How to get a married man to cheat with you: 15 no bullsh*t tips

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If you’re a woman who is looking for ways to have an affair with a married man, don’t bother reading Cosmo or trying anything from the latest Hollywood blockbuster – instead, pay attention to this post. 

Here we’ve compiled 15 proven tips that will help you get a married man to cheat on his wife with you.

Just a word of caution, in the process of getting a man who’s already taken to cheat on his partner, you might be breaking up an existing family and hurting people who are innocent.

So use these 15 tips at your own discretion.

1) Be manipulative in a subtle way

When it comes to manipulation, subtlety is the key.

Obviously, you can’t go out and say, “Hey, I want to take your man from you.”

Instead, try to be manipulative in a subtle way. The goal is to slowly build up trust with the man in question, so that he’s vulnerable to your influence over him.

Here are some tips to be manipulative in a subtle way:

  • Pay attention to their weak points
  • Show interest in them, either personally or in a different context. This will allow you to build up trust.
  • Maintain a cordial and friendly relationship with the man’s family. You might not like them, but they can help your cause by making him more vulnerable. For example, let his wife go out with you on a date first thing after meeting her. The woman will have no choice but to trust you if she sees how well the man gets along with her.

2) Know if he is vulnerable

Another tip to get a married man to cheat with you is to know if he is vulnerable.

We’ve all heard this saying before, “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”. This saying has a very strong backing.

Vulnerability is the state and condition of being weak and defenseless because of a lack of power or resources. Vulnerable men are easy to manipulate, and this makes them perfect targets for seduction by an outsider.

For example, if he’s having a rough time in his marriage, or he’s frustrated about something else, he is wide open to suggestions.

You can use any opportunity that presents itself, or you can create favorable circumstances for him to be vulnerable and receptive to your advances.

3) Be emotionally available to him

According to a study by psychologist Elaine Hatfield, men are more likely to cheat with someone they perceive to be emotionally available.

This means that if you show the man in question that you’re emotionally available and willing to share your feelings and problems with him, he will most likely end up cheating on his wife.

But remember, this does not mean that you have to open up to him about your problems and vulnerabilities.

It just means that you have to appear as if you are open and willing to share your feelings with him. You can do this by being friendly. You can also show him how much you care about him, which will make him believe that you’re emotionally available and willing to talk about your feelings with him.

In the process of doing this, keep in mind that nobody likes a clingy person. So, try to keep the lines of communication open.

4) Create drama in your life so that he feels necessary and wanted in your life

OK, I know what you’re thinking:

“This is going to be easy. All I have to do is create drama in my life, then he’ll want to come and rescue me!”

I agree, this sounds too simple. But here’s the thing:

You don’t have to create huge issues in your life. Just enough drama that makes him feel that he needs to step in and rescue you. You can do a lot of small things that are practically insignificant, but they add up quickly.

For example, you can start a conversation by saying that you have a huge problem, but then not be too specific about it. If he’s interested in you, he’ll ask what is going on. If he doesn’t, well then maybe there isn’t anything to worry about after all.

Another good way to create drama is to reveal something intimate and personal to them without intending on it going any farther than that.

For example, if he’s a sensitive guy and he can be easily wounded by something as simple as revealing your secret fear of dying alone in your bed at night, then you’ve just done him a huge favor. He’ll feel as if he has to stick his neck out for you.

And it doesn’t have to be anything big; it’s simply about revealing something vulnerable and personal to him that makes him feel wanted in your life.

5) Make him feel better about himself 

Research has shown that men are more attracted to women who make them feel better about themselves.

In other words, if you can make him feel important, special, and good about himself, he will want to spend as much time with you as possible. This makes it easier for you to find a way to get him away from his wife.

To accomplish this:

  • Try to make him feel unique like he’s the only one in the world who understands you.
  • Do stuff to make him feel needed, like arranging for an expensive dinner for him and his wife or giving him a gift that is out of the ordinary. That way, he will feel as if he’s doing something special for you – because of your appreciation for what he does for you.
  • Be open about your feelings for him. Tell him how great he is, and share your fantasies about him.
  • Be sexually available to him. This will make him feel wanted and needed.

This way, he’ll make an effort to spend more time with you, and that will give you more opportunities to seduce him.

6) Dare to be different, not like every other girl he’s been with

It is important to remember that every man is attracted to different things, and it’s important for you to understand this.

There is a saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. In other words, each man finds beauty in different ways. Every guy will find something about you attractive, but he’ll find all sorts of things attractive about other girls too.

Maybe his spouse is beautiful, but she just doesn’t have the right personality. Maybe you’re not pretty, but you have the energy and enthusiasm that he enjoys. 

The point is, there are a million ways to be attractive to a guy and get his attention. This means that you need to be different from every other woman he has been with before. 

Try taking up hobbies that are completely different from what his wife does. Or try dressing in ways that other women don’t dress. 

In short: try doing things with him that no one he knows has ever done with him before. 

7) Be an expert at picking up on his behaviors and reactions

In other words, if you can pick up on what he is feeling and thinking, then you will have a great chance of seducing him.

The reason this is important is that men are reluctant to show their true feelings easily. They’re afraid that if they do so, it might lead to something else – i.e., someone else figuring out his “true desires”. So, they often try to hide their true emotions from other people by showing them false emotions and reactions.

Then how to pick up on his feelings if he’s reluctant to show them?

All you have to do is be aware of the fact that you can easily detect his true feelings if you pay attention to the smallest little things. These things include:

  • The way he looks at you when he’s talking to you.
  • The way he touches your shoulder and hair when talking to you. 
  • The manner in which he deals with conflicts. 
  • The kind of jokes and stories that interest him.

Remember, you are trying to seduce him. You need to know exactly what he is feeling, thinking, and desiring. The more you can do this, the better off you will be when it comes to seducing him and securing his affection for yourself.

8) Spice things up by taking calculated risks that push boundaries with him in a non-threatening way

The fact that he’s married and shares a life with his wife does not mean that he is completely closed off to you. It just means he’s not in the mood for many risks at the moment.

If you can find a way to make things a bit riskier without being threatening, then he’ll enjoy himself and want you near him. That way, you’ll get closer to seducing him and getting him to start fantasizing about being with you.

For example: try kissing him when he least expects it. Compliment him in inappropriate circumstances. Hold his hand while you’re both walking somewhere.

Don’t let him know what you’re capable of doing until after you’ve done it. Be fun and spontaneous, and you’ll be able to get him to think about being with you more often than he does with his wife.

9) Use your body to promote powerful feelings of sexual attraction or desire

One of the most effective ways to get a married man to cheat on his spouse is to use your body to promote powerful feelings of sexual attraction or desire.

One way to do this is to simply press your body up against his whenever you get the chance. 

If you’re having a conversation, then make sure you’re standing close enough so that your breasts are touching his chest. Or if he’s sitting down, then sit next to him so that your legs are touching each other. 

Another step is to touch him in incomplete ways, like putting your hand on his knee if you’re sitting next to each other or holding onto his arm when walking somewhere with him.

But don’t go overboard with this at once. It’s all about setting a powerful precedent for the future, so you want to be moderate until he starts reacting to your touch in a positive manner.

10) Project an aura of desirability

Men are naturally attracted to women who seem desirable to other men.

One way to project this aura is to pretend that you have many other attractive men wanting your attention. This can be accomplished by being friendly with a lot of guys and making them feel special because most men think that if a girl is friendly with other guys, then she must not be interested in them at all.

The goal here is simply to make him think that he’s lucky for having caught your interest.

Another way to project an aura of desirability is to wear outfits that other women will find attractive. This can be done by wearing clothes that make you look like the sexiest woman in the room, which will get the attention of men you’re attracted to.

If you’re trying to get a married man to cheat on his wife, it’s important that you wear clothes that will appeal to him even if he’s not attracted to you. 

11) Don’t fall into the trap of the “hard-to-get” routine

Trust me, no man wants an overtly hard-to-get woman. You are not going to get him to want you by playing games and being strange.

He’s married, remember? 

He’s got a life. He doesn’t have time to deal with someone who is giving him the cold shoulder or he can’t crack by way of any normal means.

Don’t make it so that you have to compete against his wife for his attention. If anything, try and make yourself more desirable than she is. That’s your goal and the quickest way to seduce him.

12) Pay attention to the triggers that make him attracted

Every man has different triggers that make him feel a strong attraction to the opposite sex. Some men are attracted to big breasts and round butts, while others like skinny women who look tall and slender. 

Pay attention to what turns him on most – either in his wife or in other women – and then try replicating that trigger in yourself as much as possible. 

This will make him attracted to you on a much more powerful level than he already is, which will lead to him wanting you more than his wife.

And remember, it doesn’t matter if he’s attracted to other women when you’re initially seducing him. The ultimate goal is to get him so psychologically invested in you that he starts fantasizing about being with you more often than he does with his wife.

13) Don’t be a doormat

A lot of women turn into doormats when they’re in a relationship with a married man because they think that it’s what men want.

I know, right? We’ve got our whole life ahead of us!

Some women even convince themselves that “it’s not that bad” and they could deal with it because they love the guy so much.

Don’t fall into this trap. Men don’t want to be with weak women. They want to be with women who are intelligent, independent, and confident in who they are.

Stop thinking like a doormat and start thinking like the kind of woman that men want to be with for the long term, which is usually someone who has her own life going on besides you.

14) Use his curiosity against him 

It is possible to get a married man to cheat on his wife.

All you have to do is use his curiosity against him.

And the most effective way to do this is by creating an online profile that makes him curious about who you are and what your life is like out of the public eye.

You can even make this profile completely fictitious if you want, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to add a bit of truth into it to make it seem more convincing.

For example, if you created a profile called “Claire,” you could describe yourself as being a wife and mother who lived a quiet life in the suburbs.

This would get him wondering what your life might be like out of the public eye, and then he’ll start thinking about your profile more than he does with his wife.

15) Lead him on and give mixed signals 

Another simple yet effective way to get a married man to cheat on his wife is to lead him on and then deliver the news that you don’t want anything to do with him.

This will make him extremely angry at you and he won’t be able to stop himself from wanting you, because we all have desires for sexual arousal that are much stronger than our desires for love.

Do this a few times and it will lead to him wanting you even more and more until he’s eventually lured into believing that your sexual encounters aren’t that bad.

Then, before you know it, you’ll have him right where you want him.

Final thoughts

If you’ve been wondering how you can get a married man to cheat on his wife with you, then hopefully you found this guide useful.

It’s not easy to seduce a married man, but it can be done. In fact, it’s easier than you think if you know what you’re doing.

But remember that in order to get a married man to cheat on his wife with you, you’re going to have to be patient and not give up too easily.

It might take a while, but that’s okay. 

As long as you’re making progress and he’s starting to become more and more psychologically invested in you than he is in his wife, then there’s no reason why this relationship can’t turn into something real.