How to tell if a woman is attracted to you by her eyes: 16 signs to look for

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Women send out signals every day with their eyes, whether they’re aware of it or not. 

Since you can’t chat up every woman you cross paths with to see if she’s interested in you, it doesn’t hurt to be able to hone in on the subtle cues that she is sending your way.

This article’s about how to tell if a woman is attracted to you by her eyes: 16 of the most common signals many women unconsciously give off when they’re interested.

1) Her pupils are dilated

According to an article in “Psychology Today”, eye dilation is the number one indicator of interest in a person. Pupil dilation is an autonomic response that happens due to light (brightness) entering the eye.

A dilated pupil may also be caused by a certain drug, or because of psychological or physical stimulation. Other than that, her dilated pupils show that she’s looking at you and she’s paying attention to you. 

A dilation of the eyes that is combined with a glancing look, a lowered gaze, and a smile is an indication that she is checking you out and “she’s ready to go.”

2) She’s gazing at you intently

Have you ever wondered why she’s looking at you with an intense and prolonged gaze? Well, it could be because she likes you

Just as dilated pupils are an indication of interest and attraction, so is gazing intently like she’s a hawk.

So, if you’re out and you notice her looking at you in this way, don’t shy away from that gaze.  

Think of a time when someone has looked at you like that, and remember how good it made you feel.

3) When you look at her, she secretly smiles and looks down

Here’s an interesting fact: 

When you sense someone is looking at you and you look directly back, he or she will most likely avert their gaze and look down.  

When a girl looks at you, she notices that you are staring back at her, almost as a challenge to her interest.

When she does this, she has broken eye contact, so that she doesn’t appear too eager or too confident. This is where it gets tricky—eye contact is considered an invitation for possible social interaction.

So that’s why if a woman looks up from what she’s doing when you’re looking at her intently (like checking her out) and smiles at you—she’s saying hello (in an unintentional way), but perhaps more importantly, “I’m interested in talking to you.”

Take this chance to talk to her and see her reactions.

4) She’s blinking rapidly

Well, this one’s obvious—a rapid blink is associated with stress and anxiety.  So when you notice a girl blinks rapidly, it may be an indication that she’s nervous and surprised.

On the other hand, it could mean that she’s either embarrassed or it could be a sign of her interest in you.

Let’s dig a little deeper:

When a woman blinks too fast, she seems overly excited or nervous. When she blinks too slowly, it can seem like she is lying to you about her real feelings about you.

So how does this apply in the realm of flirting? 

Well, as with everything else in life, when people are over-using any one facial expression, they’ll unconsciously convey something else—in this case, a subtle tone of flirtatiousness.  

If she appears to be blinking more than usual (in whatever circumstances) and looks at you with a flirtatious smile while doing so—you should go for it! 

5) Her gaze is fixed on your lips

While talking to a girl, it’s quite a good idea to pay attention to her eyes, as well as her hands, because there are things you can learn from her body language.

One thing that you should always be on the lookout for is a woman’s gaze being directed at your lips whenever you talk.  It means that she’d like to kiss you.

But why?

You see, our lips are the most erogenous part of our bodies—a compliment or romantic interest is expressed through touching and kissing.  

Therefore, when a woman looks at your lips while you are talking; she is sending out a friendly greeting and would like to develop more intimate connections with you.

6) Her eyes are more perceptive than usual

Another way to tell if a woman is attracted to you by her eyes is by observing the way she is looking at you.  

Her eyes are more perceptive than usual, which means that she may be noticing you in a way that other women do not notice you.  

This is usually the case when you have attracted her attention, but she hasn’t yet approached or spoken to you. She’s “watched” you for a long period of time, and at this point, she’s almost aware of how attractive she finds you.

7) She’s not looking away from you as much as she normally does

Women look away when they are deep in interaction with others.  This is because we tend to feel more comfortable by avoiding eye contact, as it could be construed as a sign of insecurity.

But a woman who’s interested in you would be looking at you more than the other girls do, with her eyes fixed on you—it could mean that she’s interested in you and also not afraid of being observed by others.

Another thing about her gaze is that it’s not as free or loose as usual; this means she has narrowed her eyes slightly and is focusing on you more than normal.  

It also means that she’s being much more sensitive to your presence than other women would usually be—and you may have just met her, but she might already know something about you that most other people do not know.

8) She’s squinting while looking at you

The truth is: 

Women naturally squint their eyes when they’re looking at something beautiful.  

The squint is both a sign of attraction and a natural reaction to the brightness and beauty in front of you. This is because squinting our eyes diminishes the light in front of us, and this is a way that our brains adjust to the brightness.  

Squinting also serves as a way to decrease the glare on our eyes.

So if a woman is squinting while looking at you, it’s yet another sign that she finds you attractive and interesting.  

In this case, she’s not just looking at your lips or chest; she’s looking at your whole face—and you might be interested in what kind of look she’s giving off.

9) She has a dreamy look in her eyes as she stares at you

A dreamy look in the eyes is a very interesting and interesting thing to notice.  

It doesn’t mean that she’s thinking about you, but it could be a sign that she already knows something about you. In other words, this look indicates that she has some sort of connection to you, which is important for understanding her mental state at any given moment.  

Just by looking at someone, we can tell if they’re curious or excited about what’s going on around them; in fact, the eyes are quite the window into the soul and the eyes of a woman who’s interested in you are reflecting some sort of interest in your presence.

So what does all this mean?

If a woman is giving you a dreamy look, it means that she likes what she sees and she’d like to take things further.  

She’s also been thinking about you for some time now, and that’s why her dreamy eyes are wandering all over your body—she knows that there is something very attractive about you.

So give it a go: Approach her and say hi! It could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

10) Her eyelids will drop slightly, giving off a sexy vibe!

If you don’t believe me, check this out:

Just by changing the shape of her eyes slightly and leaving them a bit open, she can appear more feminine.  

This is because the eyes are one of the key features that make women look more attractive—and a slight drop in the corners of her eyes makes a woman look even more appealing.

In fact, it’s this sort of subtle adjustment that makes it seem like she’s thinking about you or maybe even dreaming about you.  

A simple change in her expression and gaze can give off an aura that says: “I’m very interested in what you’re doing and what kind of person you are —maybe I already know something about you.”  This is a good thing though as long as she’s not too “pushy” about it.

11) Her eyes light up when she sees you

A woman’s eyes light up when she sees you—and it’s a very strong indicator that she likes you, or maybe even loves you. Ever notice this?

Are her eyes lit up because she’s interested in what you’re doing or because of how interesting or attractive you are?  

Or is this just because she can’t help but notice how good-looking and handsome you are?  

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that her eyes are lighting up because she likes something or someone. So if she’s giving you this look, it may be a sign that she likes you, or maybe even loves you.

12) You notice that she’s watching you from a distance

Women like to observe and analyze everything in their environment; this is a result of how our brains are wired, and this is why we like the feeling of being connected to others, even if they’re just strangers.

As a result of this, women will naturally watch you from a distance as you’re trying to find someone to talk to, and this is also why they might look at you from across the room.  

The fact that she’s watching you at all means that she’s either very interested in finding out more about you and your interests, or she’s interested in what it is you’re doing.  

Oftentimes, women watch men from a distance, not getting up the courage to approach them at all.  

This could be because they’re hoping that you’ll begin talking to them, or it could be because they don’t want to interrupt your conversation or attention—and again, this depends on how interested she is in you and what you’re doing!

13) Her eyebrows go up and down constantly, but mostly up

When a woman’s eyebrows are going up and down, she’s thinking about something very important.  

This is because her eyebrows naturally move up and down when our brains are processing new data or making decisions, so this is an indication that the woman you’re talking to is thinking deeply about what you’re saying.

This happens to me all the time, and it’s because I think about my words very carefully when I’m talking to people.  

Most of the time, if a woman’s eyebrows are going up and down, it’s because she likes what you’re saying or hearing—and if this is what she’s doing, then that means she wants to meet up with you again or continue talking to you. “Keep doing what you’re doing,” as they say.

14) She averts her gaze when you look at her too long

There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who averts her gaze when you give her a direct look, and this is why it’s an attractive signal of connection.

Women have become much more expressive over the years (in a good way), and they have a very strong ability to read social cues. So, when you notice that she averts her gaze when you look at her directly, it’s a good thing because it means she’s into what you’re doing.

“Averting her gaze” doesn’t mean that she’s avoiding your gaze or the conversation; it just means that for one reason or another, she feels very self-conscious about what she’s doing.  

This is why she looks away for a moment, giving off the idea that she’s interested in you.  

She’s trying to show that she’s interested in what you’re doing, but doesn’t know how to communicate it without feeling uncomfortable. The next time you see this happen, try talking to her more; if she talks again, then that means you should continue talking and getting to know her better.

15) She keeps looking back at you, even when she’s talking to someone else

If you look back at someone and they look away quickly or they keep looking back at you even when they’re talking to someone else, it could mean a few things.

One possibility is that she’s interested in you, and she wants to see what you’re doing.  

Another possibility is that she’s trying to show interest without making it obvious that she has any interest in you at all.  

Yet another possibility, the one I think is most likely, is that she’s trying to show you that she knows what you’re doing—which certainly makes sense if you know each other.

If this is happening, she’s probably just trying to tell you that she’s interested in what you’re doing so as not to show too much interest. Women do this all the time when they meet new people and don’t want to come across as being too forward.

16) Her eyes lose focus when you talk to her

When a woman’s eyes lose focus while you’re talking to her and she stares at you, it’s a good thing because it shows that she’s very interested in you!

This is because when someone is fully focused on something or someone, their eyes are completely still and they can’t look away.  

But when our eyes lose focus, then it means that we’re not able to concentrate on one thing, and that gives off the idea that whatever we’re focusing on just isn’t interesting enough for us.

She may miss what you’re saying, but this doesn’t mean that she’s not interested—it just means that she likes whatever it is you’re saying so much that she wants to look at you more.  

In other words, when a woman loses focus while you’re talking to her, it means that she’s thinking about what you’re doing and what you’re saying.

Final thoughts

Learning to read women’s body language and facial expressions is a very important technique that can help you get the girl you like.  

By learning how women express themselves through their eyes, you can tell if they’re interested in something or someone, and whether they actually like what it is they’re seeing.

I can’t stress enough the importance of paying attention to these signs and how you react to them. Remember that what women are thinking is concealed within their eyes, so pay attention to how they look at you.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful in learning to read women’s body language and facial expressions so that you can understand them better and communicate more effectively with them.

Good luck with your social life and your dating life!