15 tips on how to stop your boyfriend from drinking

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Did you know that almost half of men in their 20s and 30s are non- alcoholic? 

Did you know that the rate of alcohol use among young adults is declining? 

Did you know that millennials are actually drinking less than any other generation before them? 

Given these statistics, it’s easy to assume that our society is on the verge of a non-alcoholic revolution. But then again, how do we explain your boyfriend?

If your special guy drinks alcohol excessively, this doesn’t mean he’s a bad person; it just means he has a vice. Vices are not inherently bad. 

They don’t make us evil or corrupt individuals; they just mean we have an area to improve and work on.

So if your boyfriend falls into this category.

Here are 15 tips you can help him stop drinking

1) Talk to him about it

Are you not sure whether your boyfriend is drinking too much? 

Well, if you have some doubt in your mind, you can always talk to him about it. If you are not comfortable with the amount of alcohol he is consuming, you can express your concern to him. 

You can talk to him about the negative impacts of alcohol and its impact on your relationship. 

If you can make him realize how much alcohol is affecting his life, he might start to cut down on his drinking habit. 

You can also tell him about how an excessive alcohol intake can affect his mental health and overall health. 

2) Don’t nag and criticize

If you want your boyfriend to stop drinking alcohol, it is not a good idea to constantly nag him about it. 

Nagging him can make him more defensive and he may not take your words seriously. 

If your boyfriend likes the taste of alcohol and the feeling it gives him, then he will definitely try to find another way to get the same feeling. 

For example, he might try to drink more frequently or in larger quantities. 

Nagging and criticizing him will make him feel annoyed and angry, and he might decide to drink more. 

Instead of nagging and criticizing him, try talking to him in a friendly way and try to understand his point of view as well. 

3) Have a mutual agreement

Many couples have a mutual agreement where they decide not to drink alcohol frequently or not to drink at all. 

If your boyfriend is drinking a lot and you want him to cut down on his drinking, you can talk about the mutual agreement where he agrees to cut down on his drinking and you also agree to not drink alcohol. 

If the two of you agree on something, you will be more committed to follow the agreement. 

The mutual agreement will help you both to avoid drinking alcohol frequently. 

4) Set boundaries and consequences

There are certain things that you can set as boundaries and certain things as consequences if your boyfriend does not follow the boundaries. 

For example, you can set a boundary that you will not go out to a party if your boyfriend is drinking and he has agreed to not drink alcohol. 

If he breaks the rule, you can set a consequence. 

If your boyfriend breaks a rule or a boundary that you have set, you can talk to him about the rule or the boundary again.

 You can also set a consequence if he breaks the rule or the boundary again. 

5) Don’t enable his behavior

It could be hard to help your partner, but if you really love him, you will try and do everything that you can to help him. 

But when it comes to your boyfriend who has a drinking problem, this is not always the case. 

Some women might enable his behavior in order to show him how much they love him. But this is a bad idea for two reasons:

Firstly, it will make him feel bad about himself, and it will put him in a worse mood.

Secondly, you are enabling his behavior, and he won’t learn from his mistakes. 

It is better to tell him that you don’t want to see him drinking anymore than enabling his behavior by giving him money. 

6) Take care of yourself

If your boyfriend is drinking too much alcohol, it affects not only him but also you. 

If your boyfriend is drinking, he might start getting into arguments and fighting with other people, including you. 

This might affect your life and your relationship with your boyfriend. 

In order to be safe, you should take care and avoid getting into these fights with your boyfriend. 

If your boyfriend is drinking too much alcohol, you might also feel depressed and find it difficult to handle your daily life. 

In order to stay happy and healthy, you should take care of yourself and not let your boyfriend’s drinking habits affect you. 

7) Help him find support

If your boyfriend is drinking too much alcohol, he might have many problems in his life. 

He might be facing financial problems, have relationship problems with his family members, and he might be having problems at work. 

If you can understand the problems in his life, you can help him find the solution.

You can help him find support from his family members, friends, and even professional counselors. 

This way, you can help him stay away from alcohol and also solve other problems in his life.

8) Be careful when you choosing your words

A lot of people think that it is best to confront a problem head on, and this is true in most cases. 

However, if you are talking to someone who has a problem with alcohol, you need to be careful about how you approach the subject.

You don’t want to make them feel like they need to change their behavior, because they may feel defensive. 

Instead, it’s better to focus on how their drinking is affecting you and your relationship. You can also talk about why their drinking is a problem and what they can do to fix it. 

If you choose your words carefully, you may be able to help your boyfriend stop drinking without having to make him feel bad about himself.

9) Don’t show that you are disappointed

It is normal to be disappointed if your boyfriend starts drinking. If you show this, he might feel more pressure to stop. 

Instead, you should try to be supportive. This can help him to stay motivated to quit drinking.

One way to do this is to avoid judgmental language. You should also avoid saying things that might make him feel bad about himself. 

For example, you should not call him names or refer to his drinking as a “problem”. 

Instead, you should try to stay positive and focus on the positive changes that he is making. This can help him to stay motivated and feel good about himself.

Another thing that you can do is to provide him with support and encouragement. 

This can help him to stay motivated and feel good about himself. It can also help him to stay motivated if you are doing the same thing yourself. 

10) Get help

If your boyfriend starts drinking alcohol more often or has a problem with controlled drinking, you should consider getting professional help. 

You can call addiction hotlines and ask for advice on how to deal with the situation. 

Most of the time, a loved one will not be able to stop their loved one from drinking without professional help.

But anyway, drinking is an addiction, and the problem comes from within, not from outside. We have to let people get help on their own. You can’t force them to quit drinking. 

You can still do many things and give advice and encouragement, but you have no control over people’s lives in the end. The only person who is responsible for this addiction is the addict himself.

11) You should not tell your boyfriend that he doesn’t drink alcohol

This can make him feel like a bad person, which will make him think that he has a problem. 

Instead, you should try to encourage him to find fun things to do with his friends and family. This will help him escape from stress and drink less often.

You also need to understand that many people have problems with alcohol, and they don’t know how to deal with them.

From that, you can learn a lot of things. You can learn how to help your friend with alcohol just by watching him. 

You should not judge him, but try to understand that he has a problem and needs help. From that, you can try to be supportive and help him to find the best solution for his life. 

It is also good if there is another person who is trying to help this person as well, so that both of you don’t get frustrated from the lack of progress.

12) Don’t shout or be aggressive when you are talking to your boyfriend

Shouting is not going to help him stop drinking, and it will instead make him feel more stressful. 

You should not be aggressive because that might also make him feel bad about himself, which will only make his situation worse. 

Believe me, it is not a good way to solve a problem.

Don’t say things like “You’re an alcoholic” or “Quit drinking already”. 

Instead of saying things like this, you should try to talk about your feelings and how his drinking is affecting your relationship. 

Your boyfriend probably knows that he has a problem, but it may be hard for him to get help on his own. 

Understand this, and try to be supportive. This can help him to feel better about himself and make him realize that he doesn’t need to drink as often as he used to.

13) Don’t blame yourself if drinking becomes an addiction for your boyfriend

You should not blame yourself, because this will only make him feel worse. 

Instead, you should try to understand his problems instead of being judgmental to him and making things worse for both of you. 

Sometimes, we might think that we are the reason why a person has an addiction. 

For example, for alcohol addiction, you might think that you are the reason why he started drinking.

This could make him feel like he has to drink more just to prove to himself that he can’t do it without you. 

In this case, you should not blame yourself. 

This is not your fault, and it is not your problem to solve. This is his problem to solve on his own.

14) Pay attention to his drinking habits

Although it can be difficult to notice, your boyfriend is probably drinking less or at least trying to control his drinking. 

Noticing and being encouraged by this can help him to stay motivated and realize that he doesn’t need to drink as often as he used to. 

You might not notice these signs, because it’s hard for a person to change his behavior. Also, people who are controlled drinkers don’t want other people to know that they have a problem.

If you see the signs, you should encourage him and tell him that it is a good job.

You will see that he is trying to moderate his drinking, and this will motivate him to continue in this direction. 

If you encourage him and tell him how good it is that he is trying to control his drinking, he will feel good about himself and feel motivated to continue on his path of moderation.

15) Don’t take your boyfriend’s actions for granted

If you are not paying attention to the signs, you will miss the fact that your boyfriend is trying to start getting control of his drinking problem.

As mentioned above, not noticing these changes can make him feel worse about himself. He might think that he failed to control his drinking, which can then lead to another episode of uncontrolled drinking.

Try to notice the signs and take action as soon as possible. 

If you are not sure whether or not your boyfriend is trying to start moderating his drinking, you should ask him directly if he wants help with this problem.

Think about it this way: if you have a problem with alcohol, would you be happy to get help from someone who is trying to help you? 

Of course, if someone offers to help you, it means that they care about your health and want the best for you. 

This is true in this situation as well. You care about your boyfriend and will want him to solve his own problem. 

This will make him feel good about himself and motivate him to continue on his path of moderation.


Relationships are difficult, especially having a relationship with someone with a drinking problem.

When you have a boyfriend who has a drinking problem, you will probably feel frustrated because you can’t control his actions. 

This leads to feelings of helplessness and frustration because you don’t know what else to do to help your partner, who is taking your relationship for granted. 

But why do we still have to try to fix it? 

Because we still believe that we can help them.

We still love them, and we want to stay with them. 

And if it’s true that you care about this person so much, then you should take action and prove it. 

If you don’t trust him, then tell him why you don’t trust him. 

Don’t assume that he knows what he is doing is wrong.


Tell him how much you love him and make him feel good about himself. 

Your relationship can be improved, but it is not easy. 

It is hard for both of you, and it will take time. 

Earn the trust back, and listen to your partner’s story just like before. 

This should take time. Do not give up when everything goes wrong again. 

Just keep going forward, because your love is strong enough to overcome any obstacle in your relationship.

Trust me! I have been there. And I am here to tell you that it can be done.

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