10 definite signs an Australian man likes you (complete list)

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Let’s be honest: it can be really hard to tell if an Australian guy likes you or not. 

Guys can come across as super aloof and standoffish, particularly if they aren’t interested in a girl. 

If you’re trying to figure out whether or not an Australian guy is interested in dating you, there are lots of little things he might do that will clue you in. 

Here are 10 definite signs an Australian man likes you:

1) He notices you.

If you’ve noticed that your Australian guy friend seems to always be checking you out, this is a good sign. 

Even if he’s more of a shy guy, he’ll want to check out the girl he’s interested in. 

It’s true!

If you’re at a party and he steals glances at you, this might mean that he’s attracted to you. 

If he’s always looking for an opportunity to catch a glimpse of your face, he may have a crush on you. 

Make sure to check if he’s also looking at other girls the same way.

2) He helps you out.

If you’ve ever asked your Australian guy friend for a hand with anything and he’s come through with flying colors, this could mean that he likes you

An Australian guy who is interested in a girl is more than likely to want to make her happy. 

If you ever ask him for help and he goes above and beyond what anyone would reasonably expect of him, it’s likely because he likes you. 

If he loans you his notes after a class, holds the door open for you, or offers to walk with you home, these are all signs that he’s interested in you.

3) He gives you his full attention.

If your Australian guy friend ever goes out of his way to make sure you have his full attention, he’s probably into you. 

This can be as subtle as him making eye contact when you’re telling him about your day or as bold as him asking you to be his date to a party. 

When a guy is into you, he’ll want to make sure you don’t drift away because of his friends. 

He’ll want to be fully present for you because he wants a relationship with you. 

If you’ve ever caught him zoning out during one of your conversations and he snaps back to attention when you call him out on it, he might be trying to cover up his true feelings for you.

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4) He opens conversations with you.

If you’re ever walking around with your Australian guy friend and he suddenly starts up a conversation with you, he might be interested in you sexually. 

This can also mean that he just wants to be near you, and he thinks starting up a conversation is the best way to make this happen. 

If he’s ever asked you questions like, “What’s your favorite movie?” or, “What’s your dream vacation?”, he may be trying to open up a conversation so he can let you know how he feels. 

If he seems genuinely interested in what you have to say or he’s ever invited you to hang out after class, it may be because he wants to get to know you better and not because he’s just being a good friend.

5) He sticks up for you, even if it’s not entirely necessary.

If your Australian guy friend has ever defended you to someone who was picking on you or if he’s argued with someone on your behalf, he may have a crush on you. 

If he’s ever gotten into a nasty fight with your ex or a guy who was giving you a hard time, he’s likely trying to show you that he cares enough about you to defend your honor. 

This might seem over the top, but it’s almost always a guy who likes you who’s defending you.

6) He insists on paying for things.

If the guy you like insists on paying for your meals, drinks, or the occasional gift, he might like you. 

When you’re just friends, he’s likely to let you pay for stuff because he doesn’t want to offend you. 

If you ever notice him digging into his wallet every time you try to grab your credit card, he may be trying to tell you that he likes you.

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7) He’s prepared to walk with you.

If you’re walking home from school or work with your Australian guy friend and he’s always planning on walking you home, he may have feelings for you. 

While this is obviously something a good friend would do, it’s also something a guy does if he’s hoping to impress you.

If he ever offers to walk you home and you walk home with him, you may have caught his attention. 

If you notice any of these signs, it might be worth waiting to see if this is the beginning of a blossoming relationship. 

It’ll be hard to tell, but don’t be afraid to give him a nudge if you’re interested.

8) Australian guy pays attention to the things you like.

If an Australian guy is interested in you, he’ll probably start paying attention to the stuff you like. 


Because he’s trying to get to know you. 

If he’s still looking at the shirt or book or whatever that you were showing him on the first date (or even the second or third), that’s a really big sign. 

Any guy who is just being polite will have forgotten about most of the stuff you like by then.

If he just happens to have a passing interest in the same things you do, great. 

But if he has a genuine interest in you, he’ll remember the things you like and ask about them. 

If he’s clearly still taking an interest in the things you like weeks after you’ve started dating, it’s a good sign.

9) He makes you a cup of tea.

If he’s the type of guy who regularly offers to make his partner a cup of tea, he’s probably a pretty great guy. 

It’s a small, simple and thoughtful gesture that shows he cares. 

If he offers to make you a cup of tea after you’ve been dating for a while, he’s probably into you. 

Of course, it’s possible that he’s just being polite, but if he offers to make you a tea and you’re not sick, he’s probably into you. 

It’s just not something you would ever expect from someone who is just being polite. 

The gesture is a little old-fashioned, but it’s still a nice thing for him to do.

10) He compliments you.

If your Australian man really likes you, he’ll probably start complimenting you. 

This is one of the best signs that he has a crush on you, because it’s so easy to slip up. 

Remember this:

Most guys who don’t care much about a girl will be too nervous to compliment her at all, let alone regularly.

He might be so nervous that he only compliments you when you’re alone together. 

That’s a good sign that he doesn’t want his friends or family to see how into you he is.

If he’s getting bold enough to compliment you in front of other people, it’s a really big deal. 

The only time guys will do this is when they’re really confident in their feelings towards a girl.

So after knowing that an Australian man likes you, if you also have feelings for him, try to do these 3 things. 

1) Tell him your feelings.

First, you need to be a little bit brave and tell him how you feel about him. 

If he’s shy and nervous, he might not be able to bring up the subject. 

You will have to be brave if you want your relationship to grow. 

Let him know how you feel about him, whether it’s with words or with actions. 

Don’t wait for him to make the first move if you feel the same way about him.

2) Talk to him every day. 

Texting every day and calling a few times isn’t too much, right? 

If he’s interested, he’ll want to talk to you every day. 

If he wants to talk to you every day but still hesitates at first, that’s a good sign. 

It means he’s on the fence, but if enough time passes and he still hasn’t made that move, it might be time to back off. 

3) Take the next step and invite him to your house for the night. 

If he’s interested, he’ll want to sleep over. 

If he doesn’t want to sleep over, it might not be the right time. 

But if you think he seems interested, sleeping together is probably a good first step. 

Even if they like you, they might not be ready yet or they might be nervous that dating you will mess up your friendship.

Final thoughts:

If you’re ever wondering if your Australian guy friend is interested in you, it’s always worth reminding yourself of these signs before you start thinking about getting too serious.

If you’re friends with him, ask yourself if he’s really giving you everything he has. 

If you’ve ever dated an Australian guy and he was kind of shy, but still opened up to you a little bit more, he might be worth hanging out with.

None of the signs are foolproof, but if you notice enough of them, it’s a really good sign that he likes you

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