Do soulmates dream about each other? Everything you need to know about soulmate dreams

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We may have all heard about soulmates before. Maybe they are people who are your perfect match or those who are destined to cross your path.

Do you believe in soulmates? Do you think you can dream about them and vice versa? According to many sources, the answer to both questions is a resounding yes!

But what do all those dreams related to soulmates mean? Keep reading to find out more about soulmate dreams and much more!

Well… To begin with, let’s dive into whether or not soulmates dream about each other and 6 reasons this happens:

Do we really dream about our soulmates?

1) In case, your soulmate dream is about someone you have known before:

The answer is YES! Yes, it is.

Believe it or not.

When you are sleeping, your brain is still hard at work and continues to digest the day’s events.

Our dreams are formed based on our conscious experiences and thoughts, and maybe what we experience unconsciously while we sleep as well.

You may not realize that your subconscious is working on something, and it can play out in your dreams, especially if they are soulmate dreams.

If you think about someone constantly and have feelings for them, even if they aren’t the love of your life, then it is entirely possible to dream about them.

That makes sense in regards to the idea of soulmates since they are often a manifestation of deeper feelings that are felt but not spoken.

Like so:

The dream is a way for you to explore your feelings and thoughts during slumber.

With that being said, you really do dream about your soulmate, maybe even all the time.

That is about your soulmate dreams with someone you have known before.

2) In case, your soulmate dream is about someone you have NOT known before:

What if you don’t know the person who can fulfil you? Is it possible to dream about your soulmate without having met them?

Yes, it is still possible!

It is not just the feeling of being in love with someone that makes soulmate dreams stand out.

It is the way you feel, as well as how involved you are with them in the dream.

It is certain that a stranger appears in your dream for a reason. And if you have dreamed of them numerous times, then it is quite a sure sign that they are your soulmates.

In your dreams, it feels like this person is your match, even though they may be a stranger to you.

In fact:

Dreaming about a person that you are attracted to, but who has never been in a relationship before, is one way to explore the possibility of a potential relationship.

But how can you know for sure you’ve met your soulmate, “the one” you’re supposed to be with?

The truth is:

Unless you know for sure, you could end up wasting emotions and time on a relationship with someone who isn’t right for you.

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Why do soulmates dream about each other?

In order to convince that soulmates can dream about each other, in this section, here are 6 reasons why:

1) You two are about to meet each other

As I have mentioned, it is totally normal to have soulmate dreams before actually meeting them.

So, the reason why you dream about them is that you are signalled about their forthcoming appearance in your life.

Your soulmate is probably going to come into your life if you have dreamed about meeting someone you have never met before, and you “click” with them right away.

Here are signs in your dream that it is time to look for your soulmate:

  • You notice a familiar feeling about the stranger you see in your dream.
  • You dream of meeting your soulmate, but you seem to be waiting in a line for them, or worse, waiting for them to come to you instead of the other way around.
  • You look at your partner, or they look at you, and they seem to know everything you are thinking and feeling.
  • You think that the person you are dreaming about is the one, and you feel slightly confused since you have never met them before.

Believe me! I think you are going to meet your soulmate soon!

However, if you really meet them, I want you to pay attention to the feelings you experience when you meet this person instead of those in your dream.

That is because they will likely be quite different from the feelings you felt in your dream.

Dreams give you insight into what kind of person your soulmate is.

But remember:

You haven’t known them already in real life.

Just take it slow and get to know them.

After getting to know them better in real life, if you continue to experience the same feelings you did in your dream of meeting them a year later.

Then, it is likely that they were not only your soulmate in your dream but also in real life as well.

2) You dream of your soulmate expressing their feelings about you

The next reason is that the dreams are telling you about your soulmate feelings for you and helping you to figure out yours for them as well.

Dreams of your soulmate expressing their feelings about you helps you to understand where your relationship is at.

If you have dreams about meeting your soulmate and start to feel something in them, take notice of what they are saying about you in your dreams.

You will probably have dreams about this person showing emotions and telling you stories making you feel that they truly care about you

Or even, in your dreams, they go out of their way to show their love for you. 

They might, for example, bring you flowers or write a song about how much they love and cherish you.

You feel as if this person is deeply attracted to you and wants to spend every moment with you.

The way they act, what they look like, and how they speak all let you know that they are happy to see you.

What happened in your dream makes you realize that their feelings for you are deeper than you thought.

This could mean that your soulmate loves you and will likely want to spend more time with you, even in your dreams.

This dream can also show that it is time to tell them how you feel about them as well or take the next step in your relationship.

There is one thing I want you to notice:’

Believe it or not.

Dreams of your soulmate expressing their feelings about you can show difficulties with the relationship as well. 

Maybe he or she wants to tell you something but they can’t. 

But it is just an indicator that there is something wrong, and you probably can fix it.

3) Your soulmate dreams show their insecurities

Dreaming of your soulmate whispering something very private to you while they are falling asleep is a way to know about their insecurities.

In these moments, try to pay close attention to your dream and the message delivered in the dream state.

It is something they are afraid to say out loud, so they are signalling you via soulmate dreams. They may be ashamed or nervous and feel the need to tell you anyway.

This dream is also often a sign that your soulmate feels very strongly about you, and they have the same fears and insecurities as you do. 

It is hard to admit how we feel sometimes, and this dream can reveal your dark side to you so that you can work on it together with your partner. 

The message often reveals something that may have been bothering them for some time. 

They may be both worried and anxious, and they are afraid to tell you.

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4) Your soulmate knows you better than you know yourself

Yes, you read it right!

I really mean that if you often dream about your soulmate thoroughly understanding you, even better than you, then it might be true in reality as well.

For example, if you dream of your soulmate getting hurt, this means that they know that you are upset by a situation in your real life.

They are some of the pieces that make up who you are.

So, it is true that dreams like this often help you to understand yourself.

They help you to see how you need to change or improve.

Dreams of your soulmate are often about being with your other half, connecting on a deeper level than ever before, and being comfortable in your relationship.

So, if you want to understand yourself, pay attention to the details in your dream about your soulmate.

This kind of dream is often very true.

Dreams of your soulmate can help you to understand yourself more deeply, and they may show you things that are hiding deep within yourself.

In these dreams, your soulmate will try to show you the best and worst parts of who you are.

You suddenly realize the importance of what you have done and what you need to take care of yourself in the future.

Trust me!

Dreams like this often help people understand their purpose in life or open their eyes to their spiritual needs.

5) Your dream shows that you need to trust your soulmate more

These dreams can help you to realize your trust issue in the relationship with your soulmate.

In your dream, you may find yourself in a situation that forces you to trust your soulmate.

You may have heard this a million times. However, trust me, it is never wrong to say:

Trust is very important in any relationship. 

It is not easy to trust someone completely, and it is even harder to be trusted completely.

Dreams like this show that there are some trusting issues between you two which are needed fixing as soon as possible.

Or maybe, you used to be mistreated so you hardly trust your soulmate.

However, this kind of dream is signalling that your soulmate is trustworthy, and you might need to lean on them when life gets rough.

In other words:

Your soulmate dreams can help you two to trust each other more. 

They can also make you realize how much you could rely on one another and how they make your life better.

A dream like this often shows that it is time to do something in your relationship or to tell them something. 

The dreams of your soulmate always give you an opportunity to overcome something in your relationship.

And in this case, that is all about TRUST!

6) Your soulmate can change the way you feel about things around you

Dreams of your soulmate can show you how much they influence your life. 

In these dreams, your soulmate often tries to make you see something in a different light or feels completely different.

This means that they try to open your eyes to new ideas and see things in a different way. 

They want you to realize that the way you see things should be different.

You should realize that certain feelings aren’t what they make them out to be.

Nothing is what you think it is. If you dream of them taking something away, this means that, in reality, they are trying to remove something from you for your good. 

And they want to protect you by giving you the truth in those dreams.

Dreaming about your soulmate turning around or changing too quickly means that you feel very uncomfortable in your relationship.

If you dream of them trying to cheer you up, this is a sign that they really like how things are going and don’t want you to change. 

This dream often shows something that cannot be changed and is not as bad as it may seem. You can even see this differently, once you wake up from the dream.

Everything you need to know about soulmate dreams

1) What are soulmate dreams?

Soulmate dreams are recurring dreams that include a sense of oneness and unity with another person, often in a romantic way.

And those dreams can convince you to believe that they are going to be with you for the rest of your life.

It is maybe with the one who has great experiences with you through shared interests and time spent together, which is enough to build a strong foundation for a relationship.

Or, as I have said, soulmate dreams also occur with a person you may never meet, but when you two meet maybe your connection with that one exists outside of the physical attraction.

Sound silly? It’s not.

They are simply feelings that you have about another person that makes you feel like you know them very well. 

In reality, you may know little or even nothing about this person beyond their name and face at all.

It is necessary to know that soulmate dreams are not necessarily realistic in every case, but it is important to keep an open mind about this kind of dream.

In short:

When people say they have soulmate dreams, it usually means that they are deeply attached to another person and want to spend the rest of their lives with them as friends or even as partners.

They may be looking for signs that their partner feels the same way, or they may want to find out if their partner is interested in starting a relationship with them.

Whether or not their soulmate dream will become reality is something only time will tell.

2) How to know if a dream is about your soulmate?

There are many ways to tell whether a dream is connected to your soulmate or not, but one of the most reliable is to ask yourself if the dream is making you feel positive.

If you are dreaming of meeting someone, and all of your feelings are positive, then chances are that this is a dream about your soulmate.

Here are some signs I can tell you:

  • You will likely experience an overwhelming sense of peace and calmness with that one in your dream.
  • Your dream is about a deep connection that feels very realistic even when you are just in a dream when you are touching or talking with each other.

Dreaming of having a deep connection to someone that is physical, rather than a friendly hug, or even something sexual or non-sexual is another way to tell that this dream is about your soulmate.

  • Dreams that seem connected to your own past.

Soulmate dreams can also connect to your past, reminding you of things that happened with them in the past as well.

  • You think to yourself while you are in your dream: “This is a dream, but I don’t want to wake up”.

Dreaming and feeling like you wish the dream would never end—even when you know it is a dream—is another way to show that it is about your soulmate.

  • You feel like your soulmate is being honest with you in the dream.

Dreaming of feeling like someone is showing you all of their true feelings and thoughts. 

You feel like there are no hidden feelings or words, even if you don’t remember all of them.

  • You feel jealous when you see another person with your soulmate in the dream.

This is another sign that your dream is about your soulmate, as it shows that you want to be with them and can’t stand other people being near them.

  • You feel a strong desire to find this person after your dream.

You look for them again in the day, wondering if it is possible that you can ever actually be together.

Focusing on the feeling is all you need!

It is a very strong feeling that you have for them that makes you feel that the dream is about them in particular. 

You don’t need to be able to describe it very well to know it is about your soulmate because it is probably something you can recognize easily.

In conclusion

Do soulmates dream about each other? After reading through my article, I am certain that now you have already had a firm yes.

As you may know, soulmates are a common theme in dreams.

It is a feeling that sometimes comes when you feel like you have found the right person, and it can be incredibly powerful.

You may also have a feeling that something special is waiting for you in the future. It is normal in these dreams for both people to identify one other after having a long time thinking about it.