15 psychological signs someone is thinking about you (ultimate list)

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When you deeply like someone, it’s totally normal to feel like they’re constantly on your mind.

However, it isn’t always easy to tell if someone likes you or not. It might seem obvious at times, but other times it can feel like a total mystery.

Keeping tabs on someone’s thoughts can be tricky, especially when you’re not sure if he/she has you in their mind.

Luckily, here are 15 psychological signs that help you figure out whether someone might be thinking about you, and of course, it doesn’t involve any stalking behaviors.

1) They always lean towards you when talking

Actions always speak louder than words!

Yes, you read it right!

This has been repeated a thousand times for a reason, and that’s because it’s never wrong!

Body language conveys feelings, and our brains interpret them far better than words.

Therefore, it’s essential to pay attention and observe his/her actions.

If you’re having a conversation with a person and they start to lean or open up towards you, it might mean that they’re thinking about you.

Although it’s just a subtle gesture, it shows that there is an attraction as well as a connection between you both.

It’s one of their ways to break the physical barrier and get closer to you.

He/She might start leaning in closer whenever they’re in the same room with you, or any time you’re close, like when you’re standing beside them on the train.

He/She could lean toward you when they ask how your day was or when they mention how proud you’re for finding a new job.

It’s uncommon for someone to show excessive affection toward another person if he/she has no interest in that person at all.

However, if they’ve done that with you, it means that they’ve been thinking about you.

2) They mention everything reminds them of you

When someone has strong feelings for you, he/she often keeps you on their mind, which means that many things might make them think of you without even realizing it.

If someone has been thinking about you recently, he/she might start talking about something that reminds them of you.

He/She could be talking about an object, place, or event that reminds them of you, and simply use it as a lead-in to mention how strange they’re thinking about you at that moment.

For instance, he/she can say things like:

“I went to the park last weekend, and it reminded me of the time we went there to take our dog go for a walk together”

Either way, it’s a good sign.

It means that they’ve been thinking about you, and there is an “us” in the conversation. 

However, you should also not be too quick to think that every mention is a sign that someone is always thinking about you.

It’s because people in some circumstances mention other people in their talk.

So pay attention and judge whether he/she mentions you frequently or not.

If it happens on a daily basis, it could mean that they’re probably thinking about you.

3) They remember everything about you

Memories are great and when someone remembers them vividly, it’s mostly because he/she likes the person who appears in the memories with them.

Therefore, he/she wants to keep everything around them fresh in their minds.

If someone can remember every detail about you, from the time that you two first met, including the things that you’ve said and done, then they’ve definitely been thinking about you ever since.

It might be the things that you told him/her about your friends and family, or the story you told him about your dog.

He/She made sure to remember all of these details even the ones you could not remember by yourself.

It can be easy to notice more in your conversation with him/her.

If he/she remembers all lines that you’ve used in conversation before, and even uses them again, they definitely got something going on with you.

Moreover, when someone thinks about you in a romantic way, he/she also wants to memorize the moments when just having two of you as well.

The more memories and stories about you that he/she remembers, the more it shows that they’re genuinely interested in getting to know you better.

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4) They choose to engage in small talk with you

When someone is deeply in love, they’ll try to find any reason to be around you.

When we’re thinking about someone, we have the tendency to choose to engage in small talk with them.

People choose to engage in small talk with people they’re interested in as it gives them more opportunities to get closer to them and practice their communication skills.

If he/she says “Hi,” and asks how you’re doing, actually, they’re trying to tell you that they’re interested in getting to know you better.

Therefore, it means that they’d been thinking about you before that.

Small talk can be difficult for any person, but it’s even more difficult if a person is not sure if he/she likes the other person or not. 

If someone is in love, they’ll make an effort to talk to their target and sometimes even initiate the conversation.

A person can ask about your plans for the weekend or the events that happened in your life, but he/she does so more because they’re interested in you and how the person might feel.

It isn’t them being nice or polite; it’s he/she trying to get to know you better.

He/She wants to figure out how you feel about certain subjects, and most importantly, what kind of person you’re. 

Yes! They’re thinking about you!

5) They begin to be interested in your interests

When someone is interested in you, they’ll definitely fancy what you’re doing and likely get interested in your hobbies and interests.

He/She might also come up with new activities to do with you.

In this way, he/she can be more understanding of your preferences and open up their hearts to want to get close to you.

So, if they’re always asking you where you like to go or what are your favorite activities, that’s a great sign that he/she wants to explore the world with you.

This way, they’ll know more about you, and it is easier for them to find a way to ask you about what’s going on in your life. 

For instance:

When you’re doing something artistic, such as painting or drawing, they’ll make sure to try the same thing. 

He/She may ask you to guide him/her through it because they’re not the best at drawing and painting.

He/She might try to engage in your hobbies or interests in a way that will make him/her closer to you.

By doing that, they’re thinking of you and trying to bridge the distance between the two of you.

6) They actively interact with you on social media

  • If he/she keeps liking your posts, there’s no doubt about you being on his/her mind.
  • If he/she frequently comments on your posts, they may be attempting to start a conversation or simply indicating that you have impressed them.
  • Sometimes, he/she might like and leave a comment on the old pictures of you as well.
  • When he/she sees your posts, it would make them smile. A grin from them will be the greatest psychological sign that they’ve been thinking about you.

All the above signs show that he/she might have been thinking about you so much that they looked through your account and couldn’t help but quickly respond.

That shows how much attention he/she always gives to you! 

However, it’s important to note that it isn’t about how much time he/she spends looking for you or monitoring your social media.

It’s about whether he/she shows interest in getting close to you and engaging with you.

They’ll always keep checking up on your activity on social media and be enraged if you don’t check your updates for a long time.

He/She cares about everything that’s happening to you as they wish to see how you are doing and getting along with the world. 

It shows that he/she wants to know what’s going on in your life.

7) They always smile when you two’s eyes meet

When someone is thinking about you, he/she always naturally and unconsciously smiles when they see you.

It may not be a big smile but a small one. 

If he/she smiles when you’re in front of his/her eyes, it is an indication that they’re delighted to meet you after having been thinking about you… a lot.

When someone is doing something together or just having a casual conversation with you, smiling is the best way to let you know how they feel about being with you. 

When he/she smiles, it signals they’re happy to be around you. 

You can also tell whether or not they’re thinking about you by looking directly into their eyes when he/she hears your name. 

Or, rather than a neutral tone of talking, he/she always shows their smile throughout the conversation with you.

He/She smiles more around you or even laughs comfortably at your jokes.

It means they’re not just thinking about you but also enjoying talking to you.

When someone smiles, it is a sure psychological sign that they’re happy and content about being around you.

They’re definitely thinking about how crucial your presence is in their life.

8) They lock eyes on you in a crowded room

When someone is in a crowded room and pays attention to no one else but you, that’s the biggest psychological sign that they’re thinking about you.

It’s similar to a stare but more of an intense yet subtle look. 

They’re not paying attention to others in that room because their eyes are always on you and only you.

When someone is interested in you, they’ll always keep an eye on you. 

He/She may look your way without realizing it or hide it by keeping their head down or looking away before returning their gaze to your direction again.

He/She may simply be shy.

Or, he/she doesn’t want anyone to recognize that they have you on their mind so that both of you would not be teased.

By knowing they’re looking at you while everyone around is talking and distracted, you could realize how much they’ve been thinking about you.

When their eyes and attention are glued entirely on you, it means that he/she really likes you and cares about what happens to you.

You could notice in an instant whether or not someone is interested in you by checking their eyes without having to ask them anything.

Maybe they’d like to know more about you, that’s why their eyes keep on looking at you.

9) They text you quite often

When someone is interested, they constantly text you.

It may be about little things or just to say hello, but it shows that they’re thinking about you and caring about what’s going on in your life.

Sometimes it may seem like they’re overthinking or obsessed with you, but it’s just because he/she cares and wants to know if everything is okay.

He/She texts you “Good morning” early every morning and “Goodnight” every time you go to bed.

He/She thinks that the first thing they get up and the last thing they do before going to sleep should involve you.

Also, he/she may text you for no reason at all except to ask about how your day goes or what you’re up to. 

He/She wants to know what’s happening in your life and how you feel about everything going on. 

If you notice this kind of behavior, then you know they’ve been thinking about you and try not to miss even a chance to get your attention.

You have to be on his/her mind for a long time which makes him/her initiate texting!

Maybe, through texts, they’re figuring out whether you’re the ideal other half for them.

10) They delight you with things you enjoy

One of the biggest psychological signs they’ve been thinking about you is shown when they’ve been paying attention to your interest.

If he/she remembers what you like and dislike, it’s a sign that he/she knows you well and has been thinking about you for quite some time now.

If he/she knows all your favorite colors, books, foods, or movies, it means that they’ve been paying attention to everything that you said about yourself.

If he/she does something nice or shows up with gifts and flowers, then it means they’ve been thinking about you non-stop and are really interested in knowing more about you.

Moreover, it’s essential to focus on how he/she treats you, which is the best way to determine whether they’re thinking and caring about you or not. For example:

  • If you love music, and he/she takes you to the concert and pays for everything, then they’re definitely thinking about you and remembering what kind of things you like.
  • When the holiday is approaching, they’ll make an effort to get a little thing that would make you delighted.
  • He/She orders the juice and cake for you because they know you can’t drink coffee but are really into sweets.

They’re showing that they care about you and know what makes you happy.

That’s a huge psychological sign of them thinking about you.

11) They point his feet towards you

When someone is thinking about you, he/she always points his/her feet toward you.

It’s not a conscious behavior, but the position he/she takes in a chair or when standing or sitting has a meaning.

It’s very common and natural for people to point their feet toward someone they want to be closer to.

He/She may just stand in a way that would point their feet in your direction, or sit on the edge of their seat and turn around towards you.

By doing so, they’ll make sure that their body language communicates their interest.

It’s not too hard to notice that minor detail.

They’ll also try to communicate with you more subtly by staring or looking at you for a longer time than usual.

They’ll look at you as if he/she were staring at your feet to make sure they’re pointing in your direction. 

Therefore, when someone points their feet towards you, it means that they’re intrigued by you.

12) Your name comes to mind whenever they see something

When someone becomes interested in you, his/her mind will likely pop up with your name whenever they see something.

It can be anything related to you.

Your name can come up in his/her mind when they see a new dress, a new hairstyle that may fit you, or a person who looks like you.

It’s because they’re trying to link everything to the image of you in their mind.

It also includes characteristics he/she already knows about you. 

That means they’re becoming more and more interested every time they connect you with something new.

For instance:

When he/she finds out a bakery sells delicious croissants that you like, he/she definitely tells you about it and even buys them for you.

Remember this kind of detail because it shows they’re thinking of you and interested in caring for you.

13) They want to know more about your friends

Everyone wants to know more about someone they have on their mind.

That’s why, when someone is interested in you, they’ll take extra effort to ask you about your friends and lifestyle. 

He/She might find out more about your friends, their personalities, and what they do in their spare time by hanging out with them.

As friends have a significant impact on a person’s life, knowing about your friends can give them a better understanding of who you are. 

So, if someone asks you personal questions regarding your friend, it means that they’re curious about you and interested in asking more questions about your friends’ lives.

14) They mention future plans with you

If they’ve been thinking of you, then it is likely that they’re thinking of future plans with you.

It’s because someone interested in you will eventually want to be with you or do something together in the future.

He/She may not know the future but will rather create an imaginary future with you in his/her mind.

It’s that way because someone who wants to get closer to you wants you in his/her life. 

He/She might be thinking of how he/she can be with you in the future.

If he/she has an upcoming party or event and asks you to go with them, then that looks like he/she thinks of you whenever he plans a date!

He/She may even ask for your comment on his/her future plan and vice versa. In this way, they can assure that their and your plan will be compatible.


Only because they want you to be their future significant other!

15) They compliment you frequently

It’s totally a usual thing for someone to compliment you on your looks, your personality, or what you’re doing at the moment.

But, if they’ve had something in their mind about you for a while and want to be closer to you, they’ll compliment on things he/she perceives in his/her subconscious.

It’s not just about the good looks or nice dresses you’re wearing but more about who you are as a person.

Someone who wants to get closer to you will make sure to express their appreciation for who you are instead of just showing compliments on your looks.

For instance:

  • He/She may compliment you on your sense of humor.
  • He/She’ll be interested in understanding your personality, and show his/her appreciation for what makes you unique.

When someone compliments you on something other than being physically attractive, they’re expressing that they admire who you are as a person.

It means that he/she likes what he/she sees in you, and they’ll try their best to show you how much they want to be with you.

In conclusion

Almost everyone experiences subtle and not-so-subtle signs when they think about a person who has entered their romantic zone.

It isn’t easy to know what is going on in someone’s mind, and you may find yourself curious about what that someone is thinking about you.

Here, I sincerely hope that my article makes it much easier for you to figure out insight into what someone thinks and feels about you even though they may not say it out loud.