18 unmistakable signs your husband is gay

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If you’re worried your husband may be gay, the first thing you should know is that no one can tell just by looking at him.

But if you’re tired of living in a state of worry, why not confront him about your concerns? But if that doesn’t work, you need to know the signs that he might be gay.

Check this list to see what traits are common in men who are attracted to other men. If you notice your husband exhibiting several of these traits, it may indicate that he is indeed gay and not just acting as such.

1) Your husband tells you that he’s gay

If your husband tells you that he’s gay, then you know beyond doubt that he is not straight. But if he’s still with you, then it’s probably a case of denial where he can’t accept being gay and therefore has denied it to himself.

Although this would be a hard pill to swallow, you should try your best to deal with the situation. You can separate your emotions and think more rationally about the situation.

If your husband really does want to change, then let him go and live his life.

Because the truth is, if he is gay, then it is better to accept the fact that you will lose him. If you don’t stop trying to change him and hold on to your marriage, you’re only allowing yourself to be scammed.

You can do this by letting your husband know you are still in love with him and that you’ll let him go if he really wants to.

2) He has a friend who is gay

If your husband has been spending time hanging out with men who are also attracted to other men, don’t assume that he is gay. It could just be a case of friendship.

But if he has been spending time with men who are attracted to other men, then it might not just be a case of friendship.

While he can be friends with them and still be straight, if you see that he’s spending too much time with them, then you might want to ask him about his sexuality.

For example: If a man is engaged to a woman, but is spending too much time with gay friends, then he may be having some doubts about his sexuality.

Or if he spends more time with them than he does with you, then there’s a chance that he might have homosexual feelings. You can easily see it when someone spends most of their time hanging out with the same sex.

What to do in this situation?

If you want to know if your husband may be gay, then you should try asking him a few questions that he may not want to answer.

First, talk to him about his close friends and see which of them are gay. If he says none are gay but you suspect that they are, then ask him further questions.

You can also ask him if he ever thinks about another man. If he says yes, then ask him if he has ever acted on those thoughts.

And ask him, “Have you ever kissed a man or touched a man’s body?” If he either denies it or says no, then you can conclude that your suspicions are correct and that your husband is indeed gay.

3) He starts dressing differently

Remember that your husband is still a man who likes to wear shorts and t-shirts. You can’t deny him the right to wear these things if that’s what he wants to do.

But if he starts dressing in clothes that are different from what he used to wear, then he might have started thinking differently about himself.

For example, he’s starting to wear suits, rather than shorts and t-shirts. Or he’s started wearing a leather jacket over his uniform, more often than before. He’s also started wearing shoes that are more fashionable than the ones he used to wear before.

This is the first sign that your husband may be gay and might be trying to act straight, rather than being straight himself. If you notice any of these things happening, then you have every right to ask him why he is doing this.

But be careful, you don’t want to do this in a mean way that might offend him. You need to ask these questions in a way that’s more conversational, so he doesn’t feel like you are interrogating him.

A good way to have the conversation is to say something like: “You look different today, is that new?” and he can explain what has changed about his outfit or appearance.

If you still suspect that he might be gay, then you need to ask another question and see how the conversation develops.

4) He starts telling you he’s gay without any signs of it even being possible

Your husband may not tell you that he’s gay right off the bat. If he has no signs that he is gay, then why would he tell you he is?

If the topic of homosexuality arises and you see him claiming that he’s gay, then you might want to ask him if this is true.

This is because if he is gay, then he would have signs that are obvious to anyone. He might tell you that he’s gay and you’ll see it in the way he acts towards other men or his mannerisms.

A good piece of advice is to talk to other men who are gay and see what signs there are that your husband is gay. You can also ask him straight out if he’s attracted to other men.

He might say yes or no, but either way, you’ll know whether or not he’s gay.

If your husband is still with you after this discovery, then it means that he wants you to continue being a part of his life. So make sure you stay strong and support him through this difficult time in his life.

5) He becomes more expressionist than usual

If your husband had no signs of being gay, but now suddenly has become quite expressive, then that should be a sign to you that something’s wrong.

You might notice things like how he talks to other men or how much time he spends thinking about gay things.

This is because many people who are attracted to other men will have more than average thoughts about the same sex.

If he’s been spending more time thinking about homosexual things, then chances are that those thoughts might be turning him gay.

You can try to ask him what he’s thinking about, if it’s something gay. And when you ask him, you can also tell him that there are times when he may not want to talk about it.

This way he’ll know that you’re concerned for his mental health and that you are just asking these questions because of your love for him. If he tells you what it is, then you’ll know if the topic is making him feel bad or stressed out.

6) He states how beautiful other men are

If your husband is gay and he starts telling you that other men are beautiful, then you might want to ask him if he’s attracted to other men.

This can also appear when he finds another person attractive. When this happens, you’ll notice them staring at the other person for a longer time than normal. They also might make comments about how good-looking the person is.

They’ll even start telling you that they wish they could look like that or act like those people. If you know any gay men personally, then ask your husband what he thinks of them. This way you can find out if your husband has feelings for other men without him knowing it himself.

Here’s what you can do about it:

You can talk about this with him as a man should and appeal to his sense of masculinity. If you don’t want him to be gay, then make sure you continue dating other guys who are in the same field of work and interests as your husband.

Remember that whatever happens with your husband, it’s better to be open with each other. You should talk to him about how you feel, instead of hiding it from him.

Even if he is gay, doesn’t mean that a lot of things have to change. Just make sure that you remain close and work together to solve the issue.

If you need any help with the problem, then seek counseling for your marriage or talk to friends and family about what’s going on.

7) He starts wondering what it would feel like to have sex with another man

This is a huge sign.

It’s a sign that he is gay because there’s no possible way that someone can unknow anything about their sexuality if they have even the slightest interest in men.

You may notice he starts looking at other men when he’s out of the house and that he starts thinking about being with another man.

This is a sign that he might be gay, but if he still continues being with you, then it’s also a sign that you should be strong and able to handle this issue.

This will pose a challenge in your marriage or relationship, so you should talk to him about his feelings and see if there are any changes to his behavior.

So, what is the good advice?

You can talk to other gay people so you can find out what your husband’s thinking about.

You can also get help from a therapist and try to get to the root of the problem from both sides.

It’s not easy and it will be a challenge, but if you want to continue being with your husband, then you need to be strong enough to start open conversations with him.

For example, you can talk to him about how you feel and then ask him if he feels the same way.

You can even talk about other gay couples and see how he reacts. If he shows signs of being uncomfortable or annoyed by your conversations, then he’s probably starting to feel uncomfortable in his own skin. Try to keep these conversations as positive as possible.

Then you should try to give him support and love so that he can accept himself for who he is.

8) He starts looking at other guys at work or in the neighborhood

If you notice your husband begins looking at other men while at work or outside, then it must be a sign that he is gay.

He might be looking at them more, or he might even start talking about them in an inappropriate way. Even worse, he might start flirting with them or even make a pass at them.

You may also notice that he’s spending more time in the bathroom than usual. That’s because most gay men will spend more time fixing their looks before going out to act on their feelings.

You should start noticing these things. If you notice something like this, then you can try to talk to him about it in a positive way. You always need to let him know that your concerns are not out of hatred or anger towards him, but out of love for him because he is a vital part of your life.

For example, you can do something like this:

You can say, “I love you and I’m really concerned. I want to help you from the bottom of my heart. If you feel like you can talk about it, then go for it.”

If you care deeply for him, then this will show how much you really love each other and how big the bond is between each other.

When he becomes interested in someone else, ask him why.

9) He starts watching gay porn

If your husband watches gay porn, then that means something is up with him.

The truth is , most straight men don’t watch gay porn, but gay men do. And if your husband is gay, then he will always have a fascination for the opposite sex.

Here’s what you can do about it:

Talk about the issue and ask your husband if he’s gay, then you’ll know for sure.

If he’s not ready to talk about it, then you need to stay patient and loving towards him. Talk to him about how you feel and tell him that you just want to support him as a friend or a partner.

For example, say something like this: “I saw the gay porn on your computer. Is that something you want to talk about? I care about you and I know you’re struggling. If this is hurting you, then I’m here for you no matter what.”

10) He starts to have different interests

This can be a sign that he’s gay because of the fact that most gay men will have strong interests in things other than cars, sports, and video games.

For example, he might start hanging out with gay friends and they may tell him to do something like this: “I know you’re really concerned about your sexuality and I know that the thought of being gay makes you freak out. It’s okay. If you want to explore it, then that’s fine. Just talk to me about anything. You can even get help from a therapist if you need.

You should ask him about it and see what his answer is.

In this case, he might also want to explore his sexuality in a new way.

He might want to try something different like he’s never been with a man before.

If he wants to explore his sexuality, then there should be no problem with that as long as you both talk about it and make sure that he’s safe and protected.

Having an open conversation will help clarify the situation. “I know that you’re really concerned about your sexuality, and I want to support you. Are you sure this is something that you want to do? If it’s not, then no problem we can still be close friends.”

If he starts becoming interested in getting a shirtless bodybuilder type of body, then you need to talk with him and ask why. Perhaps he wants to take a certain kind of diet pills because he’s gay.

11) He compares himself to other guys

A lot of gay people start making comparisons to other men when they look at them. They ask themselves things like this:

“I’m not as buff as that dude!”

“He’s so handsome.”

These comparisons can lead to the idea that he’s gay.

This is because gay men are very sensitive about their bodies, and they want to be the best in everything.

Watch for these signs and tell your husband about them.

Be careful with it though. You should let him know that you can talk about anything, and you want to support him through all of his struggles. Tell him that if he wants some help from a therapist, then you’ll support him throughout his journey as well.

12) He gets jealous when you talk about other guys

If your husband gets jealous when you talk about other men, then that means something is up with him. Most straight guys don’t get jealous at the thought of their wives being with another man. However, gay men will always get jealous for this reason.

This is because if their husband is with other men, then he will not be able to satisfy him the way that another man can.

You can try asking your husband if he’s gay, but you need to do this in a very positive way. If this is something you’re concerned about, then here’s what you can say:

“I noticed that when I talk about other guys or when they talk about me and all of the fun things we do together, that you get jealous.”

You can watch for how the conversation evolves. If you both have a conversation about it, then it will open the door for you to talk about it more. Otherwise, if he ignores you and does not really want to talk about it, then there’s something wrong with him.

13) He gets angry whenever another guy tries to hit on him

If your husband is gay and he’s going out with his friends, then he might experience this from time to time. You can tell by the way that he reacts when another man approaches him.

For example: “Hey there sexy! How are you doing?”

He might get angry and say this:

“Are you stalking me already? I’m not gay.”

Now he can’t deny it. And if this happens to him, then it means that he might be gay. But make sure that you don’t defend him on this issue. That’s not the role of a wife. Instead, help him through his journey in a loving manner by talking to him about it if he wants to talk about it.

14) He starts hanging out with gay guys

If he starts hanging out with gay guys, then that can be a major clue that he’s gay. Gay men love to hang out with other men. They usually want to start making comparisons to other bodybuilders or other handsome men.

For example, in one of your conversations, if he says something like this: ”Yeah I started working out and eating a lot of protein shakes because I want to look like him.

What can you do?

You can ask to meet or join their hangouts. This way you can see what they do and with whom they spend their time.

However, you should talk to him about this and make sure that he’s okay with talking about it. “Hey honey, I noticed that you’ve been hanging out with a lot of guys lately. You can tell me anything and I care about you.

These questions will open the door for him to talk about his sexuality and give you more information about it.

15) He watches movies about gay men more often

If your husband is gay, then he might start watching movies and shows about gay men more often. He might start to watch things like this: The O.C., Queer as Folk, and others.

Watch for this one. It’s definitely an indicator that there’s something going on with him. The reason why he does this is because these kinds of movies and shows give him the insight on what gay men go through in their lives and how they deal with certain situations.

So, if you notice that he’s watching more of these movies, then it might be a sign that he’s gay.

What can you do?

Ask him about it. You can say: “Honey, I noticed that you’re watching a lot of shows and movies about gay men lately. Is something up?”

Chances are he will be very nervous about the question because he didn’t expect you to ask him this. However, once again, it will lead to an open discussion.

16) He is not emotionally attached to you

If he is not emotionally attached to you, then this might be a sign that he’s gay.

Gay men usually are very emotionally attached to their friends and family members. They will care a lot about them and enjoy the time they spend with them.

However, if he doesn’t show any of these emotions, then it might be a huge clue that he’s gay.

He’s probably not telling you because he knows that his emotions are too close to the surface and can clearly recognize himself as gay if he were to come out with it.

Instead, it must be something that he doesn’t want to talk about or doesn’t want you knowing about.

If you want to understand what he could be really worried about, then watch his situation. If he’s not showing any emotions at all, then you should keep talking to him about it without letting him know that you’re paying attention to his actions.

17) He laughs at gay jokes and jokes that do not make sense

Gay men are real funny guys and they love to laugh. This is because they’re very sensitive about their sexuality and the way that people think of them. So if your husband is laughing at things like this: “That guy’s gay” or “That boy looks so gay,” then he might be gay.

You may notice things like this:

“That guy’s gay… his hair is greasy and he’s wearing a dress. Maybe he’s a gay boy!”

You can tell by your husband’s face that he finds these jokes funny. They’re not mean jokes, and they’re not directed at the person being joked about. They’re just stupid things that need to be said in order to make people laugh.

So, if you notice this kind of behavior, then it means that he might be gay. It could just be something about him or it could mean that he is part of the LGBT community. Either way, you should ask him about his feelings towards his sexuality because there’s nothing to lose by asking him this question.

18)  He’s not happy with his marriage

This is a big sign.

If he’s not happy with his marriage, then it could be a clear sign that he’s gay. If you notice this behavior, then it means that there might be something else in his life that’s making him unhappy.

Gay men usually don’t want to ruin the life they have and they don’t want to harm their relationship with the one they love. So if your husband is unhappy with you, then this means that something is wrong and he doesn’t want to tell you about it.

This means that he’s not interested in being with you. This can lead to many problems like: cheating, divorce, and even domestic violence.

So if you notice this behavior, then talk to him about it. Tell him about your concerns and make sure that he’s okay with it.

So, now you have it. There are signs that your husband is gay. Time to help him find his way out of the closet.

The more you talk with him, the more he can open up and start getting through his fears of being gay.

So, you want to talk about it but you’re not sure how to go about it. Just make sure that you don’t freak him out by talking too fast or too much pressure on him. Make sure that he’s comfortable first by discussing these things with him in a loving manner.