10 situations where girls love being called pretty or beautiful (and 10 where they don’t)

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| Last Updated: September 15, 2022

10 situations where girls love being called pretty or beautiful (and 10 where they don’t)

Girls have always been the object of many men’s attention and appreciation, but now we can see just how detrimental it can be. 

This is especially true for girls in their teens and early twenties who are coming into their own as women. 

According to a study published by the American Psychological Association (APA), this age group reports feeling more pressure than ever to appear attractive—both physically and through other means like appearance and winning popularity contests, which exacerbates feelings of insecurity, depression, fatigue, body shame, and eating disorders.

Being called “pretty” or “beautiful” isn’t always a compliment. What do girls think of the pretty label in these situations?

Ever heard yourself say: “She’s just being nice, she doesn’t mean it”? Whenever you need to judge whether or not someone is sincere in their compliments, there are 10 ways to tell if they’re telling the truth.

Here are 10 situations where girls love being called pretty or beautiful:

1) When someone they like calls them pretty.

Girls love to hear that they’re pretty when the person saying it has obvious intentions. 

In this particular situation, she knows that’s the guy she likes and she loves it when he says it.

She thinks it’s sweet that he’s just being nice because he likes her. 

She also admits that it isn’t “real” or “true” but she loves that feeling of being desired by him so much that she can’t stop herself from telling him how beautiful she thinks she is.

2) When someone who is a genuinely “good guy” calls her pretty.

This includes acquaintances, coworkers, and even friends that you’ve been asking to hang out with. Sure they like you, but they aren’t exactly crushing on you. Still, it’s flattering when they drop a compliment here and there.

If a guy who is honest, loyal, and respectable calls a girl pretty, then she knows that he thinks she’s attractive on the inside and outside. 

The way she feels about it is dependent on how she feels about him as a person. 

You have to know this:

If she feels he’s honest, loyal, respectable and a good guy she’ll feel more self-confident.

She won’t have to worry about what she’s wearing. She’ll be able to look her best and feel confident about it.

She’ll be happier in her own skin knowing that someone who thinks she’s pretty is telling the truth.

If the guy is a real “good guy”, then she’ll feel more self-confident. Letting her know that he thinks she’s attractive, nice, trustworthy and a good person will boost any girl’s self-esteem in an instant!

The compliment that the guy gives her really makes her feel great about herself.

3) When her friends compliment her on something unique about herself, like her laugh or eyes.

She loves when her friends compliment her on something that she can’t control. 

To be honest, she loves when they compliment her on anything that she can reciprocate because she knows how much it means to her friends.

It’s a nice compliment to hear, but she knows it’s not coming from a guy that she likes.

She’ll also know that they’re being genuine and aren’t just being nice. 

It means they like her and think she’s pretty, sweet, cute, or whatever it is that her friends tell her she is.

Like her laugh or the color of her eyes. 

The fact is, if you’re friends with someone, she knows that your opinion of her is much higher than hers at this moment. 

The truth is, if your friends like you and think you’re pretty because of something special about yourself, then it must be true!

She knows that you’re taking the time to see her and she feels loved, there’s nothing better! 

And if he complimented your laugh, it would be a pretty funny one too because it’s something she can’t help but be happy about.

4) When a girl calls herself pretty.

When a girl says she’s pretty, she means it. She isn’t just saying it for anyone to hear (unless she wants people to hear her). 

It might be in the mirror, or when her friends make fun of her for not having makeup on and she says “Stop, I’m pretty either way”.

Just remember this:

When a girl says that she’s pretty, she’s doing it out of happiness and contentment. 

She feels great about her whole look, not just a part of it.

This is something girls need to hear because they know they’re not perfect.

5) When her parents refer to her as their ‘beautiful’ child.

Whether or not it’s been a while since they’ve told her that she’s beautiful doesn’t matter. 

When her parents tell her that she’s beautiful, it always makes her feel great. 

She knows it’s coming from a good place because she means a lot to them. 

It reminds her of when she was younger and they said the same thing to her.

6) When their boyfriends give her a compliment about her new haircut.

She loves when her boyfriend notices her new haircut, her new dress, or anything else that she’s worn.

She enjoys his compliments and she feels great about it! 

It gives her a feeling of self-confidence and makes her feel good about how she looks.

If he knows what he’s talking about, then she’ll trust him and it’s always a great thing to hear from your man. 

They smile and feel beautiful with every breath of confidence in themselves. 

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7) When a guy calls them beautiful or pretty because they don’t know each other that well.

If a girl is with her friends, and a random guy approaches them and calls them pretty, she’s not going to run away. 

She’s just being nice back by telling him that he’s attractive. 

It’s pretty much the same situation as when you see someone in the mall and they’re wearing a shirt that you really like.

You compliment her on it just because she looks really good in it and you want to be nice right back! This is the same scenario, but a little smoother.

8) When they hear that they look nice, but they’re not wearing anything special.

It’s not just about how she looks, but also how she feels.

It’s when you see her wearing something very simple and clearly made by a professional.

She knows that she has to make it look good on her because it’s the last thing she’s going to show off. 

When she’s wearing it, she feels confident and beautiful. 

No matter how simple the outfit is, if you think it looks good on her, then she feels great about herself!

9) When they’re complemented by someone they respect and admire.

Sure she’ll feel great when her boyfriend or her best friend gives her a comment, but if it’s a person that she really admires, then it’s a much bigger deal. 

She’ll know that the person respects and appreciates the way that she looks and it makes her happy to hear about it!

You don’t show off your face on social media for any teenager to call you beautiful.

Why would you? You do it to show off to the world and make yourself feel good.

So when you compliment your girl by saying that she looks beautiful, it means a lot.

She gets the feeling that she looked good and that’s a very special thing to her. 

The fact is:

If one of your friends calls you pretty, it’s probably true because they’re your friend. 

You know their opinion is coming from a great place and makes them happy.

10) When she’s asked if she’s wearing makeup.

She loves when people ask her whether or not she’s wearing makeup. 

It makes her feel like she’s been working hard to look good and that it hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

It usually means that they can’t see the foundation and make-up that she wears every day.

It shows that she looks great and people are noticing her.

Even if she just wears a little bit of make-up, it makes her happy to know that she looks pretty!

Girls also extremely hate to be called pretty or beautiful in 10 common situations below:

1) When you don’t know her well.

She doesn’t want to be called pretty or beautiful by some guy with a “hi” or “how are you?”

It makes her feel like she looks really great to other people, but she just doesn’t look that pretty in real life.

She doesn’t want to be hit on by every single guy that she meets. 

She wants to know that you actually know her and that you like her for who she is.

2) When you’re trying to flirt with her and can’t think of anything else to say.

You just called every girl in the room pretty and they’re getting annoyed.

You’re not flirting with her, you’re just telling her how great she looks. 

It doesn’t mean that you want to date her, it just means that she looks good.

It’s not a compliment, it’s a statement. 

Don’t forget this:

It’s fun to compliment girls, but it’s not meant to make her feel uncomfortable or unappreciated in any way.

It’s not a good move to say something like this to someone you don’t know very well. 

It’s going to take some time for the compliment to sink in and it might make it seem fake. 

Try complimenting her on something else, or come up with a better explanation for why you can’t think of anything else to say.

3) When you look like a creep to her friends.

If she calls you pretty or beautiful, then your friends will think it’s cute because they know that the two of you are dating.

The minute they see you, they’re going to know that you broke her heart and ruined a date.

There’s no way out of it and you’re going to look creepy when you see her with her friends.

You have to be nice to them, but don’t let it get out of hand. 

She’s your girlfriend, but you still have some boundaries. 

If she calls you pretty, then she knows that it’s true and will expect the same from other people.

4) When you’re very close to her and can’t say anything nice. 

Unless she calls you pretty or beautiful in front of all of her friends, don’t say anything until after the two of you have already gotten to know each other better.

If you say that she’s beautiful too soon, she’s probably really going to hate it.


She doesn’t want to be complimented until the two of you are very comfortable with each other.

If she doesn’t know the guy very well and he calls her pretty, it’s going to seem kind of weird.

She knows that he’s not going to do anything about it, but she can’t help but think that he might want to date her or try something else.

You have to have a good reason to be saying it because it’s not very often that she calls you pretty.

5) When you’ve already broken up with her.

She’s already heard all the “I love you” and “we are meant to be together”. 

You’re not being romantic when you call her pretty, especially if she’s giving you a hard time. 

It just makes it seem like you’re pressuring her in some way, even if that’s not the case. 

If you’re trying to get back together with your ex-girlfriend, then don’t say anything at all. 

Even if she looks beautiful in that dress that she was wearing, don’t compliment her.

It’s going to be a while before she trusts you again and the last thing that you need is an argument starting in the middle of dinner because of one little thing that you said. 

She doesn’t want to hear someone say she’s pretty anymore, so just stay away from it for a little bit.

It’s best for you to wait until she gives you a reason to compliment her.

She doesn’t want her ex to make her feel bad about herself and she might think that he’s just trolling her. 

She’ll know that it’s pretty much over and she won’t like hearing that from you.

6) When you’re trying to find out if she’s single.

If you’re only being nice to her because you need a date, then she’ll know that it’s fake

She won’t even want to hang out with you if you try to call her pretty.

If she meets your friends and they say that she’s pretty, then it means that she’s single and looking for someone

She doesn’t want to hear about how pretty she is if you’re not going anywhere with it.

It will just make her feel uncomfortable because she’s going to think that everyone is hitting on her.

She’ll just end up feeling like you’re trying to take advantage of the situation and it won’t work out well.

7) When you’re making her feel bad about herself.

If she doesn’t have makeup on or she doesn’t look very good at the moment, then don’t call her pretty! 

She already feels horrible about herself and you’re not helping by telling her that she’s going to look great in a few minutes. 

Parents and friends should never make that “pretty” comment to a girl. 

She doesn’t want her mom to tell her that she’s pretty when she has her hair in a ponytail and it’s just not working for the day. 

And also:

She doesn’t want her boyfriend to lie about how great she looks if she didn’t have time to put makeup on that morning. 

She wants the truth, even if it hurts.

The fact that you think she looks good right now is enough for her to stop feeling so bad about the way that she looks.

8) When you’re obviously being fake and trying to be nice to her. 

She’s not going to know if you’re trying to be nice to her or if you really think she’s pretty. 

It’s just going to make her wonder why you’re being so nice when she doesn’t matter that much to you. 

If this is the case, then she’ll probably assume that you’re only interested in her because of how pretty she is.

If you’re on a date and try saying “hey, you’re pretty” in order to impress her, it’s not going to work. 

She’s going to know that it’s just something that you’re saying to get her to like you.

She knows that you don’t mean those words and are just trying to make yourself look good in front of her friends.

You’re not being sincere and she’ll know it.

9) When she’s already said that she looks beautiful. 

It makes her feel like you’re just trying to make yourself look nice in front of her. 

You’re not saying it to compliment her or because you actually think she’s beautiful, you’re just saying it because you think that it’s nice. 

It doesn’t really mean much to her and will only hurt your relationship.

Talk about something else if you want to compliment her or tell her that she’s pretty.

10) When she’s feeling insecure.

Just because you think she’s pretty, doesn’t mean that she feels the same way about herself.

If you’re going to compliment her, make sure that you’re doing it for a good reason and not just because she’s having a bad day. 

It might not help her feel any better and could actually make her feel worse about herself than before.

Want to know more?

If she’s feeling insecure, leave a positive comment on something else that she’s wearing and try not to compliment her. 

She knows that you think she’s beautiful, but if you say it, then she’ll feel awkward.

Final thoughts:

A compliment for a girl is not the same thing as calling her pretty. 

The more you tell a girl that she’s beautiful, the less beautiful she’ll feel about herself. 

She’ll stop caring so much about how she looks and it’ll take away from what makes her feel pretty and beautiful in the first place. 

It will make her focus on other things like personal style and fashion that are actually important.

If you want a girl to feel pretty, then tell her something else that’s true. 

Let her know that the reason you think she’s pretty is because of who she is, not just because it looks good on the outside. 

She’ll feel more confident and a lot more beautiful.