16 early dating signs he likes you (complete list)

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| Last Updated: July 13, 2022

It’s never easy to tell someone’s emotions, so if you are trying to figure out if he likes you or not, these 17 early dating signs will help you decide.

In this article, we will take a look at those signs and point them out so you can tell if he likes you or not. 

Ready to find out?

Here are 16 early dating signs he likes you.

1) He actively tries to approach you

The very first thing that happens when two people like each other is that they decide to meet up. 

Then after your first few dates, if you notice that a guy is approaching you a lot, then maybe it means he likes you, or at least he’s trying to.

For example: He will try to get in touch with you, approach you, and make contact. This might be awkward for you, but he is trying his best because he does want to make an impression.

This happens because men tend to show their interest, and they want to see if you’re interested in them too.

So, if he’s making all that effort, then he might be trying to win you over.

This is one of the first signs he likes you, and it’s a sign that should not be ignored.

2) He makes eye contact often with you

If he makes eye contact with your eyes, then he probably notices that you’re worth his time. 

That’s because every guy is attracted to those they like.

If he often tries to look at you, then maybe it means that he wants to get closer to you and get to know you better. And from there on, things begin to move along in a positive way. He might even start making jokes about his crush for the sake of trying to get her attention again – this is what we call flirting! 

For example: He might be trying to make contact with you as he gets impressed. Or he might also just look at you to see if you are all right. 

This is a sign that he might like you. 

So, pay attention to this and notice things from there. 

3) He compliments you often

If he starts complimenting you, then maybe it means that he likes you or at least he’s interested in you. But what does this mean for you? 

He knows that it’s an easy way to attract a girl, so complimenting you every now and again is definitely one of the best ways he can do that. 

This lets you know right away that he likes what you’re doing, and wants to continue along the same path.

It means that he will make compliments to you to grab your attention as soon as possible.

For example: He might say something like “You’re beautiful”, “You’re funny”, or “I like your style”. Or even things that compliment your personality such as “You’re thoughtful” or ”I admire your courage and charisma”. 

This is one of the things that he might do to grab your attention, so if you see him doing it, then try to pay attention to it. You might just get lucky and find out that he actually likes you.

4) He asks for your social media or another app

Another way to know if he likes you is if he asks you out with the help of modern technology. 

Just like we do nowadays, and that’s why the demand for dating apps has increased all around the world. 

This is the most effective way to meet new people, because we can all browse through dating sites and find someone who fits us perfectly.

For example: If he decides to add you on Facebook, or even if he tries to contact you through any other medium, then maybe it means that he’s trying to get close to you.

He wants to learn more about you through what you post and how you present yourself on social media.

This is one of the ways that guys try their luck at meeting someone new, and it’s best to know if a guy likes you in this way.

5) He watches your videos online

Even though many people aren’t going to like it, if the guy you are dating is a fan of your Youtube channel, and he wants to talk with you, then it might mean that he likes you. 

So, if you notice someone watching your videos, then it might be a sign that he is interested in you.

For example: He might start talking to you on Facebook or making comments on your Instagram posts. 

He might also be one of the first viewers of your Instagram stories. This is an indicator that he is interested in your life moments and wants an update on how you are doing. 

DMing each other is also an indication as well as if you will have mutual friends/followers on  different accounts.

This could be considered as one of the first signs that he likes you, even though it’s not a hard one to see.

6) He texts you often and asks about your day?

If he texts you a lot and asks about your day, then it might be another sign that he likes you, but why? 

Well, this is the best way to communicate with someone he likes.

Because you are the person who occupies his mind at the moment, he wants to do his best to know you better, and he will do whatever possible to make sure you are fine.

You can count on him to keep in touch with you and make sure that you’re doing well. This is one of the things that many people do when they want to get closer to someone they like. 

For example: He might ask how your day was or even send you a text just because he wants to check up on how things are going. 

This is one of the signs that he likes you, and it’s definitely noticeable if it happens often.

7) He makes effort for your benefit

When a guy likes someone, he wants to make an effort for their benefit. 

He will do everything in his power to make sure that you are fine, and it’s not just a show of being nice – it’s more than that. 

He tries to be polite even when it’s not needed, and it’s because he wants you to like him. That’s why making an effort is important because that shows that he thinks there might be something more between the two of you than just platonic friendship. 

For example: He might try to get into contact with you when your friends are around so that they don’t know about it. Or he could also be the first one to text you. 

This is because he wants to get closer to you as much as he can, and he knows that this way might work better than any other. That’s why he wants to invest in your life so that you continue on your path the right way.

This shows that he values your friendship and wants to know you better, and he will do whatever possible to achieve that goal.

8) He wants to spend more time with you, one on one. 

For some people, spending time with someone alone is a sign that they might like you. 

That’s why the guy in your life might try to spend more time with you on a regular basis, especially if he just wants to get to know you. 

For example: He will ask if you want to go out together, or even go out of his way just to make sure that he can be around you as much as possible.

He might even tell his other friends that he has a crush on you and how amazing it is to see him talking about you all the time. That’s because they won’t find anything wrong with this and will definitely encourage him to keep doing it.

If he is doing this, know that he surely has feelings for you and want to be closer with you, romantically. 

So, if someone you know is doing these things, and that person likes you, then it’s a good sign.

9) He wants to take you somewhere special:

One of the best ways to encourage a crush on someone is to encourage them to do something nice for you – like taking you somewhere or doing something for your benefit. 

For example: If he asks how his day was and if he can take you out somewhere special, this might mean that he likes you. Or if he wants to spend more time with you by driving you somewhere beautiful – an ideal place to give you a treat but most importantly, to spend time with you.

They want to get to know you on a deeper level because they think that we can be something more than just friends and that’s why they want to get closer to you. 

They want to make sure that you’re doing fine and happy, so he tries his best at this level as well.

10) He is honest about his feelings for you. 

Many people don’t like being told that they are cute, or beautiful.

But the way the guy in your life treats you and what he says is the most important thing to look at. 

If he really likes you, then it’s best if you ask him yourself when he says things like this because sometimes they might be just bouncing off of something that was said to him without meaning it in the first place (which happens a lot). So if he usually talks with his exes as well as close friends about how amazing women are, then start thinking about how serious it is.

For example: If he always says that you are beautiful and that he thinks you’re amazing and that he’s still thinking about you, then it might mean that he really likes you.

That’s why it’s best to notice things like this as it is clearly a sign he likes you.

11) He shows he likes the same things you do. 

Sharing hobbies or favorite things are a good way to get to know someone and how they feel about certain topics. So for example, if he has the same books that you do, then it might mean that he likes you too. 

For example: He could be reading the book in his own leisure time, or he might be reading your book out loud to you. 

He wants something good and so does you, so make sure that you have something that he likes or wants too because this is what makes a guy fall for you – if it’s something that connects them with their feelings for you.

12) He wants you to visit his family

This may not be common, but it is one of the strongest signs he likes you. 

When dating, many people feel uncomfortable to spend too much time with the family of their significant other. 

But if he asks you to come to his family’s home for a barbecue or something, then it’s more than likely that he likes you. 

That’s because he wants you to be comfortable around them and wants them to get better acquainted with you, as well as wants them to like your family – especially if you’re not from the same country.

So if he asks his own mom or sister (or anyone close) if they can bring him out, then he is trying hard and might truly like you. That’s why letting him in your house is something that counts.

And that’s why it also shows how much he values the relationship and he is ready to take it to a serious level. 

13) He happens to show up or be around

If he always happens to be around you when you’re sad, upset or celebrating something – you should notice this as someone who likes you. 

That’s because they want to do everything possible to make sure that you’re fine and happy.

For example: He might invite you out for lunch, even if it’s the last place on earth he wants to be. That’s because he knows that it will make you happy and that this way, he can spend more time with you.

And if he already invited himself once or twice before, don’t be surprised if he suddenly shows up at your door – especially if they know how much you love him as a friend.

This is because he wants to show you everything he can because he has a crush on you and would want it to be perfect with the two of you.

14) He wants to help you out in some certain life circumstances 

Some people try to help other people out, but they don’t like it when others try to help them out. 

If you see that he is trying to help you out in difficult life situations, then it might mean that he likes you.

For example: He might offer to drive you to work if your car broke down; he is willing to help you connect with people and find a job. He also gives you valuable advice as long as it will help you overcome some hard situations in life.

Or if you tells him about some financial problems, he might also be willing to lend you a hand because he cares about you and wants you to be happy. 

If the guy you are dating has helped you in any of these ways, then it will be obvious that he likes you. And if he helps you out so much that other people notice how his actions are helping you – then it’s a sign that this relationship will go deeper too.

15) He talks about you with his friends 

I can’t talk about this one enough – it’s definitely a sign that he likes you. 

Because if he talks about you with his own friends, they will tell him when they are with them because they want to know more about who he’s dating. 

They don’t want to stop him from talking about you because they think that maybe someone could be missing out if he doesn’t say anything – even if the person is there right in front of them. 

In other words, they will notice and show their care by not interrupting you two and even if they don’t show some emotion – they might still be thinking of how amazing you are.

For example: He might bring you up into a conversation when he’s not even dating you yet. He just knows that you will like it and because he likes you – he wants to show his friends how amazing you are by telling them everything about you.

That’s why if someone mentions your name to him, then there is a very big chance that he likes you too.

16) He remembers small details about you

He might have a lot of friends or have a busy schedule. But he still has time to think about you in detail, and specifically remember every small detail about you – like where you work, your favorite color, or what you enjoy doing.

This is a sign that he likes you, and you are an important person in his life.

For example: He remembers you complaining about the broken lamp in your living room, and 

He ended up buying another one. He also keeps asking you which color you wanted and mentioned to his friend that he bought it for you as a surprise.

When all of these things have happened to you, then do not be surprised if he texts you out of the blue to ask if everything is ok or if there’s something bothering him. He only knows that by asking, he might get something out of the conversation – or something good.

If this guy is trying to remember all about the small details about your life, then it’s going to help him get closer and closer to your heart – which means that maybe there’s a chance that he likes you too. 

So, now you have it. The 17 top signs that a guy likes you and wants to get to know you better.

Now, it’s up to you if you will take this relationship one step further or not.

Keep in mind, if he is showing at least 8 or 9 of them – then you can be sure that he likes you and wants to be in this relationship with you. 

And most importantly, if he’s showing at least 8 or 9 of them, then this means that you should take this relationship to the next level too. 

Because the more of these signs there are – the deeper your relationship will go – and it won’t be long until you both realize how much you love each other.