12 definite signs a girl regrets rejecting you (Complete guide)

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There’s nothing worse than getting rejected by the girl of your dreams. 

To make matters even worse, most men can’t read the signs that a girl is playing it cool and keeping her options open. That leaves you feeling confused and unsure if there’s any hope of getting back in her good graces. 

In fact, many guys take rejection so poorly that they sabotage their own chances at a relationship with this woman. 

Luckily, there are subtle clues that a girl regrets turning you down that may give you a second chance. Here are 12 definite signs that will tell you if a girl seriously regrets rejecting your advances:

1) She tries to make it up to you later on that night

If you’ve been rejected at the beginning of an evening and she goes back out into the club after that happens, chances are she is trying to make things up with you. 

This is usually done by flirting heavily, giving you “accidental” touch ups and generally showing off for your benefit. 

Believe it or not, girls actually hate rejecting guys, and they don’t like to be the one responsible for someone else feeling bad. 

If this happens to you, chances are she wants to make up for it with a little physical contact.

When you see a girl doing this, pay attention and try to see if she is looking at you or not.

2) She makes an unexpected phone call

If a girl makes an unexpected phone call to you, it’s a clear sign that she is considering giving you another shot.

Moreover, if it’s more than one hour after the initial rejection, chances are she is trying to put you at ease and convince herself that she made the right choice by not accepting your invitation.

So if you get a call at 2 AM in the morning, don’t be too quick to ignore it.

There’s a chance that she is trying to make things right with you.

Just make sure the conversation lasts for at least 10 minutes.  

If it’s less than that, she may have just been drunk or looking for an excuse to call someone she knows.  

3) She becomes interested in your hobbies

If you notice that your rejection is affecting a girl’s interest in your hobbies and pastimes, this could be the first sign of regret. 

Oftentimes girls will avoid guys who have hobbies, especially those with “negative” connotations like sports and video gaming. 

However, if you notice that she has changed her opinion about these things after rejecting you, then it is a sign that she would at least consider giving you a second chance.

Squeeze every bit of information you can out of her about the things she is interested in, and offer her your thoughts on those topics. 

Perhaps the way you were talking about the subject before wasn’t intriguing enough for her to consider getting to know you better.

If you try again, and she has a different attitude after a few days, this is probably a sign that she regrets rejecting you.  

4) She makes excuses for why she didn’t see your charms in the first place

Some girls will try to make up excuses for why they rejected you. 

However, it’s also a sign that there is a part of her brain that wants to justify making the wrong choice, meaning that eventually, she will regret rejecting you.

All you have to do is let her talk and listen to what she has to say.

If she is constantly going over the reasons why she turned you down in the first place, it’s a good sign that she is trying to convince herself that your original interest wasn’t genuine.

However, keep in mind that if this happens more than once, there’s a chance she is acting annoyed with you or wants you to change your behavior.

If she makes excuses followed by a request for you to change your behavior, it’s probably a sign that she is trying to keep her options open and doesn’t regret rejecting you.  

So, I encourage you to think of your failures as learning experiences.

5) She’s clingy

If after your first introduction, you meet up with her a second time and she shows you an unwarranted amount of attention (and make no mistake, it is unwarranted), then odds are that she regrets rejecting you.

Moreover, this kind of behavior usually indicates that she at least considers you to be more cute than repulsive, which means that her previous decision to turn you down wasn’t based on any real merit.

Stick around, keep talking, and she’ll be more than likely to see you in another light.

Also, she’ll be more than willing to give you another shot so long as you are willing to do the same. 

6) She tries to bring it up later on in the conversation

Many people have had a girl try to bring your rejection up when they don’t have any actual interest in you. 

If she does this, and you find yourself talking about those initial interactions again, chances are that she is trying to relive the excitement of the moment so she can “relive” it later on with someone else.

If this happens, you can take it as a positive sign because it shows that she is thinking about you and that she wants to bring up the memories. 

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7) She starts to seem bitter and jealous when other girls are interested in you

If you happen to meet a girl who has rejected you and then starts watching every move that you make, she is probably going to show some kind of jealousy if other women are interested in you.

This usually happens when she sees another woman showing an interest in the same qualities that led her to reject you in the first place.

In this case, she will try her hardest to make that woman look bad in front of your eyes, and get you for herself at any cost.

Believe me , there’s nothing worse than getting a rejection, then having a girl start to act jealous.

It shows that she wants you, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get you.

So if you notice this behavior, take note of the other women who are showing interest in you, as well as your overall demeanor when she is in your presence (or nearby).

If a girl gives you a rejection, there’s a very good chance that she is regretting it and wants another chance with you. 

This technique has worked for me many times over the years and will work for you too.

8) She starts being more flirtatious toward you

If a girl rejects you, she will usually start to become more friendly to you in order to try and earn your trust back. 

If she does this, it means that she is definitely interested in you, but for some reason or another, rejected your advances.

For example, if you asked her out before and she said no, now that you’re talking again, she’ll probably be a little more forward with her flirtation.

This is especially true if there is alcohol involved at any point during the interaction.

Let’s be honest, when a girl is trying to be more flirtatious with you, it means she’s interested. 

Take advantage of this, and move your interaction forward.

9) She invites you to meet up with her later on

When a girl rejects you, she will usually offer you an out of the blue invitation to do something else at a later date.

This is a good way for her to invite you to meet up with her without letting on that she was rejected, and also helps her avoid getting into trouble with other women who might be threatened by this new development.

This is usually done by pretending like you didn’t get rejected at all, and acting as if this was all arranged before you even made your first move.

Even if it seems like she is making a big deal out of asking you out, try not to blow the opportunity. 

Even if she did reject you in the past, there’s always a chance that something could come up where she wants to see you again.

If anything else, it’s a good way to get her to think about you in a different light.

10) She changes her hair before your next meeting

Girls love to change their hair. 

It’s a way for them to try something new and usually feels like a fresh start for them. 

If you’ve been rejected by a girl and then when you see her again, she’s got a whole new do, there’s a chance that she is trying to impress you by looking better than before.

If this happens, don’t be afraid to let her know how much you like it, and offer compliments on the new look.

It’s a good way for her to know that you are giving another try, and can help progress your interaction in a positive direction.

By complimenting her new look, she’ll be more likely to see you in a better light.

11) She invites you over to her place

If you ask a girl out and she says no, then asks if you can come over to her place at a later date, there’s a good chance that she is already thinking about the possibility of a second chance.

Girls will often talk about plans for future dates with guys they want to impress. 

If you see this behavior, don’t be afraid to accept it.

In fact, you should say yes to being invited over to her place.

It can give you a chance to get closer and show that you are interested in pursuing things with her.

You will probably notice that she has changed her hairstyle or makeup again, so take advantage of this again, and take it from there.

12) She asks you to hang out with her friends

If you ask a girl out, she’ll most likely decline, and then ask if you can hang out with her friends instead. Not only is this incredibly romantic, it is one of the best ways to get her back into your arms.

Girls are naturally very social and tend to be around other girls more often than you might think. 

This means that being invited to hang out with other girls is a fine way for her to show that she wants more than just one encounter with you.

Moreover, you will have the chance to meet some of her friends, who she may think of as an authority when it comes to guys.

There’s a good chance that these friends will vouch for you and make her see you in a more positive light.

What can you do when you see these signs? 

1) Go out there and do the best you can to impress her friends

Simply by showing that you are fun and interesting to hang out with, your chances of getting her back are greatly increased.

2) Let her know that you agree with what she’s saying about you. 

If she thinks well of you, she is likely to feel more comfortable around you and make a move that will lead to your second chance. 

3) Ask her if you can kiss her on the cheek if you see the opportunity.

This is a good way to build up more trust and to make progress in your interaction. 

It will also get her used to your physical affection and can help lead her back into your arms.

4) If everything else fails, ask for a dance

Dancing your girl close is a good way to get her in your arms and to build attraction. 

After you’ve had enough fun with them, take the first opportunity that comes your way to make a move. 

5) Let your confidence do the hard work

If you are confident and show her that you are sure of yourself, she’ll be more likely to be attracted to you.

Even if you’ve been rejected by this girl before, these signs will still help your chances. 

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