15 surprising signs she secretly craves you

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| Last Updated: August 19, 2022

The idea of the shy girl who prefers to fade into the background is a tired and overplayed trope.  There’s a tendency to assume that those who prefer to be alone or keep their dating life private must have something to hide. 

This is a generalization based on outdated gender roles and stereotypes. 

The truth is that some women just don’t feel comfortable putting themselves out there until they find someone special enough to risk letting them in. 

It’s not that she doesn’t like you… She likely likes you a lot, but in a way that makes her feel uncomfortable expressing it. Without further ado, let’s dive into 15 surprising signs she secretly craves you.

1) She’s constantly texting you

Some women prefer to communicate by texting because it’s easier to hide their emotions, which is why they may respond to you with a long text. 

And if you think digital communication is less meaningful than face-to-face interaction, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s not true. 

When your girlfriend is constantly texting you, this is a very common sign that they crave you. If they don’t live with you, they probably miss you a lot and crave your company. 

If they live with you, they might miss you even more because they have no privacy. 

So, texting can be a great way for them to get in touch with you and get their thoughts out, but not have to worry about being overheard. 

Texting is also a convenient way for her to get some of her thoughts out so she doesn’t have to talk to you about them if she doesn’t want to.

If your partner is constantly texting you, then this means that she values your company and enjoys the communication that comes from staying in touch with you. 

2) She shows up to events and meetings on time

You might be surprised to know that she shows up on time to events and meetings with you, it means that she values your relationship and doesn’t want to disrupt it by being late. 

If she’s constantly late, it might be a sign that she doesn’t want to waste your time and doesn’t care enough to be there on time. 

This is the fact that she shows up on time to events and meetings. 

It means that she’s trying her best to show you that she values your time and is trying to show you that she appreciates being with you.

Sounds impressive, right? Take a look when your partner normally shows up to events and meetings on time, but then all of a sudden starts showing up late.

This is a sign that she may be starting to lose interest in you. 

3) She compliments the things you’re most proud of

Can this be true? Let me show you when your partner is constantly complimenting the things that you’re most proud of, it might be a sign that they crave for your confidence and aura. 

You’ve been in a relationship for a while and your partner is constantly complimenting the things you’re most proud of, it might be a sign that they crave you.

If your partner is constantly complimenting the things that you’re most proud of, it might be a sign that they crave you. 

This is because when you’re in a relationship, you want your partner to be proud of you and what you do. You want them to constantly be proud of you and your accomplishments. 

Why? because she longs for confidence.

And who can resist such a confident man and also a gentleman? The girl may not be outgoing very often, especially in public. But when she is near you, everything changes.

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4) She shouts out your name during orgasm

This is one of the strongest signs that your partner secretly craves you and is craving sexual intimacy with you. 

Let me take a wild guess, in a relationship with you, they shout out your name during orgasm then they probably crave you a lot. They crave your body, your energy, and your presence. 

The simple truth is When your partner is having an orgasm, they might let out a cry and shout out your name. 

This is a sign that your partner is craving you, your presence, and your energy during sexual intimacy.

You should notice that your partner is shouting out your name during orgasm more often, it might be a sign that they crave you and want to feel more connected to you during sexual intimacy.

5) She invites you to her events

Let me tell you a secret.

When you’ve been in a relationship for a while and your partner hasn’t invited you to any of their events, but now all of a sudden they invite you to one of their events.

It could be a surprising sign that they’re craving you. 

If they invite you to an event and you don’t go, they may start to feel guilty about not including you in their life. 

When your partner invites you to one of their events, it might be a sign that they crave you and want you to be a part of their life.

If your partner invites you to an event, it might be a sign that they crave you and want you to be a part of their life. 

However, when you don’t go to the event, it might hurt your partner and make them feel like you don’t want to be around them. 

Listen to your heart, you feel like they crave you and want you to be a part of their life, then you should go to the event.

6) She tries to help make things easier for you 

Deep down you know it’s true when a woman likes you, she will want to make sure that you are feeling happy and confident about yourself. 

She will want to make you as happy as possible because she likes you and wants you to be happy. If she likes you, she will want to be there for you whenever you need her. 

She will want to support you and be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to. 

If she likes you, she will want to make sure that you are content and happy. 

And guess what? She also wants you to feel loved and appreciated. She lets you know that she cares about you.

If you are confident, you’re much more likely to attract the right type of woman for you. 

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7) When you’re around, she seems uneasy

Have you observed that she suddenly seems tense when you are around?

Congratulations, since that is another unmistakable indication that she secretly likes you! Why?

Because it indicates she is enthusiastic about you. She is tense in her seat.

Unsurprisingly, making a girl feel good around you is considerably simpler than making her feel horrible.

Women are really delicate beings, the two emotions are frequently mixed together. They’ll begin to blush, hesitate, perspire, and smile more often than normal.

And when this occurs, she isn’t just feeling good about you personally; she is also feeling good about how you have made her feel.

So what if she becomes uneasy around you? If so, she probably thinks you’re interesting as well. 

There is a good chance she actually enjoys being around you and desires to keep in touch with you if that is the case.

8) She is constantly smiling when she’s around you

A woman who is really interested in you will smile often if she is around you. Now, she is able to relax and be herself around you, she will smile a lot because she will be comfortable. 

She will also feel very comfortable teasing you or joking around with you. If she is smiling with you, she is comfortable and happy around you. 

She is more relaxed and isn’t putting up a front. This is a great sign that she is interested in you because if she didn’t like you, she would be more serious or guarded around you. 

If she is smiling a lot around you and she has been doing so for some time, it could mean that she is interested in you romantically

She may even blush around you or get flustered if you make her laugh or tease her.

9) She wants to spend time with you and only you

Don’t even try to deny this sign, a woman who is interested in you, you will notice that she tries to spend as much time as possible with you. 

Whether it be hanging out at your place or going out with your friends, she will be there with you. 

No matter if you two hit it off or not, if she likes you, she will make every effort to be around you. 

She will also try to keep you occupied as much as possible, whether it be with phone calls or texts. She may even try to get you to go on a date with her. 

Sometimes, you may even notice that she gets upset or jealous if someone else tries to spend time with you. This is a big red flag that she is interested in you romantically.

10) She shows off her body confidently

If a woman likes you, she will be more comfortable with you and may even show off a little by putting her best assets on display.  

She may also straighten her hair or put on makeup for you. She may also take care of herself by eating healthy and exercising regularly. If she is comfortable around you.

She is also be more touchy-feely. She may touch your arm to emphasize a point, put her hand on your knee when she sits next to you, or give you a hug. 

She may also sit with her legs wide apart so that they are in between yours. If a woman likes you, she will show off her body in hopes that you notice how great she looks. 

She will also be more touchy-feely around you if she is interested in you.

11) She cares if others know the relationship between you and her

Let’s not forget, if a shy woman craves you, she may want to keep your relationship a secret because she doesn’t want to get hurt or isn’t sure if you like her back or give her commitment. 

She wants to know if you are a good person. If you have had any mental issues, she may ask about that. 

She may also ask if you have ever been in a car accident. These questions can show her how you would treat others, especially if you are honest with her.

Caring about other people means that she cares about your reputation and whether or not others will trust you. 

She does not want to be seen as a bad person because of your relationship with her. At this point, you realize she secretly wants to be with you in the future.

12) Her behavior changes when you are together

Think about this for a moment.

Would you say that the girl who craves for you is one of those girls who look at you differently when she is dating with you?

If so, then there’s a good chance she’s interested in you.

She will be more relaxed because she is comfortable around you. She will be confident because she knows that you like her back. 

If she is more relaxed and confident when you two are together, she likes you. She will also be more open with you and let her guard down as well. 

You right! When she is normally guarded and closed off, then she probably isn’t interested in you. She will be more open with you and will let her guard down to let you in. 

She also asks you questions about yourself and genuinely be interested in what you have to say. She will be less critical of you and will genuinely like being around you.

13) She treats you better than anyone else

If a woman likes you secretly, she will treat you better than she treats anyone else. 

The simple truth is she will want you to feel appreciated and loved. 

She will do things like bring you coffee or flowers, drive you places when you don’t have a way to get there or surprise you with tickets to an event. 

Her friends and family will also let you know that she likes you by bragging about you or your relationship. 

If a woman likes you, she will brag about you to her friends and family members. She will tell them how great you are and defend you if someone says something negative about you.

14) She screams “YES” when you propose to hook up

The most obvious example of this is a girl who wants to hook on you is she wants to be as close to you as possible.

When you are being in bed with her, you try to ask them to cuddle up on the couch or try to rest their head on your lap, they might scream “yes” but push you away a little. 

If you try to initiate sexual contact with them, they might push you away. 

It begins with a feeling of confusion, but don’t worry. Hug her and kiss her gently.

The more often this happens, the more certain you can be sure that your partner is craving you.

15) She turns away from you when she is speaking to you

Once more, little things like these can reveal a lot about someone.

They are more able to inform you than you would imagine.

An indication that a female is not interested in what you have to say, for instance, is when she turns her head away from you while speaking to you.

Additionally, there is a significant possibility that she is anxious if she is turning her head away from you. And what does “nervous” actually mean?

She adores you, as I have mentioned.


To sum up, for the woman who secretly craves you, she will feel awakened and alive when you are around her. 

She will also feel very comfortable and relaxed if she is with you. And she feels so good when you give her some signals.

When your partner starts being more affectionate and open toward you, it could be because they’re craving the sexual intimacy that comes from being close to each other. 

This is part of the reason why many couples begin to show more affection towards each other when they’re dating. 

It’s important not to take their silence as a sign that they don’t like you. Instead, take note of the signs that they do and realize that they might have more feelings for you than you know. 

You can interpret their silence and make the most of it by helping them become more comfortable with their emotions, then you’ll be on the right track.

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