10 ways to make a girl regret ghosting you (no bullsh*t)

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| Last Updated: August 17, 2022

Did you just get ghosted by a girl after promising that you’ve been looking for someone who’s compatible with each other?

If so, it’s a little disheartening.

After all, you’re going to spend a lot of time investing in this person and finally meeting up with them only to have her go attention on you.

So what can you do?

Well, we have compiled 10 ways that might help you to make her regret.

With that being said, here are 10 ways to make a girl regret ghosting you.

1) Be yourself

The first way to make a girl regret ghosting you is to be yourself.

If you’re constantly changing for someone else, you’re never going to be happy.

You’ll never be able to be authentic, or have the confidence to be yourself.

And let’s be honest, there’s no greater way to make someone regret ghosting you than to be yourself.

This is especially true if you’re someone who’s reserved or shy.

If you try to be someone else, you’re only going to make things more awkward.

You’re also not going to be able to connect with her in the way that you should.

If anything, you’ll only make her think ghosting you is a right decision.

However, if you’re yourself, you’re able to connect with her on a more personal level and she will see how postive you are and regret for ghosting you.

2) Confidence is a key

The second way to make a girl regret ghosting you is to be confident.

A lot of those who are shy or reserved may benefit from learning how to be more confident.

But even if you’re not one of those people, confidence is always something that makes a huge difference in people.


Being confident shows that you know who you are, and that you don’t care what anyone else thinks.

It shows that you know what you’re doing and that you’re doing it for yourself.

The way you carry yourself, what you say and how you react to things all reflect how confident you really are, she may want to have a conversation with you again.

If you’re constantly dealing with self-doubt or if you’re constantly letting other people let to you, you’re going to come off as unconfident.

3) Don’t give her a second chance

The third thing that you need to do is not give her a second chance.

This means that you shouldn’t try to contact her again.

Don’t try to contact her again.

If you do this, then you’re essentially giving her another opportunity to not text you back.

It’s important that you show her that you don’t care about hanging out again because if you do, then she’ll most likely try to take advantage of your kindness.

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4) Motivate and invest in yourself

The fourth way to make a girl regret ghosting you is to motivate and invest in yourself.

The way that you react to being ghosted is a direct reflection of your own self-worth.

If you were to react negatively, it would only show that you have low self-worth.

But, if you were to react positively, it would show that you have high self-worth.

By motivating and investing in your own self, you’re able to change the way that you deal with being ghosted.

You can choose to use this as an opportunity to challenge yourself and grow as a person.

You can use this as an opportunity to show yourself that you are not what happened.

You are more than that.

You can use this as an opportunity to show yourself that you can react positively regardless of what happened.

You can choose to react positively and motivate and invest in yourself regardless of what happened and she whill regret because of ghosting you and want to return

5) Don’t engage on social media

There are a couple of aspects to this and they include: – You don’t have to reply to everything.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Keep this in mind:

– You don’t have to follow her on every platform that she has.

If you do, then you’re just as bad as she was. You’re just as much of a stalker.

– You don’t have to like everything that she posts.

– You don’t have to comment on anything that she posts.

– You don’t have to message her.

– You don’t have to like her posts.

If you don’t, then don’t.

6) Put yourself first

If a woman has ghosted you, it could be because your relationship was one-sided.

You could have been putting her before yourself and have been putting yourself last on the list of priorities.

You should never give your time and attention to someone who isn’t willing to offer you the same in return.

This doesn’t mean that you should start blaming yourself for her actions.

What it means is that you should start taking yourself more seriously and put yourself first because nobody else will.

This might make her regret ghosting you because she sees you being happy without her.

7) Move on and get new relationship with someone else

The next that you need to do is move on and get a new relationship with someone else.

If you’re currently ghosted, then you’re probably feeling a bit down about the situation.

If you want to get over what just happened, then you need to go out and find someone new to date.

Don’t try to get back together with the girl who ghosted you.

If you try to get back together with the girl who ghosted you, then you’re just going to be stuck in this vicious cycle of getting hurt because she’ll probably do it again at some point.

If you go out and find someone new, you won’t be stuck in this pity party that’s bound to make you miserable.

Other, the girl who ghosting you will be regret because it is not going in the way she want.

8) Ghost her back

Another way to make a girl regret ghosting you is by ghosting her back.

Now, this may sound a little bit harsh, but it will definitely make her regret ghosting you.

When we say ghosting her back, we mean that you should wait till she contacts you again.

When she contacts you, don’t respond to her at all.

Let her feel the same loneliness that you felt when she ghosted you.

The thing is, she will realize that she made the wrong decision by ghosting you.

It may take her a bit longer, but she will definitely regret it.

This is why it’s important to wait till she contacts you after you ghosted her the first time.

Always remember that you should never ghost someone without any reason.

9) Heal yourself

This might be the first thing you need to do.

It might not be a great idea to try to win her back with all your might if you don’t even know what happened in the first place.

For example, if you were in a relationship that was going downhill for a while and it eventually ended, it might not be a good idea to try to win her back when all you did was understand what went wrong.

You’ll have to understand why she decided to not be in the relationship any longer and then work on those issues.

You might not be able to do that in a matter of a few days, and that’s perfectly fine.

Over a long time of healing, you will become better and she will regret because of doing that to you.

10) Glow up

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

You need to make yourself look as best as possible.

If you’ve been ghosted after meeting up, you probably didn’t look your best.

There are no excuses for this.

If you want to make her regret ghosting you, you need to make sure that you look your best.

You need to make sure that your hair is cut and styled.

You need to make sure that you are wearing clean clothes that fit you properly.

A lot of this has to do with confidence as well.

If you look good and act confidently, then you will be sure to make her regret ghosting you.

Where does this confidence come from?

It comes from you knowing that you are a great person and that you are putting your best foot forward.

Confidence is all about believing that you are better than the guy next to you and making sure that you let others know what you have to offer.

So how to know if she is ghosting you?

1) You start getting one word replies

If you have ever been ghosted by a woman and found yourself confused about what happened, you would do well to pay attention to the way she responds to your texts and calls.

If she starts to give you one-worded replies to everything, it may be a sign of what’s to come.

A woman who is ending the relationship won’t want to come across as rude or inconsiderate; she likely just wants to end things as quickly and painlessly as possible.

If you notice she starts acting a little more curt with you over text and snapping at you more often when you call, it may be a sign she is looking for a way to disapear as smoothly as possible.

If she starts giving you curt replies, or stops responding altogether, try to call her out on her behaviour.

If she continues to give you short replies to everything, it might be a sign she is going to ghost you

2) She starts acting distant

Ghosting is not a spur of the moment decision; it is a pattern that has been established somewhere along the line.

Many times, a woman will start acting distant before she disapear from you.

If this starts to happen to you, you need to pay attention.

If she starts acting like you don’t exist, doesn’t respond to your texts, or seems to be avoiding you, there is a good chance she is leading up to ghosting thing.

If she used to text you all the time, but now she barely does, there could be an explanation for that.

However, if it becomes consistent, you should probably be worried.

If she used to call you every day, but now she doesn’t, you should be worried as well.

If she used to talk to you all the time, but now she doesn’t, she is likely ghosting you.

3) She disapear for a long time

If your significant other has been around, but then just disapears for a long time, especially without a reason, it’s likely that she wants to ghost you.

A girl who is interested in being with you will make sure to be there for you and make time for you.

If she suddenly disapearing for days at a time and not making time for you, it might be a sign that she doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

If your significant other suddenly disappears for a long time, it’s important that you don’t try to call her or make time for her.

If she wants to be with you, she will initiate contact with you.

If she doesn’t make time for you, it’s likely that she doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

Final Thoughts

If a girl ghosted you, then you probably weren’t her type.

You have to remember that not every girl is going to be into you.

So, if you found a girl who doesn’t like you, don’t try to be someone you’re not.

Instead, be yourself.

If you’re naturally a fun, goofy person, then you shouldn’t try to be a stoic, serious person just because the girl prefers it.

If you were confident without coming across as needy, then she probably just wasn’t attracted to you.

Don’t give her another chance.

Instead, try to move on and find someone who does like you.