11 tips about how to stop missing the wrong person

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Are you in a relationship that leaves you feeling empty? 

The love of your life doesn’t seem to return your feelings? 

Or maybe you’re stuck on someone who doesn’t see you for who you are? 

You’ve probably had that moment when you realize that you’re spending too much time with the wrong person.  

The wrong person will make you feel unhappy and unfulfilled.

In short, the wrong person is someone who doesn’t care about your well-being or happiness. 

It’s someone who is not willing to put in the effort to be a good partner to you.

It’s not just a case of missing them when they’re gone – you know it’s not going anywhere. 

Throughout this article, we will help you discover 11 tips on how to stop missing the wrong person. 

Why do you miss the wrong person? 

One reason we miss someone who is not right for us is that we idealize them. 

We paint a picture of them in our mind that does not accurately reflect who they really are.

Perhaps they are an ideal partner for someone else, but not for us. 

It may be more about the feelings you had for them when you were together. 

Another reason why you may miss the wrong person is because of your own insecurities. 

If you have low self-esteem or feel like you need to be validated by others, then you may end up attracting people who do not have your best interests at heart. 

These people may offer you temporary validation but will ultimately leave you feeling worse about yourself in the long run.

That person may have represented something special to you, and those feelings may still be lingering. 

Whatever the reasons, missing the wrong person can cause you to feel sad and lonely.

It can also make it hard to move on from your previous relationship and start a new one.

It’s important to take time to reflect on these reasons and determine if it’s worth it to continue missing them.

Only you can make that determination.

How to stop missing the wrong person? 

1) Don’t let fear hold you back 

When you miss the wrong person, you’re just going through the motions of a relationship. 

You know that things aren’t right, but something is holding you back from moving on. 

While you may not feel unhappy all of the time, there is a persistent feeling that things could be better.

It’s so easy to get caught up in worry and fear, but you have to remember that this person is not worth missing out on the right one for.

If you’re not feeling the right kind of connection, then it’s okay to let go and move on because you can’t force feelings. 

There’s no right or wrong time to end a relationship, so don’t let your fear of letting go hold you back from ending something that no longer benefits you or the both of you.

2) Remember you’re worth more than someone who isn’t right for you.

The sooner you learn that you’re worth more than the wrong person, the better off you’ll be.

A key part of self-worth is knowing your worth and believing that you’re worth more than someone who isn’t right for you. 

It takes courage to walk away from someone who isn’t right for you, but it’s the right thing to do, both for yourself and for the other person.

A person who isn’t right for you can only hold you back from reaching your full potential. 

They can also prevent you from finding a relationship that is right for you.

When you fall for the wrong person – who isn’t right for you , it can be easy to lose sight of who you are and what you want. 

When you miss the wrong person, it can be easy to fall into old habits and routines that don’t fit with who you really are.

In these cases, it can be best to take some time to yourself to regroup and get your bearings before jumping back into anything new.

Remind yourself that there is someone out there who will value you the way you deserve, and when they find you, they will be so glad they did.

3) Ask yourself the tough questions.

You can’t force yourself to stop missing the wrong person, but you can use a little self-reflection to help you move on.

If you still feel nostalgic for the wrong person, ask yourself these tough questions:

Do you feel respected?

Do you feel understood? 

Do you feel loved? 

Do you feel like you have a future with this person? 

These are all important questions to ask yourself in order to know if this person is the right one. 

If the answer to these questions is no, then this person is not right for you. 

These are important questions to ask yourself because you can’t change the way your partner makes you feel. 

These feelings come from inside of you. 

So, if you don’t feel the right things when you’re with this person, then it doesn’t matter how hard you try — the feelings just won’t be there

4) Change your mindset 

The best way to stop missing the wrong person is to change your mindset. 

You must understand that the relationship you are in is not healthy for you. 

You shouldn’t be missing the person who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. 

You shouldn’t be missing someone who treats you poorly. 

You shouldn’t be missing someone who doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. 

You shouldn’t be missing someone who is unavailable to you. 

Be open to love and be open to finding the right person. 

Believe that there is someone out there who is perfect for you. 

Start believing in yourself and start believing in love

The sooner you accept these facts, the better.

5) Discover what you want and don’t want in a partner

Sit down and think about the person you’re missing. 

What were the personality traits that drew you to them? 

What were the things that you loved about them? 

You must take these insights and utilize them when you start dating again. 

If the person that you’re missing had certain personality traits, such as being ambitious, then make sure you seek out these traits in your next partner.

 If there were certain things that you loved about the person you’re missing, try to incorporate these things into your next relationship. 

If you don’t do this, you are likely to fall for the wrong person again.

6) Cut off contact with the wrong person and get back your self-respect. 

If you’re constantly missing the wrong person, it can cause you to feel depressed and upset. 

Plus, they may be contacting you without your knowledge. 

To avoid this, make sure that you cut off all contact with this person. 

Then, focus on other things that interest you.

When you cut off contact and stop missing the wrong person, you are taking back control of your life. 

By cutting off contact with the wrong person, you can start to focus on the positive aspects of your life. 

You can also avoid the temptation to miss that individual when you feel lonely or bored. 

You are also showing that you have self-respect and self-worth.

From a practical standpoint, it can also be helpful to cut off contact with the wrong person.

If you are still receiving calls or texts from them, it can be hard to focus on your own life.

It’s not always easy to break off contact with someone when you’ve had a long relationship with them. 

But the sooner you do it, the better off you will be.

7) Don’t spend too much time dwelling on the past.

If you miss the wrong person for a long time, you need to let them go.

When you are missing the wrong person, it is easy to get stuck in the past. 

You may remember all the good times you had together.

You might think fondly of all the memories you made. 

You might even think back on all the things you wish you had done differently.

It can be tempting to keep reliving those moments over and over again in your head. 

It can be tempting to blame yourself for not seeing the signs sooner or for not making a different decision.

But dwelling on the past can do more harm than good. 

It can keep you stuck in a relationship that is unhealthy and toxic

So how can you avoid this trap?

First of all, try not to spend too much time alone. 

Even if you’re not interested in dating right now, it’s important to keep up your social life and meet new people. 

This way, you can keep yourself occupied, stay active, and make sure you’re not just sitting around missing the wrong person. 

Whatever happened in the past, it’s time to move on. 

Sometimes moving forward requires that we leave the past behind us so that we can grow into better people ourselves.

8) Confide in trusted friends and family. 

If you’ve been feeling like you’re missing the wrong person for a while and you want to stop missing them, tell your trusted friends and family. 

By sharing your story with others, you can gain an outside perspective on what happened and begin to move forward in a healthier way. 

Another benefit of confiding in trusted friends and family members is that they can offer you a listening ear when you need it most.  

Additionally, confiding in others can help you identify red flags and warning signs that should be addressed by a professional. 

They can also provide encouragement and support as you work through your grief.

If you’ve been feeling like you’re missing the wrong person for a while, tell them. 

Talking to people who you trust and who care about you can help you cope with your feelings and process them in a healthy way. 

They may be able to help you find closure so that you can move on and find someone better suited to you.

Then, if you’re ready to move on, they can help you ease the transition by being there for you when you need a listening ear or some advice.

Having someone to talk to can help you stop missing the wrong person and make better decisions.

9) Take care of yourself physically and mentally

If you’re spending time missing the wrong person, that means you’re not spending time doing what you love. 

You’re allowing someone else to come between you and your happiness.

You’re not challenging yourself, pushing yourself, or growing as a person. 

Instead, you’re sitting around missing someone who doesn’t even notice you. 

When you’re spending time missing the wrong person, you’re wasting precious time and energy. 

You’re taking a step backward instead of moving forward

That’s not a healthy mental state. 

You need to take care of yourself physically, but you also need to take care of yourself mentally. 

This means getting out and doing things you love, challenging yourself, and spending time with people you love. 

Once you start making yourself a priority and using your time better, you’ll stop missing the wrong person. 

You’ll be too busy living your life to sit around and think about them.

10) Don’t rush into anything too fast or too soon 

Maybe you still miss the wrong person and you can not move yourself to find something new to make you happy 

Maybe you just broke up with someone after a year of dating. 

Or maybe you’ve been single for a decade and are finally ready to find love. 

Either way, it’s understandable to feel excited about the prospect of meeting someone new. 

But it’s also important to keep in mind that your feelings aren’t always going to be the same.

So while you should never rush into anything, you also shouldn’t try to force yourself to feel something you don’t. 

Missing the wrong person is an inevitable part of life and love. 

We’ve all been there! 

It can be hard to get over feelings you had for someone else, especially if they were intense and long-lasting. 

But the sooner you accept that it’s over, the sooner you can move on to someone who is right for you

11) Finally, always remember — You deserve someone who will make you happy!

If you are still missing the wrong person – who is constantly bringing you down, it will impact your overall happiness.

You need to find someone who inspires and motivates you to be your best self.

You deserve to be with someone who will lift you up and inspire you.

Maybe this means someone who will go on adventures with you and share your passion for travel. 

Maybe you’re looking for someone who will help you achieve your goals and support your dreams. 

Whatever it is, don’t settle. 

You deserve a partner who will lift you up and bring out the best in you. 

So keep an open mind and stay true to yourself as you search for the right person. 

Because once you find them, your life will be so much brighter than before.


Sometimes it can be hard to recognize when you’re missing the wrong person and you’re wasting time trying to make your relationship work.  

Missing the wrong person can leave you feeling lonely and depressed. 

It is important to avoid falling back into this vicious cycle. 

Regardless of the type of relationship you’re in, it’s important to remember that there will always be someone better out there. 

So don’t waste time searching for someone who isn’t right for you, because you can’t get them back.

Missing the wrong person can make you feel frustrated and helpless. You might even be tempted to give up on love and quit. 

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We get stuck in awful relationships or empty encounters, never really finding what we’re looking for and continuing to feel horrible about things like the keep missing the wrong person.

We fall in love with an ideal version of someone instead of the real person. 

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