15 undeniable signs a girl likes you but is not ready for a relationship

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You probably have someone specific in mind if you’re asking, “How do I know if a girl likes me?”.  

If you’ve noticed that hot girl across the office and she smiles at you, this is a good place to start. 

But, don’t jump to conclusions just yet – there are some other things to consider before making any assumptions.

Keep in mind that any girl can show interest in somebody and then take it back later on; a first date does not always mean a relationship will follow.

Here are 15 signs a girl likes you but is not ready for a relationship.

1) She’s not interested in making plans with you.

If she doesn’t seem excited about making plans with you, even when you try to get her to commit to something, she might not be interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you. 

This is especially true if you’re interested in seeing each other more often and she keeps putting off plans with you. 

If she’s busy a lot of the time and doesn’t have time for dates and doesn’t seem to care if you’re around, she may want to keep you around as a friend. 

When you ask her out and she doesn’t respond, she may be hoping you’ll give up and go away. If she likes you a lot, she’ll make time for you even if she’s busy or tired.

2) She is playful and flirty, but then stops.

If a girl is constantly playful and flirty, then she’s likely trying to get your attention. If she stops all of that and only seems normal, then there’s a good chance that she likes you. 

However, if she turns quiet and only seems normal and she doesn’t try to get your attention anymore, then there’s a good chance that she’s done with you. 

If she was constantly playful and flirty with you, but then all of a sudden she’s like normal, then there’s a good chance that she likes you. 

In which case, you’ll want to either stop trying to get her attention or keep trying until you get a response out of her. If she likes you, then she’ll respond to you, regardless of how busy she is.

3) She constantly cancels plans at the last minute.

When a girl likes you, she will try to see you as much as possible. 

If she is not over her insecurities and wants to take things slow, she might cancel plans when she doesn’t have to. This might not be because she doesn’t want to see you. 

It might be because she doesn’t want to be in that situation, where she has to discuss her feelings. She might be afraid of being judged or rejected, so she won’t put herself out there.

4) She rarely compliments you and when she soes, it is vague.

A girl who likes you is telling you that she likes you a lot. 

If she doesn’t say it in so many words, she is still telling you. Vague compliments are a signal that she is uncomfortable with how she feels. 

She doesn’t want to make you feel awkward by telling you directly how she feels. 

5) She’s started treating you like a best friend.

If a girl you like starts treating you more like a best friend than a potential boyfriend, then it might be time to step back and take a look at your situation. 

You’re definitely on her mind, and she’s interested. But she’s also trying to downplay the idea of you two getting too close, so she’s treating you more like a platonic friend. 

That might be a signal that she’s not ready for a relationship—or it might just be a sign that she likes you. 

6) She doesn’t introduce you to her friends and family.

When a woman likes you, she may want to introduce you to her friends and family members as her potential boyfriend or even future husband. 

If she hasn’t introduced you to her friends and family (and you’re sure that you’ve read the signs correctly), it may be because she isn’t seeing you as anything more than a friend. 

If she hasn’t introduced you to her friends and family, but she’s still talking to you a lot and frequently hanging out with you, she may not be ready to introduce you to her friends yet.

7) You’ve been texting for a while without her responding.

Girls who are interested in you will usually respond to your texts right away. 

If she’s been keeping you waiting too long, or if she hasn’t responded to your texts at all, then she might not be interested in you. 

She might be busy or just plain not feeling you, and doesn’t want to say anything. 

It’s possible that she is just being cautious or doesn’t want to make comments that will attract too much attention. 

When she finally talks to you, she might not give clear-cut answers to your questions. Instead, she might be vague so that people don’t think she likes you. 

8) She doesn’t share intimate details about her life with you.

When you’re dating someone, you tend to share more details about your life with them, especially if you’re interested in a serious relationship. 

If she doesn’t share intimate details about her life with you, it could be because she’s not ready to tell you those things yet. 

This could be because she doesn’t feel completely comfortable with you yet and doesn’t want to open up completely. 

If you’ve already spent a lot of time together, she may not feel like she can start sharing intimate details about her life with you yet.

9) She still hangs out with her exes (and may still have feelings for them).

If she still hangs out with her exes and has feelings for them, this may be a sign that she isn’t ready to date you or anyone else. 

If she still has feelings for her exes, it may mean that she isn’t over them or that she isn’t prepared to move on yet. 

If she frequently mentions how great her exes are or if she brings them up in conversation, it may be a sign that she isn’t completely over them yet.

10) She is looking for something casual.

You might be more interested in a casual relationship, but she might only be attracted to you for the moment. 

She wants to try you out and see if there’s something there because she’s still not ready for a relationship. 

But as soon as her feelings mature and she realizes that she is attracted to you, then she’ll come around. 

11) She’s not ready for a relationship because her family doesn’t recommend it.

She’s not ready for a relationship because her family doesn’t recommend it.

She can have fun and be casual, but she doesn’t want to get too serious and risk hurting a guy who is just playing around with her. 

Or, if she trusts you enough to consider something more, then her parents may disapprove of the relationship altogether and forbid her from going after the guy. 

12) She thinks you’re clingy.

She may not be ready for a relationship because she thinks you’re clingy and she doesn’t want to get into the relationship too quickly. 

She feels pressured by your actions to an extent that it has hindered her from seeing what is going on in the relationship. 

She wants to step back and figure out whether or not you are someone she wants to be with before moving forward. 

13) She doesn’t touch or hugs you (outside of greeting/goodbye).

When you hug or kiss on the cheek, it’s usually a sign that you’re into each other romantically. 

If she doesn’t do these things, it may be because she doesn’t want to lead you on or is hoping to avoid hurting you. 

However, if you’ve already made it clear that you’re interested in dating and she doesn’t touch you, it could be a sign that she’s not interested in being anything more than friends. 

If she seems uncomfortable when you try to kiss her or hug her, it’s possible that she doesn’t want to be physically affectionate with you at all—even as friends.

14) She’s just testing you.

You may be ready for a girlfriend, but she’s just testing you. 

She’s trying to see what it would be like if you two were together. 

She’s trying to see if you make good boyfriend material. 

But until she sees that she’s ready for something more, then don’t take it personally and move on.

15) She hasn’t mentioned the word “dating.”

If she hasn’t suggested that you start dating, even when you’ve made it clear you’re interested in that, it’s quite possible that she isn’t ready for a relationship, whether it be casual or serious. 

If you’ve already talked about dating and she says that it’s too soon, she may not be ready to take that step. 

If you’ve discussed dating and she has no desire to do so, she may not be ready for anything serious.

What should you do when faced with such a situation?

1) Try some reverse psychology.

Reverse psychology works well in many scenarios. 

Take away the things that she wants, and see if she takes notice of your absence. 

See what happens when you take away your time with her and see who’s left there waiting for you. 

If she comes right back, then she may have been playing games with you, to begin with. 

2) Give her a kiss she can’t resist.

Girls love the attention of a guy who is interested in them and someone who can kiss well. 

Give her a good kiss before you move on, and see how she responds. 

If she does respond positively to your kissing skills, then there’s nothing wrong with giving her another go.

3) Craft compelling date ideas.

Study her for a few days to see what she likes, and then put that together with a really good date. 

She’s going to be eager to get out with you and will want to try it out. 

She may be playing games with you about being interested, but there is still a chance for you. 

Put your best foot forward when crafting her dream date, and expect her to open up more if she can feel your genuine interest in her.

4) Ask her what she wants.

Ask her what she wants from a guy, and then show her how you are the perfect guy for her. 

Speak to her about things that she enjoys and make them a part of your date so that it feels like it was all planned out by you. 

If you can get over yourself and become the perfect boyfriend, then this will work in your favor.

5) Put your best foot forward.

Sometimes showing your true self is the only way you can get a girl to like you. 

If you are showing her your best foot forward, then she will be interested in who you are and maybe open up more to you. 

Don’t hide who you are and what it is that attracts her, because she will lose interest if she doesn’t feel any interest in you. 

She’s going to feel something if she likes what she sees from you and that is when the real fun can start.

6) Wait it out.

She’s probably testing you to see if she can trust you, and if you don’t let her down, then she may start to fall for you. 

This is a test of patience and consistency. You must be consistent with your actions and persist in the same way that got her attention to begin with. 

7) Make friends with her friend group.

If you want to date her, then you have to get to know her friends. 

Her family members will be very involved in the relationship, but if you want to get close to her, then you have to take the time and make an effort to get close to her friends. 

Don’t let them close you out of her life too soon. 

8) Challenge her

Since you’re left in a predicament, wondering why “she doesn’t want a relationship but she likes me,” you may feel nervous around her. 

The thing is, you’re screwing yourself over by always catering to her needs. Your kindness is likely going to be mistaken for weakness, which inevitably will land you a place in the dreaded friend zone. 

The trick is to take the initiative and make it clear what you want. Make her see that you’re not going to put up with any nonsense. 

She needs to know that you’ll be there for her even if it’s not romantic, and she will respect your manliness. 

If she sees that you care about her, then she may begin to think about cementing a relationship with you.


No matter how good or bad things are or how much you want a girl to like you, these tips can help you. 

You just need to put in the time and effort and be patient

The right girl is out there waiting for you and the right step will come when she’s ready. 

If you keep putting yourself out there, she will show that she likes you all on her own, without needing any more encouragement from your end of the deal.

And if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask them in the comments below, or you can contact me directly through my email address with anything.

You’re more than welcome to share this content, just leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to reply as soon as possible.

Thank you. 

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