How to get a girl to text you when she is ignoring you? 15 practical tips

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If you’ve ever been interested in a girl but she isn’t responding to your texts, you know how frustrating the experience can get. 

There are many reasons why a girl might not respond to your initial advances, but this is something most guys struggle with at some point in time. 

No matter how confident you are, it feels pretty awkward when someone ignores your advances.

Fortunately, there are ways to get a girl to text you even if she’s ignoring you. And no, we’re not talking about using cheesy pick-up lines or pretending to be someone else. 

We’re going to list 15 practical, real-life tips and tricks that can help you get a girl to text back, even if she isn’t interested in you and keeps ignoring your texts. 

If you want that girl to give more than just a lukewarm response next time, read on and find out how.

Alright, let’s dive in.

1) Be confident, not creepy

What’s the easiest way to get a girl to text you? Start by not being creepy! Do not come on too strong right away or you’ll risk scaring her off. 

This is especially important if you’re trying to get her attention for the first time. If she thinks you’re a creep, she will just ignore your attempts to get in touch with her. 

If you want to get a girl to text you, you have to be confident. 

Another biggest mistake guys make when trying to get a girl’s attention is being too ‘nice’. You’ve probably come across this word before – it usually means being too passive and polite that it looks like you don’t have any confidence at all. This might seem like a good thing at first sight, but trust us when we say that girls don’t like overly nice guys. 

When a girl ignores your advances, she’s trying to tell you that she’s not interested. What you need to do is use that as motivation to come across as a confident guy who knows what he wants. 

Be friendly and polite, but also show that you’re not going to take “no” for an answer. Girls like guys who are confident enough to show that they’re not going to settle for a lukewarm response. 

If you want to get a girl to text you back, you must first believe that you are worthy of her attention.

The best way to show confidence is by being yourself and comfortable in your own skin. You can’t try to be something that you are not. 

There is no point in getting a girl’s attention if you can’t be yourself. Girls are very intuitive and she will be able to tell if you are faking it or not. 

Confidence is about acting like yourself and being confident in what she does find attractive about you. 

Confidence is vital because it gives off the signal that shows her that it would be worth giving up some of her time for a chance at spending more time with someone who is worth it. 

Just be yourself, and she’ll be more likely to respond to your texts.

2) Send her a harmless, casual text 

If you want to get a girl to text you when she’s ignoring you, send her a harmless, casual text. For example, you can send her a good morning text letting her know you hope her day is going well. You can even ask her what she plans to do that day. Just send her a friendly message that you’re thinking about her. It’s a great way to get a girl to text you without being cheesy or creepy

The key to making this work is being consistent. You can start sending good morning messages and then move on to sending her goodnight texts. 

If you can show her that you go the extra mile for her, she’ll be more likely to respond to your text messages.

3) Send funny memes 

If you’ve tried being confident, friendly, and sending her a harmless, casual text and she still hasn’t responded to you, you can try sending funny memes.

Who doesn’t love memes? Not too many girls will ignore these kinds of messages. 

It’s an easy way to break the ice and show a girl that you’re funny. Plus, it’s a fun way to get her more interested in you without putting any pressure on her. 

If she isn’t familiar with memes, then take the time to describe them and explain why you picked this one in particular.

4) Use emojis and gifs to break the ice

Emojis and gifs are a great way to break the ice if you’re not sure how to start a conversation. If you’re having a hard time thinking of what to say, send her a silly emoji. 

If she doesn’t respond to your emoji, don’t take it personally. Not everyone uses emoji the same way. If she sends you a few emojis back, then it’s safe to assume the ice is broken.

5) Send a catchy, but short question

If you want to get a girl to text you when she’s ignoring you, send her a catchy but short question. 

You can ask her what her dream job is or what she’d do if she was invisible for a day. You’re sure to get an interesting response that will help you learn more about her. 

Try to avoid getting into long-winded text conversations. If she asks you a question and you have a great answer, reply as much as necessary and then give her time to respond. 

If it’s something she wants to talk about further, she will initiate the next round of texting, which is exactly what you want!

6) Keep your texting short and sweet

When you’re getting to know someone, keep your texts short, sweet and simple. Something along the line, “Hey how’s your day been? Been thinking of you.” Or you can ask her what she did last night or ask her if she’s seen the newest video on BuzzFeed. 

Your goal is to let her know you’re eager, but you’re not pushy. If she responds, then you can send another text that’s a little longer. Don’t send her a big, long message. It’s better to keep it short and simple so she doesn’t get the impression that you’re trying too hard. 

If she does respond positively, don’t jump in with long paragraphs that could seem needy or pushy. Keep your replies a little less wordy than hers and try to keep the conversation moving forward. 

You can even follow up with another text asking her about her day or something related to what you two were just talking about in order to keep the text message chain going. 

Keep the conversation lighthearted to show that you’re fun to be around—and she’ll be more likely to respond.

7) Ask her opinion

One of the easiest ways to get a girl to text back is by asking her opinion on something. 

Try starting with how she’s doing and then asking what she thinks about something that’s happened recently or even something related to your life. 

For example, if you saw an interesting meme or commercial on Facebook and want to know what she thinks about it, send her a text saying “Hey, did you see this?” with the link, just to make it easier to get a conversation going. 

Try not to go in-depth about anything—once the conversation starts flowing more naturally, keep it light and casual by dropping in jokes every now and then.

8) Be funny

Are you really funny? That’s great—because it may be the most natural way to get a girl to text you even if she doesn’t seem interested. It’s pretty common for a girl to like a guy who makes her laugh. 

And while you don’t have to resort to telling jokes or stand-up comedy, showing that you are witty and clever by using GIFs and memes, or even just writing some funny text messages can work wonders. 

If you’re self-deprecating, you’re showing her that you’re not only confident and casual, but that you also have a sense of humor. Ask her how she feels about a joke you think is really funny. 

She’s more likely to respond to you if you make her laugh, as it’s a sign that you’re fun to be around. If she sees how smart and witty you are, maybe she’ll change her opinion about how awesome the person behind the goofy text messages is.

9) Be a friend

If you’re trying to get her to pay more attention to you, take the time to get to know her first. 

The best way to do that is to become her friend. By being friendly and casual, you’re showing her that you’re not interested in taking things to the next level right away. 

You’re also creating a foundation for a friendship that can lead to more later on if she starts to see you in a better light. 

However, be careful not to come on too strong or she might think that you’re just being platonic friends when you actually like her. Don’t be too flirtatious or try to make her feel uncomfortable in any way. 

Instead, focus on being friendly and casual, but also show that you’re interested in getting to know her better. 

Be genuine, and you’ll make a much better impression than if you come on too strong.

10) Go slow

One of the worst things you can do is rush things. Girls are usually very intuitive, and they can usually tell if you’re trying to rush things or use aggressive strategies to get their attention. 

If you’ve been talking to her for a while and want to talk to her more often, you can try establishing solid communication that progresses at a relaxed pace. If you’re texting her, try taking it one conversation at a time, and don’t try to jump to another topic too soon. 

When you’re talking to her, be sure to keep it casual, but also make sure that she knows that you’re interested in getting to know her better.

11) Drop hints about things you have in common

If you have been trying different approaches with texting and still can’t get her attention, try dropping hints about things that you have in common. 

By dropping hints about things you have in common, you create a sense of comfort between the two of you. There are tons of things you could talk about early on in the conversation if you want to show that you have more in common with a girl than it seems like right now. 

You could mention something that happened at work or school today and alludes to something she did as well. You could mention something about her new favorite movie or a shared interest in the same music artist. 

The main thing is to find things you have in common with her that show that you’re not just a stranger. If you talk about something that she likes, you make her feel like she can let her guard down around you. 

12) Be your best authentic self 

If you want to get a girl to text you, you need to be your best authentic self. If you try to come across as someone you aren’t, she’ll be able to tell. 

Act like how you would normally act. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Be yourself. Not only will it be more comfortable for you, but she’ll probably like you more as well. 

Show her that you’re someone who doesn’t need to put on a show to impress her, and she’ll respect and appreciate your honesty.

13) Show that you genuinely care about her 

If you want to show a girl who is ignoring your texts that you’re not going to take ‘no’ for an answer, make sure you show that you genuinely care about her. 

Learn about her interests and send her little pieces of thoughtful information that she might find useful or interesting that add values to her life.  

For example, if she likes art, tell her about the latest exhibition in your area. If she’s into sports, give her tips on how to improve her game. If she likes books, recommend an interesting one you’ve read recently. 

These are all small things that show that you’re interested in her. Every girl wants to be the center of attention. Get her to talk about her life, her interest and her favorite things, and she will be more likely to respond to your texts. 

14) Take a break then try again later

If she has been ignoring your texts and you can’t figure out why, give her some space and try texting her again a few days or a week later. 

Be casual and joke around with her again. Try to keep the conversation light and fun so it doesn’t get awkward. If she has only been ignoring your texts for a few days and you text her again, she will probably be caught off guard.

She’ll wonder why you’ve been ignoring her and why you’re suddenly interested in talking to her again. If she doesn’t respond again, then back off until she reaches out to you.

15) Don’t appear desperate.

If she doesn’t text back for a while, don’t panic or appear too desperate! 

If you’re too keen from the start, your eagerness will come through loud and clear in your messages. This will make her feel uncomfortable and she may even think you’re in some way creepy. 

You don’t want her to feel like you’re stalking her or that she can’t get you out of her life. The best thing you can do is slow things down a bit. 

If you want a girl to text you, take it slow. Being desperate can kill any chance of getting a girl’s attention. You’ll come across as if you have nothing better to do in your life and will make her feel bad for not answering. 

Be cool, and try to find ways that make it look like you’re busy with other things. Let her know that you’re interested, but don’t be pushy about things. Take the time to work on yourself – go out with your friends or family, do something fun and interesting.

The bottom line 

Getting a girl to text you back when she is ignoring you can be a challenge, but it is not an impossible feat. 

There are many ways to get a girl to respond to your initial advances, but they all require confidence, patience, and a willingness to put yourself out there. 

Bear in mind that consistency beats intensity. If you want to make your crush fall for you, follow these practical tips and don’t give up! Let us know which tips above work for you in the comments below. 

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