18 undeniable signs a married woman likes you but is trying to hide it

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There are plenty of signs that a woman likes you, but marriage is not one of them. 

The rules are different, and generally, once it comes to attracting the attention of a married woman, you’ll find that all the signs are reversed. 

There’s no better example than these 18 undeniable indications of when a married woman likes you but is trying to hide it.

1) She finds excuses not to meet up with you to make it seem like it’s for work-related purposes only

One of the first signs that a married woman likes you but is trying to hide it is that she finds excuses not to meet up with you.

She might say: “Sorry, I’m going to work late tonight” or even “I have to finish an important report.” When you try to set up a date, she gives you reasons why it’s not possible.

Let me explain why she’s doing this.

Deep down, she wants to see you and get to know you better, but she doesn’t want to get caught doing so. The reason? She doesn’t want her husband to find out about it.

She’s trying to keep herself from being suspected of something that could ruin her marriage and that is why she is giving you excuses not to meet up with her.

You might find other signs that come along with this one, such as suddenly canceling on you at the last minute, or avoiding your calls and texts.

2) She asks specific questions about you

If a married woman asks you a few questions about your past relationships or says things like “Are there any women who are asking to become your girlfriend?” then she’s definitely interested.

And if she tells you that she’s always believed in the fact that “men never change,” or tells you about her last boyfriend and why it didn’t work out, it’s very possible that she’s trying to get you to open up so that she can see what kind of a guy you are.

But she might ask in a subtle way, too. For instance, she might say: “You don’t seem too picky about women. I’ve been married for a long time and I still don’t know what I’m doing.”

So try to pay close attention to things like this because they can give you a lot of insight into what she really wants.

3) She complains about her husband but listens patiently to your complaints

Have you ever wondered why a married woman doesn’t mind complaining about her husband? And why she’s so patient when you complain about your colleagues, bosses, and managers?

It’s because she has feelings for you, and she doesn’t want to lose you by saying something wrong. She knows that she can talk to you about anything because you’re a guy whom she can trust.

She likes the way your personality shines through, and because of that, she trusts you more. It’s a way for her to get close to you without having to worry about ruining her marriage in any way.

But wait, there’s more!

Very few married women complain about their husbands in front of men they don’t even know. If you notice that she gets overly annoyed or impatient when talking about her husband, it’s a sign that you can take advantage of.

4)  She gets jealous when you talk about other girls 

If you’re talking about another girl to a married woman and she gets jealous, that’s a good sign. It means she likes you and doesn’t want to see you getting close to other women.

She will say things in a subtle or a cute way, such as: “That’s great that you’ve added another girlfriend to your collection. I’m glad to hear that she’s a good person.”

Or: “It’s always difficult to see that you’re not happy in your relationship. I’m happy for you no matter what.”

So, here’s the deal:

If you don’t talk about other girls around her and notice that she’s getting annoyed or jealous, then it’s safe to assume that she likes you. Pay attention to this one because it’s been known to help a lot of guys get a date with a married woman.

5) Her body language is more forward than the average married woman around you

If you’re trying to pick up on the signs that a married woman likes you, pay attention to her body language.

A married woman who likes you might act more forward than the average married woman around you. For example, she might:

  • Smile more at the end of your interactions (instead of smiling during them). 
  • Stand next to you instead of in front of you or alongside you.
  • Lean towards you when she’s listening.
  • Touch you more, or touch your arm when talking to you.

But sometimes, she may try to hide her feelings. At first, she may act like she doesn’t care about what you’re saying. You can try to ask her questions or try to start a casual conversation to see what happens.

6) You see her checking herself out in the mirror after being around you all-day 

When a woman likes you she is going to be more conscious about her appearance. It’s her way of trying to look good for you, and she does that by making sure that she always looks good before meeting up with you.

Another common thing for a woman who likes you is that she might check out her reflection in the mirror when she thinks you aren’t watching. It’s because there are times when we try to imagine how our guy might think of us, which can help us feel more comfortable around him.

So, if you notice that she seems to be checking herself out in the mirror while you’re around, it’s a pretty good sign!

7) She becomes a little distant when you speak about your girlfriend or wife 

Trust me, she’s trying to hide it but only you can notice that.

If you’re talking about your partner, she might be a little distant at first, but she’ll probably come around and get closer to you when you’re done talking.

Most married women do this because they don’t want to be seen as being interested in a guy who is already taken. They will want to make sure that they don’t make any mistakes so that they don’t get caught.

8) She compares her husband to you

Don’t think that it’s a bad thing that she does this. It’s actually a good sign because it means she is interested in exploring her feelings for you. Many times, we compare the people around us to see what qualities we like better.

For example, she might say: “You’re a better person than my husband. He can be very annoying sometimes.”

Or even: “My husband is too old for me and I can’t stand being around him when he’s drunk.”

If this happens, you have to take advantage of the situation because she’s showing you that she likes you – openly or subconsciously.

But remember she’s married.

If she has ever talked about getting a divorce or has hinted at it, then it’s very possible that she likes you.

Just because you see the signs that she likes you doesn’t mean that you should start flirting with her or try to get her number. Don’t be a jerk about this by moving too fast and losing a potentially good relationship. There are other women out there for you.

9) She keeps trying to show you how to do things

In most cases, when a married woman likes a guy, she will try to show him things. She wants to do this because it gives her the chance to be close to him without having to worry about getting in trouble with her husband.

She offers advice on things like how you should deal with workplace situations or how you should deal with your family – as if she’s trying to get close to you and get under your skin.

Sometimes, this can be confusing because you may not even notice that you’re learning something when she’s teaching you these things. It might be hard to figure out if she is trying to get close to you or just helping you because of her feelings for you.

10) She likes it when you make jokes about her husband

Here’s the truth:

She wants you to make fun of her husband because it gives her a chance to be more relaxed around you and she can show you that she doesn’t take things seriously.

She feels protected when you make fun of her husband – especially when it’s something harmless.

Pro tip:

Don’t mention something serious, like her husband’s job or health. She might not appreciate it and that may scare her off. Avoid saying anything that would make you look bad in front of her. This will give her the opportunity to laugh at you, instead of with you.

11) She keeps asking if your girlfriend is prettier than her

She might not be asking you this upfront, but she will bring it up as if it’s something that just pops into her head. She may also bring it up in a joking way.

You might be surprised why a married woman would ask another woman if they’re prettier than her, but the truth is that she wants to know if you like someone else.

If she’s asking you this question, then it means she likes you and that she’s comfortable around you. She is also trying to figure out if you like someone else, which will help her figure out a way to get out of her own marriage.

So be clear with your response. Just because she’s asking you this question doesn’t mean that you have to say yes.

12) Her husband is jealous of you

The fact is that she doesn’t show her true feelings in front of you but her husband knows what’s going on. 

He’s been married to her long enough to know when she’s being deceitful or if there is someone else that she likes.

Be careful if you’re talking to a married woman who shows open signs that she likes you. If she’s in a stable marriage, then she’s going to try to keep her feelings for you secret from her husband.

Although they may not be as obvious, there are signs that a married woman shows when she’s interested in you. Although no woman will come right out and say that she is interested in you, there are ways for you to find out if she does like you or not.


It’s always best to avoid having an affair. You will regret it later on. When you’re married, it’s better to focus your energy on your partner than to pursue someone who is already taken.

13) She does favors for you but gives nothing in return

If she’s doing things for you that should be done by her husband, then it means that she’s trying to get closer to you.

For example, if she cooks dinner for you and her husband, then it means that she is trying to get close to you. She’s also trying to show her husband how good of a person you can be.

She does favors like this because she wants you to notice that she’s doing these things for you. She may not even realize that she’s doing this, but it happens.

14) She becomes more vocal around you

Imagine what it would be like:

She’s quiet most of the time but then she starts talking more often when you’re around her. She might make small talk with you and ask you what you’re doing for the weekend or if you have any ideas about something that she hasn’t done yet.

This is a great sign because if she has something to say to you, it means that she’s making an effort to get closer to you. She’s willing to spend more time with you and she’s trying to get things started.

15) She tells you about her marital problems

As we’ve discussed before, any married woman that is interested in you will tell you about their marital problems.

A married woman who tells you about her problems with her husband puts herself in danger. She is strengthening the bond between you two.

But what if she tells you that she has been feeling like there is no love in her marriage? What if she opens up to you about the issues that are bothering her?

Keep in mind:

You risk getting into trouble because everything that she does and says must be analyzed by your partner. Or maybe, they’ll figure out that you’ve been doing something wrong and it will cause her to have an affair.

16) She is more vulnerable around you than she would be in front of a mixed crowd

If you’ve ever had a conversation with her, you have probably noticed that she’s more comfortable around you than she would be in front of a mixed crowd.

If she’s comfortable around you, then it means that she trusts you. She might even feel more comfortable talking to you.

This gives her the opportunity to tell you what is bothering her and what is troubling her – two things that married women won’t tell anyone else.

17) She asks for your opinion about what to buy for the children

Not every married woman asks you for advice on buying things for their kids, but if she does then it means that she feels comfortable around you.

She wants to be with you because as time goes by, she will start talking to you more often and telling you more about herself.

This will give her an opportunity to show off her sense of humor while she’s shopping with you. She’s going to make jokes and have a good time while she’s with you. This shows that she really likes you and has fun when she is around you.

18) She leaves her wedding ring at home when she’s with you

This is a big one:

One of the signs that a married woman is interested in you but tries to hide her feeling is that she will leave her wedding ring at home when she’s with you.

The marital bonds that she has with her husband are strong, but if a married woman leaves her ring at home, then there is a chance that it means that she wants to start something new.

But there’re also several reasons she might do this such as:

She might want to show the world that she’s not married or committed. She might be making a statement that she is single and ready to mingle. Maybe you’re an attractive male that has a way with women, so she’s going to try to make it clear that this is not her husband.

You can’t trust every sign that a married woman gives you about her feelings for you. So when you notice these signs, try to read into them. Pay close attention and figure out what she might be trying to say as she shows off each sign.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this article gave you some insight into the signs that a married woman gives off when she is interested in you.

She’s going to try to hide her feeling but eventually, she’ll come clean. It might take months or even years for her to tell you exactly how she feels about you.

Just remember:

You should never engage in an affair with a married woman. It’s not worth it. If you’re going to pursue a married woman, then make sure that you end the connection before she admits her feelings for you.

Have you had any of these signs before? What other signs have women shown when they’ve shown interest in you? Leave a comment below and let me know!