15 smart ways to make a guy have butterflies over text (complete list)

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| Last Updated: July 23, 2022

Texting is the perfect way to flirt with someone you’re interested in. 

You get to craft your words carefully, and you can choose when (and for how long) you want to talk. 

Sure, texting might feel like a chore sometimes, but there’s nothing more exciting than getting that reply from someone special. 

Here are 18 ways to make a guy have butterflies over text.

1) Be yourself.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of people feel super pressured to put on a fake persona just so a guy feels interested in them. 

For example, if you always reply to guys’ texts with lots of emojis, or you get super flirty and tease him in your texts, he might think you’re just being fake and weird around him. 

Instead, try to reply the same way you would to your friends or family. 

You don’t need to be overly sweet and make a guy feel like they’re your favorite person in the entire world. 

You just need to be yourself, and hopefully that will be enough to make him feel special.

No wonder!

This should be obvious, but a lot of people don’t do it. Don’t force yourself to act in a way that isn’t natural. 

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not just to impress him. 

Make sure you’re texting in a way that feels comfortable and natural to you, and just be yourself.

2) Be funny.

One of the best ways to make a guy have butterflies is to be funny. 

If you can make him laugh with your texts, that’s an amazing way to make him feel special. 

Of course, it’s really hard to force yourself to be funny. 

But if you try, you might just end up being able to do it naturally! 

You can even look for ways for your texts to become more and more amusing as the conversation goes on.

You know what:

Men love talking to funny girls, so try to make him smile with your texts! 

If you find yourself bored after a while, jot down a few funny things in your phone and send them to him over text.

If you’re funny and make him laugh, you’ll definitely be one of the girls that he won’t forget.

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4) Keep it short and sweet.

This goes without saying.

Long texts are good sometimes! 

Just don’t send multiple paragraphs when one paragraph would suffice.

But it’s a good idea to restrict yourself in terms of length when you’re messaging a guy, because then you can really focus on the most important things that you really want him to know.

There’s nothing more annoying than a girl who keeps texting a guy or sending him a bunch of long, flowery messages. 

It’s so over-the-top and not even that fun to read, let alone respond to. 

What is fun and cute and sweet, however, is a short, sweet text. 

If the guy you like likes nothing more than a short, sweet text, he’s going to feel so happy that you made him that guy he is going to be so happy to reply to you back.

5) Play a game.

There’s something really sweet and fun about texting a guy and making a game out of it. 

If you play a game with him, he’ll feel super special and good about himself.

A lot of guys like to play games, too. 

They like to text back and forth with girls and then make up games together. 

So if you can make a game out of your texts together, he’s probably going to love it! 

You can even try making up silly games with him that have no real purpose other than just making two people laugh.

For example, if you like a guy and you want to make him fall in love with you, you can make him a scavenger hunt or a challenge. 

You can also make it a game to see if he thinks he can reply to your texts within a certain amount of time. 

These games can be super sweet and make a guy blush, and they can also be a lot of fun to play with your friends too.

6) Show you care about their day.

Texting is a great way to show a guy that you care about his day. 

For example, if you saw that your boyfriend was feeling down, you could send him a text reading “I love you,” and then write “I love you more when you’re happy.” 

This little message will show him that you do care about him and that you’re happy that he’s in a better mood.

A lot of people just talk about the weather or their day at work and pretend they’re never, ever interested in someone else. 

This might seem like a good idea because it keeps you from asking too many questions and ruining the mood. 

While that might be fine if you want to leave things open-ended, don’t be afraid of establishing some sort of connection with him. 

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7) Send some emojis.

If you’re texting a guy, try to include some emojis. 

Emojis are fun and cute, and they can do a lot to make him feel happy. 

They also make you look super sweet, which is always good if you want to get a guy hooked on you. 

Emoticons are especially great for communicating with people that you want to be close to — like your family or friends.

It’s really true!

Emojis are the new cool thing in texting, and they are the perfect way to mix things up and make your message way more fun and cute. 

A lot of guys love when girls send them emojis because they think it shows that they are really important to you. 

You can send your boyfriend a bunch of emojis that he really likes, or you can send him some that he loves but that are a little different from the usual ones. 

This will show that you are trying to show him that you care and that you are thinking about him when you send him your texts.

8) Send your videos or pictures.

If you want to make a guy have butterflies over your texts, you need to make your texts special too. 

One of the best ways to do this is by sending him some special content, like a video of you or a picture of you that he absolutely loves. 

Texting your boyfriend a special song or making him a playlist of his favorite pictures can be a really special and sweet thing to do.

If you want to be more creative, you can even make a video of yourself talking and tell him how much you love him. 

Not only is this a cute thing to do, but it’s also a great way to make him feel like he’s the luckiest guy on Earth.

If you send some video messages to him, he’ll love you so much that he’ll probably drop what he was doing and start playing the messages over and over again!

9) Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

One of the best ways to make a guy fall for you over text is to be vulnerable and sweet and show a guy that you are real and that you really care. 

If you want to get a guy hooked on you, show him that you really care about him. 

That can be done by sending text messages that sound vulnerable, like when you’re mentioning how tough things are for you right now. 

What’s more?

If the guy likes how honest and real you are with him, he will definitely feel something special towards you.

For example, if your boyfriend likes to hear about your day and you often feel lonely when you’re on your own, you can send him a text reading “I miss you when you’re not around,” and then write down some things that you would like to say to him but that are too vulnerable to say in person. 

This will show him that you care about him and that you are vulnerable and that you are real.

10) Resist the urge to text right away

If you’ve been dying to get some words off to him, then don’t text him right away. 

Most guys will assume you’ve been sitting at your phone waiting to text him all day long, which will make them feel insecure. 

So resist the urge to text him right away and give him at least a few hours to come home from work, take off his shoes, put his pants on, and take a seat in front of his phone before you text him. 

Now once he’s ready to read your message, don’t start off on a weird and embarrassing note. 

Guys are put off by any sort of awkward vibes, so be sure to avoid those at all costs. 

And also, no matter how cute and adorable you are, it’s never okay to make fun of someone for having a mental illness. 

So even if you’re flirting with him, it’s never okay to make fun of him.

11) Drop some super flattering hints.

If you’ve been dying to text him but are afraid to, then start dropping hints. 

A girl who is super flattered by the attention they’re getting from a guy will feel a ton of pressure to text him back because they want to keep receiving it. 

So all a girl has to do to make a guy have butterflies over text is drop some super flattering hints

For instance, if your friend is super cute and you’ve been dying to tell him but haven’t been able to find the right moment, then you could casually mention how cute he is at the end of a text to him. 

If you’ve been struggling to think of something to text him, then casually drop a compliment about him into your text. 

This is an easy and simple way to make a guy have butterflies over text because there’s nothing a girl loves more than a little bit of flattery.

12) Surprise him with something he doesn’t expect.

If you’ve been dying to text your friend but are afraid to, then you could also try surprising him with something he doesn’t expect. 

Let’s dive in!

If you’ve been dying to tell him that you love the way he treats you, but are afraid to because guys don’t like girls who make them feel pressured, then you could surprise him with an unexpected text about how much he means to you. 

That will throw him off and make him have butterflies! 

Since he can’t do anything about it, he’s going to have to get used to it. So you could also try surprising him by sending him a message that is completely different from the way you normally text him. 

For example, if you’ve been dying to ask him a question but are afraid to ask it in front of his friends, then you could send him a message with a totally different subject than what you were planning to ask him. 

This is an easy and super random way to make a guy have butterflies over text.

13) Compliment him.

If you want to make a guy have butterflies over text, then you can also try complimenting him. 

It’s an easy thing to do and it shows that you care about him and that you are interested in talking to him. 

This will make your texts special for him because he loves compliments, but the best part about giving him compliments is that he will always appreciate them even if he doesn’t ask for them.

Now don’t try to make an impression by being a huge complimenter. 

You don’t want to come across as trying too hard or putting too much effort into it. 

Just try complimenting him on something he usually gets compliments on or something that normally makes him happy. 

This is an easy and super easy way to make a guy have butterflies over text.

14) Start with a smiley.

Girls often get distracted by the grammatical errors, slang, and slang and slang again in their boyfriend’s texts. 

The problem is that you can’t really interpret her feelings if you have no idea what she’s feeling. 

So, before you type anything, take a couple of seconds and write him a smiley. 

If he’s not sending you any, then pick one that makes you smile and add it to his text. 

When he receives it, he’ll know exactly how you feel. 

This straightforward method is a great way to make a guy notice you because it shows him that you’re on his mind. It also lets him know that you’re warm and smiling at him.

This friendly tone will make him feel like you really care, which is one way to get him excited about your texts.

15) Play with your word.

Texting is a little bit like chatting online, which means that you can definitely play with your word choice a lot. 

Play around with how you use your words in a text message

This will make him feel very special. And bonus: you’ll make him smile.

One fact is that:

You might have noticed that some guys get really attached to the words they choose when they text you. 

So try being playful and adding little details into your texts that are completely unnecessary, but will make a guy feel extra special.

When texting a guy, you can try changing your word choice from sweet and romantic to more playful words. 

For example, instead of saying “I love you,” you can say something sillier, like “I love you so much.” 

Not only are these words not as serious and intense, but they are also super adorable and fun to read.


Texting is a fantastic way to keep in touch with friends, family, and your significant other, but it can also be intimidating when you’re first trying to initiate conversation with your man. 

These 15 steps will help you get him excited about your texts. 

From short messages to little gifts, these steps will help you make the man of your dreams feel special and valued.

However, if you really want to find out how to make a guy have butterflies over text, don’t leave it up to chance. 

Instead speak to a gifted advisor who will give you the answers you’re searching for. 

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