21 surprising signs he likes you but is playing it cool (the only list you’ll need)

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There are many signs a guy likes you but is playing it cool. 

A lot of them can be difficult to spot, especially given how confident and charming most guys seem to be on the surface. 

We’re here today to help you identify which potential sign he’s using as his subtle way of letting you know that he’s feeling something for you.

Check out this list of 21 surprising signs that your guy is trying his best not to let on that he’s totally into you! You won’t regret it!

1) He’s constantly around you.

If a guy likes you, he’ll be around you more often. 

He finds reasons to be at the same places that you are or want to hang out with you even though you’ve made plans with your friends. 

He is also trying to be around you more even when you’re not with your friends. 

He may be interested in you, he wants to spend time with you, but he doesn’t want to make it obvious that he likes you. 

He’ll likely be trying to see how you feel about him and give you space to make the first move.

2) He tries to impress you.

This is also another sign that he likes you but is playing it cool. 

Guys who are into you will constantly try to impress you. 

Little things, like trying to open the door for you, asking you for advice, or finding out what your passions are and discussing them with you – these things show that he’s trying to impress you. 

He’s trying to impress you with the little things, so that you’ll notice him. He wants you to see that he’s a good person. 

He’s even willing to put himself out there and let you know that you’re awesome too. 

But, he’s afraid to make the first move because he’s nervous. 

So, he’s trying to impress you with his charm so that you’ll initiate a conversation with him first. 

Once you’ve started the conversation and he’s got your attention, it’ll be easier for him to let you know he’s interested in you.

3) He holds eye contact and smiles when you talk.

Eye contact and a smile when you talk are two very obvious signs that a guy likes you

He might even blush or get a little nervous. 

If he’s smiling and holding eye contact, even if he’s not saying anything, it’s almost like he’s saying, “I like you.” 

It’s a way of showing that he’s interested in what you have to say and that he likes who you are. 

It can be a little bit creepy, but it’s also a guy’s way of letting you know that he likes you. 

You might also notice that he looks away when you look at him, which is a way that guys hide their blushing. 

Because he might be nervous, he might not realize that he’s doing it, so if you see it, you can be pretty sure that he likes you.

4) He messages often.  

If he likes you but is playing it cool, this is one of the signs that he likes you. 

If you and a guy have been talking on the phone or online for a while, and he sends you a message every day or night, then chances are he likes you.

A text every few hours might not sound like much, but it’s actually a huge sign that he likes you. 

He’s showing that he cares by texting you frequently to keep the conversation going.

You feel like the only person who matters to him.

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5) He talks about other girls. 

Talking about other girls is a sign that a guy likes you. 

He may say things like “She’s super pretty,” or “She’s really fun to talk to.”

It doesn’t mean he’s actually interested in any of those girls, but it does show that he’s interested in you. 

Guys think about other girls because they want someone to compare to you. 

He may describe another girl in similar terms, showing familiarity with her qualities, or give examples of similar qualities (e.g., “She’s really funny like you”). 

6) He shakes his head “No” when you ask if he likes you.

When you ask a guy if he likes you and he shakes his head “no” it might be a case of mistaken identity. 

It might be a case of a guy feeling uncomfortable with your question. 

If a guy doesn’t like you, he won’t feel bad about telling you so. 

But if he’s shy and not comfortable enough to tell you outright, he might just shake his head to avoid the question entirely. 

A guy who likes you will try to play it cool. 

He’ll want you to stay interested in him, but he might not feel confident enough to tell you outright. 

If you ask him if he likes you and he shakes his head “no,” it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you. 

It just means that he’s not ready to make a move or acknowledge his feelings yet.

7) He tries to prove that he’s not interested.

If he tries to prove to you that he’s not interested, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t like you. 

It might not even mean that he’s trying to prove that he’s not interested. 

He may be just setting boundaries. 

If a guy likes you and you’re not aware of it, it can be difficult.

He may want to ask you out, but he may be worried that he’ll ruin your friendship. 

He may want to hold your hand, but he may not feel comfortable enough to do it yet. 

8) He shows concern for your feelings. 

If a guy likes you he’ll be more attentive to your feelings when you’re with him. 

He shows his concern by listening to what you’re saying and offering support when he can. 

He will also be more prone to noticing when you have a bad day or are going through something difficult. 

He may ask you how your day went, or how you’re feeling in general.

He also shows his care by taking an active role in making things better for you.

For example, if you are talking about a past relationship and he senses that you are still hurt by it, he will let the topic go rather than risk making you feel worse than you already do.

9) He acts protective. 

If he likes you, he’ll likely be protective of you. 

For example, he may insist on walking you to your car at the end of the night or give you his coat if you’re cold outside. 

Guys who like you will be caring and kind and want to look after you. 

There’s no harm in letting him know that you appreciate his help, and the fact that he’s taking such good care of you is a sign that he likes you. 

If he doesn’t like you, he probably won’t show much care for your well-being. 

He might let you fend for yourself or walk around outside in cold weather without a jacket. 

He can be rude and push you away if you try to be kind to him. 

If he’s interested in you, he’ll show it through his actions. 

10) He gives you the “guy stare”.

Are you ever staring at the guy you like and hoping that he’ll look your way? Does he ever blush when you’re around? 

When a guy likes you, it may not be obvious. 

But it might be a tell-tale sign. 

He may stare at you when he thinks that you’re not paying attention. 

If he likes you, he might blush when he’s around you. 

The blushing and staring could just be a sign that he’s shy. 

But it could be a sign that he likes you. 

When a guy likes you and is trying to figure out how to tell you, he might try to make eye contact with you. 

Eye contact is a good sign that he’s interested.

11) He gets jealous when other guys talk to you. 

This is a pretty obvious sign that he likes you and wants you to be his, but he will get a bit jealous when other guys talk to you. 

He may be super jealous of all the attention you’re getting, he could be into you. 

He won’t want to share you with anyone else. 

He won’t be able to stand the thought of you flirting with other guys, because he likes and wants you for himself. 

If he gets a bit jealous when you’re talking to other guys, but then he tries to cover it up by being too silly or making a joke, he might be trying to cover up how he really feels.

He may be feeling jealous, but he might not know how to deal with those feelings so he tries to make a joke to distract himself from his jealousy.

12) He pays more attention to his appearance. 

If he showers more, shaves more often, or styles his hair differently when you’re around, he’s trying to impress you. 

Don’t forget, when a guy likes you, he puts a lot of thought into how he wants to look for you. 

Even if he doesn’t notice any changes, it’s possible that he just doesn’t realize his behavior around you has changed. 

So, the next time you’re hanging out with him, casually bring up the fact that he’s been taking better care of himself and see what he says. 

If he doesn’t deny it, or even if he doesn’t respond at all, you might have just got yourself a serious clue that he likes you.

13) He consistently offers to help you with things. 

If he consistently offers to help you with things, that’s a sign that he’s trying to win your approval. 

When he’s trying to impress you, but he’s also a bit shy, he’ll try to win your approval by helping you. 

It’s a sign of respect and it shows that he likes you and wants to be around you. 

One example is he offers to help you with things like carrying your books, holding open the door for you, or even offering to walk you home. 

Why would he do all these things? Because he likes you, and he wants you to notice him.  

He wants to make you happy even if it means doing something he doesn’t have to do.

14) He’s taking notice of what you like.

A guy might like you if he starts to take notice of what you like. 

He might start to pay attention to the things that you like, like your favorite movies and music, your favorite foods, and your favorite activities. 

He might even ask you questions about these things so that he can show how interested he is in you. 

This means that he isn’t just being polite or being nice. 

He’s taking notice of your likes and dislikes to show you that he’s interested in you as a person and that he wants to get to know you better. 

If a guy starts to take notice of what you like, it’s a good sign that he likes you and wants to get to know you better.

15) He compliments you, but it feels forced.

Another sign that a guy likes you is that he compliments you. 

But, it might feel forced, which means that he’s trying to make it seem like he’s just making conversation because he doesn’t know how to get close to you. 

He might also say things about himself or ask questions instead of giving compliments. 

Pay attention to the way that a guy compliments you, and pay attention to see if it feels forced. 

If he’s paying attention to the little things in your life and learns everything possible about you from other sources (like your friends), then his compliments will seem genuine.

16) He’s overly-friendly with your friends.

If you notice a guy being overly-friendly with your friends, he may be trying to get closer to you. 

He may be hoping that your friends will like him and that you’ll notice. 

If he’s hanging out with your friends a lot and being friendly with them, but he rarely mentions you, there’s a chance he has feelings for you. 

He may be hoping that your friends will encourage you to go out with him.

17) He doesn’t ask you to meet up alone

If he likes you but playing it cool, then he won’t invite you to go out on a date alone. 

He will likely suggest doing something with other people around because he doesn’t want to come across as being too serious just yet. 

He will try to keep things casual so that you don’t start to think of him as anything more than a friend. 

If he suggests meeting up with some of your friends, then he is trying to keep things casual between the two of you while he tries to figure out if you are into him or not.

18) He talks about the future.

When you talk to him, does he talk about the future? 

If he talks about what you’re going to do together, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s talking about dating you. 

But it does mean that he’s interested in you and your life. If he talks about the future, he’s probably interested in you. 

He might even see you as a potential romantic partner. 

Talking about the future can be a big step for a guy and it might be too soon for him to bring that up.

19) He tries to help boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself.

If a guy likes you, he will make your day by making you feel special. 

He will compliment you in order to help boost your confidence.

For example, if he compliments you on your new hairstyle or outfit, he is trying to boost your confidence. 

He is always trying to cheer you up or make sure that you are happy, it means that he cares about how you feel and wants to make sure that things are going well for you.

He helps you out with your problems and does a great job in making you feel better about yourself.  

20) He gives you a soft touch.

When a guy likes you but is playing it cool, he gives you a soft touch. 

It’s usually pretty easy to figure out if someone likes you because they go out of their way to show you affection. 

If the person is being really cautious and subtle about their feelings, that’s a good sign that they like you. 

On the other hand, when they are overly affectionate or overly eager to express their feelings, that’s a red flag.

A guy who is interested in you will let you know how he feels through his actions. 

If he just gives you a soft touch to get close, this might be a sign that he has other things on his mind. 

He might be trying to hide his true feelings because he is afraid you do not feel the same way. 

21) You feel like he is always testing you.

When you are trying to gauge how someone feels about you, it can be tough. 

One of the quickest ways is to look for a subtle change in his behavior. 

If he seems extra warm towards you one day and then not so much the next, there’s a good chance that they are “playing it cool”. 

He may also be less friendly than usual or even avoid eye contact with you.

They may actually like you but are playing things cool in order to see if you will break and show your true feelings.

If this is the case, don’t take it personally. 

He  just doesn’t want to make any drastic moves until he iss sure that you are 100% committed to him.

So, what should you do?

If you are dealing with a guy who likes you but playing it cool, then don’t get frustrated. 

Instead, be patient, be yourself, and let him make the first move when he is ready. 

If you start to make your interest in him obvious and you come on too strong, then you may scare him off entirely. 

If you aren’t interested in him, then don’t lead him on. 

Be nice, but don’t go out of your way to spend time with him. 

He will likely come around when he realizes that you aren’t interested in him and that he needs to try to let you go. 

It’s important to remember that guys are just as unsure as you are, and they don’t like showing their feelings any more than you do. 

They are just as nervous and have just as many insecurities.

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You don’t want to get your hopes up for someone who isn’t interested. 

The sooner you realize someone isn’t interested in you, the sooner you can move on to someone who likes you back! 

If a guy you like is playing it cool, then just be patient and let him come to you when he’s ready. 

If you like someone, then you need to be patient, be yourself, and not come on too strong. 

Be confident, and don’t let him intimidate you. 

It’s important not to chase after someone who won’t chase after you. 

It will only make things harder on you in the end.