14 clear signs he’s fighting his feelings for you

If you’ve come here, chances are you have a gut feeling there’s a guy who might be in love with you. 

But how can you tell for sure ?

We’ve put together this post with 12 clear signs so you’ll know when he is fighting his feelings for you — something that many people experience and yet are often oblivious to.

1) He deflects compliments

When someone deflects a compliment, it’s because he feels awkward to accept that praise because he doesn’t want to make you think he’s with you only for your beauty or professional skills. He wants to keep his distance.

So, if he deflects compliments and doesn’t seem enthusiastic about accepting your praise, don’t assume he’s not into you just yet. This is because he’s just testing the water and waiting for the right time to step in.

For example: When he is told you’re his lucky charm, he might say you’re good looking or great because of your personality. But don’t assume he’s only saying that because he’s shy.

Because he wants to see how you react to the compliment.

2) He always compliments you

The next time he’s around you, listen carefully to what he says and how.

If he always compliments you or seems overly interested in knowing more about you and your life, that means he has a hidden agenda.

He is interested in finding out more about you because he wants to be able to connect with your better. He will likely be spending a lot of time together with you because you’re important to him. 

This makes it easier for him to get intimate with you later on without scaring you away because the connection has already been made for him.

The fact that he has to compliment you means he is literally fighting his feelings for you.

For example: If he never compliments your appearance or skills, it’s likely because he already loves you and can’t find the right words to tell you that. He doesn’t want to hurt your ego but at the same time, he knows how afraid of rejection humans are.

3) He stutters or gets nervous when talking to YOU

An easy way to tell if someone likes you is that they start stuttering or they get nervous when they speak to YOU in particular. This is especially true if it happens consistently and not just once in a while.

For example: He says “uhm” more often when you speak to him, he struggles to make eye contact with you, his hands shake when he’s talking to you…

These are the signs that it’s not just the two of you anymore when he’s around you. He’s been struck by some kind of emotion that he doesn’t yet know how to deal with.

But don’t be too confident or smug about it yet, because we have more signs to show you.

4) He’s always around.

If you’ve noticed that someone is around you all the time, this is a clear sign that he’s attracted to you. 

The reason why he keeps coming back is because he enjoys being with YOU and spending time with YOU — not just because he wants something from you or knows that you are a good source of free food!

This happens because he feels guilty for not being able to resist his feelings for you. He feels compelled to be with you because he wants to know what it is like to be with the object of his affection.

For example: He’s always waiting for you at the same places, always tries to catch your eye when you’re talking to someone else or be there when you’re on your break, and he can’t keep his hands away from you or his eyes off of your face while working.

So, don’t assume that he just wants to spend time with you because he’s bored or because he needs something from you. He enjoys being with you and your company because he wants to know what it is like.

5) He tries to change his behavior in front of you

If a guy has sudden changes in his behavior when it comes to being around you, then this is yet another sign that he is falling for you. It happens when someone tries to impress the object of their affection by changing or trying on new behaviors for them in order to fit their expectations better.

What this means is he is trying to be better than he normally is, or he is trying to emulate the perfect person. He wants to be who you think he should be.

For example: He suddenly starts complaining more, starts having more fights with his friends, pops jokes more often and tries to act older than he really is when you’re around.

As much as this can seem like a bad thing, it can also mean that you’ve touched a soft spot in him and he wants to become the person you want him to be. 

This does not mean that this change in behavior means he’s changing his heart! It just means that he has adapted himself and has done all within his power to please you.

6) He starts doing small things for your benefit without being asked to.

This is one of the most obvious signs that someone wants something from you. If a guy you like constantly stops people to do things for you without being asked to, then it’s because he likes doing it for you.

For example: He will get up earlier to take your food in the morning, he always asks where you are going when he tries to take you there, and he will even pay for his own meal when you go out together.

In short, he has started being altruistic with his time and money towards YOU. He doesn’t want anything in return from you.

So pay attention, if every time he talks to you, he tends to forget what words he wants to say and gets nervous… chances are high that he’s falling for you.

7) He keeps his distance

When someone keeps his distance, it is because he wants to keep the illusion of being “just friends” in your mind without letting you think that there is more between the two of you. Again, this guy is waiting for the right time before he moves in. 

This can be because of “fear” or “desire”, depending on what kind of relationship he wants with you.

For example, he may keep you at a distance to “protect” himself and his feelings. If he’s afraid of your rejection, he won’t take the risk to be closer to you. He wants to make sure that he can continue to see you without being rejected.

This is usually because he is not pursuing anything more with you and he wants to avoid rejection

However, some guys will be cold towards you to make sure that you don’t get too attached to him. They think that the sooner you move on, the better it will be for them.

8) He knows a lot about you without asking

This can be a tricky sign because sometimes guys are genuinely interested in knowing more about you and they like spending time with YOU… however, if HE knows a lot about YOU and doesn’t seem interested in getting to know more, then there might be something else going on here.

He shows interest in you by talking about himself and his own life. If he can’t even be bothered to ask about your life, then he might be hoping that you don’t get too involved with him.

For example: He’s always telling you how great your ex was, how good your best friend is at something, or how great life is with his friends… Yet, he doesn’t seem interested in anything related to YOU.

It’s like he wants to tell you things but he feels awkward unless they are related to someone else. This can be a sign that this guy is fighting his feelings for you.

9) He’s always arguing with his friends in front of you

The next time you see him, pay attention to whether he argues with his friends when you’re around. If he does this, then it means that he was trying to impress you.

For example: He might start talking about the places where the two of you have never been to or any new movie that has come out recently in order to show off his knowledge of popular things among the younger crowd, or maybe even tell jokes only in your presence…

This happens because he wants you to see that he is well-connected and popular. He’s showing off in order to impress you. If he’s afraid of being rejected, he will try to show off for you.

10) He gets jealous of any guy who comes near you

Jealousy is a real turn-off yet it also has feelings of love attached to it. If a guy feels protective over her, then it can be a sign that he likes you or even loves you! 

Here’s why: A guy will become jealous when he feels protective over someone because this means that the person is special and important to him.

For example: The next time the two of you are together and someone flirts with YOU, watch how his body language changes or if he instantly gets possessive towards YOU. 

You can notice when he becomes jealous of you because he will begin to look for reasons for you to be upset or sad. This is a very clear sign that you have his attention and he is trying to protect you from any harm! So, if you notice this, then it means he likes you.

11) He teases you about your friends, coworkers or family members

If a guy teases you about other people, it can mean that he is trying to put distance between you and them but also trying to make sure that no one else is involved in your life as much as he is. 

When a guy does this, it means that he wants to be the only person in your life; including your family and friends. 

This can be because he wants to feel like you belong to him or because he has feelings for you. Either way, watch out!

For example : He might start telling you that your husband is a loser or that you’ve always been attached to your best friend, even though he knows this for a fact not to be true.

This is because in his mind, he is trying to stop any of those people from getting close to you and vice versa. He’s actually saying sorry while also trying to make sure that nobody else wants something from you.

This means that he wants you for himself. If a guy teases you about your family and friends, it can actually be a good thing. However, if he only teases you about them and not with them, then it’s not a good sign!

12) He wants to spend more time with YOU than anyone else

When someone wants to spend more time with YOU than anyone else, it is because they are falling for you. They want YOU in their life no matter how much time the two of them have spent together or how little the two of them have actually gotten done since meeting each other… yet they want MORE time together!

For example: He always wants to go out with you alone and stay out longer than he usually would with his friends.

It can also mean that he wants to spend time with YOU in private. Spending time alone together can be meaningful and intimate. It’s a clear sign that he wants to enjoy your company without anyone else around, including his friends!

Make sure that you know the difference between wanting to spend time alone with someone you love and not wanting to share them with anyone else because you don’t feel good about yourself!

13) He looks at you… all the time 

This one is more subtle but you can tell he’s interested in you when he looks at you all the time. But, this is a real sign of love because if he’s paying attention to what you’re saying, then it means that he cares about how you feel or how your day went.

Men will do this mostly when they are interested in a girl that they are around often.

For example: Notice this when you are surrounded by a group of people. What he does is that he will look at you a lot more than to others and if you see him do this consistently, there’s a 90% chance that he is falling for you.

In conclusion, there is no such thing about being quiet or not talking as a sign of interest. The more eye contact he does, the more interested he is in you. If he genuinely cares about how you feel and what’s going on around him, then there’s a good chance that he is falling for you!

So stuff any ideas of how a guy might be acting if he didn’t like you at all. If it was real, then your “friends” would tell you about him and if that wasn’t the case at all, then maybe people would stop talking to you after a while because of your reputation.

If this happens to you, then it means that everyone is lying to you or ignoring something that they shouldn’t.

14) He makes other women jealous of you

It really shows that he likes you when other women are jealous of the relationship that he has with you because they wanna be in his place.

You can also tell when someone has feelings for you when they start rubbing it in their buddy’s faces how much time they spend with you rather than their friends. So if some men seem to be cocky because of what they have with YOU, there’s a pretty high chance that the guy really likes YOU.

You can notice things like this when you start noticing a lot of jealous women around you. So, be aware of this if it happens to you because it’s a big sign that he wants to be with YOU and only YOU.

Therefore, pay attention to the people around you and see all of these signs. The more clear signs he gives, the more likely it is that he wants to be with you.

If a guy is paying attention and is showing interest in YOU, then it’s a sign that he actually likes YOU and not just because of your appearance or how nice you are, so make sure to watch out for these signs and tell us which one was your favorite.

These signs above are the best signs that he’s interested in you

Keep in mind that once you have confirmed that he is interested in you, you should show him that you are interested as well. 

The best way to do this is by showing him interest on your part. The best thing to do is to show him that you’re interested by complimenting and flirting with HIM!

Don’t be afraid to use words like “I really like it when you…,” or “That’s so cute of you to do that because…” and things of the sort! You will see the signs yourself and soon enough, the butterflies in your stomach will tell the truth about his hidden feelings for YOU.

So, do pay attention to these signs and definitely, don’t ignore them as they could be telling you the guy is fighting his feelings for you. 

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