17 definite signs an alpha female likes you (complete list)

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Are you wondering whether a certain alpha female likes you or not?

Alpha females can be tough to read, but there are a lot of signs to look for in the way an alpha female behaves around you.

In this article, we’re going to give you a list of signs that an alpha woman likes you.

Before we start, what is an alpha female?

An alpha female is a woman who’s dominant in the social hierarchy and isn’t afraid to get what she wants. An alpha female always knows what she wants, and will often go for it aggressively.

Alpha females express love in a very different way to women of a more submissive nature. Alpha females are selective, independent, and confident.

She is usually a leader among men and women, and she is incredibly confident in herself.

While alpha females can be intimidating, they are also very passionate in relationships.

A lot of men tell us that they’re trying to get an alpha female to like them, but they don’t know how to do it.

These men have come to us because these alpha females are successful women with busy lives, and they don’t have time for men who aren’t willing to commit completely.

If you know for sure that your woman is an alpha female, then the below signs will tell you if she likes you or not.

15 signs an alpha female like you

1. She acts friendly, but still has her guard up

When an alpha female likes you, she will make a conscious effort to be extra friendly.

She won’t be quite as closed off to you as she normally would be with strangers.

However, she will still maintain a little distance for the first several interactions.

It’s rare for alpha females to act openly friendly towards someone they don’t know well.

This usually means that she is comfortable around you and feels safe in doing so.

2. She hugs you first

If an alpha female like you, she will usually initiate the hugging first.

She’s not afraid to show her affection for you.

She’s most likely already comfortable with you and thinks you’re a good, trustworthy person.

If she hugs you first, it’s a sign that she likes to be very close to you.

This is not an immediate sign that she is interested in dating or sleeping with you though.

Sometimes alpha females just want to feel safe and secure by being close to someone else who is strong like them.

3. She smiles with her eyes first

This is one of the most obvious signs of an alpha female liking you — she will look at you and smile with her eyes before smiling with her lips.

This is because she is not insecure. She is very direct with her eye contact and she won’t hesitate to look at you intimately.

It means she’s already comfortable around you and is starting to warm up to you.

She is also confident that she likes you and trusts you.

4. She talks about a past relationship…with you

If an alpha female likes you, she will talk about a past relationship that she had with a man who was very similar to you.

For example: she might say “my last boyfriend was just like you — he was big and strong, very confident and smart”.

If she is saying these things about you, it’s a sign that she feels safe around you and is trying to build rapport.

She is also saying that she approves of you and thinks that you are a great guy.

5. She touches you on the arm or shoulder

When an alpha woman likes you, she will touch you in different places on the body to show affection.

She might lightly touch your arm or shoulder when she talks.

She might touch your hand while you’re having an intimate moment together.

Alpha females aren’t timid or afraid to show their affection for you in this way.

6. She asks for your opinion about something

An alpha woman likes you when she asks for your opinion about things.

She is trying to get to know you better and is interested in working out with you.

She is trying to build rapport and get to know you better. She will also take your advice on things.

This is a sign that she wants to be with you, but isn’t quite ready to make a move.

But keep this in mind:

If an alpha females asks for your advice, she’s not doing it lightly. She respects you and she wants to see what you have to say about an issue that concerns her.

Make sure you answer wisely. After all, she is going to be judging you!

7. She compliments you

Alpha females are not afraid to compliment you and tell you that you are “handsome”.

She will be talking to you with a lot of enthusiasm and pride.

She will be telling you or showing you how amazing she thinks you are.

Alpha females are very honest and direct. She won’t hesitate to tell you what she really thinks, so if she compliments you it’s a clear sign that she likes you.

8. She wants to spend time with you

Obviously, if an alpha female likes you, she will want to spend time with you and get to know you better.

She will be interested in doing things with you.

It’s a clear sign that she is interested in becoming your girlfriend or possibly even something more serious.

An alpha female is usually busy with many projects, so if she is willing to make time for you, that’s a great sign that she likes you.

9. She asks you questions about yourself…with interest

Alpha females are confident and bold, but they are also very curious and interested in other people around them.

If an alpha female wants to get to know you and be with you, she will ask you questions about yourself. This is a sign that she is interested in you.

This is because she is trying to get to know you better. She wants to see if she really likes you.

Some girls are cautious about asking questions that are too personal, but this is not the case with an alpha woman. She’ll ask you whatever she wants to know about you.

10. She laughs with you

When an alpha female likes you, she will laugh with you and not at you.

She’s trying to build rapport with you, and genuinely wants to be with you.

She trusts that she will be safe around you. This is a great sign, because if she’s laughing with you, it means that she feels very comfortable around you.

If you tell a joke, and you know it’s a bad joke, but she laughs anyway, then she is probably into you.

Alpha females can be very honest and direct, so when she laughs, you know she is not faking it.

11. She organizes your dates

If an alpha female likes you, she will be more likely to organize your dates and make the extra effort.

An alpha woman likes to be in control, and if she’s doing the planning for your first couple of dates it means that she is interested in you.

This also shows that is she taking the initiative, which is what an alpha woman was born to do.

She is going to want to make sure your first few dates go well.

If she’s making plans for the two of you and then asking you where you would like to go, it means that she is interested in seeing where this could lead.

12. She asked for your number

Alpha females aren’t afraid to ask for your number and ask you out.

If an alpha female gives you her number, it’s a clear sign that she likes you.

She’s very confident in herself, and she knows what she wants. She will make the first move if she wants to date or sleep with you.

She doesn’t need a man to contact her first. She is also willing to invest in you if she asks for your number.

13. She asks you personal questions

Alpha women are direct and upfront. She will ask you personal questions to see how you like being around them and what kind of person you are.

If an alpha female asks you questions about yourself it means that she is interested in getting to know more about you.

She’s not afraid to be open and honest about how she is feeling and what she wants to know about you.

14. She asks if she looks attractive in her outfit

Alpha women aren’t shy about their appearance and don’t feel embarrassed asking for their opinion about what they look like when they’re going out with a man.

If she asks you if she looks attractive, it means that this woman is interested in what you have to say.

She wants to know if she’s going to be attractive enough for you on the date. She doesn’t want to go out in anything that isn’t appealing or flattering.

15. She is calm and confident around you

Alpha women are very relaxed and confident around you if they like you.

They are proud to be with you, and they want to show you off on the first couple of dates.

They are not afraid to show off what they look like when they’re with someone (date or sex partner) that they feel proud of. They want their partner to be proud of them too.

If she is unquestionably confident and calm around you, then you know she is being true to herself. She’s an alpha after all.

16. She’s very affectionate with you

Alpha women are picky, and only want to be intimate with the right guys.

Alpha women tend to be very intuitive and can tell who’s into them and who isn’t.

Alpha women like men that are confident, charismatic, outgoing, funny and good-looking.

They also respect men that have great personalities, and intelligence and are able to be emotionally intelligent.

17. She goes on dates with you

If an alpha female is interested in you, she will go on dates with you, even if she’s not yet ready to admit that she likes you.

She will make the first move if they want to be intimate with you.

Alpha women are good at using body language and tone of voice to let men know that they’re into them.

If she wants you, you can bet your bottom dollar you will know about it.

She will be confident and direct. She won’t expect you to make the first move because she is comfortable doing that.