What does it mean when you dream about someone you like multiple times? 14 possible meanings

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But what does it mean when those dreams happen more than once or twice? 

Keep reading! Here are 14 possible meanings when you dream about someone you like multiple times.

1) You have unrequited love for this person

Think about it: 

Would you be dreaming about this person if you didn’t like them? 

This is the most common reason why people dream about the people they have crushes on. You’ve probably been thinking too much and you can’t seem to get your mind off of them. 

This could also indicate something else: 

A relationship that’s ending, a crush that’s being unresponsive, or a relationship that’s being strained. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to end or break apart. 

It just may mean you might be feeling conflicted about the whole thing. The dreams could also be a way for your subconscious to tell you to let go of how you feel so you don’t risk losing any friends over it or damaging the relationship with this friend. 

2) The person you’re dreaming about is your soulmate

Do you feel an unexplainable connection to this person? 

Do you feel like you’ve known them before? 

These dreams could be signs that the two of you are more than just friends. The dreams may be a way for your subconscious to tell you that something bigger is going on here and it’s not just a crush

Maybe your angels are trying to help guide the way because they see something in this person that can help lead to your happiness, or maybe these dreams mean it’s time for you to discover what your purpose is in life. 

Here are some signs to help you figure out if this person is your soulmate:

  • You feel an unexplainable connection to them.
  • They make you feel secure and loved.
  • You can’t imagine your life without this person in it.

So, if you feel like these dreams are trying to tell you something bigger is going on, trust your instincts. Talk to this person and see how they feel about it. 

3) You’re curious about what it would be like to date this person

Maybe you’ve been thinking about what it would be like to date this person and that’s why you keep having these dreams. 

Dreams can symbolize a part of yourself, such as an inner desire or a feeling, and so they could be showing you that you’re open to dating this person. 

There are other signs that can indicate that you’re open to dating them, too. You might hear about them frequently in your daily life and everywhere you go, or maybe you have a vision of the two of you being happy together.

Dreams often come with their own unique language, so just knowing that it’s a recurring dream can help you figure out what it means. 

And if you’re not sure if you want to date this person, just know that it’s okay to say no. You don’t have to try something, even if you feel like your dreams are telling you otherwise. 

Your gut is also a great way to figure out what’s best for you, so listen to that and trust your instincts on this one. 

4) You are afraid of rejection 

The truth is: 

When it comes to love and relationships, we are all afraid of rejection. When you’re afraid of something, your dreams can show you that it’s time to face those fears. 

You may have had several dreams about this person and you’ve been thinking about them so much that you’re starting to feel like they could be the one. 

But then again, what if they aren’t “the one?” What if they reject you? This is why this dream has become a recurring dream.  

Your subconscious wants to show you that fear isn’t standing in your way of happiness anymore. So, tell this person how you feel and see what happens! 

5) The dream is simply a manifestation of your desire to be with this person

Sometimes, an unconscious desire to be with someone can be so strong that it manifests in your dreams. 

For example, if you want to get married so bad but haven’t found the right person yet, or if you want to move somewhere else but can’t afford the big change, your dreams may just show you what will happen in the future.

Dreams are a form of wish-fulfillment. They provide insight into our deeper desires and allow us to see how we will achieve them when we feel stuck or as though we may never achieve them otherwise even if they don’t necessarily manifest exactly as dreamed. 

So, if you want this person in your life and really want them there, keep dreaming about it! You’ll find a way to make it happen because eventually, these dreams show us that what we desire is possible after all. 

But wait, there’s more!

There are different to manifest something besides dreaming about it.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Make a wish list and visualize your dream coming true through your senses. 
  • Come up with ways in which you can achieve your goal. 
  • Write down how you will feel when you achieve your dream. 
  • Start visualizing this person in your life every day, as if they were already there. 

If you’re having trouble manifesting something or if it’s just not happening for you, try another method and see what happens! There are many different ways to make dreams become reality, so it’s important to keep trying new things until one works for you!

6) You may have gotten your signals mixed up

Sometimes, our intuition is telling us something but we simply can’t hear it. If you’ve been dreaming about this person for a while but they haven’t shown any interest in you, then maybe they just aren’t interested at all

Subconsciously, your mind is trying to tell you that there’s no point in pursuing them because their intentions are not the same as yours, and subconsciously, your brain may be getting mad that you aren’t listening.

Dreams that seem to show us, someone, we are interested in often only do so if they have similar feelings for us too – they may not be interested at all! 

Such dreams can be confusing and frustrating if this is the case. 

So, listen carefully to your instinct when it comes to other people and their feelings for you! Sometimes we want something so bad that our brains trick us into believing things that aren’t real just so we can get what we want. Believe only what your gut tells you is true! 

7) You are in denial of your feelings for this person

In addition to getting signals mixed up, we can also dream about someone because subconsciously, we are trying to convince ourselves that we have no feelings for them. 

We may be afraid of being hurt again and hope that dreaming about this person will show us that they aren’t worth our time. 

We may not want to accept that the one we like does not like us back. If this is the case for you, try not to ignore your feelings for this person! 

Instead, accept them and come face-to-face with your feelings. 

8) You want to take the relationship to the next level

We may use dreams as a way to check out someone we like and try to make sense of what their intentions are by using this subconscious outlet. 

If you have been dreaming about someone but have not told them your feelings for them yet, it could be time for you to make the first move!

While some dreams can predict the future, that is not their primary purpose. Most often, dreams are simply a reflection of our innermost thoughts and feelings or are wishful thinking that things will turn out one way or the other. 

So take the next step:

If you have been dreaming about this person and you feel now is the time to talk to them, go for it!

9) You’re looking for answers

In a dream, we can get answers from people we do not know but who are associated with something or someone we are interested in. 

We may be trying to make sense of why we feel the way we do, what someone else’s intentions might be or why a particular situation happened in our dream. 

Often, dreams can be misinterpretations of past events and/or fantasies

If you wake up after dreaming about an event that was scary or traumatic and feel like it was not just a dream at all, try to recall what actually happened and write it down if you remember anything at all. 

Dreams don’t always represent premonitions of the future no matter how accurate they may seem sometimes. 

However, when it comes to figuring out why you felt a certain way before (or why your current feelings are what they are), writing it down is always helpful! 

So for this situation, try writing down what you remember. If you don’t remember anything, write down the thoughts that came to mind when you woke up. It can help you pinpoint the reason for your dream.

10) It’s a sign that the person has strong feelings for you, too

Though this one is less common than having dreams about people with latent feelings, unconscious minds can use visualization to try to show how someone feels about another person without telling the conscious mind. 

For example, if you have been dreaming about this guy and then he immediately begins talking to you or initiating some sort of social contact, it could indicate that he has feelings for you and may want to pursue a relationship with you. 

While he may not be able to express his feelings verbally, he may just be using dreams as a way to show how he feels about you.

If you have someone in your life who starts talking to you after a dream about them, it could mean that this person has strong or growing feelings for you, too! 

Just enjoy the moment and notice how amazing it feels when you get to spend time with these people! It could be that even if we can’t read each other’s minds, we can still make sure our dreams are filled with messages from the universe!

11) He or she is already in a relationship and you’re feeling jealous or envious

Another meaning when you dream about someone you like multiple times is that they are already in a relationship (or committed to someone else). 

It could be that you have feelings for this person who is already involved with someone else and, unconsciously, your brain sends you all of these messages

Be careful not to get hurt! If you keep seeing them in your dreams, it’s likely that you might end up getting heartbroken! Just realize that if this person is seeing someone else, there’s probably nothing much you can do about it.

Also, keep in mind:

There are other people in the world who are also interested in you and deserve your attention just as much as this guy. 

In order to protect your heart, it’s better to let this person go instead of trying to hold on to them when they clearly don’t feel the same way you do. If they really wanted to be with you, they would probably let you know!

12) There is unfinished business between the two of you

Dreams this repetitive usually mean that there is some unfinished business between you and the person you have been dreaming about. 

If this is the case, think back to each dream and see if there was anything at all that you may have said or done with this person that made you feel uncomfortable in any way. 

The reason the dream keeps appearing over and over again is that your brain wants to replay those events so that you can get closure on them

If you have been dreaming about this person for a few nights in a row, try to figure out why that might be. 

The more you pay attention to it and really make an effort to understand what your brain is trying to tell you, the sooner you can process your issues and move on with your life. 

13) It’s another method of communication

Dreams are a great way to communicate with other people we may not even realize. 

Often, dreams will help us make sense of what is going on in our lives and how we are feeling. 

The unconscious mind can tell us things about our lives that we cannot speak out loud or otherwise express to the people around us. 

It could be important for you to know about something that is happening in your life and you need to get something off your chest or you just want someone’s input on a situation. 

Try to listen to your dreams in order to get some answers. If you have been having dreams about this person and are concerned they may not even notice you, the next time you see them, try talking to them. 

When we wake up in the morning and remember the things that happen during the night, we can then ask these people how they felt or what was going on in their lives so that we can better understand ourselves.

14) You’re just becoming more aware of them

Have you been dreaming about someone a lot lately? 

The reason your dreams may be repetitive could be that you are just becoming more aware of this person. 

You may have been dreaming about them repeatedly just to check in with them. 

The more time you spend together, the more chance you have of becoming seriously interested in one another and wanting to be with each other on a more physical level. 

It could also be that they are noticing you more and want to spend time with you too! It’s not just in our dreams that we can see someone we like and start liking them! 

Final thoughts

We’ve covered 14 possible meanings when you dream about someone you like multiple times, but there are probably many more scenarios! 

Just like every person is different, so are every set of circumstances. 

You might be noticing that there is something going on in your life that may be affecting your dreams and causing them to keep repeating. 

If you are concerned about the person you have been dreaming about, try to think back to each dream. 

Try to pay attention to specific things that may have triggered these dreams and see if the same things happen when you sleep or wake up normally. The next time you dream about this person, try to see if they are the same or different. 

Often, this can help trigger important information that will help you decide what to do next!