I wish my girlfriend was prettier: 15 reasons not to dump her

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You want to break up with your girlfriend, because she doesn’t look good enough, right?

You feel like you deserve someone better.

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t break up with your girlfriend who might not be beautiful.

Here are fifteen of them!

1) Beauty is temporary

You should be with your girlfriend because of who she is, not because of how she looks.

Let’s face it.

Physical beauty isn’t something you can hold onto forever.

She might feel insecure as her looks fade over time, or as her body changes with age and childbirth, that is why you should love her no matter what!

I want you to remember.

There will never be another girl like her in your life.

She’s the one and only that you’ll ever find to make you feel the way she does, and there is no other woman who can win your heart like she does.

2) She has a great personality


It’s important to realize that your girlfriend is more than just her physical appearance.

So if you were to break up with her based on how she looks, then you’re missing out on so much!

Your girlfriend doesn’t just look good – she has a great personality and is a wonderful person to be around.

You might not feel attracted to her in the way you think you should, but she’ll always make you laugh when you’re down, and will always have something positive to say about life.

 3) You will regret it in the long run

There are some things that you don’t want to do in life. Breaking up with your girlfriend is one of them!

You should realize that there’s a reason why you’re together… The two of you deserve each other, and if you break up with her, you’ll regret it later on in life.

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4) She’ll support your dreams and your goals

You want to break up with her because she isn’t as attractive as other girls, but forget about those other girls.

Your girlfriend loves you for you.

She’ll support you in your dreams and help you reach your goals in life.

She’ll back you up, cheer you on, and encourage you when it comes time to move forward with your dreams and ambitions.

Maybe she’s not perfect in the looks department, but she’ll love and care for you forever, no matter what!

5) She’s perfect for you

It’s important to realize how great your girlfriend is.

Your girlfriend is the most beautiful person in the world, just not in the way that strangers on a bus think of beauty, or what magazines and TV shows portray beauty to be.

That’s why they’re called “the media.”

It might seem like your girlfriend would be better looking if she had different hair or was younger or whatever, but the fact is that she is the right girl for you.

You need to realize that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

She may not compare to other women, but no one else can compare to her!

If you think that other women are better looking than your girlfriend just because they have a certain body type or a specific hair color, then you shouldn’t break up with her – you should get a life instead!

6) You’ll never find another girl as attractive as her… ever

There are many ways to define beauty.

It’s not just about a girl’s looks or the way she dresses.

It’s about how she makes you feel, and how you make her feel, too.

She may seem pretty average on the outside, but being beautiful goes deeper than just physical looks.

You find her to be more beautiful than other girls because of how comfortable you two are around each other, and how much she makes you feel loved and protected at all times.

If she were average-looking, you wouldn’t be able to feel that way around her.

You wouldn’t feel this bond with her, and you wouldn’t be attracted to her as much.

7) She can be beautiful in other ways

You know what?

If she’s not beautiful in a conventional way, then she could be beautiful in a way that you love the most.

Maybe her heart is what’s beautiful about her. Maybe her personality is what makes her feel like the most attractive person in the world to you.

Maybe she can be radiant and shine with inner beauty that no one else can see as well as you do.

Or maybe it’s just how cute, adorable, or funny she looks when she smiles at you in a certain way – this makes your heart melt every time and pushes all of your buttons!

8) You’re not perfect, either

Ok, so you don’t think your girlfriend is “hot” enough.

Well, guess what?


Did you know that the chances of you finding another girl that’s perfect for you are slim to none?

Your girlfriend might not be as attractive as you, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t good enough for you.

Your girlfriend is perfect for you.

You should appreciate that she has great character, and that she’s a good person overall. Both of these things are important, not just her looks!

9) She loves you for who you are

It doesn’t matter if your girlfriend is pretty or not.

She’ll still love you because you make her laugh, and she’ll still find you attractive when she looks at how you treat her.

If you were a jerk to her, then she’d probably look at your girlfriend and think, “What type of person makes someone like that their girlfriend? I can tell that he’s a bad guy.”

And on the other hand… if your girlfriend was really ugly, then you’d probably realize she wasn’t worth dating anyway.

But that’s not the case! Your girlfriend loves you for who you are inside.

10) She helps you grow as a person

Your girlfriend doesn’t just support you; she supports you in every possible way.

She’s there for you, and she’ll always be there for you.

You can say anything to her without worrying that it might leave a bad impression on her or that it might spoil your relationship.

Yes, beauty is important, but she’s so much more than just the way she looks. She helps you grow as a person because of who she is and the way that she engages with you on a daily basis. She helps to improve your life through the things that she says and does. She makes your life better by making herself better.

11) She’ll be there through the hardest moments of your life

She’s there through the darkest times of your life.

She’ll hold you when you’re down, and she won’t get mad at you.

Even if she didn’t look as good as other women, she’d still be there for you no matter what.

You should never forget that!

12) The way she treats others shows who she really is

Does your girlfriend always treat everyone else with respect?

If that’s not the case, and she is a mean girl, then it means she can be just as bad as any other girl.

If you’re with a hateful person all the time, then you have to make sure you’re not like that yourself either.

Your girlfriend is nice to everyone because she has a good heart!

Look at the way she treats others and realize how much more important things like that are than her looks.

13) She is trustworthy and reliable, which means you can be yourself around her

The thing that makes your girlfriend so great is that you can be yourself around her.

You can go as far as sharing your deepest, darkest secrets, whether it be about how you feel about your job or how you think when you’re driving.

If you love someone and trust them then they’re not a person to dump because they’re reliable!

You need to decide if the person is trustworthy and reliable, not just pretty. She’s more than just pretty – she’s trustworthy and reliable. Trustable and reliable people deserve to be with their partners for a lifetime.

14) Her imperfections are what make her unique and beautiful to you

One of the reasons your girlfriend is so great is that her imperfections are what make her unique and beautiful to you.

Not only does she have a unique body, with a nose that’s crooked or eyes that sometimes look down, which is probably some kind of condition, but she also has the most perfect heart.

She might have acne scars or saggy skin or freckles all over her forehead, or any other imperfections like that, but those things are what make her perfect to you.

And that is what makes her unique and beautiful.

Pay attention!

Her imperfections may not make her look pretty, but they make her look special to you!

15) Sometimes people just need a little time to blossom

Sometimes, girls don’t look their best for a reason.

Maybe she’s been having a hard time at school and she looks terrible because of the stress.

Or maybe you’ve been neglecting her lately, because you’re too busy with your new hobbies and whatever it is that keeps you so busy that she’s not on your mind as much.

She might be depressed or have low self-esteem because of these reasons, but what you need to realize is that it doesn’t mean anything to dump her now.

She’s still wonderful – just not as beautiful on the outside as others may think she should be.


Don’t abandon your girlfriend just because her appearance isn’t up to the standard that you think she should have.

Your girlfriend is more than just how she looks.

Are you sure that she’s not more beautiful than anyone else, in your eyes?

You should appreciate everything about your girlfriend, and realize that beauty isn’t just something that exists on the outside.

Just remember: To be beautiful is to be both inside and out.

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