what other girls would say.”

In my opinion, I’m under the assumption that she’s insecure and that she’s trying to justify her level of attractiveness.

Women who are insecure will compare their own success, or lack thereof, with other women.

This indicates she feels bad about herself.

I know this doesn’t make sense. If a girl is insecure, she should be comparing herself positively.

But it’s just because this girl likes you and thinks that she is not good enough for you, that’s why she has this kind of thinking.

This isn’t the case with all girls, but with many of them, it is.

3) She has an attitude when complimented

I asked my friend Paul what he thought about this one. He said it would mean that she feels like she doesn’t deserve the compliment because it was “too good” for her.

He said she’d look at you with a strange look on her face, and it would be awkward.

I can confirm that this is true. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

I remember my friend had a girlfriend who was so insecure that she would get angry or upset when people complimented her. I thought this was strange but I got it now.

This girl probably thought that my friend was mocking her or giving her a fake compliment and she felt upset. Because she didn’t believe that a good man like him would think that she is that great.

It’s sad that she didn’t recognize how special she is. At the time,  he didn’t know what to do about it.

Now he knows better and his relationships are a lot more pleasant.

Girls can be insecure and they can have issues with being complimented, but that doesn’t mean you should tolerate it.

If you notice that she gets upset when people compliment her, or she says “I’m not like other girls,” then tell her to stop it.

You can tell her that she is beautiful in your eyes and that you like her because of herself.

4) She exaggerates how much of a good person you are

A girl who thinks you’re too great for her will try to make herself look less.

She’ll start saying things like “I’m not that good,” or “I’m not all that great.” She wants you to think that she’s not actually perfect and that she isn’t good enough for you.

She will tell you that you have perfect morals, have extraordinary values and are a great man.

She may even make it seem as if you lead an exemplary life.

However, I would also say that not all girls exaggerate their perceptions of good people.

Some do. Sometimes girls exaggerate because they want attention or they want to feel special. If this is the case, understand that she may be more interested in your approval than in meaningful relationships.

5) She’s shy when you want to kiss her

Girls who think you’re too good for them will be reluctant to kiss you or hold your hand.

They’ll also claim that they are uncomfortable when you hold their hand, so they won’t let you do it.

They would look away, get sweaty and even shake when you come close to her.

This tendency to be shy with strong, masculine men is called a rejection of sex and intimacy.

I’ve previously written about how this is a sign that she’s insecure and not necessarily rejecting of sex.

Girls who aren’t secure with themselves will often have issues with accepting the physical intimacy of a romantic relationship.

6) She’s reluctant to introduce you to her friends

Now, this point causes a lot of confusion because some girls are simply shy.

They’re not afraid of you meeting their friends, but it’s just that they worry that their friends would comment on how much better you are to them. I think this is rare, but I do believe it happens sometimes.

Maybe she’s afraid of being judged by her friends as unworthy of you.

If she has a lot of friends who are girls then she may feel nervous about these female friends.

She may think that they’ll judge you and tell her that she’s not good enough for you. Or maybe she just wants to keep you to herself because she worries that other friends will like you too.

7) She is incredibly jealous or possessive of you

As I mentioned above, she always worries about keeping you, so that is why she is jealous and possessive of you.

She may text you during dates with other girls, or become angry when a girl taps on your shoulder during a concert.

She will get upset when you talk to other girls whom she doesn’t know about.

On the other hand, if she’s not that great herself, then being jealous of other women isn’t so strange.

In fact, it’s really normal behavior because any woman would be jealous of what she sees as another female’s success and attractiveness.

This is simply because she likes you so much and doesn’t want to lose you to other girls.

8) She asks about your ex

A girl who thinks you’re too good for her will want to know all about your ex-girlfriends. She’ll ask why you broke up and where they live.

She’ll seem as if she has a superiority complex because she wants to tell you how good you are to those exes and how much they don’t deserve you.

She’ll also be tempted to compare all of the women you’ve dated with one another.

Naturally, her desire to do this isn’t because she has any issues with other women…it’s because she thinks that you’re great, and so that comparison is necessary in order to make herself look better than the others.

9) She doesn’t look at you when you talk

A girl who thinks that you’re too good for her will often look away when you talk.

Sometimes you can see that she’s thinking about something else, or she’s daydreaming. She’s probably looking away but actually focusing on things that you are talking about but doesn’t want to show that she is totally into you.

At other times, though, you’d think she doesn’t listen to you..

But actually, she may get distracted when listening to your voice because that would mean she keeps thinking of how great you are.

I think it’s possible that she might be admiring you, and her brain is busy thinking of how lucky she is to be with you..

She may think that you’re important or better than the rest of the world, and while this isn’t true, she may feel threatened if you are in any way more attractive or successful.

10) Her appearance is very important to her

Girls who think that you’re too good for her will often take care of her wardrobe and her appearance.

They’ll often take time to prepare carefully and dress up nicely before hanging out with you.

Their only goal when it comes to physical appearance may be trying to look good for you. However, I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing.

Women can be insecure and it’s often difficult for them to be independent of outside approval and love.

11) She’s rarely posting on social media

If she thinks that you’re too good for her, then she may not be very active on social media.

There are some people who don’t use social media at all and others who don’t use it frequently.

I think that this is a good thing because it can help to keep your relationship private.

However, I also think that there is some validity in the idea that a person isn’t posting much on social media.

They might have other reasons that are more important than how they’re communicating with the rest of the world.

Maybe they don’t want to post anything because they have a superiority complex and they might be afraid of the judgment of their friends, family, and other people who follow them on social media.

They are also afraid that once things with you don’t go well, people on social media will know that something happened to your relationship.

12) Her exes are all baddies

If she says that exes are bad, then she thinks that you’re perfect.

What do I mean?

If she has a superiority complex, then it’s possible that she’ll have a weakness in her past where she had bad relationships with jerks and losers.

Maybe she thought that these guys were great but as soon as they broke up with her, she realized how stupid they were.

So now when she meets you and you treat her nicely, she’d probably think that you are too good for her, when compared to her past relationship.

13) She’s not responsive to your flirting and advances

If she thinks that you’re too good for her, then it will be very difficult to get her to respond to you in the way that an “average” girl would respond.

When you’re talking to her and saying some flirty things, she doesn’t give you the “come hither” look or the smile, then you can tell that she thinks that you’re too good for her.

For example, you’re talking to her and she’s acting interested, but then she’ll just turn away and ignore what you’ve just said. That’s because she doesn’t believe that you would be interested in her. She doesn’t want to let her hope up.

Maybe she’ll tell you that you’re not allowed to do that again. But why would someone say this?

You see, if a girl thinks that you’re too good for her, then she’s not going to respond well to your advances. She would be all shy and funny.

If there is any flirting or sexual tension in the air, she will get very nervous. She will think about how much smarter or better than her you are.

14) She’s afraid to meet your friends

This is one of the big signs.

She’s probably afraid of meeting your friends if she thinks that you’re too good for her.

Maybe she’ll try to avoid the situation altogether because if you have a social group of people who are all better than her, then it might make her insecure.

“What if his friends make fun of me? How could I possibly handle that? ”

Maybe she asks herself this question a lot and she realizes that it’s impossible for her to cope with.

So to save herself from the situation, she’ll just avoid meeting your friends by making many excuses.

15) She tries to be better every day

If she thinks that you’re too good for her, then she’ll want to be a better girl every day.

I see this a lot in women who think that their boyfriends are too good for them.

Maybe you talk to her when she’s not very good-looking, or maybe she gets her period and it makes her look like a total loser.

We all know how hard it is to think of ourselves as being ugly or dirty. But these girls have the strength to improve themselves.

Moreover, they usually try even harder to change their appearance and their attitude in the hopes that they become more attractive and more desirable.

They will also likely take on new hobbies or skills so that they can feel smart, independent, and attractive again.

What should you do?

If you ask her about a romantic relationship, and she says “I can’t do this with you yet, because I don’t feel like I’m good enough for you,” then it’s time to take action.

Don’t be discouraged by this. What she’s really saying is that she needs more time to get to know you and that she doesn’t want the relationship to end prematurely.

She wants to make sure the relationship has a chance at success.

Many of us understand it’s hard for some women who have been hurt/mistreated in the past to fully trust us that genuinely want nothing but their happiness.

You should do everything you can to help her see that our intentions are pure, even if her past wounds keep opening up and she retreats to tend to them. You just have to know that you tried and that you have to give her time to heal.

Keep your heads high, gentlemen!


These tips may help you know if the girl you’re talking to thinks that you’re too good for her.

However, remember that this is only one of many ways to determine if a woman is thinking about how much better than her you are when compared with others.

If you notice that she has more than one sign in this list, then she’s much likely to think that you’re too good for her. Hopefully, these tips will help you get closer to a rich and fulfilling relationship.