How does a guy feel when you block him

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These are some of the questions that get you thinking when you’re trying to or have blocked a guy:

  • Are you wondering how a guy feels when you block him?
  • Is He Mad That I Blocked Him?
  • Is It Right To Block Him?
  • What Is The Psychology Behind Blocking Someone?
  • I Blocked Him. Now What?

Unfortunately, there are no simple answers to these questions. Human emotions are complex, and so are our relationships. 

Either way, in this blog post I will help you understand how a guy feels when you block him, what effect it will have on him and when to do it. 

1) He will feel hurt about you blocking him.

First and foremost, a guy will feel hurt when he realizes you blocked him. Blocking someone or even unfriending them on social media is an act of active rejection. 

However, this doesn’t mean that he won’t still try to get with you. ​

A guy would have a lot of effort to make to impress you, get you back, and finally be able to talk to you again. 

Because of this, he would have a very high chance of putting all the effort into trying to get you back.

This is one of the reasons why he will not give up on you so easily. Just because he got no response from you after blocking him doesn’t mean that he will give up all his efforts for trying, at least not immediately.

2) He will feel that you rejected him.

A guy will feel hurt because he feels that you rejected him. He will feel so much regret that he might try to get back in your good graces. 

However, this is not always the case. 

Some of these guys will be pissed and resentful towards you, to begin with; others won’t care what you have to say or do and will keep getting in your way even though they know you’re not interested anymore. 

3) It will make him feel negatively about you.

Although you might not see it or realize it, a guy will remember how you treated him in the past. 

And if you blocked him, he will most likely take this as a sign of rejection and might become negative towards you.

A guy won’t forget that he tried to get with you and got blocked by you. He will then feel that you view him as a loser, and he will start to be negative and resentful towards you. ​

His actions and feelings towards you might vary depending on the kind of guy he is. He might get aggressive and violent since he believes that if this is how you treat him, then others would too. 

4) He will feel mad about it.

At first, a guy will feel hurt and rejected. Then, he will start to feel very mad about your decision to block him.

This is one of the natural reactions that a guy would have when he feels this rejection from you.

He’ll probably think that you’re denying him something he deserves, and this will make him very upset. It’s just human nature. After all, we all want what we deserve in life.

5) He’ll feel sad & depressed about it.

Maybe that headline gave you some comfort.

Finally, some reactions related to what you’ve been hoping to achieve! 

However, a guy will feel very sad and depressed about your decision to block him. He will feel like you’re rejecting him in a way that makes him feel bad about himself.

He’ll probably start thinking that he’s not good enough for you, even though he knows there’s no such thing as “good enough” for you.

Conversely, other guys will be very happy because they finally got what they wanted after all these years of trying and waiting to get with you.

6) Blocking a guy can make him feel guilty.

Guys can feel guilty about the way you treated them, even if they did something wrong. 

A guy might feel guilty if he thinks that he hurt you or if he feels like you’re blocking him for a very serious reason.

He might also feel guilty about pressuring you into sex or being abusive towards you. 

However, most guys who get blocked this way don’t think they did anything wrong and give up all hope of getting with the girl who blocked them after a while.

7) He will overthink it.

It’s really common for a guy to overthink certain situations, especially relationships.

A guy will overthink his being blocked by you to figure out what he did wrong and make sure it never happens again.

He’ll start wondering if he’s not good enough for you if he’s “playing too hard” or if he needs to change certain things about himself. 

8) He will feel like it is the end of your relationship.

This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t be too hasty in blocking someone. 

If you do it in the heat of the moment, chances are that once you cool down, you will regret it. 

A guy will feel like your relationship is over if you block him. 

He’ll assume that he’s no longer a part of your life, and this will hurt him very much.

9) He might be understanding.

A guy might be understanding of your decision to block him. He might even understand and respect it.

It doesn’t matter if he’s the “bad boy” type that uses you for sex or if he’s a nice guy that you got in a relationship with on a whim, some guys would be supportive of this decision. 

These types of guys would have learned from their mistakes and wouldn’t push themselves on you anymore. 

10) He will think that there’s a way to get you back.

Of course, this is not going to happen anytime soon. 

Some guys will continue to try getting in your good graces even though you blocked them. 

However, this is a very rare scenario. Most guys will just give up after a while and walk away angry and frustrated.

On the other hand, if you blocked him for warning or simply sulking aimlessly to get him to find you, this is also a good sign. 

But as I said above, he may not contact you again, so consider doing this before you regret it.

11) It may make him HATE you.

If a guy feels like you’re abusing your power, he may start hating you or all women in general. 

That would be extremely unfortunate. 

So, even though you love to punish men, keep in mind that if he’s going to hate all women because of what you did (even if it was unintentional), it’s only going to reflect badly on you and all the other women out there.

12) He will lose feelings for you.

Even if you were thinking about blocking him temporarily to make him miss you, it doesn’t always work out that way. 

There’s a distinct possibility that he will lose his feelings and interest in you because of the time out you gave him. 

Even if you unblock him, a guy will feel like your relationship is over and that you’ve just been ignoring him this whole time.

It’s better to give the guy space for a while and try to get his attention after he gets over what happened. 

Also, if you block him from sulking aimlessly, he may still have feelings for you. 

However, all of his hopes have been dashed once he realizes that nothing will come of it.

13) He will feel like a dummy when you block him

This is just another way of saying that he will be angry with you. 

Sometimes, when a guy gets blocked, he will feel like he got played and tricked into trying something unwise or wrong, to begin with. 

He may rather look down on you than accept the truth and try to move on. 

You’ve just made his life harder than it needs to be. That’s not the best idea in the world if his goal was to improve his life.

You just finished reading the 13 things I just listed about his feelings that can happen when you block him. 

It can be seen that doing this will not leave a good impression or emotion, and may even have a bad influence on you. 

  • So when is it really necessary to stop him? 
  • Is there any other solution so that you and he don’t have to be awkward? 
  • When is it necessary to block him?

Read on and answer the questions I’ve listed below to help guide you in the right direction.

1) Is blocking him a good idea?

Blocking anyone is never the best option unless they’re abusive or toxic. However, there are several scenarios where blocking him is necessary. 

For example, if he was abusive to you or if he’s not interested in being with you and still contacts you, I would advise you to block him. 

You should also do this if he’s a bad influence on your life or if he shows no interest in making any changes for the better. In any of these cases, block him.

On the contrary, if you’re just sulking over something or want to test him, my sincere advice is that you absolutely shouldn’t do it. 

It will make you regret that he will probably leave you and assume you don’t need him anymore.

2) How does it feel when someone blocks you?

It’s very hurtful and infuriating when you get blocked, and it will likely leave an ugly scar. 

It will be painful and angry when you have a blockage, and it will likely leave an ugly scar. And he will feel the same way when you block him.

Blocking someone is a very serious decision, so think twice before you do it.

But if that’s the only way you can break up with a negative or nagging guy, you might want to consider blocking him.

3) Is blocking someone immature?

Yes, blocking a guy is quite immature especially if it’s over a minor squabble. You can’t get rid of every guy who makes you uncomfortable. That’s not how the world works. 

As I said before, it’s not always the best option to block someone, but sometimes it is necessary if he is harassing or bothering you. 

After all, what you want isn’t always what he wants.

But if it’s a minor matter and your relationship is meant to be, blocking him will make matters worse than they are right now and could ruin your chances of getting together in the long run.

4) Is it rude to block a guy?

Well, blocking him can be considered rude. However, it isn’t always the best idea to ignore someone if they’re being rude to you. 

It can also come off as a bit disrespectful and dysfunctional if you don’t want anything to do with a guy. As I said before, it’s usually best to set him straight and explain your decision.

This is true even if he has hurt you in some way.

5) Does blocking someone help you get over them?

Trying to get over someone is never an easy thing to do in itself. However, blocking him may prolong the process and make you feel worse than before.

He might even feel like you’re throwing him under the bus or that he’s a nuisance in your life because you’ve blocked him. 

But if you truly want to block him, that’s up to you.

6) When should you block him?

If you’re in a relationship with him and it’s getting to be too much for you, blocking him may be a good idea. 

It can cause you to feel stressed and anxious if he keeps contacting you or pressuring you into seeing him more often than you want to. 

But if it’s only a minor issue, and he’s not doing anything wrong or interfering with your life, I would advise against blocking him.

7) If you accidentally blocked him for some silly reason, would he come back to you after that?

If you accidentally blocked him for some silly reason, would he come back to you after that?

That’s a hard question to answer because blocking him may or may not make him come back to you

If he really cares about you, blocking him and then coming back to you is probably not going to work out well for him.
However, it’s important to have in mind that he might be able to move on quickly. So even if you accidentally blocked him, he might still have feelings for you.

But why would he want to start over with another girl? 

Really, it all depends on the guy in question and how his heart feels inside.

8) Will blocking him make you miss him?

Blocking someone is a way to keep the unwanted person in your head, rather than letting them go.

In essence, you’re always going to be thinking about them and wishing things would end up differently. 

But if you have blocked him out of anger or sadness, it might cause you to miss him more. 

You will be okay. You will be alright without him.

I can promise you that much.

Final thoughts 

I think that after reading this article you have figured out why it is not a good idea to block him, and what can happen when you do.

It’s quite clear that blocking him will hurt him, so avoid this if you can. It might be better to try another option in order not to become the reason for your relationship ending or splitting up with someone.

Don’t forget that your chance of getting back together is probably much higher if both of you are on good terms, instead of just one, unless he’s a nuisance or a bad influence on you.
And if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask them in the comments below, or you can contact me directly through my email address with anything.

You’re more than welcome to share this content, just leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to reply as soon as possible.

Thank you. 

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