15 ways to tell if someone is sending you energy

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In the world of energy healing, there is a lot of confusion as to how one can tell if someone really does send them energy. 

Many people get so caught up in trying to figure out how others are “sending” them energy, they forget to focus on their own body and the energetic experience they are having.

In this article, you will find a list of fifteen ways you can begin to develop an intuitive sense of whether or not someone is sending you energy. 

This list can help you become more aware of what is going on energetically for both yourself and for those around you.

 Here are 15 ways that you can tell when someone sends you their energy.

1) You can sense a shift.

When energy is applied in an energy healing session, you will often notice a “shift” in your body-an internal shift of some kind. 

What does this mean for you?

The sudden sensation of this shift will often first be sensed as an internal “movement.” 

This movement often begins as a small sensation and then it may quickly spread throughout your entire body, or it may just resonate deeply within one part of your body.

Again, this is an internal feeling. It is a sensation that resounds beyond the physical body, and it often brings a feeling of ease. 

It may last anywhere from thirty seconds to several minutes.

When someone sends you their energy, you will often be privy to some kind of shift within your energetic body that leaves you in such a state of ease and comfort that it becomes difficult to express in words. 

2) You feel happy and loved.

If someone seems to emanate a positive feeling, it can be the most obvious sign that their energy is positive. 

There are a lot of ways to radiate positive energy, and one of the easiest is simply by being kind and encouraging. 

It takes a lot of strength to be kind to others, but if you feel that your partner is in tune with this strength within you, then they must also have their own. 

You should also ask yourself whether your partner has ever acted as though they expect you to return their kindness.

And if you’re the type of person who thrives on such emotional energies, this may be a sign that they have your best interests in mind. 

But it may also be a good time to look more closely at how they treat you and whether they’re paying attention to your emotions and needs.

3) Get clarity by speaking to a gifted advisor.

The points in this article will give you a good idea of whether someone is sending you energy.

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In reading, a gifted advisor can tell you whether someone is sending you energy, and most importantly, empower you to make the right decisions when it comes to your life.

4) You feel special without any reason.

You may have a lot of friends, but you don’t feel special with them. 

But then, suddenly, someone comes along who seems to get you. 

It’s like he sees something in me that I don’t even see myself,” you might think. 

There are actually many ways for one person to keep us feeling special without ever saying a word.

You can feel special for no reason by simply being in the same room with someone. 

Even when they’re not engaged with you, your partner may be able to make you feel as though they see something special in you.

This is especially true if they don’t seem to expect anything in return. 

You may not get the chance to tell them how much this person has helped you just by being there for you, but this is one of those energy patterns that can inspire us to express our own positive energy patterns. 

5) You feel butterflies in your stomach.

The most unique way to feel the energy is when you’re overcome with a feeling of excitement. 

This form of energy is associated with euphoria, which may occur when you’re in love. 

Your partner may have triggered this particular energy in you with no incentive, but it’s still powerful. 

The feeling of butterflies will follow you around until that person leaves

And if they leave, the instant they do, you’ll suddenly be overcome by a feeling of loneliness. 

This is one of those energy patterns that can tell you whether your partner may be sending mixed messages to you

No wonder!

The feeling of butterflies in the stomach, or a fluttering sensation, can be felt when you’re infatuated with someone. 

This can be a sign of romantic feelings toward someone else, but it can also happen as a result of other positive energies that may have nothing to do with romance.

It can happen when you see someone who reminds you of your past, someone who seems to make you want to be a better person, or someone who simply seems like a solid friend.

6) Notice any feelings of warmth or tingling.

Pay attention to what you feel in your body and take note of if you feel any changes.

Do you feel warm, cool, or tingly? 

Your body will always let you know what energy is doing within it. Even if it happens to be a feeling that’s difficult to describe. 

If someone sends you a lot of energy and the feeling is more intense than usual, then it’ll be easy for you to notice it.

I mentioned earlier how speaking to a gifted advisor can reveal the truth about whether someone is sending you energy.

Rather than just analyzing the signs in the hopes of getting answers, a gifted advisor can give you real clarity on your situation.

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7) Your hair stands on end.

You may notice your hair standing on end when someone else is being particularly “energetic.

Many of us have had a friend or family member whose hair stood on end when they were excited or thrilled.

It’s actually not uncommon for a person to feel this way when they’re touched, hugged, kissed, or even touched on the neck. 

This can be a sign that your partner may have a lot of positive energy that is coming from them, and it can make you feel much more comfortable around them. 

Remember this:

If this happens to you, try to determine what it is about your partner’s behavior that makes you feel so positive.

Try asking yourself if your response is similar to the one you had when you were a kid.

If you’re used to it and enjoy this energy pattern, it can be a good sign that your partner or someone else is sending you positive energy.

8) You feel completely relaxed.

You may find yourself completely relaxed, and not just from being in another person’s company. 

This feeling can strike you when you’re alone, but it’s even more powerful when you’re in the presence of someone who makes you feel safe and comfortable. 

It can happen with a simple pat on the back or even a simple touch, pass comment or smile.

You may feel relaxed just by being in this person’s presence.

If this happens to you, try to determine what it is about your partner’s behavior that makes you feel so comfortable.

And if you’re someone who enjoys being around others, one of the best ways to determine if that person is sending you positive energy is by judging how you feel around them. 

If you’re able to relax in the presence of your partner, then it’s a good indication that they may be sending you positive energy and good feelings.

9) You feel energized, powerful, and confident.

If someone makes you feel energized, powerful, and confident, then they might be sending you positive energy.

Many of us have experienced these feelings with our first love. 

You may have been infatuated with this person in a way that was totally out of character, even if the feeling didn’t last very long.

Getting reacquainted with your partner can also trigger this feeling. 

It may be one of those energy patterns that starts as a feeling of infatuation and grows into something much stronger.

But if you’re feeling energized, powerful, and confident, you’ll want to think about how your partner is making you feel this way. 

Is he or she sending you positive energy? 

Can they make you feel that way with just their presence? 

And if so, try to determine what it is about them that makes them a source of positive energy.

If your partner has ever made you feel this way, it’s probably a good idea to take a look at them more closely. 

You should ask yourself if the feeling was mutual and whether their behavior resembled anything you may have noticed from past lovers.

10) You have a sudden urge to laugh or cry.

If someone has made you laugh, or if you suddenly feel like crying, it could be the result of their positive energy patterns.

It’s not uncommon for a person to give off positive emotions whether they’re aware of it or not. 

These emotional outbursts can happen for any number of reasons, but they’re usually very powerful and can be an indication that a person is sending us positive energy.

If your partner makes you feel this way, try to determine what it is that they’re doing that’s causing these emotions.

You can ask yourself if this behavior reminds you of any past relationship, including your first love.

Thinking about how someone has made you feel in the past can help you determine whether this person is really sending you positive energy patterns.

Is it something they’ve done or said? 

Is there something about their behavior that you’ve noticed in the past? 

If so, try to figure out if this is a repeating pattern. 

Many of us have found ourselves suddenly laughing or crying without having any prior warning.

11) You have a sudden urge to share.

If your partner is able to make you feel this way, it might be an indication that they’re sending positive energy and other positive emotions your way.

One of the ways that people can unconsciously influence each other’s behavior is by making us feel an emotional need to share with them.

If this happens to you, try to determine why your partner is making you feel this way.

It might be a simple way of getting people to like them, but more often than not it’s something that makes us feel close to them.

Is this something you’ve experienced before? 

Have you noticed anything about your partner’s behavior that would make you feel an emotional need to share with them? 

It was probably very powerful, and if so, try to figure out how your partner made you feel this way.

12) You experience fear or anxiety.

Fear and anxiety can be caused by a wide range of psychological or physical illnesses.

But it’s also something that can be triggered by the presence of certain people. 

This is often the case with someone who’s controlling, manipulative, or abusive

Yes, It’s really true!

In some cases, you may experience fear or anxiety simply because a person is sending you negative energy instead of positive energy. 

You may have to tell them this directly because they might not even realize it themselves.

If your partner is making you feel this way, try to determine whether they’re someone who’s very comfortable in their own skin.

Is their behavior similar to anything you’ve been involved with before? 

Have you noticed any patterns that resemble this type of behavior? 

If so, it might be a good idea to take a closer look at your partner’s behavior and figure out if it’s causing you or anyone else in the environment any stress or anxiety.

13) You feel electrified.

If someone is making you feel electrified, then it’s very possible that their emotional energy patterns are causing this feeling. 

It’s often the case with someone who’s very charismatic and likes to spark others’ interests in life. 

They want to be around people because they find conversation to be very exciting. 

They’re quite addicted to the feeling of being around others and enjoy it as much as they do their own company.

If you feel electrified when your partner is around, you might want to consider taking a closer look at how they make you feel.

Is there anything going on during their presence that’s causing this type of feeling? 

Are they behaving in a way that makes you feel alive and inspired? 

Or are they generating a kind of anxiety that makes you feel nervous and uncomfortable? 

If so, try to determine what it is about them that’s doing this and whether it’s something positive or negative.

14) You have an urge to bond or connect.

Since bonding and connecting are two of the ways we create and maintain relationships, this is also a possible sign that someone is sending us positive energy.

We can feel these urges even if they’re only temporary and don’t actually follow through into a new relationship with our partner. 

In some cases, they can be started simply by the presence of someone. 

The person may get your attention with a conversation, a compliment, or by making you laugh.

If you do feel this urge, try to determine what it is that’s causing it. 

Is your partner making you feel this way?

Or do you remember a time in the past when this type of feeling was triggered by someone else? 

If so, try to determine if the same thing is happening now and whether it’s likely to last. 

15) You find yourself saying or doing something that seems a little odd. 

And are convinced that it offers you nothing but positive results.

This is another sign that someone is creating positive energy patterns toward you. 

What’s more?

We find ourselves doing or saying things that seem a little odd. 

But we still do them because they feel right, even if we have no idea why.

Often, it’s the type of thing we’ve been unable to do in the past and are happy just to take the opportunity to do it now. 

We might notice this when our partner makes us laugh or smile for no apparent reason.

If your partner makes you feel like this, try to determine how they’re doing it.

Are they doing or saying something that’s causing you to respond in a way that’s out of character? 

Or do you feel like you’re doing it “for no good reason?” 

Often, these types of reactions are triggered by an emotional change in our partner

If they’re making us laugh, we might want to do the same. Or if they look depressed, we might offer them a chance to share their feelings and ask how it makes them feel.

If nothing happens and you still feel like you’re doing something odd, try to determine if this is in fact something odd you’re doing or if it’s your partner that’s triggering this reaction.

Final thoughts:

Even though you can’t be 100% sure whether or not someone is sending you a lot of energy, there are many signs that can help you become aware.

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