15 possible reasons guys stare at you but never approach you

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When you’re constantly hit on by guys, never get invited to parties, and are constantly barraged with unwanted comments it’s easy to wonder why it keeps happening.

Some people believe that the reason that’s putting you down is because of your appearance while others think it’s because they just don’t know how to approach you.

That’s the worse part, actually. Most of the time men don’t know how to approach, but they have an excuse for everything. 

Every time there’s a beautiful woman around guys can be seen staring at her, trying to get her attention yet never approaching.

There’s a reason behind it, so I’m here to give you the 15 reasons why guys stare at you but never approach.

1) You’re out of their league.

It’s not that they think you’re out of their league, it’s just that they know very well that dating is different from staring. 

Guys either know or assume that they can’t get a girl like you because they don’t have the same level of confidence and self-esteem.

If you’re out of their league, guys assume that it’s also out of their league to approach you.

They’re not as confident because they know that they have a lot less to offer you in terms of money, intelligence and status than you do.

And even if they have equal or more to offer, their main obstacles are the other guys hoping to get a chance with you.

Wanna know more?

They think that dating is something that women do to get someone’s attention but instead the opposite occurs. 

They’re probably telling themselves that you already have a boyfriend or that they just don’t have enough confidence to approach.

You become a magnet for the attention of guys because you’re actually interested in them which is much more attractive than waiting for them to approach you.

It’s like when a girl invites her best friend to go on a date, she’s just oblivious to the attention she herself is attracting.

She would always get hit on by guys if she wasn’t aware of it but that wouldn’t change anything. 

Her best friend continues to attract attention and her boyfriend is pretty much left out in the cold. 

The same thing happens when you’re out of their league and can’t get a chance with you because you’re not the one who’s attracted to them.

2) You look intimidating. 

Women are very hard to approach because they can be intimidating. 

There’s a reason why they’re afraid to open their mouths and say something to you or even approach you. 

People think that it’s better to just stare at you than risk getting rejected. 

They’d rather just stare at you rather than actually get rejected in front of everyone because then there would be nothing else left for them but humiliation.

However, it’s unlikely that a guy would ever approach a girl he thinks is intimidating. 

They’re intimidated by the fact that you don’t even know them and think you might explode at any moment.

Most guys try to avoid intimidating women, whether they have a chance with them or not, because of the fear of being rejected in front of everyone.

It becomes even worse when they think they have something to offer you and are presented with an alternative they wouldn’t think twice about taking, if offered.

It’s almost like they become paralyzed by the fear of you not liking them.

They may assume that you’re always surrounded by admirers who are throwing themselves at you, and the thought of being in the middle of that can be slightly terrifying.

Even if they have a shot with you, they would rather never get rejected by a girl like you.

It’s much better for them to go back home alone than face public humiliation. 

They’d rather just stare at you from a distance than risk getting rejected.

3) You are not easy to crack.

Just because a guy says something to you doesn’t mean he is making an effort towards getting to know you. 

It’s not like he has called you gorgeous.

You’re giving him a chance to get to know you and develop some kind of interaction with you. 

Guys are normally fine with staying in the friend zone, but they’re not fine with being rejected by a series of girls that they’ve been talking with before.

This is why guys who have been around longer than others don’t mind going for the same girl or similar girls.

If a guy could easily crack a girl, he wouldn’t have to keep trying to get her attention. 

The thing is, guys normally look for girls who are easy to crack. They don’t want to risk hard work on a girl who is pretty hard to get.

Even if they do decide that they want you, they probably will never approach you because they think that it would not be worth their time and effort.

It’s much better to just stare than risk getting rejected by a girl they don’t even know.

They’d rather just wander around and feel like they’re free to do whatever they want instead of putting themselves in a situation where they are restricted by other people’s opinions and expectations.

4) The fear of success.

One of the things that bugs a lot of guys, especially guys who’ve had success with women, is that they don’t have the balls to approach them. 

They think that if they approach them it means that they’re not good enough to get what they want. 

It’s a form of fear as well as a form of insecurity and desperation for them. 

They would rather just stare at you instead of being rejected by people who call themselves better than them and think they are entitled to success.

The fear of success is a good thing for most guys.

It’s really true!

They would rather keep a low profile and stay unnoticed as well as unappreciated by the people who could potentially make their life better if they would just give them the chance.

On the other hand, it’s not a good thing for those who would like to get what they want. It’s something that prevents them from putting in any effort whatsoever.

It’s something that prevents them from presenting themselves in a way they feel comfortable in.

They would rather just stare at you from a distance than risk getting rejected by you, even if they end up having to spend the rest of their life alone.

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5) Everyone knows your business.

If everyone thinks the same thing or if people have the same expectations of you, you won’t have much to offer each other. 

They’re not looking for someone who’s just like them; they’re looking for someone who makes them feel good about themselves.

You want to find a guy who would make you feel special and appreciated in a way no one else does.

And if everyone thinks the same thing about you, it means that you can’t be anything more than what they already know about.

It’s like when a girl who was wearing the same clothes as everyone else adopted a new trend and suddenly everyone noticed. 

They didn’t just see something new, they saw something better and appreciated it for being better than what she already had.

People would rather notice someone else who has done something new with their appearance than notice you for doing the same thing again.

The reason why guys are so afraid to approach women is because they’re afraid that no one will appreciate them like all of their friends do.

6) You don’t act single.

When you put yourself out there like you’re single, guys don’t know what to do with themselves. 

They could be attracted to you or not, but they aren’t sure if they should approach you or not. 

When a guy sees that a girl is single and says something to her, there’s nothing he can do about it. 

You’ve already proven that you’re available in some way and people will think it’s normal for him to approach you.

Whether he was attracted to you or not, he has to do something about it now.

There’s no point of being afraid of approaching a single girl because if she isn’t interested, she’ll let you know.

She’s not going to let you go and wonder if her invitation was real or just a polite way of getting rid of you.

The thing is, guys don’t see the difference between being single and not putting yourself out there at all.

They think that if you’re single, you should have no problem attracting the attention of guys around you.

A lot of guys are afraid to approach a girl because they don’t want a commitment, but they also don’t want to be seen as a player either.

They know that if they approach a girl and she’s interested in them, they’ll have to make up their minds quickly.

They will either pursue her or let her get away and risk getting mixed signals later on down the line.

7) You are not social even in social gatherings.

When guys see a girl at a party or other social gathering, they don’t know how to get in contact with her

They are afraid that if they say something to her, she’s going to think it’s weird or inappropriate. 

She could tell that they’re trying too hard so they just stare at her from a distance instead of risking rejection by getting rejected by someone who thinks the same thing about them.

They’d rather just keep quiet and enjoy their time without having to worry about making a fool out of themselves in front of her.

There are many reasons why guys don’t approach women, but all of those reasons can be easily solved. 

Want to know something?

If you’re interested in connecting with women, it’s best to stay single rather than being available to everyone else. 

You can do this by going out and socializing throughout the year, not only when you’re looking for someone to go out with.

If you want a relationship and you’re looking for someone you can share your life with, then it’s best to reconcile with the fact that if you want a relationship, it’s important to be a loner at times. 

It’s not just about being friends or being interested in someone – it’s about choosing to spend your time with people who make you feel good rather than people who make you feel bad.

8) You are cute but mean.

Girls can be cute and mean, but guys can be mean and cute as well. 

If you’re a cute girl who is mean to guys and doesn’t give them the time of day, you’re going to have a hard time getting someone to talk to you.

Generally speaking, if you want guys to ask you out or approach you, it’s best to be nice and friendly.

You don’t have to flirt with everyone, but when you’re out there having fun, it’s best to allow yourself the chance to meet someone new.

You don’t want to be mean to every guy who approaches you and takes the time out of his day just to say hi. 

If you are mean to people who try and talk with you, then you’re going to come off as a lot more hesitant about it than if someone was being nice.

It’s not a good thing to be known as someone who is easy to approach, but it can be a good thing if you’re known as someone who is mean.

If you’re nice and friendly to everyone who is nice and friendly with you, then you’re going to come off as a lot easier than guys who find it hard to approach you.

9) You’re not the one they even want.

No one wants to approach a girl that already has a boyfriend or higher status than him, but that’s the case when there’s more competition than you can handle.

When most guys see the odds against them, they become so nervous that they don’t even want to try out. This makes them hesitate to approach you.

A lot of guys are afraid to approach a girl because they have the wrong idea about her.

They might think that she’s the only one who is cute at the party, but when they try and talk with her, they realize that she isn’t there alone.

Her friends are with her and they could be saying anything behind your back or someone could be trying to signal you as someone they should all talk to.

These are the kind of thoughts that will always be in the back of their minds, making it impossible for them to approach you. 

It’s best to make yourself seem like the most attractive person there in order to make your life a little easier. 

You don’t want a guy who doesn’t want you to get his attention and he doesn’t want you because he thinks you’re too good for him.

10) You’re in a committed relationship.

If you’re in a committed relationship and you have been for a while, then it’s best to tell others that you are. 

Obviously, it doesn’t matter if you’re with someone or not, anyone can approach anyone they want to. 

Guys can be intimidated by your boyfriend just as much as they can be intimidated by someone who isn’t there at all.

However, guys will approach the girl that they think has no boyfriend with the intention of getting a long-term girlfriend. 

For the most part:

Guys aren’t going to want to stick around for a month or more if they’re not getting anything out of it in return. 

If you’re in a committed relationship and your boyfriend is trying to set you up as someone he can get into a relationship with, then it’s best to tell him that that isn’t what you want.

11) You are the shy type.

Guys don’t want to approach a girl if she is the shy type. 

They know that if they approach a girl, she’s going to think that he is trying too hard and that he is desperate for her attention. 

On top of that, they know that girls don’t like to be approached by someone who wants something from them so badly – even if they don’t realize what it is they want.

If you’re shy, it’s best to take the initiative to talk with someone and let them know about you. 

Just because a guy is trying to talk with you doesn’t mean he wants something from you. 

It’s good to give guys a chance before assuming that they are just trying too hard or that they want something specific from you.

12) You’re not talking to anyone.

Guys don’t approach girls who aren’t talking to anyone because it makes them seem mean. 

It seems like they are just trying to get the attention of everyone in the room and that they are oblivious to everyone else’s needs. 

This attracts a lot of negative attention and can make you seem a lot less attractive than you actually are.

When you’re not talking to anyone, it’s going to be a lot easier for guys to approach you. 

If someone comes up and talks to you, don’t be afraid that they’re going to ignore everyone else just because they want your attention. 

With that said, if you can talk with people in the room and chat with them casually, then the chances are that guys are going to be more willing to come in and talk with you.

13) You’re obviously waiting to be approached.

If you are obviously waiting to be approached, your chances of getting someone to talk with you is going to go down drastically. 

What this means is that if there are other people in the room who are kind of hanging around, and they’re talking with each other, then it’s best not to go out there and wait for them to approach you.

Guys will walk right past you if you’re waiting to be approached by someone. 

They look at you and don’t bother saying anything because they know that you are just waiting for them to approach you. 

In a lot of cases, this is going to make them think that it’s not worth it to go out there and talk with you.

And that’s not good either. 

It’s probably more important to let them know that you’re interested in talking to them than it is for them to wait around for you.

14) You’re into someone else.

If you’re obviously interested in someone else and you’re making out with him in the corner, then it’s best not to try and talk to anyone.

Guys can tell when a girl is there waiting for someone else, even if she doesn’t realize it herself. 

It looks like you’re trying too hard to get the attention of everyone there and that they are just going to give up on talking with you instead.

Note this:

If a guy sees a girl like this, they will think that she’s there to see them or they might even think that she’s looking to hook up with some other guy after they talk to her.

This is not the person you want to portray yourself as.

It’s better to let the other guy know that you’re not giving up on him and that you want to be with him. 

If he doesn’t realize that then it’s best not to try to force his hand by coming out and talking with him yourself.

15) You’re in a group with girls.

If you’re in a group of girls and you’re obviously trying to get the attention of everyone, then it’s best to stay away from letting guys approach you.

There are a lot of people out there who are going to want to talk with the guy talking with all of the other girls. 

This is because there is one thing that guys love more than talking with anyone else – talking with other guys.

If a guy sees a girl who is talking to other girls, then they are going to think that she’s there as part of a group and that she’s trying to get the attention of other guys.

If that’s the case, it’s going to be hard for them to approach her and make her think that they are just trying too hard.

Final thoughts:

When it comes down to it, there are lots of reasons why a guy won’t approach you

In each of these cases, they’re most likely just trying to be nice or they’re just trying to see if you’re worth it. 

Either way, there’s no reason to be afraid that what they have done is going to make you think that they are just plain rude and you shouldn’t talk with them the next time you see them.

It’s always a lot better to be approached by someone you know than it is to be approached by someone you don’t know.

This is because girls will usually overlook their first instincts and decide to talk with boys they know instead of boys they don’t know. 

In addition to that, the guy who approaches the girl he knows has something going on with the girl that he knows.

So if you want to know why guys stare at you but never approach you, these 15 common reasons are for you.