11 definite signs a Korean guy likes you (complete guide)

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Are you struggling to tell if that cute Korean guy likes you or not? 

It can be hard to tell. Asian guys tend to be shy around girls and are not as forward as other guys when it comes to expressing their feelings. They tend to keep things on the down-low, so spotting those subtle signs of affection may prove challenging at first. 

But fear not, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll talk about 11 undeniable signs a Korean guy likes you. Stay with us till the end because we’ve also included a helpful tip session at the end!

1) He is always on the phone with you

Korean guys are not very big on face-to-face conversations, they prefer to communicate through phone calls. This is because they don’t want to come off as too enthusiastic and lack the confidence to speak up in person at first.

So when a Korean guy has a crush on you, he’ll be constantly on the phone with you. He’ll call you every day and make sure that you know that he is thinking about you. 

This way, he can keep himself from being too forward and trying to make things happen too quickly.

But not every Korean guy is like this – it all depends on how shy he is and whether or not he’s been rejected by a girl in the past. 

2) He strives to be “Oppa”

Here’s an interesting fact:

Korean men have a huge desire to be “Oppa”, or older brothers to younger girls. The “Oppa” concept is so important to them, that many of them will take on the role of an older brother (without ever having a younger sister). 

When they do this, they will take on the role of protector and caretaker to the girl they like. They are willing to shoulder her everyday struggles and will be there to help her fulfill her dreams.

So when you see that a certain Korean guy is always right there defending you, that’s why. He wants to make sure that you realize how important you are.

3) He is very protective of you

When a Korean guy likes you, he will definitely step up his game.  

He will be very attentive, careful, and protective of you. He will want to see to it that nothing bad or unfortunate happens to you, and he’ll be the one who takes care of your problems for you. He’ll be the one who makes sure that you are safe at all times.

It’s also important to note that this isn’t because he is simply trying to impress you – it’s because he actually cares about your well-being. 

This can be tricky, as some guys don’t like talking about their feelings, so they may not even know why they are acting this way towards you – but try not to let this kind of thing bother you! It’s what they felt they needed to do outta the goodness in their hearts. 

4) He always checks to see if you’re looking at him

I bet you’ve watched Korean drama series on TV, right?

Do you know how the male lead in those dramas will go to great lengths to check up on the girl he likes?


Because he wants to make sure that she isn’t forgetting about him. He believes that if she’s not paying attention to him, then it means she doesn’t like him. And that would mean that he isn’t important enough for her not to be paying attention to!

Well, the same principle applies here – Korean guys will always look for ways of keeping you in mind – and making sure you are looking at them. They’re very observant and always looking for ways to show their interest and affection towards you. 

5) He gives you all his stuff to hold

Imagine this:

When a Korean guy gives you his wallet, phone, car keys, etc. at a party, he is interested in you because you now have all his stuff! It means you are now officially someone he cares about. It also shows that he trusts you enough to let you have his stuff.

But wait, there’s more!

According to YouTubers Rachel and Jina Kim, if a Korean guy hands you his phone, he’s giving you a clear sign that he’s single. It’s an “open invitation.”

6) He volunteers to take a shot for you

Koreans are very intensive when it comes to drinking games, especially in a group. They will do their best to make you laugh and have fun, so if you are drunk enough, they will start pouring shots for one another.

In case you can’t drink, and he offers to be your knight in shining armor and do a shot for you, he’s basically saying that he likes you. (But don’t ever get drunk! Better to be sober than embarrassed!)

One nice thing about a guy who does this for you is that he probably has confidence in himself, and doesn’t feel awkward about having to take shots for you.

7) He hangs on your every word while you talk

When a Korean guy is interested in you, he will do his best to get as much of your attention as he can. This includes watching every word that you say. 

It’s not because he wants to make you uncomfortable (that would not be a good sign!) – it’s because he wants to get to know you better. He may even ask questions like what your hobbies are or how old you are, just so that he can find out stuff about you. 

He’ll also listen intently to your answers and take them seriously, which shows how much he likes you.

8) He dresses nicer

One of the biggest ways a Korean guy will try to prove how good he is to you is by dressing really nice. When he meets up with you, he’ll be decked out in the nicest clothing he has.

Korea is known for its fashion, so you can expect him to really look his best. He’ll also want to wear something that matches whatever you are wearing, too. 

If you notice that he’s trying to dress better around you, he likes you (or is trying to impress you!). Be sure to tell him how nice he looks! 

9) He can’t look away

This is a bit more of an obvious sign.

When you are busy doing something and your Korean guy friend can’t keep his eyes off of you, he’s probably interested in you. 

Many Korean guys have been raised to respect women, so he will try to be subtle about looking at you. But if he’s really shy and it’s obvious that he’s trying not to notice you, then it’s probably because you look nice or you are doing something that looks cool or pretty. 

Here’s a tip that can test if he’s interested in you:

  • Pretend like you didn’t notice that he was watching you and just keep talking to him normally.
  • After about a minute of this, ask him a question. But make it a really broad question that could lead to endless conversation. For example: “What did you do this weekend?” or “How far is the beach from here?”
  • See if he can keep up the conversation! If he seems to be struggling with the conversation, then he’s definitely into you!

10) He always laughs when you say something funny

Korean guys tend to be sensitive and they don’t like it when people make fun of them or react negatively to them. 

So when a Korean guy laughs when you say something funny, he likes you. He’s laughing at the fact that you are comfortable enough with him to joke around with him and not care what he thinks about it. 

This is also a great sign that he is friendly and down to earth, too!

11) He makes a lot of jokes about you 

As we’ve discussed before, Korean guys are often quiet but quite sensitive, so they look down on jokes, and will sometimes not get them at all.

On the other hand, Korean guys do love to make jokes at the expense of everyone else!

If you are always the center of his jokes, he actually likes you. He’s using your “position” as his skit partner to show how funny he thinks you are. 

Final thoughts

We’ve covered 11 great signs that a Korean guy likes you. But remember, it’s just as easy for a Korean guy to hide his feelings as well. He can be very shy and not say much at all. 

For this reason, it is important that you give a guy plenty of space and don’t do anything to hurt his feelings. This will show him that you aren’t just after him for his looks – and only his looks. If he likes you, he will be a gentleman about it and make sure that you have fun, too.

Try to dig a little deeper into these signs as well!

If he really likes you, he will do so in a subtle and non-obvious way. So don’t just rely on these signs for confirmation!

And finally, you’ll never know if a guy is interested in you until you give him an opportunity. When he makes an effort to make sure that you have fun and are having a good time, that’s when his interest is most likely to come out.