25 obvious signs an older man is falling in love with you

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When it comes to romance, older men tend to play it safe. In general, they are not as quick as younger men to dive headfirst into love.

It isn’t that they don’t have the same chemistry or desire to be with someone long-term. It’s just that they often take more time to get there.

This cautious approach can be a good thing, though, because it means you have plenty of opportunities to suss out whether he’s ready for something serious.

So, won’t waste any more of your time. Here are 25 apparent signs an older man is falling in love with you:

1) He keeps asking if you’re available/single.

Are you wondering how to determine if an older man is having romantic feelings for you or not?

This first sign is the most obvious and direct way to find out.


An older man doesn’t have time for games nor he’s into playing games.

Believe me!

He just can’t wait to ask whether you are available/single or not.

If he keeps asking if you are available when he knows very well that he can just pick up the phone and call you whenever he likes, then he’s into you.

If he asks if you’re single, he certainly hopes that you’re available and would love to play that other-half’s role in your life.

2) He always finds quality time for you.

Unlike boys, men may have more work responsibilities and life burdens with less time for socializing or other leisure activities.

However, when an older man romantically likes you, he’ll want to spend quality time with you.

What I really mean here’s exactly “quality time”!

He might be busy working with a demanding schedule, but he’ll definitely find quality time for you.

An older man understands that you deserve his complete attention and quality time. Unless it’s an emergency, he won’t continually check his phone or be distracted by anything around him.

He’ll give you his undivided attention!

3) He enjoys discussing the future with you.

If an older man enjoys talking about future plans with you and usually mentions “we” in those conversations, it’s a sure sign that he wants to share his life’s journey with you.

It means that he wants a long-lasting relationship and is willing to be with you through ups and downs.

He might not have a detailed plan but he has already known that he surely wants you in his future life.

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4) He only has you in his sights.

If you don’t see him flirting or showing interest in other women while he’s with you, it’s a sign that he’s in love with you.

When being on dates, young men may still tend to look for other “targets” in case their current relationship doesn’t work out.

However, if you’re on dates with an older man, you may notice that you’re his only focus and he’s willing to do anything to invest in the relationship.

If that sounds familiar then that’s an obvious sign that he might be falling for you.


When a man falls in love, he’ll seriously only have you and only you in his sights. He won’t be checking out for other opportunities in the way he may used to do when he was just a boy.

5) He’s been more upbeat lately.

Again, as a man, he may be surrounded by more work responsibilities and life burdens, so it isn’t hard to find him overwhelmed or stressed.

However, when being in love, he feels like life becomes more intriguing, and he begins shifting his life view to the brighter side.

He gets to be more welcome to new experiences, especially those that involve you.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, then congratulations! You’ve checked another sign!

If you notice that his mood’s changed and he’s been more upbeat, it might signify more than just having a wonderful day. 🙂

6) He doesn’t feel like keeping any secret when being with you.

If you notice that he doesn’t feel like keeping any secrets with you, he might be falling for you.

That’s because he’s open and honest about himself and his feelings. He even doesn’t mind sharing his past life with you such as his vulnerabilities or his faults as well.

When serious about something, an older man will loosen up and share more information to make things clearer and make you feel more secure about the relationship.

So what else to question about his feelings for you?

7) He prefers listening to you rather than speaking.

An older man is experienced enough to understand that listening is just as essential, if not more, than speaking.

If he’s in love with you, he’ll never interrupt you when he can learn more about you by simply listening to your thoughts and observing your emotions.

When spending time with a woman of interest, he will not only listen to what she says but also how she says it.

Moreover, he knows how to make himself appeal to you when he listens, even your silly stories are no exception.

He wants you to feel comfortable around him while you share with him your thoughts and experiences.

If you notice this behavior in him, it might be a definite sign that he’s falling for you.

8) His top priority is you!

When a man is falling for someone, he’ll be less interested in the things that used to matter before. He may be more focused on his woman of interest.

A younger man has different priorities from an older, more mature man.

Let me explain.

While a younger man prioritizes himself, especially his career, an older man lies his priority on you after having had everything a younger man is still striving for.

So, if you notice the man you’re dating prioritizes you above all else, just understand that he could already be falling for you.

Obviously, whenever he could, he’d find quality time for you.

It’s all about him going out of his way to make you happy and secure with whatever he does.

He’ll put your thoughts and feelings above all else!

He knows that you are now his number one priority, and you always will be! You are the only thing he wants to think about rather than work or other distractions.

9) He’s always willing to sacrifice for you.

When an older man falls in love, he will sacrifice what his girlfriend needs to make her feel secure that she is safe and content.

He may not be afraid of making more dramatic adjustments to his lifestyle so as to have more time together and be closer to you.

He might even consider refusing a work offer that requires him to frequently travel away from where you live.

When an older man falls for you, he’d be pleased to sacrifice his freedom and comfort to have more quality time with you and be closer to you.

He’ll always want to choose for the protection of his woman and to make sure that everything around her is safe and happy.

If you notice this kind of behavior from him, it just might be another sign he’s falling for you!

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10) He tends to keep updated on your daily life.

When an older man falls in love, he may start holding on to every detail of your daily life.

He’ll want to know what you’re up to and he’ll call or text you throughout the day just to check in with you.

He wants to speak to you daily. Perhaps he’s missing your voice, he just loves hearing your voice and your laugh.

He wants you to feel comfortable knowing that he has checked in with you and you’re okay with everything.

He’d also appreciate it if you do the same thing with him!

11) He loves sharing with you about his investment.

When an older man falls in love, he’ll start discussing finances with you. He may even share his investment ideas with you and ask for your opinion.

If he’s in love with you, he’ll want to be secure that you’re okay with his investments.

You can make time to learn more about investments to help him make informed decisions, so he’d appreciate the fact that you’ve listened and talked to him.

It demonstrates you care deeply for him!

12) He supports your decisions.

When a man falls in love with you, he’ll not just believe in your work but also want to support you and encourage you.

He wants to be involved in what interests you and sincerely supports your decisions.

He will help you via physical, emotional, and even financial support.

You know you can rely on him when you need him to drive you someplace or do anything for you.

Or, if you need money for unexpected expenses, he’d happily assist you and might not even expect you to pay him back.

13) He consults you before making any significant or even small decisions.

When an older man falls in love with you, he’ll always consult you before making any decision in life, no matter if it’s major or minor.

As he wants you to be an important part of his life, it’s very important for him to have your advice and support.

He’ll trust your judgement and rely on it a lot. All he wants from you is your love, support, and respect.

For instance, he might ask if you agree with him before making a decision on whether or not to invest in something.

If so, then he’ll ask what you think the investment should be and why.

In this way, he can not only express his respect for you but also get to know you more deeply through every aspect of life.

14) He’s proud to show you off to his family, friends, and even his children.

When your man either introduces you to his family and friends or even his children, he’s definitely falling for you.

It shows that he truly respects and cares for you. It also shows how much he wants to build a relationship between you and his family, friends, and even children.

Men seldom introduce women they are not serious about to their family and children for fear of confusing them.

He is proud to show you off to everyone.

If you notice this kind of behavior, know that he’s already falling in love with you, and doesn’t want anyone to come between you two.

15) He also wants to meet your family and friends.

He wants more than just showing you off to his loved ones. He also wants to meet the important people in your life.

You must be really serious and brave to meet up with your parents as your older man because your parents might ask him numerous tricky questions about his past and age.

So if he decides to put himself in such an awkward situation, it’s an obvious sign that he is falling for you.

16) Every little thing he does implies care toward you.

If your man wants to do little things for you without being asked, then you can be sure that he’s falling in love with you.

For instance, if he asks you what your favorite food is and cooks it for you every time he comes to meet up with you, or if he offers to make breakfast and coffee before leaving for work without even asking, this is a very strong sign that he is falling in love with you.


Actions always speak louder than words!

17) He shares his belongings with you.

When a man falls in love with you, he’ll want to make sure that you accept him and he’s happy to share his belongings with you.

He might even give his wallet to you or even allow you to use his credit cards for your shopping.

If a guy willingly gives you his stuff without being forced, this is a sign that he cares about your opinions and wants to gain your trust.

His willingness to share anything signifies that he is falling in love with you.

18) He doesn’t mind spending money for you.

Is there a girl who wouldn’t appreciate free gifts and free meals?

Well, of course not! So if that older man is willing to pay for your coffee and most of the time a meal, this shows that he is already falling in love with you.

It shows that he’s generous enough to buy you things, even if it means he has to spend money unnecessarily.

Just remember:

You can make his day by smiling and simply saying thank you!

If a man is willing to pay for things for you, then I guarantee that there’s something about you that has caught his attention.

19) He loves sharing with you important things in his life.

If a man is willing to share his things and experience with you, then he’s already falling for you.

Remember that when it comes to mature men, sharing becomes an essential part of their interaction with others.

He wants to open up his life to you and pull you into his world!

He might not only tell you about things that are interesting or important to him but also share with you about his difficulties and downs.

So if your man wants to share his work, family, or his passion for collecting something with you, this is a very strong sign that he’s falling in love with you.

20) He’s willing to try new experiences for you.

When you are dating an older man, certainly, you will be different from each other in terms of preferences.

You could still want to go out and have a good time at nightclubs and events or do things that he has never done before.

However, if he accepts to go with you, it is an indication that he romantically like you.

He will do whatever just to see you happy!

21) For him, it isn’t all about sex.

Younger men tend to be more sexually motivated but for older men, it’s a bit different.

Older men value you beyond your physique and sex in general. He appreciates your intelligence, personality, and mindset.

He’ll go out of his way to make sure you feel loved, appreciated, and respected.

If this sign is ticked, then he might have definitely fallen for you!

22) He appreciates you for who you are.

He loves you just the way you are, without expecting you to be someone else.

When a man is falling for you he expresses appreciation toward you.

He’ll do whatever just to let you know how much he loves you and considers himself fortunate to have you in his life.

He could even tell you that you make him happy and that being with you makes him feel whole.

If he likes you for who you are and appreciates the way you make him feel, then it’s a strong sign that he’s falling in love with you.

23) He isn’t shy about physical affection.

Are you wondering if he is falling in love with you or not?

If he’s not comfortable showing affection in a public place, then he will lean towards touching or hugging you during a private moment.

Or better yet, it may be the first time that he has the urge to reach for your hand or pull you close for a kiss.

These are all signs that he is into you!

24) He always appears neatly in front of you.

If he starts wearing more of your favorite brands, or even dressing up to impress you, then it’s a clear sign that he’s falling in love with you.

It shows that he’s trying to please you, and also wants to look good in front of you.

If he’s willing to change his dress sense just to impress you, then I guarantee that there’s something special about you.


If he changes his dress sense without being asked, it shows that he truly cares about your opinion and wants to make you happy.

This is a powerful romantic act! Don’t underestimate it!

25) He’s unconcerned about what people say.

If he cares about you, he doesn’t even want to listen to the opinion of others.

He’ll stick with you no matter what others say about your relationship.

We all know that a lot of people don’t approve of age-gap relationships; however, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

This shows that he’s not worrying about what the world thinks of your relationship and that this romance is going somewhere.

He’s focused solely on your good sides and nothing else will matter to him. Not even his family or friends.

He’ll think about them but it won’t interfere with his feelings for you!

In conclusion

There are many signs that a man is falling in love. If you know the signs, it will be easy to tell who is falling in love with you or not.


It’s not always the words that speak the loudest! Sometimes, it’s the action of a man, which shows his true appreciation for you.

So, observing his behaviors is never a redundant thing to do!

If you’re one of those women who are dating older men, again, this article is just right for you!