Signs a married woman is trying to seduce you

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Are you looking for ways to tell if a married woman likes you?

Because you recently felt that a married woman likes you, but you are not 100% sure. 

So let’s find out the signs that a married woman likes you below, to see if she likes you or not!

1) She always finds a reason to be near you

One of the first signs that a married woman is trying to seduce you is if she makes an extra effort to spend time with you. She asks you to hang out with her.

She wants to go for dinner and drinks with you.

She tries to include you in social gatherings.

This is not a coincidence, but a sign that she indeed likes you. She is actively trying to spend more time with you. If she is married, it means that she has found an opportunity to get closer to the man that attracts her.

2) She can’t take her eyes off you

Another sign that a married woman is trying to seduce you is if she stares at you.

Many married women simply can’t stop looking at the man that attracts them. It’s not because she is attracted to everything about him, but rather something specific about him. For example, his eyes, smile, physique, and so on.

She will find excuses to look at you even when nothing is going on around her. For example, if it’s a table of three and you are with your two friends plus her husband.

3) She gets jealous when you talk about other women

One of the big signs that a married woman is trying to seduce you is if she gets jealous when you talk about other women.

This happens because she feels like you are poking at her, even if it’s not intentional on your part. She wants to make sure that you can’t walk away from her again, and thus she gets jealous when you talk about other women. But why is that?

The reason is once again because she likes you and doesn’t want to lose out on a good opportunity.

4) She wants to know all about your life and family

She asks a lot about your life and family. She wants to know more about your family.

She wants to know where you grew up, how you were raised, and what your family was like. All things that are not normally of interest to her. She is trying to get a sense of all the people that matter to you, as she slowly builds a rapport with them.

This is often a sign that she is interested in you and making sure that she can get closer to you at least on an emotional level.

5) She lies to her husband about where she is when she’s with you

If she starts lying to her husband about where she is when she’s with you, it means that she wants to get closer to you. 

She knows that she and you aren’t a couple and she can lie to her husband because she is sure he won’t find out. She may lie about where she is going or why she took so long to get ready for a night out with you.

The point is, if you notice that she always has a reason to be away from her husband, then this is one of the ways for her to connect with you on another level.

6) She likes you more than her male or another co-worker

Pay attention to how she treats you, compared to how she treats other people at work. If she likes you and pays attention to you more than other men at work, then you can read that as a sign that she is trying to seduce you.

She will look for opportunities to work with you and remain closer to you. Because this is always the case when a woman has a crush on someone. She wants that person all for herself as much as possible.

This is not about “nice” treatment, but rather about how she treats others in comparison with how she treats you.

7) She finds every reason to touch you

Yet another sign that a married woman is trying to seduce you is if she finds every reason to touch you.

For example, she touches your arm, shoulders, face, and hands. She tries to make sure that you are paying attention to her by touching you here and there.

This is often a sign that she wants you to have more physical contact with her. This is a form of flirtation because she wants you to notice her when it’s not necessary.

8) She can’t stop talking about you and going on and on about how much she likes you

If she can’t stop talking about how much she likes you, trust me, it means she likes you a lot.

She is so persistent that she suddenly won’t stop talking about you. She is telling everyone about you and even asks her friends if they have seen you lately.

She may tell them what to do if they can’t find you, or tell them that she has already talked to you and heard about all the things that happened.

9) She texts you in the evening or on a day off

She texts you just to see how you’re doing and just to make sure that everything is good, or she texts you just to see what your plans are for the future.

She wants to keep in touch with you, but this may be more than just friendly texting. She may have another reason for texting you in the evening or on a day when you don’t normally get many messages from her.

10) She invites you to meet in person

If you notice that she is having trouble getting in touch with you, then this is another sign that she wants to get closer to you.

She will start inviting you for coffee or lunch to see you in person. This is because she likes and wants more of your time which is why she tries to contact you more frequently.

11) She buys you a gift or personal item

This is a common tactic for a woman trying to seduce you if she buys you a gift or personal item.

For example, if she had lunch with you and was there for 10 minutes only, then she may give you something that she made or took time to make herself. She wants to see you again and will do anything to get her way.

12) She always laughs at your jokes

You have probably said a few jokes that weren’t great, but this doesn’t matter. A married woman will laugh at all of your funny jokes and make you feel better about yourself.

It’s not that she finds your jokes funny only because it’s a sign that she likes you, but because she is laughing with you and telling you things like “I love hearing those kinds of jokes” are real conversations that people have in the real world.

13) She puts more effort into her appearance

She started wearing heels and putting on makeup even when coming to work or meeting you in person. She’ll try to dress as well as she can. This makes her appear more feminine and attractive. 

She knows that if she wants to seduce you, then she must look good because a man will not be attracted to a woman who looks unattractive.

14) She talks about her marital issues with you

When talking to you she will talk about her husband and how she feels about him. This is because she is trying to break the ice and make you feel close to her. She wants to get closer to you so that she can help with your marriage problems.

Another thing is that if she talks about her marital problems with you it’s because she knows that you have relationship issues and needs your advice.

15) She avoids mentioning her personal life

She may mention her job, friends, and family, but she doesn’t talk about her personal life. This means that she is trying to keep it a secret. She knows that you probably don’t want to hear about her personal life and, therefore, she tries to avoid the subject.

She knows that if you don’t hear anything about her involvement with another man then you’ll continue thinking that there isn’t any other person involved in your relationship other than yourself.

What to do when a married woman likes you?

If you see many of the signs we mentioned above appearing in her, you may be wondering one of two things: “returning her love” and “Not returning her feelings, no know what to do so she doesn’t get awkward.”

But let’s try to slow down a bit. She likes and flirts with you, which doesn’t necessarily mean she wants a serious relationship with you, she may not even have any intention of getting a divorce.

Sometimes she just wants a little new fun in life after boring days. But that doesn’t mean she can’t help but do the same.

If you still want to return her feelings, consider a few things first:

  • Does she have children? Think about whether you would feel comfortable being in a family with her children
  • Are you her colleague? Infidelity at work often makes you awkward or becomes the subject of office gossip
  • Do you like her? Or just because you’re enjoying her interest

What to do when you don’t want to return her feelings:

Don’t pay attention to her when she tries to flirt or be nice to you

You might be tempted to reciprocate or even flirt with her, but don’t do it.

Let your relationship stop at the friend or colleague level and don’t let things go any further if you don’t want a complicated ending.

Don’t show interest in how she looks

Reciprocate innocent flirtations or affection, but don’t let her know if you’re interested in her or not. Do not let her see you staring at her or listening to her when she speaks, because she will take this as a sign that you’re interested in what she’s saying.

Don’t ask her personal questions or give her advice

Don’t let the conversation go too far: you don’t want to encourage her in your private life or anything, so any advice and personal information can be dangerous.

You do not want to get involved in a mess with another man.

Don’t pay attention to the words that come out of her mouth

She may come up with some “lovely” or “seductive” things to say about you, but don’t fall for them.

Take them with a grain of salt and just ignore them. 

Avoid being ready to pick her up whenever she wants to see you

The other problem that you are facing is that she may be your colleague. Even if you have no intention of getting involved with a married woman, it’s not uncommon to have a little “fun” with your colleagues.

This can cause a bit of stress at work because you start to become friends and she starts to think about you as more than just an acquaintance.

Don’t be available for her every time she needs you

And remember, if you don’t want to return her feelings, you don’t have to respond to her every time she calls you or asks for your help. If you’re going on a business trip, do not feel guilty about leaving her behind. Avoid unnecessary complications and try to have a good time.

Follow your gut and stay away from this kind of affair as much as possible.

Learn to say no firmly but politely

If a married woman is not going away, you can say no and explain why you can’t meet up with her or give her a call.

No rule says that you have to respond to all of your married friend’s invitations, so do not feel guilty about declining your friendship with her. It’s better to remain friends with her because other women just want to be friends and have no intention of getting committed.

Don’t show interest in her personal life

No, you don’t want to know anything about her personal or secret life, because the more you know, the more complicated it becomes.

And if you’re interested in her life, even if it’s just being a good friend to her, we can assume that she is getting closer to you and there is a greater possibility for an affair.

Tell her that you’re dating someone else or that you want to be single

If you don’t want to get involved with an affair that could ruin your career, you can tell her that you like someone else, that you’re too busy to be seeing anyone, or that you just want to be single.

Be direct in this case and don’t mince your words when saying what you mean.

Don’t act like reciprocating her feelings, even if it’s normal, it’s nothing serious, but it can make her understand

You don’t want to make her feel like you’re interested in a deeper relationship, so if you don’t return her feelings and she can tell, then it will be good for her to understand that you are not ready.

And even if she feels bad about it, she’ll be able to handle it easily because she’s just playing around with her feelings and doesn’t want a serious relationship.

Final thoughts

I hope this article helped you in understanding what to do and what not to do when a married woman seduces you.

If you want to maintain your work and relationship status, don’t try to overwhelm a married woman either. You should read the signs carefully so that you can’t be caught off guard by her behavior and can make decisions correctly for the long term. If you’re always afraid of getting found out, then it’s better that you just keep your distance from someone married. 

And if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask them in the comments below, or you can contact me directly through my email address with anything.

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Thank you.